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  1. Never had an airlock on a hydro. Just when filling from empty it takes a couple of cycles of fill the rear frame, start and run, fill the rear frame, start and run until the proper amount of fluid is in there.
  2. At startup the hydros make a bunch of noise as the air exits the hydro section, that air just goes to the rear frame.
  3. They self bleed just fine, never had a problem with any large frame hydro.
  4. A broken check valve will effect one direction only. A stuck open relief valve will stop a Hydro from moving at all. From the Operators Manual. There is no bleeder valve, all of the glugging and gurgling at startup is the air escaping the Hydrostatic section of the transmission.
  5. Yes. The hydraulic TAs still drive through a one way sprag in TA, the hydraulic clutch pack is only to prevent free wheeling in TA so there is engine braking. All IH operators manuals reference using the torque amplifier as "engaging the TA" when pulling the lever back and "disengaging the TA" when moving the lever forward. This is a snip from an 86 series operators manual. From a 706 operators manual.
  6. My wife has cousins that live in Arkansas near Memphis. Her cousin's husband who was a native of the area pronounced You'ns close to the way my cousins from Pittsburgh PA pronounced Y'inz. I use a variety of ways to address a group that depends on who or what they are and where we are. Hey everybody, Ladies and Gents etc.
  7. Those PTO units are sealed from drive train oil, contain their own lubricant.
  8. Cap off line 10 and fitting 18 that connects the hand pump to the park release circuit. Then see if the regulated pressure increases when in out of park. Also, item 2 is a relief for the park brake system, not a common problem but a possibility of a leak there as well. In the second illustration item 8 is the park check valve that can be problematic.
  9. We have the luxury of three OTC pumps and a larger portable hand pump with a lever that sticks straight up and pumps in both directions.
  10. I use a porta power pump to release park when needed
  11. Here's a gear chart. 2-3 Switches clutch packs 2F and 2R, same in 5-6, 8-9 and 11-12. A pressure check would be advisable.
  12. I have had this DVD set linked below for many years. There is a lot of battle footage and comments from veterans of Iwo Jima. Their comments about the day the guns finally fell silent on Iwo Jima were chilling when they talked of the fear that the shooting would start again. the battle was literally 36 days of around the clock non stop shooting.
  13. Note that was "an instructor came up with" not "an engineer came up with" Service manual would help but a training manual would be better. If you can find one. I have one at home I can look at whenever I get back there today.
  14. I won't tell anyone about this little incident.
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