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  1. Here's the Tipton Indiana Police Department and their new solution to catching speeders.
  2. The seal ring is on the back (transmission) side of the plastic shroud. I use 3M weatherstrip adhesive, black, to adhere the seal to the plastic shroud. Installing the housing, screen and shroud can be a bit of a challenge. Kind of like backing a trailer into a tough spot, it goes better if no one is watching you. I use a grease on the gasket to stick it to the transmission housing. Then I align the screen and shroud on the back of the iron suction housing, hold it together with my fingers and put it in place. Make sure the bolts, and an alignment punch, are where you can reach them wh
  3. This photo is a pump from a Hydro but the seal orientation is the same for a gear drive.
  4. A true fast hitch bar is different from the three point bar.
  5. If you mostly will use them on row crop tractors there are quite a few parts missing. The threaded plate adapters you have on the main frame cross bar are the ones to be used on the plates attached to a 2+2 front section to prevent the front end from raising up off of the handler. There are holes at the top for a pin or bolt to stop vertical travel. You are missing the lifting bar for the cab. Shown here from a control center installation instruction manual. Item 1 in the illustration.
  6. Read #2 again. Covers the signal line and possible check valve requirement.
  7. Here's some instructions...
  8. Slays me to watch the reactions to the Thomas Sowell's, Larry Elders, Walter Williams (RIP sir) of the world, when they remind other blacks that whenever the white folks "helped them out" things got worse for them yet they praise their "benefactors" with loyal votes.
  9. Just what the cops need, people that already give them fits high on Khat.
  10. ^^^That's usually the missing step to a successful repair.
  11. Pretty much yes. With any movie it's possible some "artistic freedoms" were taken.
  12. I would recommend against doing that unless you added a pair of brake pedal switches and a latching relay that would deactivate the diff lock solenoid when you pressed one of the brake pedals. All for safety to switch off the diff lock if your hands are busy and you need to not go straight anymore.
  13. I see Boog over on New Ag Talk quite a bit, mostly he is talking about newer stuff there.
  14. Found the resistance through the thermister should be 3.3 ohms cold measured between A and B.
  15. The return voltage is measured in millivolts and varies from 6.09 mV (300F) to 21.81 mV (1150F) "B" is signal from instrument cluster, "A" is return voltage to IC and "C" is a shield wire that is attached to the body of the of the thermocouple.
  16. But since the proper test equipment isolates the pump from the rest of the system it is fairly quick and easy to determine for certain whether the problem is in the pump and not elsewhere in the system. Like that pesky signal line underneath the rear frame cover for one example.
  17. Other than a few simple checks that should be done before you commence with a flow rater test you and we, are just guessing what's wrong. As already mentioned, the signa check can come apart and cause symptoms you described. there is a screen that can plug and cause performance issues as well You need to disconnect the signal line, remove the adapter fitting then, unscrew the orifice fitting to inspect the orifice and screen. If the screen is damaged, replace it. Do not remove it as then one small piece of debris can block the orifice and cause problems. Do note that the orifice fitting
  18. Gumout will usually dissolve congealed fuel gunk quite nicely.
  19. Correct, flywheel step according to IH is 1.938" Friction surface to crankshaft flange is 1.562" minimum. Get closer than that and the disc will contact the flywheel bolts.
  20. Most likely the signal check valve in the first valve. very common problem on those.
  21. Are you adjusting the rockshaft potentiometer up on the right rear cab mount? Other than staying on high pressure, does the hitch raise and lower properly? Go all the way down? Is it on pressure at any position or only at the top? Could be an issue in the hitch valve centering. Pull the hitch controller fuse to see if it goes off of high pressure.
  22. First, I just double checked in parts, you have the correct seal. You also need to get the bearing through another supplier. Subs to p/n 221488A1 which shows none in the depots but is still orderable. Can't read the bearing number clearly but it can be used to get a new bearing that will work. There appears to be part of the old seal still in there. Good idea to protect the seal from the splines. Anything that will pass through the bearing after wrapping the splines without shredding apart is good. er wrapping
  23. A regular concern when repairing steering hand pump leaks is obtaining the correct sealing sleeve for the lower section. This confusion comes from the elimination of some of the pertinent information that was in the original IH parts books. I copied the section that has the letter designations used to determine the correct parts to get. The main difference is whether the tractor had the standard, external cylinder axle or was equipped with a wet bolster used with a tricycle front end or high clear axle.
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