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  1. I was working for an IH dealer in that era. The only tractor that had white wheels and fenders was the 1206. This was not a factory option on any other model
  2. Nope. Just got one from the parts department
  3. We always ordered in the 1466/86 without a pto and ordered a dual speed pto field install package which was shipped on the same load as the tractor. The data centers were the same. Only the decal was different. The electrically operated pto on the later Magnums allowed the dual speed pto as the valve modulated the engagement and prevented a shock load.
  4. Attached is the spindle parts breakdown that shows what my 44c is.
  5. The bearings were a slip fit on the shaft. Came off really easy. Nothing wrong with the shaft so I used it again. And there was a spacer between the two bearings.
  6. Just did this on my deck. Went to Motion Industries and got the parts. 2. LM11910 cup 2. LM11949 cone 2. 12384 seal
  7. Out of IH Service Manual GSS-1036E
  8. That tractor is an L. We used to antique pull with one just like it. Quite a brute! 404 cubic inches. LA had a 4 speed transmission. It also had a more rounded grill
  9. I thought that this really good even though it came from Deere. We are all in this together!
  10. Dad bought 4 of those to use on a go devil. They were only on for one day. Just were not intended to work at such a slow speed. This was in the early 60s if I remember correctly.
  11. Here is the check valve you need. Just Google Murphy Switchgauge
  12. I did an install on a customer ‘s 986 quite a while ago. I used the electric solenoid with required parts from a 1460 combine diesel pump. At that time parts were priced fairly reasonable.
  13. You are looking at the transmission control valve. Parts breakdown shown in section 6
  14. The front weights are correct for the 7100 series. The hood striping is also correct. The 94/96 series red Case tractors had the Case in large letters and the International in small. The second version of the Magnum stripe had the model number at the rear and smaller. The CaseInternational was at the front and were all larger.
  15. After going to so much effort to be original, I wonder why they used the later waffle style MFD front wheels.
  16. The screened valve shown in the hydraulic filter looks to be the original style. They were thermostatically controlled to allow cold oil to be drawn through the screen then were supposed to close when the oil warmed up. Unfortunately they were prone to stick open allowing unfiltered oil to go through the entire system. There was a service bulletin issued quite a few years ago that recommend swapping the valve out to the earlier style that had just a spring and a disc. The bulletin also recommended running the motor at a faster idle for several minutes in cold weather before putting it to work
  17. The 4 fin pump was used on non turbo 400 series engines. The 8 fin was used on the turbo motors No idea about the flow differences
  18. I fought this problem on a customer’s tractor quite a while back. I ended up mounting and wiring in a switch that requires depressing the clutch pedal to start. The OEM switches are a joke.
  19. There were two different rims used depending on which hub was used.
  20. I should have explained it different. The swathers and bale wagons are built in the GI plant but not in the same area as the combines.
  21. Swathers and bale wagons are built in a different area.
  22. We sold a lot of them also. Seems like it was the earlier ones that bothered. Have no idea why. Put the kits on the three that had the most complaints
  23. If I remember correctly, we installed the kits on three tractors and never experienced any problems at all on any of them. Before we did, the big complaint was that the steering wheel would lock up momentarily while starting to turn on the end of the field and raising the disc at the same time.
  24. This problem was addressed in a service bulletin not very long after the 86 series came out. We installed a supercharge elimination kit to take care of the problem https://www.superiortractorparts.com/mobile/Product.aspx?id=39005
  25. Slip clutch for governor weight retainer is probably slipping. Pump will need to split apart to repair.
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