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  1. Use an ohmeter. Clip one lead to the wire that feeds the clutch coil, clip the other lead to ground. I don't have time right now to look up the expected resistance. Have a sprint car race to go see.
  2. The seal can be replaced with axle on tractor. If it has not been updated to the triple lip seal there is a new, heavy wear ring that will have to be installed first. That ring will need to be heated for installation. Seal kit p/n 1277 120 C91 which subs to p/n 94546C1 is used on a 5088.
  3. Another S-K tool that has served me well since the 1970s, a 12 inch adjustable. Bought it at McKinght’s IH in Elwood, IN when I hadn’t worked there very long. It has been in my work tool box ever since.
  4. There could be two different size ports depending on when the tractor was built. Most that I have worked on were the large 1 1/16" 12 fitting.
  5. I don't think Deere has that tight of a rein on their equipment. But listening to some of the hyperbole coming from some of the overzealous right to repair proponents I can see where one could come to that conclusion.
  6. If you disconnect the cable at the tachometer head the cable can be pulled out for cleaning and lubrication.
  7. ^^^Yep.^^^ But, when it's broken and won't go and it's just a sensor or solenoid they don't seem to care that this stoppage could have been preventing a complete internal failure of the transmission.
  8. I ran into a similar situation with a Case skid steer several years back. Part of the repair required some configuration that required cycling the seat switch to enter configuration and signal commands during the configuration. Problem was, the customer had chopped off the connector plug on the harness that connected to the seat switch to bypass it. Seat switch was also missing. Customer was a little peeved about the delay as now he is losing money to downtime. Our company also had a policy at the time that any non functioning safety devices would be repaired to proper function no matter what.
  9. Should not be any oil at the charge port, if there was oil that would indicate a ruptured bladder in the accumulator.
  10. IH specified compressed air to charge the seat accumulator, 40-50 psi. Can be tweaked a bit according to the operator. Adding a way to adjust on the go is a good idea.
  11. This channel has a lot of videos that explain and show that we did indeed land people on the moon and return them to earth. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC9Vy8dM0RVedUL31LBXwvT0pGtPL4GtD
  12. Nice collection. I have, and still use, a lot of Dad's stuff. A lot were old '40s era Bonney wrenches along with some Snap-On and Mac stuff. I have since acquired some Bonney stuff to fill out some sets because I really like those old Bonney wrenches. One item from Dad that I keep in my road box is a tachometer/speedometer lube tool, Snap-On GA-140. Amusing anecdote about it. One day the Snap-On man (from now on referred to as Jeff) came in the shop, started showing his weekly stuff then all of a sudden says- Wait a minute, I have something to show you. Jeff goes to his truck, returns with a GA-140 in his hand. He then told me a customer had found it in a box he got at an auction or garage sale and wondered what it was. Jeff told him he wasn't sure but if he could take it with him he had a guy on his route that might know. That guy was me. I offered to buy it so I could have a spare but Jeff came back and said the other customer decided to keep it once he knew what it was and how to use it. Thought that would be handy as he worked on a lot of old cars that might need that.
  13. CNH Parts says to order 397 063 R1 from Dresser Industries
  14. There are two different size o-rings that go on the cannister bolt depending on when your tractor was built. You have to pull the bolt out of the cannister to replace the o-ring.
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