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    If I wouldn't have got it stopped here Or here It would have rolled right down the canyon and through the middle of home and outbuildings. Truly believe God directed every decision I made as one wrong call would have given the fire time to reach those bad dry cedars and roar through home. 89°, winds at 20 gusting to 40 humidity at 27%. Just putting out little smokers right now. I won't leave it till this damn wind goes down and it cools off and humidity comes up around 1:00. Boys, I dodged a big one today, thanks to having C4 at home and quick response by neighbors and CRFD. Mike, I may suffer from "brewers droop" 😪 but this old fat man made his grass rig dance getting around the head fire and keeping it it out of the trees in the canyon until help arrived😉😃😁
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    In early fall 2016 we caught a picture of a white looking raccoon on a trail cam on my Grandpas ground. I spent a lot of time several years ago coon hunting so I found that pic to be just as cool as any deer picture. Fast forward two years to some time in late October 2018. I met up with a guy I work with to car pool to work about 5:00 one morning and he said I saw the strangest thing on my way home last night. Looked like a white coon near your Grandpa’s place. I lit up at the thought of that coon. I made a plan that day that I would try to trap that coon and get it mounted. I’ve got a couple deer heads on the wall but am not the type to get one of every critter put on the wall. I waited until the weather got cool and fur should be prime. Set traps on Thanksgiving day 2018. I worked on the following day (Black Friday) and got home with just enough light to check my traps. Ran over there on my motorcycle and found my coon in one of the traps I had set. Well, fast forward to this week and I got the call that he was done. Final product. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen. Brown mask, brown nose, brown tail rings. Most of his hairs have a cinnamon colored tip to them. Taxidermist said he had never seen one so pretty. The little guy loves it and wanted it hung in his room 😊
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    Don't know why but I do. They have their faults but I still like them
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    Probably needed if you drive long distances, like a week ago today I drove about 400 miles. But if you drive mostly short trips, 5-10 miles no problem. I forget which one of my old Ford's had it, probably all three, but the return line from steering gearbox was routed across the front frame crossmember between the front suspension arms. It made 2-3 passes across the crossmember. Cheap mild steel tubing, rusted bad but the last two trucks were rust-proofed.
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    Good job! That fire rig just paid for itself! Can you disc or plow fire breaks around you homesite?
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    The House has the power of the purse and the Senate has the power of appointments. Nancy's House has no say in this matter at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appointment_and_confirmation_to_the_Supreme_Court_of_the_United_States There are hoops to jump through by the Senate. Too bad Mitch could not call for a vote and have it over with. You know the Dem's will do everything in their power to stop this appointment. The Dem's are becoming enemies of our country?
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    Since I got SXM and classic vinyl channel I found out The Stones recorded a lot of songs I've never heard growing up. Add another one😀 Good stuff😀
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