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    HA! That`s more work than MOST of today`s 15 yr olds can do! Keep swinging IHRD!
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    Any time my side of the family gets together, the guns come out for some friendly competition. On my wife's side, not so much so when she said load up some guns for her family reunion I said you bet. After the adults tried out a couple of my black rifles an handguns, the kids started gathering around. I brought my .17 HMR just for them. Wound up with 2 boys and 8 girls between the ages of 6 and 16 who had never shot a firearm before. I showed them how to safely handle a rifle and got them down in the prone position and my son Cade got down on the ground with them, got them to hold the weapon correctly, run the bolt get the right sight picture and squeeze the trigger. Gave them each a spent casing to take home with them. Now these kids come from households with no firearms but will go back with a positive attitude towards them when they talk to their friends. Seeing the smiles on their faces, I can't wait till next year!
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    Started on a loading chute today. The end will swivel to meet the truck if they are not square backing in. More pics to come as I get more done.
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    yeah, that shop in the pic has an unstained floor/lift/toolboxes. Ain`t much work done there. Not even any torch craters in the cement! Rookies...
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    with all the negative talk going on it was one of those moments tonight went out to rake 2 rows of second crop together after milking , was about 80 degrees yet and sun was just starting to go down, nothing better than the old 756 german diesel putting along with the new Holland 258 rake, no wind just real nice. I know its not practical for a lot of guys as I watched neighbor fill semis with 60 foot windrows but this was sure peaceful. I raked 14 acres he chopped 60 acres off.
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    I don't know if there are any "old timers" out there that remember the 40's or not but thought I would share photos of a 1940's International Harvester dealership as it looked in a small Kansas farm community. My dad & mother ran it till 1953 when they sold it to farm full time, my mother ran the sales section & my dad ran the shop & I started my life on a blanket in a parts bin while they were working (my wife still doesn't understand why I have "Farmall Red" blood!!!) Judging by my age in the photo, the new Farmall M I'm sitting on would be mid 40's
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    Anyone out there old enough to remember putting on a shucking glove & hand picking the turn rows so the tractor, picker & wagon didn't knock over any stocks with ears when turning? Picking glove is a "The Raidt Make" Shenandoah Iowa that I have used ever since I was a kid. The picker behind the Farmall Super H is a McCormick Deering 1PR I found in 2000 sitting in a farmers pasture where he parked it 25 years prior, tires were rotted off the rims, bought it & took it home, it was froze up, took two weeks of poring diesel fuel on all the moving parts before the PTO would spin, adjusted the chains, put a coat of paint on it & have been picking corn with it ever since. Sell the ear corn to the folks in town to feed to their squirrels.
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    We took hunter safety class in the 4th grade instead of 2 weeks worth of science class. I am a certified instructor for the state of IL now.
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    Used to LOVE to go to the lake. Not to fish, but to photograph. Wife stopped me after finding some of my pictures...
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    I did find a pic of my 22 Mag from last fall. Bald Eagle was eating her later that day. So you gotta love the idea of feeding an Eagle lol This one was dispatched due to having 2 huge holes in a crop field. Enough it would of gotten the front wheel of the spray coupe in it most likely.
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    Very important!! I seen that Kellogg's has a class action lawsuit against them! Lawsuit is against the breakfast cereal rice crisps. It states that each person in United States will receive 50,000 dollars born after 1933. The popular slogan snap, crackle, and pop will no longer be allowed to be advertised on tv and radio due to it. The lawsuit also states that after the age of 35 in almost 99% of Americans having the same adverse effects since eating that brand of cereal! It is being called the Snap, crackle and pop syndrome! The symptoms of this illness are easy to diagnose. If you are currently sitting down go a head stand up! Then stretch arms out over your head! If you hear snap, crackle, and pop you got it! Just like I got you!šŸ‘
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    WEWTK (means "what everyone wants to know") what was the X power on your scope that your had rigged up on your fishin pole?
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    Sure glad she won the "discussion" šŸ™‚
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