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  1. On the Neuss engines, there is a seal tool that has two spacer washers that allow the seal to be set to 3 different positions eliminating the need for a wear sleeve until you have 3 different grooves worn in the seal surface of the crankshaft.
  2. The solenoid shorts out and pops fuse 43, then the park brake applies abruptly. I use a porta power to connect directly to the park clutch to release it to move a tractor if the fuse or a breaker that fits the fuse slot, won't hold long enough to release the brake and allow it to move. Picture forthcoming.
  3. While you're this close, replace the park lock solenoid and valve if you haven't already..
  4. The current Hytran Ultraction does have a different smell due to a new additive package developed for the CVT transmissions.
  5. Maynard

    Wire looms

    Prior to JJA0105000? This is a schematic attached to a Fault for #3 remote in early MX Mag. Note that the wires for a remote go to two different plugs at the controller.
  6. Charlie, I think the point they are missing is that when the pin in the cross shaft arm is close to in line with the front row of bolts on the MCV the throwout carrier is real close to touching the back side of the IPTO carrier.
  7. I know that for sure.
  8. The gauge problem could be that it's losing contact in the panel. The connections are made by studs on the back of the gauge engaging spring clips in the cluster. The fuel leak can be fixed on the tractor however, if the housing is worn where the upper o-ring sits the pump will have to come apart and the housing replaced or a sleeve installed in the housing.
  9. Look for leakage between the draft valve and the hitch cylinder housing.
  10. Yes they did. Here’s a new one next to a take off spring.
  11. 36 days of sheer He!!, were told it would take 3-4 days to capture Iwo.
  12. The last two springs p/n 1990620C1 I received came painted black.
  13. Have it machined out and an insert made to bring it back to proper dimension.
  14. The connector is Master Clutch pressure, located toward the rear of the battery box.. Regulated can be checked at a regulated port behind the upper accumulator, early Mags had the pressure switch there. Very early Magnums master clutch pressure only equaled full regulated in 7th, 8th. 13th and 14th That was later changed so the master clutch had full pressure in all gears 7th and above. I'm inspecting a 7120 at work and just happen to have gauges connected to check regulated and M/C pressure. Top photo is master clutch connection, bottom is the regulated port. You can also check regulated by deadheading the brake valve supply line with a 3-400 psi gauge. Just don't drive it that way, you won't have brakes.
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