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  1. Maynard

    1466 Updated Park Lock

    I disagree about not needing the update. With the original setup it's just too easy to bend the adjustable link enough to cause a poor engagement that won't hold the tractor safely on even a mild slope. the spring loaded link helps to prevent bent linkage but is still not a strong enough spring to assure a complete engagement of the pawl every time. (I have one on my 806, glad I live where it is relatively flat. ) With the update no caution is needed other than not throwing the park lever while still rolling. Once the spring loaded park lock is engaged, the tractor will not take off rolling down a hill.
  2. Maynard

    1086pto linkage problem

    The open side faces downward. This cross section shows what you need to know.
  3. Maynard

    Canned glow plugs?

    When the electronic engines showed up in tractors the cold start recommendation on engines without intake heaters was to give it a whiff of ether as soon as you started to crank the engine to get some heat in the cylinders before it started to fuel the engine. This also helped with cranking speed through the first two revolutions that were necessary for the ECM to determine engine position so it knew when actuate the ICV to fire the cylinders.
  4. Maynard

    Knipex adjustable wrench

    Here’s the “parrot head” pliers. Official Knipex name is Raptor. I like these pliers a bunch.
  5. Maynard

    Knipex adjustable wrench

    Here’s mine. Real handy on hydraulic lines when there is clearance to swing them. The biggest pair open up pretty wide, maximum opening is 2 1/2 inches. I also have a set of “parrot head” pliers I forgot to include in the photo that fit in tighter places and really grip hex fasteners.
  6. Maynard

    1086 weak hydraulics (pump, valves, o-rings, oh my!)

    Gently pry it out. Hammer out any dents. I use a large diameter punch to seat it back in the bore, work your way around the flange until it is seated. . Some disagree, but I've always installed the open center pump with the tube mounted in the pump.
  7. Maynard

    1466 Updated Park Lock

    The spring loaded turnbuckle from Hy Cap is better than the stock link, unless it is installed with a jam nut on the spring end. Then it's kind of just like original. I have one on my 806 but will update to internal spring if I ever have the range cover off again. Ought to just do it anyhow.
  8. Maynard

    1466 Updated Park Lock

    This update spring loads the park pawl for an always positive engagement. This arrangement started with the 86 series tractors and an update package was soon offered for older tractors. If you've ever seen a tractor that you thought was in park take off rolling down a slope you'll want to add this to every tractor you own.
  9. Maynard

    auction find tool board

    560 era stuff.
  10. Maynard

    Hydro leak help

    Just the o-rings
  11. Maynard

    Hydro leak help

    Make scribe marks so you can return the cans to their original position. Do both at the same time,
  12. Maynard

    mx210 exhaust

    If the aspirator in the muffler has disintegrated it will blow exhaust back into the air cleaner. The only alternative that I am aware of is Thomure makes a replacement aspirator and straight pipe that is, the last I checked, not all that much cheaper than an OEM muffler. You will need to replace the hoses and check valve and make sure the check valve is properly oriented at installation.
  13. Maynard

    International 1586 Hydraulic breakdown

    The debris from the brake discs shouldn't get past the filter or screen.
  14. Maynard

    Couple of IH Prototype Buildings Still In Use

    The Dan Young Chevrolet dealership in Tipton Indiana was originally an IH protoype building. Over the years it has been a Chrysler dealership, a Ford Dealership and now a GM dealership. The pylon is long gone and the front facade is now the Chevrolet corporate specified style.
  15. Maynard

    Have you tried Vampliers?

    I like the looks of those pliers.