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  1. Don't let the diminutive size of that little White Rodgers relay fool you. They are very reliable. The MX Magnums would eat the prestolite style relay like candy. (even before the crappy chinese ones came in the system) These little relays cured the problem.
  2. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Sunday afternoon we went to grandkids' soccer games then made a quick trek over to Fairmount to Bad Dad Brewery for good beer and pizza. Everybody was here except one granddaughter. Family time together is better than any gifts and cards for me. Aiden and Aubrey with Garfield at the Fairmount Museum.
  3. A Lawnboy Lawn was a level cut lawn.
  4. There was a guy that worked at Armstrong Farm Equipment in Swayzee Indiana that claims he did that modification long before the 86 series came out.
  5. The kit has been NLA for a long time. If you keep track of your service and use good test strips, maintaining the coolant corrosion and electrolysis protection is possible without the filter. Also recpmmend using a refractometer to check the coolant freeze protection level as that is vital to keeping the other additive levels at the proper ratios. But, people will shy away from a tractor without a filter on it.
  6. We show it for $82.25, have 4 on our shelves. Over 300 in the USA Depots. One of the few things I have looked up lately that is not in short supply. Not a unique to us part so as long as one will bolt up and plug in use the least expensive one you can find at a nearby source.
  7. The system is fairly simple, there's a raise and lower solenoid on the hitch valve, a control potentiometer on the position handle and a hitch position potentiometer on the rockshaft. The controller sends a signal to the raise or lower solenoid until the voltages from the potentiometers match. The hitch valve can be tested with a 12 volt source momentarily to see if it will actuate and move the hitch. The system normally runs on reduced voltage so avoid applying 12 volts for more than a second or two. The connector is labeled A,B, C C is ground, A is raise and B is lower. There is a possibility that the signal check for the hitch has a blown o-ring, if so, either stroking a remote or steering against the stop will send a signal to actuate the pump and make the hitch work.
  8. The park lock is spring loaded, as long as it releases fully and the lever and linkage all moves freely you should be good to go. I would highly recommend a lubrication of all moving parts of the shift linkage.
  9. Been welding races to ease removal for years. Sometimes I feel the need to entertain myself a little.
  10. Been a looong time since I changed one so I'm not sure about the tension on the rod part. For the setup, you apply a specified pressure to the actuator and adjust the rod to get a specific amount of travel of the actuator rod at the specified pressure. You need a dial indicator to meaure the travel of the rod.
  11. Having it freeze does not lead to the immediate ruination of the fluid. DEF does not freeze until -15 F or thereabout. I was at training and there was an engineer visit us that had worked his entire career in emissions starting in the early '70s with automotive emissions. He was telling us about the process that CNH went through with EPA to get the amount of time lengthened from cold start up to thawed DEF flow. CNH lobbied for 45 minutes of run time knowing they wouldn't get that but did get their desired time allowed for thawing to 30 minutes.
  12. Changed a lot of those spools back in the day. The part has now fallen in the "How in the world do they justify that price" category and is listed as "orderable" which means none are in the depots but you can order one.
  13. Yes. Not sure on the price, will have to bother a parts guy to find that out. Available in high quality print or pdf.
  14. Here's the section from the service bulletin NTR SB 016 96 regarding delayed shifting problems.
  15. Any specific part? Serial number would help too as there were some changes made throughout production.
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