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  1. is it a private tile or a county owned tile?
  2. birthdays

    not to be forgotten chub and nancy
  3. Long time forum member passes away.

    took time a month ago to stop and visit with chub about a month ago. was planning return visit this month. rip chub
  4. More Rain!!!

    last year ended with 35 plus inches in 5 weeks and being a flatlander in a low spot lost half of my crops. first time in 10 years no drowned spots in neighborhood this year
  5. prayers for chub & his family

    condolences to chub and family. best folks you could meet
  6. 560 Diesel Questions

    check fuel return line
  7. Happy Birthday SD Man

    have a good one
  8. part numbers

    couple engine heads numbers278368r3 and 251172r1 what will they fit? thanks
  9. part numbers

    ok thanks
  10. part numbers

    on the 282 head my 560 has guide pins in the block but the above head has no guide pin holes. what would it be off of?
  11. where are you from jd dealer or the fairgrounds at van wert? im by blufton ind make it that way sometimes.

  12. nice looking machines. i have a td9 narrow and a td9 wide and a t20

  13. where are you located at? im south of ft wayne

  14. hope you are feeling wll.

  15. a friend indeed

  16. wek miss you man. f20