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  1. Yep it’s to the D5 serial number 9M27 , one of 46 machines built in 1939
  2. Yes , eventually I have 1 td-18 and a td-18A the early 18 was an army tractor and its near perfect now but the 18A needs a bit more work but I’ve got a yellow project that I’m currently heavily involved in at the moment , it’s one of those once in a lifetime chances !!
  3. Runs and drives!! Happy thanksgiving
  4. Thanks , for the response but they are a few inches wider than what the td6 would be
  5. Hi just wanted to see if anyone out there has a heavy radiator guard for a td6 or if someone would be kind enough to share some dimensions so that one could be duplicated . Thanks
  6. The walls are just painted concrete block and I think a bare narrow t6 is around 7500lbs
  7. The 6 cylinder block is for my caterpillar D5 serial number 9M27 , one of 46 made in 1939 . Hopefully it looks as good or better than the T6 when it’s done
  8. The building is 32wide and 50 long and the door in front is 10 high 16 wide with an 8wide 10 high on the side I hope that helps
  9. Thanks , yes this one is nice but the next ten machines will be better !
  10. Got the tracks disassembled and blasted , will have new bolts and then reassemble and paint !!
  11. Chris, I enjoy sharing with other like minded individuals it has been a lot of work so far , I also have another project of another color going on at the same time Thanjs for showing us the Allis Chalmers that you fixed up , it looks good .
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