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  1. Self propelled New Holland bale wagon. The reason we were laying them on side. Tony
  2. Sure you do ! Once you start it builds in you . Allow yourself enough time and have a space to devote to it so parts do not get scattered . Tony
  3. There still is a decent demand for three ties . He wishes he had more fields , He has three or four and stacks are gone shortly after road side Tony
  4. Hay was 13% moisture and I was running 400 lbs hydraulic pressure bales were 105-110 beautiful green color . tony
  5. Little Drone action provided by long time friend Tom Steffen. Sorry I can only load still shots on here. She had just missed inside tie so all six of us trying to figure it out . lol Tony
  6. 7/28/21 we took her to field for shake down session this morning 7:30 not much dew this am . she started out great then hiccup on inside knotter took us a while to try to figure out then she finished strong ! we hope to put more hay through her here shortly with better pics . check short video that BJ Kline posted for me . On next post ! Since I posted this first pic , Chris has sent many more that his wife Ashley took . Also few more short videos that I sent to BJ Kline for posting young Man in truck is Case Niederfrank my Dear friend and Nieghbor Eddies ‘s grandson and Chris and Ashley Niederfrank ‘s first ! We are hoping he will drive a tractor before he learns to ride a bike ! Lol Fella in Cowboy hat talking to me in my carhartt coveralls is Eddie owner of hay and field , He is telling me not to screw up his hay field with this old IH baler . notice he had his Freeman baler and JD close by just in case he had to come to rescue ! Lol Tony
  7. Thank You all ! Your support and encouragement along the way kept this project going through the rough spots. Still not quite done , I owe you all a trip to the field ! Stay tuned ! Again , thank you all , IMHO we did it together, all part of the RED POWER FAMILY Tony
  8. 7/26/21 We can say it’s done ! two strong years ! she saw light of day at 12:30 pm today as I pulled her out of shop with fork lift . After a short celebration , I hitched the SMTA to her and we are ready for field . wanted the 806 LP but she needs to be looked at by the doctor , later . few pic’s . Last three pictures my helper and inspiration John Domingos thinking ,”finally done !” But little does he know we are not done for long !!!! lol. tony
  9. 1466 Black stripe , With cab or with factory ROPS. Tony
  10. Darn Good thing that I checked in before bed !!!! Happy Birthday Sledgehammer ! Hope it was a great day and here are wishes for many more ! Tony & Carol
  11. 7/16/21 Back at it , installed pulley break , made necessary adjustments and got rid of belt squeal during idle ! Belt will always squeal when engaging . Our original baler always did till the end . Worked on three shields to put in place. Attached swivel for hand control of hydraulic pressure control tony
  12. Prayers for a speedy recovery ! Tony
  13. Prayers sent for Her and Her family and the Doctors . Tony
  14. Dad bought a new 560 Gas in 1959 . It was our workhorse along with a Farmall 400 till late 60's . we were farming Cotton ,Hay, double cropping oats and barley with Black eye beans. Only problem she would burn valves when pulled hard, when we learned of Low ash oil and 91 octane gas our problems were over. Never any rear end problems. Tony
  15. After growing up on sickle mowers, in mid sixties bought a non cab, cabs not mainstream yet, NH 14 ft. draper head, stick swather loved mowing with it when I was not working on it. Got rid of that SOB. and the allergies that went with it eating bugs and black faced from dust etc. from that reel . From there hired all my hay cutting. I always maintained my rakes and baler, but the cutting and bale wagon was hired. Tony
  16. That is his 5388 dash , I believe he put it together the way that factory had spec it . hopfully he will chime in Tony
  17. Thank you Bj for posting these for me ! tony
  18. Do not recall seeing a specific display as such . saw many that had private plaques that mentioned it Tony
  19. 7/11/21 looking forward to being home late tomorrow 7/12 , getting back to baler and getting her into field ! RPRU was a good renewal of energy to keep this IH old iron going ! we will be heading out of Los Vagas early AM trying to be just ahead of those predicted high temps through the dessert . however , they are predicting 100 plus at home but it’s been running 15-17 degrees cooler at home then Vagas and much cooler nights . John and I will just have to run every cooler I can get my hands on and move happy hour up to 2 pm instead of 5 pm lol lol and ice water rather then a brew ! Lol Hope to see ya back at the shop shortly Tony
  20. 7/10/21 we are at our last leg of trip home from RPRU . Was a great show , enjoyed meeting new members and re visiting with many friends . Note : with Danny Anderson in his 5388 on parade is Our own Sledgehammer’ s Son Nash! He was pretty excited . Also you may want to take note of the “new IH pickup “they called it , but it was like a 4500 or 5500 We are in Henderson NV . 113 % visiting my Daughter. Monday Am we’ ll began our last 7 hour trek home. I have posted some pic’s on FB and some here . I’ll post few here and if I bore you let me know . tony
  21. Happy birthday all Tony
  22. Starting our trek back home ! going to spend forth in Jefferson City , Missouri and watch their fireworks tonight with Danny and Kathy and the 5388 Tony
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