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  1. Been a looong time since I changed one so I'm not sure about the tension on the rod part. For the setup, you apply a specified pressure to the actuator and adjust the rod to get a specific amount of travel of the actuator rod at the specified pressure. You need a dial indicator to meaure the travel of the rod.
  2. Having it freeze does not lead to the immediate ruination of the fluid. DEF does not freeze until -15 F or thereabout. I was at training and there was an engineer visit us that had worked his entire career in emissions starting in the early '70s with automotive emissions. He was telling us about the process that CNH went through with EPA to get the amount of time lengthened from cold start up to thawed DEF flow. CNH lobbied for 45 minutes of run time knowing they wouldn't get that but did get their desired time allowed for thawing to 30 minutes.
  3. Changed a lot of those spools back in the day. The part has now fallen in the "How in the world do they justify that price" category and is listed as "orderable" which means none are in the depots but you can order one.
  4. Yes. Not sure on the price, will have to bother a parts guy to find that out. Available in high quality print or pdf.
  5. Here's the section from the service bulletin NTR SB 016 96 regarding delayed shifting problems.
  6. Any specific part? Serial number would help too as there were some changes made throughout production.
  7. Yes he has now changed it to 1066 black stripe.
  8. I didn’t just up and tell him he was wrong. I asked for more pictures of specific areas of the tractor then explained to him what I saw, including that 1086 series serial numbers never went as high as the number on that tag. I started the conversation telling him that I had worked at IH and CaseIH dealerships since January of 1975.
  9. i just finished e-mailing him with my final opinion and description right before I posted here.
  10. I politely asked him to send more photos and he did. It is definitely a 1066, true black stripe. Came with a cab, still has the cab floor plates. the fenders are mounted to the rear cab mounts. The complete serial number is 2610178U059671
  11. All I have to say is if this guy believes it's a 1086 he isn't very bright and does not listen well.
  12. It was grass. Never seen anything like it before.
  13. The final drives and center section are common oil, the fluid can move through the housing to the finals and vice versa.
  14. It was grass that had wrapped around the PTO shaft and forced it's way through the seal that did not have the brass shield washer installed during the last rebuild. The fodder was packed in there tight enough that it did not leak too much. First time I had ever seen that happen to that extent. That was from June of 2017.
  15. Slow or delayed startup is often caused by worn discs requiring a lot of fill oil to move the piston out. Worn clutch drum teflon seals or wear in the bore. Regarding the suction tube seal, I center it up, braze the tube to the clamp and shim between the clamp and bracket to square the tube seal to the bore. Photos added along with some helpers I had on a service call to repair this 806 PTO.
  16. The Casey's in town had the evening shift both call off so it closed early that day. A very popular eating spot in Crawfordsville, IN announced being closed on Sundays due to staffing shortages, and they have children that work there. I've heard there is getting to be a shortage of CDL drivers with tank and HazMat qualifications to deliver fuel. Several fast food places in the area do not open their dining rooms due to not enough help. Odd that the Culver's in the area always seem to have plenty of help on hand. I already avoid Subway, bitter soccer gal made sure I won't have a change of heart.
  17. Funny Face flavors after the changes were Rootin Tootin Raspberry LoudMouth Lime Freckle Face Strawberry Lefty Lemon Goofy Grape Choo Choo Cherry Jolly Olly Orange
  18. There was nothing that would get my Dad fired up faster than "That's not my job" Especially if it came from some peon that didn't want to do a simple, short task, even more so if it was some prima donna that thought a task was below their level of self inflated importance. Face it, we all probably grew up in a situation where you just did whatever had to be done because it was easier and faster to just do it and move on, or because your Dad would jam an 11 1/2 D Knapp work shoe so far up your arse you would taste shinola if you shirked a task. Over the years I've worked with several techs who thought they were "too valuable" to waste there time washing a piece of equipment before they worked on it and instead would (try to) demand someone of less import do that for them. I would love to have someone clean tractors for me before I work on them. When we did have a guy that was supposed to do that he couldn't ever seem to get the areas shown as most important to be clean properly cleaned. Might have had some ucky smelly oil or fuel soaked dirt splash on him or something.
  19. Take the cowl off and inspect it. Lube everything that moves, go from there. There should be a grease zerk on the end of the speed shaft, see it through a hole on the quadrant box.
  20. In this case, the tool is available from CNH at a bargain basement price of only $700.98 The complete tool kit is NLA but most of it is just fittings that can be sourced elsewhere.
  21. Here’s a couple of pictures of the flow adapter.
  22. Maynard

    hydro 1026?

    The large frame hydros do not have a dedicated charge pump. Instead, they use excess flow from the three system pumps to provide charge flow to the hydrostatic transmission.
  23. Yes they did change the shaft and nut, went to left hand thread and eliminated the locking washer.
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