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  1. hi, i saw you sent someone to a bulletin for plumbing a loader into a 1086, bulletin S-3436, i can not find this bulletin myself, would you be able to send it to me?

  2. Maynard

    MCV Bleeder Cap

    The orifice is screwed into the MCV inside that port, the plug is just a standard o-ring boss plug, no orifice in it.
  3. Maynard

    Mx 240 project today, pics

    Nice work.
  4. Maynard

    MCV Bleeder Cap

    The spring was eliminated by IH rather early on on 06 series production. It was recommended via service bulletin to remove the spring. Some people would rather have it original even thought it would work better if modified.
  5. Maynard

    MCV Bleeder Cap

    That should just be a hex head o-ring plug. Another observation, the spring on the dump valve rod should have been removed and a shorter bolt installed.
  6. Maynard

    MCV Bleeder Cap

    Where on the MCV is this "bleeder cap" located?
  7. Maynard

    Case IH 485 shuttle shift problems

    Ran into this recently. Lost drive in forward, reverse was fine.
  8. Maynard

    IH weights on magnum

    Not too hard to swap on a set of IH axles and the dual wedge lock wheels.
  9. Maynard

    German valve recession d310

    I have two different Neuss Engine manuals from IH, the attached images of valve specifications are from those manuals, niether give the specification for the intakes you listed as from Blue Ribbon Service Manual.
  10. Maynard

    Magnum 275 trans choices

    The base transmission is 18 speeds, can have creeper or overdrive but not both. 19 speed economy restricts top speed by reducing engine rpms, the 19 speed 30 mph option is only available with front suspension.
  11. Maynard

    Mx 240 project today, pics

    The right angle wand we have was supplied by the company where we bought the washer. Yep, you need to brace this against something or risk banging up the fins and tubes or other stuff.
  12. Maynard

    706 - Rear hitch leakdown

    You need to look in a Magnum parts listing to get the lip seal. Part number is 230318A1, comes with instructions and everything. The seal replaces both the o-ring and back up washer. Jim N.
  13. Maynard

    361 injector tubes

    Here's the installation procedure from the service manual.
  14. Maynard

    706 - Rear hitch leakdown

    Almost always the hitch piston seal. Remove the top link cover, you can view the hitch piston for leakage.
  15. Maynard

    Mx 240 project today, pics

    The intercooler can hold tremendous amounts of dirt. We have a right angle nozzle for the washer that makes cleaning it real easy.