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  1. Yes the coupler will release the hose in your scenario..
  2. On the back side of the alternator, next to the rear bearing is a D shaped hole. Inside that hole is a tab that you can use to full field the alternator and see if it will charge by grounding that tab with a small screwdriver or probe of some sort. If it charges then the regulator has failed. If it does not charge there is a problem.
  3. No, the PTO is 3/8-24 ORB aka -3, where the lube fitting is 1/8" Pipe Thread (grease gun hose)
  4. The fitting for TA pressure is 3/4-16 ORB aka -8 The fitting to check steering relief if desired is 1/2-20 ORB aka -5 use a 3000 psi gauge.
  5. Here is the detailed instructions for bleeding the brakes on an 8900 series Magnum. 😀😀😀
  6. Maynard

    5130 orings

    I would check the high pressure stand by setting to see if it's too high first as those don't usually blow easily. BTW, the assemblies shown on page 58 are the load check (item 69) and the detent (item 42). The reference to priority is that the #1 remote valve establishes priority over the remaining valves. Priority is controlled by item 28 on page 56.
  7. Maynard

    5130 orings

    There's a lot of o-rings in those assemblies, not real certain which ones you are having trouble with by your description.
  8. For clarification here is a cross section drawing of the new wear sleeve and seal. The original spacer is replaceable only by removing the bearing from the axle. The spacer only needs replace if it is damaged or leaking oil between the spacer and axle and a wicking sealant will not stop the leakage. The new wear ring is to be heated to install on the spacer. Then the new seal is installed. Be sure and complete bearing setup before installing the seal.
  9. The bushing, p/n 143895C2 for a 5488, is a spacer between the bearing and axle. The original single lip seal ran on the spacer. The new multi lip seal used a wider seal ring that fit over the OD of the spacer. This would work unless the oil happened to be leaking out between the spacer and axle. The new seal, p/n 87421773 requires wear ring p/n 87421772 if not already installed. The information is detailed in service bulletin S-4988
  10. Maynard


    5011 is low pressure in the speed manifold which is located on the left side viewable looking from the front of the fuel tank. Reverse solenoid is the bottom solenoid on that manifold. The other solenoids are, top to bottom, C1, C3 and C5. Enter the Trans View screen and you can monitor the pressure readings while shifting gears to see if there is leakage in a circuit.
  11. The lube pressure is what you need to monitor to ascertain if the problem is lube pressure or that new sender.
  12. First see what the actual pressure is under the same working condition.
  13. The only cure is a new shaft. The shaft can be replaced with only a front split. While it's that far apart I would recommend sending your charge pump to Herr's Machine for a preventative maintenance rebuild with their improved solid steel spider. (they should have pumps ready to go for exchange) Herr's can supply all of the parts you'll need. This is provided the unit was performing well to start with.
  14. The dealership I work at is not listed as a choice for "My Dealer" Our group is in northwestern Ohio, northeastern Indiana and southeastern Michigan.
  15. The disorganization of the model lines has been a frustration all along. I don't suppose they ever thought to bring in some old IH and Case guys to show them how to organize the model groupings in a logical fashion.
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