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  1. Gumout will usually dissolve congealed fuel gunk quite nicely.
  2. Correct, flywheel step according to IH is 1.938" Friction surface to crankshaft flange is 1.562" minimum. Get closer than that and the disc will contact the flywheel bolts.
  3. Most likely the signal check valve in the first valve. very common problem on those.
  4. Are you adjusting the rockshaft potentiometer up on the right rear cab mount? Other than staying on high pressure, does the hitch raise and lower properly? Go all the way down? Is it on pressure at any position or only at the top? Could be an issue in the hitch valve centering. Pull the hitch controller fuse to see if it goes off of high pressure.
  5. First, I just double checked in parts, you have the correct seal. You also need to get the bearing through another supplier. Subs to p/n 221488A1 which shows none in the depots but is still orderable. Can't read the bearing number clearly but it can be used to get a new bearing that will work. There appears to be part of the old seal still in there. Good idea to protect the seal from the splines. Anything that will pass through the bearing after wrapping the splines without shredding apart is good. er wrapping
  6. A regular concern when repairing steering hand pump leaks is obtaining the correct sealing sleeve for the lower section. This confusion comes from the elimination of some of the pertinent information that was in the original IH parts books. I copied the section that has the letter designations used to determine the correct parts to get. The main difference is whether the tractor had the standard, external cylinder axle or was equipped with a wet bolster used with a tricycle front end or high clear axle.
  7. Correct that only 1 remote for the #1 position can be used per tractor. Also correct that the priority can be defeated on a #1 remote valve so all remotes will be equal opportunity valves. The modification can be reversed with a new, unmodified priority spool.
  8. he filter One downside of running over full when not necessary is all the extra oil that drains out of the filter cavity when changing the filter.
  9. These won’t work?
  10. The "R"terminal on the alternator is the source for the tachometer, signal goes through transmission controller then to the instrument cluster on powershift or straight from altarenator to instrument cluster on synchro shift.
  11. Those bearings are large,expensive and can have what appears to be heavy brinelling and still be acceptable for further service. As long as they are not shedding shiny flakes you shouldn't have to worry about the bearings. Most of that grey paste is probably from the gear teeth. We used to pull those hubs, tighten up the rolling torque and then switch them side to side.
  12. Good job. We have one of those still in use at our dealership.
  13. Actually, they were either underengineered or cost cut to not being as reliable as they could have been. Changes made later included hardened bushings and pivot pin for the cylinder youke The ends of the yoke were then machined with flats and thick and thin washers were made available to shim out the vertical movement. At the same time, an o-ring groove was cut in the ends of the pivot bore for o-rings to keep the grease in and dirt out. One modification that can be done during a rebuild is to use a press to squeeze the vertical opening to reduce excessive vertical clearance between
  14. The new receiver dryers that are marked R134a are backwards compatible to R-12 so that would not be a good indicator that the system has been converted. Get rid of the service valves and replace them with a service port. AP Air has them, can save a lot of headaches.
  15. One thing about the ball, new replacement balls had the OD increased a little where it passes through the axle to help them tighten up better. However, if the ball has been wallowing around and the front and back sides of the axle are no longer square to each other a ball will not stay tight for long. If, that is the case, strip the axle down and take it to a machine shop and have a bushing made to get it back to spec.
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