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  1. A few years back there were reports of foxes seen around the local high school football field. The school complex is at the edge of town, there are houses and a large creek across the road to the north of the school and football field, houses to the east of the football field, the park and youth baseball fields across the road to the west and hospital to the south of the park, 4-H fairgrounds south of that. We had a football game stopped near halftime for lightning which means everybody except those in the press box leave the field and seating areas. During the lightning break the foxes w
  2. An exhaust leak can increase the volume of air under the hood. The fan does draw air through the engine compartment but it is a rather small percentage of the total airflow.
  3. A few weeks back I had a service call to repair a blown hydraulic hose on a Steiger that was in a river bottom field just downstream and across the river from here less than a mile. When I got out of the truck the first thing I heard was a screech and looked up and saw the flat wing profile of a bald eagle soaring past the filed
  4. Thank you all for the birthday well wishes. I did have a really good day for my birthday this year. The weather was beautiful, it was Sunday so Gale and I went for breakfast in town then drove up to Miami County to visit the Seven Pillars on the Mississinewa river. This area has historic significance to the Miami Tribe who own a 150 acres preserve adjacent to this area. Council meetings were held using the alcoves in the formations and they had a trading post here. The leaf colors this year are quite stunning here and had a great combination of brilliant reds, yellows and orange along w
  5. Hello Maynard.  I have a 9260 Case IH.  I am having trouble with it not wanting to go into gear.  It is a powershift and it has thrown the code E-20, E-70.  I have checked the transmission solenoids and they seem to be operating.  I am assuming I have a wiring issue or a transmission controller issue.  Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Email would be best.  crossroadsfarmllc@gmail.com   Thank you

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      You have mail, coming from jamnad73@gmail.com

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      thanks for the reply and help.  

  6. Here's the charge specs and procedure from the most current service manual GSS-1480-1
  7. I've had some large frame hydros get wear in the anchor bore that can cause it to slam from no drive to drive and back to no drive. Raleigh Ordyne told me they have the fix for that when doing a complete rebuild at Herrs Machine. BTW, Raleigh is a great guy to talk to, very free with his time and information.
  8. Get the IH paper manuals, originals if possible. Not all reprints have the schematics in color and that is a huge drawback. The quick tricks come from knowing how the system functions in all details. Here are illustrations of the drive control circuit in Neutral, Forward and Reverse with a description of what is necessary for the drive system to function in the various positions. Note that the shuttle valve in the center section determines drive direction be changing the route of oil flow through the center section. Also note that these are from a PDF and that there is no c
  9. For the bottom plate? Tell Dad RTV (I prefer Ultra Grey) or anaerobic sealant would be fine for testing, save a new gasket for final assembly. There are no ports that oil passes through to worry about plugging with sealant.
  10. IH called for a 1 1/4-11 1/2 NPTF plug. The F indicates that the threads are cut for an interference fit (dry seal) so it doesn't leak without using sealant. Doubt you find that thread cut at just any old hardware store. That said, if you want to add a stand pipe you'll want to use a dab of sealant to keep water out anyhow.
  11. Yes. Main difference is where the valve stack is mounted on the various frame sizes.
  12. Easy fix, the o-ring p/n 238-6008 (-008, 90 Duro, .176" ID x .070" Thick) is failed on the shuttle check in the priority valve. Item 31 in the illustration. The plug sealing ring, item 30, is p/n 86513328, (0.064" Thick x 0.301" ID, -903, Cl 6, 90 Duro) The priority valve is on the end of the remote valve stack.
  13. Another point when dealing with new parts guys... Don't walk in or call up and ask about parts for the "SCV" on your red or blue tractor.
  14. The way they arranged and divided the model series when NGPC was rolled out does not help the less experienced people one bit. it's hard enough to learn about the seldom seen older tractors especially when the series are divided up instead of grouped together.
  15. This particular example is what happens when some geek with a spreadsheet doesn't know the difference between superseded and No Longer Available. I hope the new dealer parts system they are rolling out is not nearly as messed up as this version for the customers is.
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