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  1. Maynard

    USS Hornet

    At 1 atmosphere pressure per 10 meters depth, 17,500 feet (5334 meters) works out to 7,782 psi
  2. Maynard

    Adjusting MCV question

  3. Maynard

    So Walmart is good for something.

    I had much better results with Testor's than Pactra. Don't know what the difference was but I found Pactra to be harder to work with.
  4. Maynard

    Adjusting MCV question

    06 series is the same basic brake valve.
  5. Maynard


    UPS couldn't find my address Saturday, same one they've delivered to for better than 30 years.
  6. Maynard

    Adjusting MCV question

    The brakes will still work with the engine off.
  7. Maynard

    Adjusting MCV question

    The dump valve adjustment can be made without the light functioning two different ways. One method would be to install a gauge in the sending unit port and watching the pressure during clutch operation. The pressure should drop off with the clutch depressed and return before clutch engagement commences. You can also test the dump valve adjustment by driving the tractor on an incline steep enough for it to roll backwards. When the clutch is fully depressed the tractor will roll backwards. Slowly raise the clutch pedal, the tractor will stop rolling backwards and sit still when the dump valve closes and the TA clutches engage.
  8. Maynard

    secureing the wedges

    I use a real torque wrench.
  9. Using clean buckets or pans, drain a bit of oil from each of the five drain plugs. See what you find, if there is a bearing failing enough to make a noise there will be shavings in that compartment.
  10. Maynard

    secureing the wedges

    400 foot pounds is the torque spec for the wedge bolt. Preparation is key to getting the wedge tight and keeping it there, remove all surface rust from the axle and wedges where they will contact. Light lubrication, torque, hit downward on the the top, outer end of the axle, re-torque, repeat until torque stabilizes.
  11. Maynard

    Case 5240 Hydraulics Issue

    Sounds like your hydraulic pump is getting weak.
  12. Maynard

    756 power beyond?

    The IH Plate can be installed with two valves, plumbing going out the back, not forward and across or through the seat support. I’ve seen it done. Depends on how you want to, or need to do it. If you’re mounting a loader valve then out the front and across would probably be the best way to do it.
  13. Maynard

    756 power beyond?

    The outlet (work) ports on the auxiliary valves are o-ring boss and can accept either ORB fittings or the banjo style fitting. The original IH power beyond plate could be plumbed without cutting a hole in the left seat support. It's a little tight when assembled but works and leaves a cleaner looking installation. That said, having the connections extend through the seat support makes for easier maintenance and connection flexibility.
  14. Maynard

    806 PTO

    Hope you turned the spring cup on the control spool over when you assembled that unit.
  15. Maynard


    You have to raise the bottom plate to get to the radiator mounting bolts.