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  1. Read the pressure in Trans View in the A-Post. Spec is between 2000 - 2100 Kpa or 290-310 psi. The regulator can be accessed between the right rear tire and the fuel tank. Regulated takes a 1 1/4" on the jam nut and the hex is 12 mm, 7/16" will suffice. Adjust at 1500 engine rpm. Cover the cooler and get the hydraulic oil good and hot, try to end up closer to the high side than the low side. Jim N.
  2. 5021 is Low pressure in Odd/Even manifold. Either there is a leak or the pressure transducer is failing.
  3. Faults are based on electronic feed back so all faults will be electronic in general. The sensor readings point to possibilities of internal problems. Ie, low pressure readings only in certain gears can point to a leak in one of the three clutches that are engaged at that time.
  4. Turn the key on Press and hold DIAG until the menu appears. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through the controllers. Select desired controller, press Prog to enter that controller in this case TRANS. Up to 10 codes can be stored here, most recent will be # 1. Use arrows to scroll through additional fault codes.
  5. On the flip side... There's this....
  6. Pat Irlbeck is correct here. Whenever I have to deal with a dead tractor I rarely bother with the on board pump and just go ahead and hook a hand pump straight to the park port on the side of the tractor.
  7. On the Neuss engines, there is a seal tool that has two spacer washers that allow the seal to be set to 3 different positions eliminating the need for a wear sleeve until you have 3 different grooves worn in the seal surface of the crankshaft.
  8. The solenoid shorts out and pops fuse 43, then the park brake applies abruptly. I use a porta power to connect directly to the park clutch to release it to move a tractor if the fuse or a breaker that fits the fuse slot, won't hold long enough to release the brake and allow it to move. Picture forthcoming.
  9. While you're this close, replace the park lock solenoid and valve if you haven't already..
  10. The current Hytran Ultraction does have a different smell due to a new additive package developed for the CVT transmissions.
  11. Maynard

    Wire looms

    Prior to JJA0105000? This is a schematic attached to a Fault for #3 remote in early MX Mag. Note that the wires for a remote go to two different plugs at the controller.
  12. Charlie, I think the point they are missing is that when the pin in the cross shaft arm is close to in line with the front row of bolts on the MCV the throwout carrier is real close to touching the back side of the IPTO carrier.
  13. I know that for sure.
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