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  1. I won't tell anyone about this little incident.
  2. Correct, the dump valve was used on foot controlled models, the hand controlled models used the Foot-N-Inch valve that allowed feathering of the drive via the foot pedal.
  3. Been using hose clamps here since the 1970s, also on Cub Cadet Hydro drive plat to keep the hardened drive pin in place. To clear up some confusion.... In parts on the 66 series a heavy spirol pin 1/4" X 2" p/n 6572196R1, subs to p/n 86624088 Whereas, in 56 series parts a 134/" X 1 1/4" groove pin p/n 443039, subs to, p/n 135-358 The High-Low shift plate in both is p/n 527900R1 See illustrations attached. The Pins for the speed shift collar are, in sub order for 56 series, 135-76, subs to, 435-1820, subs to, 87852. For the 66 series sub order is, 142521, subs to, 435-1820, subs to 87852. BTW, 142521 is called a hydraulic tube. Clear as mud?
  4. 1/4" X 2" heavy spirol pin. CNH p/n 86644088 $3.85 at our store.
  5. Second the Corrosion X. Our AFS guys requested that we stock it. I had been using Corrosion X for several years While it's not some sort of magic cure all it sure has a place in your arsenal when dealing with dirty, wet and corrosive environments. It will kill corrosion.
  6. I have 2 sets of those in Bonney and John Deere. Very good wrenches. I never knew that Bonney was connected to Allis Chalmers.
  7. Never easy whether it's the long slow path to a natural end or a sudden unexpected happentsance as this was. Somewhere out there is a lucky pup that will get to be Lisa's next companion. Dude sure was a good looking dog.
  8. I had an old 3/4" Snap On socket replaced and got a Williams branded socket. Every bit as good as the Snap On. Williams and Wright are brands that I will snatch up at an auction or flea market if it's something I could use.
  9. Bonney was a favorite, or maybe just easy to get at a good price, of my Dad. I still have several of the old 40s era Bonney wrenches he had, along with the next generations of Bonney tools that we used. I still like Bonney wrenches and have accumulated several including some that are in my service truck. Like a lot of companies ownership and place of manufacture had changed. I think the last place Bonney tools were made was Utica. At one time John Deere wrenches were made by Bonney. I have some real nice 12 point open ring line wrenches with both John Deere and Bonney logos. Other than the inscriptions the wrenches are exactly the same. Very nicely finished tools. NAPA used to carry New Britain tools, not sure who made them, nor do I care. They were okay tools, held up to our on farm abuse, I still have several in my boxes at home. I also have quite a lot of old S-K stuff. One thing I have learned about all tools. None of them germinate.
  10. Thank you, Reilly was a good dog with a sweet disposition and was a lot of fun. Thanks Mike, Reilly wasn't the prettiest dog we ever had, two collies, a Tri and a Sable, beat him out for pretty. But Reilly was darn handsome in his own right and ranks as the #2 best all around dog we ever had. And that vote is close. To go from not having a dog for a few years* to having a pregnant female decide that we should be her hoomans was a bit of a turnaround. Honestly, at the time I didn't want her even not knowing she came with future puppies. We sure would have missed out on two fantastic companions had we not taken in Brandi and chosen Reilly to keep. * Gale's Mother had a stroke that took her down and then her Dad was struggling with obesity and diabetes so having no pets to worry about after Ol' Jack, who we had for 16 years, departed us made life a little easier. Brandi came along well after Gale's Dad died.
  11. Thanks Mike! Even though Reilly's body had deteriorated to where he could barely get up off the ground and his time was up we miss his smiling happy face. Glad we have pictures.
  12. Reilly, and his Mom Brandy have both been great dogs that we are/were privileged to get to care for. When asked by our former, and favorite Veterinarian Dr. Rodewald, how we kept our pets so healthy and long lived Gale responded... "We give them just what they need and just let them be dogs and cats." We're celebrating the privilege of getting to have a great companion that cheered us up. Some of that celebration ends up in tears. Hardest part is watching Brandy (his mom) go about the house looking for Reilly. Thank you, Reilly's time was up though and we're glad his soul is separated from his poorly functioning body. Reilly should have been a miserable grump but he remained outwardly happy to the end. Gale and I are both so thankful that the dumba$$es that threw Brandy out of a car did so near our place. Even though I didn't want her, as she wasn't quite "my type of dog" I grew to be part of the "There is no love greater than that between a man and a dog he didn't want" group. Without Brandy, we never have Reilly. Both have made our lives more rewarding and fun. For that we are ever grateful. Reilly had a brother that was the same build and solid chocolate, same shade as Reilly's splotches, that we almost kept as well. But there was something about Reilly's eyes and his personality that made him my choice. We have never had any kind of show dogs but Reilly would stand in a nice show stance naturally, oddly it was especially when he peed because he wasn't a leg hiker. My neighbor would stop to talk and always commented what a pretty boy Reilly was and I agreed, he was so handsome. in spite of his go funny ears and crooked teeth. Thank You everybody for your kind words.
  13. Reilly Montgomery Naden 14 June 22, 2009 - July 26, 2023 Reilly was a happy and handsome boy, never mind the uneven ears and lower teeth a little crooked. The first dog in my 67 years that took his first and last breath here on the farm. Reilly liked car rides, playing at the park and white cake with peanut butter frosting for his birthday. Reilly came as a package deal when his Mom was dumped near our house in late May 2009 and decided to live with us. A few weeks later, we had 8 puppies, Reilly was the one we chose to keep and were glad we did. He was a good boy, that's all we need from our dogs
  14. Order of preference. Soft boiled Poached Over easy Shirred Deviled Scrambledxies Style.Hard boiled. Hard to prioritize because I like eggs about any way they are prepared. One oddity, I only put ketchup on an egg sandwich, but sometimes i put mustard and a little hot sauce on over easy eggs. Soft boiled and poached get salt and pepper, never anything else. I like eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy Dixie Style with an over easy egg on top. (was informed once that, being a "Yank" I wasn't allowed to call that "Dixie Style")
  15. Didn't much matter what was showing?
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