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  1. OLD 10-20 and ALL, Yes, you now have to sign in. I wanted it this way in the beginning, but didn't set it up that way per members request. However, since this forum has been under attack from 'no-gooders,' I had to tighten up security. This is the only way to keep unwanted posts (like the previous porn posts) off of the forum. You see, the person(s) posting porn on this site was able to do so because registration didn't require a valid email address check, hence, the person(s) could just keep signing back up under a fake email address and post away. Now, in order to register to the forum, you have to provide a valid email address - if a fake email address is used, registration cannot be completed. I really hated having to do it this way, but it is the only way to keep those kind of postings off of this forum. I really don't think anyone would post such garbage when they know that they had to provide their real email address at registration. Rick
  2. All Members, The other day Farmall Power asked if you needed to re-upload an image in order to post the same pic on a different board. (I deleted this topic posted a few days ago because it contained incorrect information). I answered, "no - use the http tags." Well, this is wrong. I assumed that the image would be reduced to a thumbnail as it does in a normal upload. Apparently it doesn't re-size the image to a thumbnail when linked to this way. This will produce a picture too large for the table layout of the post it appears in (scolling sideways to view the pic). So, the answer is: Yes - re-upload your pics/images when posting the same image to another board. Rick
  3. Location: Sublette, Illinois This is the 23rd Annual Sublette Farm Toy and Anitque Tractor Show featuring Massey Harris and Allis Chalmers. For more information, contact: Don Dinges Phone: 815.849.5582
  4. until
    Location: Adrian, Missouri (50 miles south of Kansas City, Mo.) Presented by the Western Missouri Association, Inc. Free admission for general public; Vendor fee is $20.00. For more information, contact: Don Arndt Phone: 816.297.8733 OR: Michael Crowe Phone: 816.777.4488
  5. [/b]Location: South Sioux City, Iowa This event will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Central Time) at the Marina Inn Exhibit Hall. For more information, contact: Drew Boals Phone: 402.987.3785 (evenings)
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    Location: Madison, Wisconsin This event is hosted by the Wisconsin Chapter #4. Event will be held at the Madison Marriott West Hotel, Madison, WI. For more information, contact: Mike Schmudlach Phone: 608.455.2700 E-mail: mschmudlach@charter.net Website: http://www.ihwisconsin.org
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    Location: Carlisle, Illinois This event is sponsored by the IHC Chapter 32. Located at Mariners Village, Carlisle Lake Resort Drive. For more information, contact: Rick Garner Phone: 618.822.6658
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