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  1. Miss spoke, the army trucks used Bendix joints, they have 4 balls between ears for steering. The one Elwood I had apart had rezeppa joints, they have a bell with grooves for the balls (6 I think) and a smaller internal driver with grooves to match.
  2. GM never used that axle as a steering axle except in army trucks and they were never planetary final drive, so no, not the whole assembly. The planetary finals was a Spicer conversion and I have seen them on non steering industrial equipment and the Elwood. The center section is the same as the army trucks except ratio and I think the steering knuckle is the same also but the axle and spindle are different for the planetary. The Elwood uses U-joints and the army truck axles had rezepa joints for steering.
  3. The Elwood differential is an Eaton H110. GM used it from 1941 (army trucks) all the way to 1979 (motor homes) and in 1 1/2 ton trucks, so parts are available surplus or truck shops.
  4. I did my Magnum 215 last fall. It is a pain, I heated the boss on the axle red then used a 4X rivet gun (about 4 times a muffler gun). On mine the bushings were loose on those pins. Cleaned the rust off and they slid nice. Never seize the crap out of them when you go back.
  5. There are a lot of running changes to the 466 but the "C" was just the inline MW pump. I put a roller cam in my 5488, went to the truck junkyard and got the cam and lifters out of a DT530. When I got them home I realized the cam is reverse ground. In the new style engine they run one more idler gear. Glad I compared them side by side because they look identical and I would have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why it would not run.
  6. Don't know what was going on with that tractor but I put the complete update in my 5488, 44 tooth drive gears, countershaft and all. Did not change the speeds at all, it couldn't have, the ratios are the same.
  7. The 5088 and 5288 have a much faster ratio planetary than the 5488.
  8. You do not have the complete update to the speed transmission because you clearly still have the 55 tooth high drive gear, but it may have the coarse clutch plate splines which is what you need. The complete update changed the high drive gear to a coarse 44 tooth gear that replaced the 55 tooth gear for greater strength. This required changing the counter shaft gear and output gear (high drive) to match. The problem is they changed to the pressed counter shaft from the splined one at the same time so you can't just change the gear on the counter shaft to match as they never made the coarse too
  9. I have a mounting bracket for the UD plus in a 21-23 series combine, you can have it. The UD plus works OK, much of it is like a pro 600 except not color.
  10. If you have the flapper style the fix is to drill and tap the plstic for a screw to push on the flapper, adjust the screw so it almost trips the switch. Never had it fail after this mod.
  11. Don't know where you are but Colfax tractor at Colfax Iowa had a 995 I bought the turbo setup off of for my 895. The engine had water down the exhaust so was stuck, the only reason they would sell parts off of it. I am sure it is still there and the head should be good.
  12. Check to make sure the transport vanes in the cage are good. If they are wiped out it will act like that, BTDT. 2144 here, 30' 1020, 50bu beans @ 5 mph, 70 bu @ 3.5 mph.
  13. Probably the HVAC controller, they are not available. You can send them in with $400 and they will diagnose them and if they are repairable the cost is $1200-$3000 but they allow your $400 against that. So... salvage yard.
  14. I would use genuine IH return line.
  15. Thanks, got a complete new setup to install. Helped a friend do a JD a while back, yep it is a heavy, finger pinching pain to do...it went out the back window.
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