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  1. Hello Tony,

    I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you, but I'm trying to find a 3 - 4 shank hyd. sub soiler to pull behind my TD 14A .

    I have posted on two RP forums but haven't received any response back.

    I thought of you because of your location out west and thought that there may be something around your area that may work.

    Also, I enjoy reading your post and the photos you share with the forum.

    Thank you!,


    1. Tonyinca


       Good hearing from you ! Thank you for compliment , I try to let you guys see that there are still Sane Country folks  out here in Loony Calif. lol.

         My recommendation is get hold of a free publication called AG SOURCE MAGAZINE , its a local pretty thick Agricultural bible that we all pick up at local business.

           I do not have a copy now but the corporate offices are housed in the International Agri-center in Tulare ,Ca

          Call this # at International Agri-center and they should be able to give you their # or pass you through to them.

          #559-688-1030   Ag Source may have on line browsing also . The publication comes out monthly and it will give you hours of entertainment going through the pages .lol

            Let me know if that works,


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