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  1. Hy Capacity has the center section with a sleeve installed to resize the bore. The nice thing is instead of the oval holes there are multiple round holes instead of the oval opening. The teflon rings will not get cut when installing the clutch drum with the remanufactured unit.
  2. Correct, but a little extra doesn't hurt if needed. Here's the explanation on the different bolt and washer combinations.
  3. After bleeding the left and right brakes individually did you then bleed both brakes together to purge air from the equalizing passages?
  4. Here's the illustration for power beyond with open center hydraulics. Supercharge flow supplies through the loader valve. Return oil form the loader or implement controlled by this valve returns to sump.
  5. The transmission (regulated) accumulator did not appear until the next generation MX Magnums.
  6. Sentry module on the left, test harness on the right. The module is bolted to the left side of dash support.
  7. No, most of the changes were external parts as they introduced the various mounts for the 86 series control center.
  8. The 1566 Black Stripes started at 11929 according to parts break for the decal package. (you left a 9 out of your serial number in the text of your post) The early white cab might have been put on when the TA was replaced.
  9. Read this, the sentry is there for far more important reasons than protecting the clutch packs. As much a safety issue as an operational issue. The system is designed to be shifted under load. If all is functioning properly there is a slight overlap where the off going clutch still has some pressure in it's circuit while the on coming clutch is started to apply. This is why there is a bit of delay between moving the shift lever and the actual shift taking place. With the "test harness" in pace it just bangs the pressure to the on coming clutch even if the pressure to the off going clutch hasn't decayed. the main things to do to increase reliability is to rewire the sentry supply power as outlined in service bulletin S-4841 option 2, and to rework the sentry ground especially if it is one of the units where the sentry ground was incorporated in a relay mounted in the lower right corner of the electrical compartment. Adjusting the regulated pressure to 270-290 psi will also help the system function better.
  10. The builder posted the pictures in a Rat Fink group I belong to in facebook. Looking at his other work, he is definitely influenced by Ed Roth.
  11. The driver does look a but parched, could use some water... and a mop.
  12. Found a post in a Rat Fink group in Face book by a model builder that hand built this Combine. With his permission, I am sharing them here.
  13. What problems is your hitch giving you?
  14. One sort of upside is the high pressure pumping section was the least problematic part of the CAPS pump. I agree though that if it died suddenly and does not pump the drive lug has probably sheared.
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