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  1. There's a steel pin that holds the spool together, item 36. Check the gasket, item 17, between the MCV and the separator plate. I've had that gasket cause low PTO pressure a few times.
  2. Not sure exactly what you mean. Are you needing to remove the MCV? Having trouble with the PTO lever that moves the spool?
  3. I have an opposite old fart story, involves GM 2 cycle diesels and road trucks though. When the electronic engines came on line in the '90s it was hard to get old Detroit drivers to lug the new electric Cummins engines the way they needed to get better mileage. When work traded off the old GMC with a 6V92 for a Volvo with an N14 Cummins our driver was always griping about the engine, no power, wouldn't pull up a small hill in Marion etc etc etc One day I rode along to pick up a dead tractor and found out why. Driver was taking the Cummins all the way to the governor then up shifting which resulted in the RPMs being at about the shift point when he got back on the fuel. A few months later I went to pick up a 5288 and a 966 at a farm that had me coming back through Marion loaded. Got to the hill he complained about and found out he was mistaking RPM limits in lower gears with no power. Up shifted to a full power gear and accelerated up the hill with a pretty fair load on. Took me a while to get him to stop driving that Cummins like it was a Jimmy.
  4. Probably not. A pop in he intake is usually a really loose or broken exhaust rocker, often caused by a worn cam lobe on cylinders 2,4 or 5.
  5. 52 is park brake is stuck on when commanded off. Troubleshooting is all as if the park brake is not releasing at all.If the brake is releasing the pressure sensor or wiring could be bad. I would start by testing park release pressure. Down on the right side just ahead of the rear axle there is a tee for the park circuit. Remove the cap and connect there (ORF fitting) to see if sufficient pressure is building to activate the sensor.
  6. Keep in mind the Maxxums had heavy David Brown influence in their design.
  7. If all it needs is o-rings and maybe a new spring it is much cheaper to repair than buying the detent ready to install. If it needs hard parts, or if they need to run now, get a new assembly. That's my rules.
  8. Took them a while to realize where it should have been all along?
  9. The drier is under the left front corner of the cab. Remove the black corner trim above the battery box to access the drier.
  10. One overlooked place that has given problems in the past is the o-rings that seal where the fuel filter base attaches to the cylinder head.
  11. If the tool Pete used was the IH designed tool, it lifts by the upper rops frame. It's easy to assemble and the cab hangs perfectly balanced.
  12. As soon as they cross the Indiana/Illinois border without the proper paperwork in Illinois then they are illegal. Listen to this podcast from 7/27/2019 by Guy Relford where he explains the falsehoods repeated about this canard. https://omny.fm/shows/the-gun-guy/playlists/podcast-1/embed?style=cover The Chicago segment starts around the 17 minute mark.
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