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  1. Learn to use it a little better. This does some things better than eParts4.0 right now. Click on the part number and it shows a list of machines that part fits. There's a box to click for feedback. There's quick view that opens a pop up with the page illustration to see if that is where you want to go without opening that page.
  2. One of the deals CIH went around with Fiat on was the "road map" schematic sheets. The Europeans wanted to stop making them and have all of the schematics on PDF, you know, just read them on a tablet or phone. We won on that one and Fiat gave in and kept the road maps for us thick 'Mericans.
  3. I always found it curious that the dealers had MUO but they couldn't add it to the consumer site. We use MUO a lot, real handy to see if we have something on the lot to get a sensor, switch, solenoid etc. to get a down machine running again.
  4. One of the other techs just had a 986 in that had broken down cab mounts that caused the speed linkage rod to rub against the range Hi-Lo arm hold down bolt. The symptom? The speed transmission would not engage first gear. Getting the cab raised up fixed it.
  5. The cure for the speed linkage binding on the range Hi-Lo shift bolt is either new cab mounts or shim washers under the cab mounts to raise the cab back up to it's proper height.
  6. I think maybe one part of the problem is that those creating these systems have never worked in a world where the principles of K.I.S.S. make things better.
  7. When this new parts system became available for us to play with I started downloading every old IH Parts Manual I could find on DMC because they are still scans of the original paper books so all of the information that was there originally is still there. One downside is on the PDFs there are no links to navigate to sections of the book. Have to do a lot of scrolling to find what you need. Which brings up the big annoyance from when the now retired NGPC was introduced not only did they edit out all sorts of the pertinent information for identifying which components were used with carious opt
  8. I used that stuff to rid the house of skunk odor that got in when the cat got hit by a skunk right outside. Worked good, nary a whiff of skunk left after we used it.
  9. Look at from another perspective... If the oil had been contaminated wouldn't you want to drain as much of it as possible out of the engine? Also, the few seconds it takes to fill the cooler and filters should not be enough to cause engine damage. If it takes an excessively long time to fill the empty spaces on these engines a new oil pump would be in order.
  10. Maynard

    706 timing

    Here’s an illustration of how the oil pump shaft tang that drives the distributor should be positioned at TDC. if this is off the the options are (a) drop the oil pan, unbolt the oil pump and retime to camshaft. (b) move the spark plug wires to a position where it will run.
  11. Need to round out the Robert Duvall bar scenes with the bar fight from Second Hand Lions.
  12. And if that doesn't help, the bar scene from Second Hand Lions.
  13. There's an old ranch out in the remote far west of Colorado that a woman lived on and operated for many years. Even though no longer active it is preserved and can be visited. One of her biggest battles was water rights and keeping her water on her property. A neighboring rancher had gotten a ruling that if the water flowing through her ranch ever got out of it's banks and flowed into his water way then that water became his and she could not so much as dip a ladle of water to drink from that stream. As result her ranch hands had to put a lot of effort into keeping her water on her propert
  14. Maynard

    1086 3 pt

    Here's a chart...
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