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  1. This is the one that I had made
  2. I can supply a patent decal , I’ll post a picture later on
  3. I don’t plan on using it , it was done more to preserve a bit of history and I just can’t sit on the couch all the time
  4. These seem to be what may have been used from approximately 1949 to maybe as late as 1955 but I’ve also seen a few variations over the years as well . I like this configuration so I went with it
  5. Here are some pictures of the decals that I had made . I hope to have them Put on soon and then I will share some pictures .
  6. The “TDR” means it is a td-18, I have never seen it printed anywhere as to what the “r” actually means . The “suffix letter code” at the end of the actual serial number will tell what options or the configuration of the machine . The suffix letter code can be found in the rear of a parts catalog . The serial number prefixes for some of the other models are as follows : tdbk-td6 tdcb-td9 tdf-td14 tdr-td18 tde-td24 i hope this helps
  7. I have obtained a few sets of original international harvester decals and there are some variations of how they have been done over the years . Some have the dash between the T6 , or T-6 some don’t . I do have an original “tractractor “ decal but I’m going for the early to mid fifties scheme which is close to the early style just no tractractor decal on the back of the tank and the “ international” on the hood has the shaded IH symbol attached to it . I hope to see them soon. I have also come up with what I think is a very close match to the silver canvas that was used as the upholstery on the seats back then . I think it will be a nice combination with new red paint .
  8. I should have some very accurate reproduction decals available shortly
  9. Thanks for the kind replies , I will post more when I have the decals and the seat on it
  10. Yep it’s to the D5 serial number 9M27 , one of 46 machines built in 1939
  11. Yes , eventually I have 1 td-18 and a td-18A the early 18 was an army tractor and its near perfect now but the 18A needs a bit more work but I’ve got a yellow project that I’m currently heavily involved in at the moment , it’s one of those once in a lifetime chances !!
  12. Runs and drives!! Happy thanksgiving
  13. Thanks , for the response but they are a few inches wider than what the td6 would be
  14. Hi just wanted to see if anyone out there has a heavy radiator guard for a td6 or if someone would be kind enough to share some dimensions so that one could be duplicated . Thanks
  15. The walls are just painted concrete block and I think a bare narrow t6 is around 7500lbs
  16. The 6 cylinder block is for my caterpillar D5 serial number 9M27 , one of 46 made in 1939 . Hopefully it looks as good or better than the T6 when it’s done
  17. The building is 32wide and 50 long and the door in front is 10 high 16 wide with an 8wide 10 high on the side I hope that helps
  18. Thanks , yes this one is nice but the next ten machines will be better !
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