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    Had a meeting today---------------IT'S A GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Couple more pics, came with some attachments!
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    I went to an auction today. There was a 756 gasser there that interested me. Downside, motor bad. Upside, lots of good parts. 18.4X38 Super all traction tires on wedge-lock wheels had my attention. Also has a great WFE, hydraulic seat, tilt steering, good fast hitch, etc. Long story short, I bought it. When I went to look at it Friday I knew I wanted to bring it home. It was only about six miles from the farm. Looking at a non-running tractor, hoe do I get this thing home? Called the local towing company, (Barney's) we talked price, no-brainer. After I got the bid I called and they set the truck, worked out great! I have a short term and a long term plan for this tractor, you will have to bear with me a little. Nobody answers their gd phone so the short term plan is holding right now. The long term, I may try to find a diesel to transplant. Maybe a 5.9? Who knows at this point?
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    I have been collecting for a while. All 50 states in motorcycle, extra car plates that I only use one on , I try to find one on islands during SCUBA trips , about 75 more various plates in boxes stored away.
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    Finally finished today!
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    I was cleaning up in my pole barn today when I noticed the Norrth Dakota plate. The 1956 plate is on my 56 Chevy. I've got a couple other ones at work I'll have to get pictures of, I'm sure you all have some hanging up on your barn/garage walls.
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    Seems these idiots are wasting perfectly good oxygen.
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    I'll take them off just for you MTO. Actually, I'm not in love with them either. They may go on Craig's list. No problem with the tip. have conversed with sugarmaker a lot on the orange board, great guy! I wish there weren't so many states between us, would like to visit.
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    Myself, I think you did great! But PLEASE take those front fenders off of her!
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    Made it back home finally. Things not too bad. Some down trees Wifey came to greet me although she needed a little help from the rescue dogs😁😆😀 A few hours chainsaw work tomorrow so I can get equip out to hay and we'll be back to "normal"😀😁😄🤠 Got 1.11" of sorely needed rain and none of the frozen stuff so all is good😉😃 Yes.. Thank You LORD for everything.. We don't say this statement enough. Jim Droscha You know, every time I get home from a run in the truck, I thank the Lord for getting me home safe. This time I thanked him for a home to get to!!!
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    That’s funny how that seems sometimes, mom and I after 51 years married and 53 years together are basically best friends (and no, no benefits, but that’s a medical thing) and that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own lives it’s just we do everything together.
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    I have this on my 1928 Ford Model A Tractor
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    I'm imagining that's what it's like to be married to MTO!
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    I carry my Marlin .22mag Bull Barrell XT22 stainless to the farm all the time. It's taken care of a lot critters, and a couple weeks ago a groundhog at 100 ish yards in wind..... from the road.... through the woven wire fence..... out the window of my company van.
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    Dang I used to have one of those! I wish I would have taken care of my stuff back then. $200.00 for that beat up piece of crap? He's going fishing for some sucker.
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    instead of a gasket they use #11 which is a gasket maker, put a bead of that on axle housing and make sure to get it around the bolt holes, i smear it around with my finger so i have nice even layer on the whole face of the housing. you do not need any thread sealant, the bolt holes should be blind, meaning they dont go all the way through
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    716 miles from the house. We just had a newborn I'm not sure I can get her talked into going that far. I wish the best for everyone attending
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    Hey George, that seat is looking too dusty. get in there and shine it up!😀
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    With a 550 V8, better not enter any long parades......!
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    Put the distributor back on it. Your mag is weak. Did the mag come off a diesel? Gas units turn the other way.
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    Am I gonna hafta pull it out AGAIN!?
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    I’m not usually up at sunrise lol. It is a nice time of the day though. Everything’s calm and quiet. Even the more annoying birds are usually quiet yet lol. Hay crops are pretty heavy here this year. Lots of rain and cooler temps so the lighter land didn’t burn off as bad. The newer hay crops on the better land look really good. The crops look good there hopefully you guys will get some rain and they’ll pull through.
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    After weeks and weeks of no rain, the heavens opened a bit here just now! I can HEAR the corn and pastures lapping it up. Never had to buy hay in June before. And tomorrow we`re to get a BUNCH more.
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    I have 60 to 69 that I rotate on my camper every year, a couple of early 50s that will fit in also, have the green 60 on now, had a ‘37 I used on my ford back then. I mentioned before we have specialty plates to help our BC parks program, got them on my truck and Jeep.
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    I would be glad to do some hammering in such a gorgeous place. I’d have to smuggle along my 39M to try and bag one of those possum creatures that are twice the size of ours. Might need a big bore for a varmit that size. Father-In-Law has a family Model 99 Savage in 300 that would fit the bill or I have a 1920’s vintage Win 94 chambered in 25-35
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    I just got mine from mike too! Spoiler alert: it sounds awesome
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    ...saw this on my travels somewhere !!……. I have a big collection of USA number plates in my shed wall.....could do with a lot more....my friends think I am nuts....could be right...but I thought more interesting that going over in to Mexico...taking home a gigantic hat plus...for desert...the bonus of venereal disease...… I got most of the plates whilst working in the West Indies......older American vehicles found their way to that Island I worked on......the attrition rate with the local ''drivers '' was horrendous....thus I collected lots of car and truck plates.... New Zealand plates would win the ""Most bland, unimaginative plate "" prize..... Mike
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    So I would be a whiskerless, chook feeding, firewood chopping, water drawer, hmmmmmmm, gotta think about that now, haven’t shaved for 10 years.
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    ...you got that right …...(the topic heading...….) Mike
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    America’s belting handles WCCO belting made in Wahpeton ND. It is good stuff. The JD factory belts are continental made overseas
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    Good read, I've always like the motorcity madman, but he is despised by the anti everything, I love his NRA feelings, you should see the 'splaining I have to do up here about being an NRA member. Thanks.
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    At least it isn't a redheaded lioness.
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    First time I've looked at this. Pretty cool project! Rick
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    7/8/20 Baler therapy Wednesday . we exchanged knotter base , a blessing in disguise , we had braised original one in two places . This donor had a perfect base. we used a porta power to press top of feeder house tin into proper position for the plunger guides .obviously fork hit it in its past life. Also to set twister mechanism where it is perfectly lined up had to use A come a long on left side plate And position shims where needed. It all seems to line up nicely now . we moved forward with knotter in place and it was put through cycle by hand and it seems to be functioning correctly. Albeit will need a lot of timing measurements as we go along . Now we are working on timing wire strippers to twister hooks as prescribed in Op manual . Going to have to shave .040 off twister clutch so plate will accept the roll pin . few pics , Btw if things go as planed John and I will be off baler till 7/29/20 tony
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    2nd trimester was a fun time! She'd come home for lunch and I'd better be ready!
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    How about sunrise pictures? here’s some local pictures of corn and soybeans that are doing very well despite the dry weather we have been having. The hay crop is very poor this year, Most of the fields I’m getting 1/3 my normal yield, The 40 acres I baled yesterday only gave me 66 3‘ x 3‘ x 8‘ square bales, normally I get 160 to 200+ on a good year! Here is a picture of the best part of the 40 acres. We are having a major shortage of hay in this area, a lot of people are really freaking out!
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    Very much not original, but it's been that way my entire life, since dad got it in '81, so....we aren't changing it. -Large- Schwitzer turbo, fair amount more power than the M+W 856.....and a fabulous deep whistle.
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    Who did the half a$$ed walk around on that truck?
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    I would of like to seen before pics of her belly. Looked like she had a bun in the oven when she got up.
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    This part of the world we change that to.😉 The rain stopped so this is the first day of the new drought.🤣 We need it dry from May to Oct,don't need to mold Tony's almonds or the wine grapes now surrounding me(or a 100 other crops). I might end up even 😵 crazier with summer rain. 😵 To bad the Fruits and Nuts that don't hang on a tree grow so well here.🤣
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    I thought meat balls were swedish...🤔
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    I use blocks under the transmission/rearend housing, and use jackstands on the axles if the wheels aren't attached. As for bearings, give me the IH part numbers either from the parts catalog or physically from the bearing races. The letter series bearings are all standard bearings and cross reference to multiple commercially available bearings. I have several cross reference lists I can use for you. You won't have a problem finding a high quality replacement part. PS I see you're from Burnt Hills. One of my best friends is from there. I swam on a team with him in college. Nice place.
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    Spaghetti and meatballs.......100% American. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/is-spaghetti-and-meatballs-italian-94819690/ https://www.escoffieronline.com/a-history-of-spaghetti-and-meatballs/
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    That would be a lot funnier if whoever made it could spell "Bowling".
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    If you’re touring Mount Rushmore that weekend, you better like motorcycles!!
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    I had one lately the belt was loose. Could explain my dissatisfaction with the AC last summer.
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