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  1. Does the pressure drop as soon as you take it out of park?
  2. Yes, you will need to run a calibration. It's not hard, all done through the A-Post. Would you like to have the procedure e-mailed to you?
  3. Can't figure that shipping time out, there is 408 total of 51523989 in the various depots in the USA, 34 in Canada. Only Springfield in the USA and two depots in Canada show 0 in stock. The NH should fit.
  4. Problem in the spool inside the cartridge. Most generally if it changes with temperature it's the spool. It is kind of unusual to act up cold and work fine hot. Could also be a breakdown of the coil but, a new coil to fit the old cartridge is $105.00. New complete assembly, $98.00.
  5. Just so happened to need to replace an inching solenoid on an MX240. Not only is the new solenoid 1/3 the cost of the old part, it is also sourced from the USA. Also note the added screen to protect the spool from debris that might be floating around in the system. Third picture shows location on the left side.
  6. Yes on always using new screws. Breakage has been a problem with these screws, mostly on the 06 and 56 series ear tractors. I use blue (medium strength) loctite and peen the sides down.
  7. The clutch solenoid is now p/n 51523989 (was 84167521). We showed one in stock at $98.++ I can't get verification of that from home though. Should have saved a snip of the image when I was at work earlier. The part numbers don't show as supersceding on CIH parts site or Messick's. Depot inventory shows only a handfull of 84167521 in stock and an ample supply of 51523989.
  8. Doubtful. The potentiometer would usually be a problem regardless of transmission temperature. The master clutch valve and coil assembly is cheaper than the potentiometer by about $70.00, and easier to change out.
  9. The orange seal was a one piece molding as is the new black one.
  10. Runaway and never look back. If you've ever been in one when it decides to steer the rear wheels on it's own you'd know why.
  11. Master Clutch solenoid is on the left side, just to the rear of the steps. Faces outward. Main thing is to not over torque the parts. about 18 ft lbs on the cartridge and 5-6 ft lbs on the solenoid retaining nut.
  12. Word of the day.. Legs. Let's spread the word.
  13. Probably need to replace the master clutch solenoid and valve assembly.
  14. Maynard

    5288 hyd ?

    Signal Check in the Motor Valve? Package p/n 1255052C93 below item 39 has everything to service either style of check valve.
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