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  1. Every 1400 series combine that I have seen has a water shut off in the cab located on the left side near the door latch. All you can see is the knob. Item 8 in the attached drawing


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  2. I am currently running a Magnum 315 CVT on a grain cart. I just looked and it is definitely an electronically controlled fan. It doesn’t roar at all. There is a hub on the front of the fan with a wire harness. At one time Case came with different software to address the noise issue. Your dealer should be aware of it. 

  3. There was a 196 power unit also. It was made up by Whites Inc out of Texas. We probably sold 50 of them for shallow irrigation wells. The engine was bulletproof. The radiator was the weak link. The motor was mounted solid to the frame so vibration was transferred to the radiator. 

  4. There was a change to the lube valve spool to help with this problem, especially in cold weather.  There was a service bulletin issued. Unfortunately I don’t have access to those any longer

  5. 1 hour ago, highcotton said:

    Educate me- what exactly is a diode TA?


    1 hour ago, TractormanMike.mb said:

    Just curious, what was the main improvement over the standard ta?

    The diode replaced the sprag clutch that was the drive for the low side in the TA. The diode sounded like a great idea but they didn’t prove reliable, especially in the 14s and 15s. The attached photo is not the one used in the TA but is similar. 


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  6. Are you sure it’s bled out? Pump hand primer to get air out of lines and hose to pump. Put throttle at wide open for excess fuel. Crank engine. You can hear the pump clatter when it injects fuel. 

  7. Pump can still be off 180 as drive gear turns at engine speed while head and rotor turn half of that due to internal gearing. Just line up pump timing marks. Remove the three bolts holding gear on. Rotate pump driveshaft one full turn. Align marks. Install and tighten bolts. Make sure that degree timing is correct on dampener or flywheel of course 

  8. What you are seeing is normal. It is oil flow being dumped back to sump by the unloading valve. The gear pump has a constant volume of oil that has to be sent back to sump if no hydraulic function is on demand 

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  9. After having several customers 50 series have short bearing life or drive disc failures, I made a tool out of a spacer with a nut welded onto the end that fit snugly on the water pump bearing shaft to check alignment.  I then used a long threaded rod that extended out to the bearing support to check alignment. After aligning the support, bearing life and drive disc life were vastly improved. Also the whole air box/ radiator support sits on rubber isomounts. I’ve seen some of those cause problems. 


  10. My dad had a 460 diesel that was a hard starter. I put in two 12 volt batteries and a series/parallel switch so it would crank on 24 volts. Worked really well. You just briefly touched the starter button and it was running! Unfortunately if the drive didn’t fully engage the ring gear it would chew up the drive teeth. So I had to go back to 12 volt cranking 

  11. 46 minutes ago, brahamfireman said:


    I was thinking of adding them to the outer edges of the front bolster,  seem to recall FWA tractors had extra lights up there????

    There was an option that had two lights located just behind the front weight bracket. It also used different housings and round sealed beams for the lower cab corner lights where they could be adjusted to shine to the sides instead of forward. 



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