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  1. My left front idler went out on my 150B, so I finally got my turn at the track work I've heard so much about. I have done hundreds of press jobs over 40+ years so that was my approach. A 50 ton porta-power is a good start, you can get by with less on many jobs but probably not this one. I have some plate type lifting eyes off a big piece of machinery, They are 1" thick and have some 1" holes in them. At 50 ton I avoid any threaded rod under 1" and I avoid std. rod. B7 is a stud grade rod a little less strength than grade 8 but not too pricey and readily available. That said the track pin was not too bad, it came out with about thirty ton with no heat and NO beating. The fits were good not worn, I haven't miced the fit yet but it felt like about a .001" or .0015". I will measure fit when I reassemble. One of the track guides was rusted stuck which is very different than a press fit. The guide has 5/8-11 puller holes built in but they are to close together for an adequate cylinder to fit between and the thread size is small for tonnage need here so I tinker toyed a little more to get this pulled. The guide was stuck good so I put 30-40 ton on it and put a little heat on it .......then more heat and pop, jack, clean done. The nut for the twin tapered roller bearings is also rusted up. Just like on hyd. cyl. with pin spanner end glands, I always tap the pin spanner holes all the way to the bottom and bolt my custom wrench to the nut with socket head cap screws SHCS. The nut took some heat too. I only get a torch out when civilized means are not working. The hammer is a tool that can destroy a precision fit in a hurry so use discretion. I will add a pic of the puller set-ups I make my wrench handles thick and short so it is easy to turn a full 360.
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