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  1. My condolences and prayers to his family . Steve was a good man we will experience a loss of a RP friend Tony
  2. I am getting stir crazy , I am starting to dream of another restoration . i am hoping by march to have my health problems solved or close to it and start on my # 12 pto hay rake . Then on my #312 FH roll over plow and my 642 IH 4 bottom roll over . They been waiting long enough ! IMHO and my buddies John and Eddie are getting bored they need to help me . ( out of the three of us , we make one decent worker) after all I have two IH mowers and two IH balers but no RAKE how do I expect to be in hay business. My cardiologist and urologist and Carol have been WARNED !lol tony
  3. Carol did not think a real TD 25 was wise for me to restore ! so I bought myself an early Christmas present. needed IH yellow on my crawler shelf Tony
  4. Great to see you back Twostepin ! Take care and watch for those UTI's , they will knock you down if ignored. Don't ask how I know ! God Bless you ! Tony
  5. Guys , What a pleasent surprize seeing my girl on a calendar Thank you for posting Tony
  6. Happy birthday Bill ! Hope it’s a great one ! tony
  7. my 806 LP , I call my cal-Tex cotton girl and 806 D single wheel front . Four row hydraulic bean cutter this unit has cut upwards of 17000 acres in its career tony
  8. Congratulations to you and your wife ! Homeschooling requires dedication . congratulations Gracie ! You will go far tony
  9. My opinion the plastic bowel round type used on the 560’s are much better then screen type and available at most IH parts venders tony
  10. Thank you for kind comments ! I will let you know about bladder tests as they occur , perhaps I can save one of you from going through what I have . the waiting game is the worst tony
  11. Hello Fellas , thank you for your concern and prayers , they have been answered so far . Had arterial Fluter , meaning my heart was racing 150 BPM at rest and would not come down was on our way to HCOP show . Ambulance picked me up in OKC to hospital took all evening and nite to get heart rate to 60-70 resting three different meds . Doing good next day and boom 11 pm had heart attack no blockage no damage but definitely heart attack as per blood enzymes . then started passing blood so four day in catheter . Long story short 10 days in hospital . my cardiologist at home read report set me up for heart ablation which I had 10/9/23 but my UTI ‘s keep recurring been living on antibiotic's since July . Docs wanted heart fixed first then have to wait 8 weeks before Cystoscopy which puts me into Dec . Heart doc want heart healed before going into bladder . Bladder infections are keeping me weak and no energy and sometimes evening fever . otherwise I am doing okay really getting restless for shop work and shows , I canceled all shows and parades from August to Jan . hoping to be well for Calif antique show in April and maybe few car shows . thank you Guys , hope to be more active on RPF when I get my stamina back and have something besides medical to share BTW Guys do not ignore UTI’s they will take you down OKC hospital believes my heart attack was from body stress from severe UTI .Ambulance picking my up at the Mustang RV park in OKC .
  12. Made it home today ! The girls did a terrific job of driving and looking after me thank you all for the well wishes, prayers , concerns ! you old red tractor guys are truly a blessing to me ! thank you all Tony
  13. Hi Guys most of you know we were heading out to HCOP we left Friday 18th all going well , on Sunday woke up with a high heart resting rate , thinking it was just AFib we left NM for OKC getting into OKC I knew this was not just AFib , parked RV while Carol called ambulance ! long story short they got rate down thought all good on Monday . Monday nite 11pm I had a heart attack then came down with severe UTI . they discharged me yesterday after nine days and today we turned MH back west for home . carol and Danny Andersons wife Kathy are doing a heck of a job driving while I lay on bed most of day ! Slouch ! I feel good but get winded and fatigue quick thank you to so many of you that have sent well wishes ! my red tractor friends are amazing ! thank you Tony
  14. Prayers for you that it stays gone ! I think I spend more time at dermatologist than any where else . They keep cutting and burning them off tony
  15. Thanks for saying high ! Hot Plug ! yeah I have been relaxing a bit from restorations but I have few projects to do and waiting for right time to start back up again was great meeting you at RPRU tony
  16. The 856 is used to disk between Vinyard and furrow out for watering . the 1206 and 1566 are used to prepare winter forage ground for Silege corn and vise versa they rake hay , pull balers , with a fifth wheel they pull sets of doubles for Almond harvest , in field loading leaving trailers ready for trucks to take to Huller . Eddie loves using them as chore tractors the 1566 pumped water for a few years tony
  17. Wondering how many of Red Power fórum family going to HCOP ? carol and I are planning on motor home to Rantoul hoping to see many of you ! tony
  18. This tractor lives 1 mile north of me . I have saw rolling some good coal she does it well ! owned by My good friend and nieghbor’s Eddie and his son Chris Niederfrank and of course 4 year old Grandson loves it also Tony
  19. Actually seeing and driving these girls I realize there is a beauty to leaving them in their work clothes ! So easy to work on them and use them and save their natural look Tony
  20. Hey Guys ! visited my nieghbor’s this morning and they were doing a little finishing touches on the 1566. They all are local tractors that Eddie and His son Chris bought and restored to be workers , they fitted all three with two post ROPS , all have full sets of IH stamped weights , installed hydraulic clutches on all three , and full set of Calif style rear weights . I drove the 1256 and 1566 and from seat the exhaust sound is to die for , that light turbo whistle . I insisted they line them up for pictures ! Wanted Eddie , Chris , Steve the mechanic in pictures but they are shy and insist the tractors are the stars ! BTW No Leaks ! I am jealous ! The 1566 is sporting 42 “ rubber and inside weights tony
  21. Yes , they say in 80’s but to me nothing like 1969 and now 2023 tony
  22. Guys just fyi , in late January this year while rains were bringing snow to Sierra Navada mountains little did we know we would be traveling hiway 43 wasco to Fresno for last time in long time to come !. my Nieghbor and friend Brad Wies’s bought this one row cotton picker from a field station in Wasco , ca . I helped him tow it home right through where major flooding of tulare lake would be about a month later . About one third of our route is under water today , Brad was lucky two ways he bought this sought after picker and he was able to get her home the most expedient route tony
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