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    My wife saw this on Facebook. I really hope that the trip will turn out to be a great success, but if not this is still funny.
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    73 years ago today at 6:30am over 75,000 young Americans average age 19 years, hit the beaches of Normandy where over 10,000 were wounded and 4414 died. These young Americans literally saved the world from tyranny, they later became known as the “the greatest generation” if you see a WW 2 veteran thank them, not many are left.
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    I finally figured out how to activate the feature. It was an obscure setting that allowed it to work. I found it when I was looking for another setting. That setting allowed for you to control if you receive email notifications when you get a personal message.
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    I took two of my trucks to the ATHS show this past weekend.
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    My daughter came running to the barn this afternoon saying there's a owl in the garage. Well you can imagine it took a lot of convincing before I went to look. But sure enough, there it was. I have only ever saw an owl once before. Probably 30 yrs ago in the cattle barn. So can anyone tell me what kind of owl this is? Maybe he flew in from runner's? 🦉
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    Was working around shop today. Had a guy come in said he tore the tongue off his round baler. So priority changed got to get him going. So me and my brother get busy He's been cutting hay for two days so I know he is in a pinch. 😟 . Little fab work and weld. back together he's good to go. ☺️
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    If I killed every creature that caused me grief, I`d be alone.
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    Local menonite guy blasted and painted it for us.
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    Quitting smoking is hard, but my wife and I made a deal that we would only smoke after sex. I’ve been on the same pack since 1975. But my wife is worrying me- she’s up to three packs a day!! -Rodney Dangerfield
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    Very cool picture!!! I took one a month or so ago, getting rained out of the hayfield. Alan
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    All these multi thousand dollar zero turn lawn mowers and UTV topics point out we`re getting soft boys. This was what REAL men used back in 1969 when food/housing/kids clothes took the most of a man`s pay IF he didn`t just push mow. and wanted to show off. 1969 Rugg. Yep, we`re getting soft...
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    Been trying to sort through tons of pics since moving to TX. Found this pic of me at age 16 in 1971 on a fairly new at the time 1256 that I drove for a local farmer I worked for back in the day. My sister shot the pic, there was a mounted chisel plow on the back of the 1256 I remember. I parked it in the driveway on our place while I stopped at home to have lunch that day. Ah the good old days. I felt like king of the world at age 16 and being able to drive that monster back then. I find it curious now that there were no Turbo decals on this 1256 from the factory, but that's a 1256 no joke. Maybe the Turbo decal person at the factory had to run to the can when this one went by them on the line, lol.
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    BIL taking me to show in class . three day show on Central coast on Memorial Day weekend . Great time with the old crawlers of yesteryear , the spoken tribute to our fallen man , fly overs , and military parade . Great three days punctuated with a great steak dinner in the historical barn . so much more that I did not get pictures of because ther is just so much time to play , BS , and take pictures , lol tony
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    For all those who have fallen----- Mike
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    Why does a International have GREEN fenders?
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    When I got up this morning there was a double brested split tailed mattress thrasher laying next to me. Those are easy to recognize.
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    Hey BJ, It looks like you have been busy giving us a sort of like button? Any more detail on this addition? I "like" it already. Now we need a thumbs up so we can give you one for keeping us running here. Thanks for all you do.
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    Farmall 400 Diesel, my first restoration project. Rebuilt engine, clutch, TA, and electrical. Was quite a project but rewarding when complete.
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    Runners more like "Wanted good woman who can cook and shoot, must have scout and guns" send pictures of scout and guns"
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    I'll bet something grows...
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    this was their spring field trip. these children are all home schooled very well behaved and asked very intelligent questions . they learned all about Cyrus McCormick and International Harvester. I was blown away , most knew that a piece of Alaska pipeline that AKWelder gave me in shape of Alaska , was Alaska when I held it up. They wanted to touch the brick from the Farmall plant that Danny gave me we also talked of the history of JD , Case, moline, Ford had one Mother transplant from Iowa and another from Missouri , with many interesting comments this is what I hope to do with my collection as I get older , bring young students through and do my part to explain , " The Golden Age of Agriculture". tony
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    It's the show , and yes Fox 26 news was there 😊 Here are a couple pictures Danny