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    Linda's FB post from May 1: 40 years ago, Bill and I bought the farm. Literally. (Not figuratively, yet, by the grace of God.) We raised our kids here. Started over after our dairy barn (the one in this photo) burned to the ground. Survived cancer, a nearly fatal chopper accident, and various other injuries and illnesses. We've had some profitable years and some years when, in effect, Bill paid thousands of dollars for the privilege of working 70 hour weeks in all weathers to produce food for other people. (There's no minimum "living wage" for the farm owner when costs skyrocket and milk income plummets.) We've provided employment for 97 people over the years (yep, I counted), from teenagers to octogenarians, most notably our past herdsmen, Jack Randall, Mark Lowe, and Glenn White, and a support team of part-timers who handled a vast variety of essential chores. We've been blessed with great neighbors, too, and great relationships with local merchants, landowners, and service providers. Along the way, Bill developed a registered Holstein herd to be proud of. Since he phased out of the dairying end of the business a couple of years back, his cows have taken their excellent genetics to other farms, some becoming foundation animals for young farmers. Seems unlikely that we'll be around for a second 40 years, but God willing we'll keep plugging along a few more. Besides what she mentioned, I spent 8 or 9 years as county Farm Bureau president, much time in our milk coops' Leadership Group, chair of our church trustees and parsonage committees, and Linda worked 34 years for NY Dept of Labor, starting in the mail room and ending as a manager, besides keeping the most accurate set of farm books anyone could have. We have made a great team.
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    I broke down and had the old boy and the trailer wheels professionally polished yesterday , still need to buff and wax the white . I have owned this truck for ten years now and it’s a really nice truck and never gets run in the winter , well one time in all these years and washed top to bottom when it got home . It’s a 1998 , 379 , 470 hp series 60 Detroit and a super ten tranny . Danny
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    Left to right: 856, 1256, and 1026 Goldy 856 by itself. Purchased unrestored from original owner. He said tach has rolled over once so it has just over 16,000 hours on it. Motor has been overhauled several times. Don't know about the rest of it but I plowed 300 acres with it 2 years ago and it used 1 quart of oil and runs like a scalded rabbit. Pulls 140 on the dyno. jerry
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    One of the things that attracted me to this forum is this great group of like minded strangers that will give free guidance on anything from IH and CIH, along with numerous other farm, rural, and outdoor related topics. Even if I dont post i enjoy reading almost daily and get a great education from our forum experts. Recently some members have taken to attacking people whonare simply asking a question or looking for that same guidance that I have been given. I feel like this drives others away and keeps the experts from replying. Who wants to ask a question only to insulted or attacked? This recent trend is very disappointing. Why in the world would anyone want to turn someone away from sharing in our passion for IH? If you dont have anything nice to say maybe it is better to say nothing at all. I know this post is probably inappropriate but thanks for listening...
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    I know some of these have been shared by me before probably, but here are some farm pictures just for fun. I really enjoy pictures and honestly don't take near enough. I like all the farm pictures that are shared here of all the classic IH machines. So here is a little bit of our farm simply for viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
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    I am really tired of all the junk going on. Here are some random pictures from our farm. Enjoy all the INTERNATIONALS and just smile, even if only for a minute. I have 20 pictures to share, so will have to load more than once.
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    Forget, for a moment, politics, social unrest, and the virus. Remember that God's hand is still on the controls causing the sun to rise and set like clockwork every day. Here is last night's sunset from our perspective. Keith-
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    Yeah, many most don't wanna discuss these cause we have enough to worry about. A few blacks die at the hand of un/non blacks and the country comes apart. I'm sick of BLM/covid/politicians/riots/welfare bums/entitlements and all the paranoid people in this country. We kill thousands upon thousands of babies and abduct and abuse alter boys/ boy scouts and sex traffic children and I'm supposed to give a $hit about BLM? Absolutely pathetic group of whining lazy leeches. Next I'll share my true feelings. Say good night Dick...
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    Scratch built 1/16 IH 10 Subsoiler/V-Ripper. 5, 7 and 9 shank models. Big thanks to Chris Martin for the specs.
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    Hello, everyone. Randy Sohn was my wonderful uncle, and I'm the person who put up the Facebook post about his passing on Wednesday evening. On behalf of Randy's wife Judy, and his children Sari and Mike, and all of us in the family, I just want to say that the outpouring of love and respect for him from so many of you here is so heartwarming. Thank you for that. It means so much to us. Randy's obituary will be in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press in the next couple of days. The Star Tribune is also working on a feature story about his life. I will keep you posted about when that will appear. Randy's daughter, Sari, is working with the funeral director to see about a web page where people can go to leave their condolences and share their stories about Randy. I will come back and post a link to that page when it's up so that whoever wishes to do so can participate. There will be a memorial service scheduled at some future date when it becomes possible for people to gather together again. Uncle Randy absolutely loved this forum, and I heard him talk about it many times. My dad is a serious red tractor/truck guy as well, and Randy often badgered him to learn how to use a computer just so he could join in the conversation here. I will try to keep working on that in Randy's memory. If Dad won't join himself (and that's a long shot), then I'll make a point of showing him things here and, once things calm down a little, maybe I can post some of his interesting stuff for you guys to see if you would like. Those of you who saw the photo of my Facebook post in an earlier comment in this thread know that Randy died of pneumonia brought on by COVID-19. The worst thing about this terrible, terrible virus is that those who die must do so alone, and those who are left behind have no opportunity to say goodbye. It is not even possible to plan funerals or memorials for them. It is Randy's family's hope that everyone will take this pandemic seriously, and that all of you here and your families stay safe and well. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support at this sad time.
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    Well I finally got the new decals for my 1066 narrow front, and had a few minutes to get it out of the shop for a drive and some pictures. Sorry it’s dirty from being in the shop so long waiting for decals, but here it is! I tried a different type of decals on this quick hitch, I kind of like them!
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    Buddy calls me this morning. He`s out in the woods checking creek for fish. He comes across a scared/soaking wet/trembling basset hound. It won`t allow him near to check for ID. He doesn`t want to leave the dog alone. He asks me what to do and says his cell signal is weak. I call our local shelter and they give me the number of a gal who reported she lost a basset but MANY miles away from where dog is. I call and gal answers. Ask her for description and dogs name. Told her how to get to my buddies location. She shared her 2 kids have been crying for 2 days. Tried calling buddy but just goes to VMail. So I wait... and wait... and wait. About an hour later, buddy calls and says I am Mr. Wonderful. Gal finds him, calls out "Here Blue" and buddy said that cold hungry shaking basset shot up over the bank like a mountain lion! Gal`s happy/kids happy/buddy happy/I`m happy. This incident gave us all some happiness during a bad time for all. And Blue was happy too! I`ll bet he looked like this.
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    Let us all take a moment to remember why we celebrate . In today's world it's easy to get caught up in all the commercialized hub bub but it's really about the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas to all.
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    My father is always commenting on how every obituary paints every person out to be a saint. “Salt of he earth, give you the shirt off his back, knit sweaters for homeless turtles and rescued kittens from mine shafts on his way to volunteer at the homeless shelter. Loved by one and all” I got into it with my MIL about George Floyd the other day, that a royal A-hole has been made a martyr by the whole country. But it brings up a point hat I have been arguing for years, I get crap for being flippant and irreverent about death, but dead is dead, and there’s no point using hushed voices about it. My grandfather was a wonderful, respectable man who is really sorely missed by his family. My grandmother was respectable, but she was a nasty old bag and everyone knows it, no need to mince words. point is it bugs me that you can’t speak Ill of the dead, if the dead had wanted to be well thought of after they are gone they need to start being well thought of when they were alive. Not that everyone is one or the other, some ppl are just so so, I’m sure many never left a mark on the world, but had loved ones who miss them and want to say nice stuff and that’s fine. myself I want to be remembered just as I am, that way if I make it to heaven, and I hope to, my great grandchildren will not be disappointed or feel misled when they meet me someday. As I said to her, if you spend your life being an A-Hole, and you die, that makes you a dead A-hole, not a hero. Martin Luther King was a hero, IMO, based on his known history, George Floyd is a dead A-Hole. thats just my .02 rant over
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    It’s been pretty nice out lately even though we are drying up here. Thought we would get the gold ones out for a few pictures. The 1026 is by itself and it looked like a good one. Hope you enjoy!
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    Hello Taxpayers, Sometimes this year, we taxpayers will again receive another economic stimulus payment. It is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q&A format: Q: What is an Economic Stimulus payment? A: It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. Q: Where will the government get this money? A: From taxpayers. Q: So, the government is giving me back my own money? A: Only a smidgen of it. Q: What is the purpose of this payment? A: The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high definition television set, a new iPad, or a new SUV, thus stimulating the economy. Q: Isn’t that stimulating the economy of China? A: Shut up. Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U. S. Economy with and your stimulus check wisely: * If you spend the stimulus money at Walmart the money will go to China or Sri Lanka. * if you spend it on gasoline, your money goes to the Arabs. * if you purchase a computer, it goes to India, Taiwan or China. * if you purchase fruits and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. * if you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea. * if you purchase useless stuff, it goes to Taiwan. * if you pay your credit card off, or buy stock, it will go to the management bonuses and they will hide it offshore. Instead keep the money in America by: (1) Spending it at a yard sale, or (2) Go to a ballgame, or (3) Spend it on prostitutes, or (4) Beer, or (5) Tattoos (These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S.) CONCLUSION: Go to a ballgame with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day. No need to thank me, I’m just glad I could be of help.
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    I had the great pleasure of visiting the collection of Mr. R. Chagnon of Coaticook, QC this past weekend. Mr. Chagnon's father opened an IH dealership in Coaticook in 1956. Mr Chagnon took over the dealership after his fathers passing in 1977 and operated it through the Case/IH merger, selling to retire in 2002. He has gathered a beautiful collection of IH tractors as well as a few trucks, and some other nostalgic items. The entire collection is housed in a beautiful modern building, lots of good light and easy to walk through. I felt it was important to honour the great work he has accomplished in gathering and restoring these items by sharing a few photos with you. Most do not require comments, but I will add a few notes where I can. First a few overview shots: A few nice Scouts. One of them is a 4 cylinder. Also, and "Aristocrat"! Now some tractors: A very nice 600! A narrow track TD6: Many tractors had their manuals on the seat! An 826 Wheatland Hydro, I not very common. A 1206 Turbo Diesel, also rather unique! A few Hi-Clears: Apparently there were only four 664's sold in Canada, these were more popular in the US. Mr. Chagnon sold this tractor new and bought it back for his collection. Some more "Utilities: A very nice 6388 2+2: A 756 "Custom", IH's offering to compete on price against the competition like the green 4000. An 806 Wheatland GAS! When Mr. Chagnon found this 4156 it had a big triple-screw snow blower on the front (see holes in frame rails) and a big Detroit Diesel engine hung on the back to drive the blower. Some nice white demonstrators: A very nice assortment of "Industrials", some with Coleman FWDs. Some "100" series tractors: A nice 200 still wearing its original rear shoes! And with the "long rear axle" option! Even some Gold Demonstrators! The Cub Cadet was first available in Canada in 1962. This is a 1961 model that Mr. Chagnon's father went to the State of NY to purchase for an insistent customer who wanted one. Mr. Chagnon bought it back in later years for his collection. This one caught my eye, my father purchased this model when he retired. A French manufactured Cub: Back to some nice trucks, a 4X4 Loadstar 1700: This Fleetstar even has the original IH branded fog lights! I hope you enjoyed these pics, it was a dream realized to visit and here all his stories of many years as an IH dealer! Wes
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    We went to oldest granddaughters senior class awards banquet and music concert tonight. 60 kids in her graduating class so the gym was packed. They did the usual athletic awards, scholarships for various things etc. Came time for granddaughter and her awards were given by the music instructor..... he told about her 4.0 GPA, taking college courses, community volunteer, going to be a doctor etc. Grandpa's chest was getting puffed up. Then he said...."She told me today that she could not go to the band contest this weekend. It's probably the biggest contest of the year so I was naturally upset. I was a bit gruff and asked her why..... he paused because he was starting to tear up...and then he said ..she told me she had national guard duty this weekend." With that the entire gymnasium stood and gave her a standing ovation. She started bawling the band instructor was hugging her, her classmates were hugging her, her dad was grinning from ear to ear and wiping tears, grandma was digging for kleenex. And me.... all that clapping must have stirred up a lot of dust... and you know how my eyes water around dust. Wish I could have counted the people who came up to her just to say thank you. I'm not wanting to get political, but when those people stood up and clapped for grandpas little girl.... I was damn PROUD to be an AMERICAN.
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    I know we have more than just a few pulling fans on this board. This Saturday (Aug 29th) night I'm going to make my first pass on the tractor I built a the pull in Mt Pleasant, PA. There are definitely traces of several famous IH Super Stocks incorporated into the design. This is a bonafide 806 all the way thru. We're running a D361 (on alcohol), 806 rearend and Binder Lite sheetmetal by the late Ted Dibble. I've read so many good stories on here over the years about the early years of pulling. This tractor is supposed to be a salute to the guys who started the sport and paved the way for things to have to grown to where it is today. I'm not expecting much the first time out, but we'll see if we cant find something to grow from. At the very least, we'll look good. 😉
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    Hopefully we will be ready to go. Unfortunately, at this point, we didn’t have any 86 series show up besides the 4386. Also, no black stripe 66 series. But, we did have 3 3488 Hydros, several 50 series, and several other Hydro tractors show up. We may have a few more show up tomorrow.
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    We took Smoke Rings and ran up to the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds at Davenport for a ECITPA pull. A real photographer was there and caught some nice pics. Had a great night. Snuck into 5th place in a tough sanctioned class.
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    My newest addition to the family. Theodore. hes sporting his IH onesie so I figured I'd share.
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    I did some work on ( Tonto ) my Scout and after that I buffed it’s all out waxed it and sealed the entire finish when I was done , I figured it deserved some special care after getting my Red Power this week 😎 Thanks Dennis and Salli 😊 ‘Danny
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    This has been coming for a couple years now. Bad knees, back and shoulder has made installing DewEze bale beds increasingly more difficult for me. Taking care of the ranch during the day and driving truck at night is using up a large chunk of my 24. It got to the point I dreaded selling a bed because I knew I would have to install it. That isn't fair to a company that has treated me like family for 27 years. As my wife would say I finally "threw my hat over the fence" and told my rep last Friday I would be retiring from DewEze. Today was a day I wasn't looking forward to either. I called the factory and talked to the people that I had come to be very good friends with over the years and told them I was leaving. I started with Tim (CEO) and worked down the line from product mgrs, service mgrs, sales mgrs, dealer reps, shipping and the girls in the office. It was very awkward for me to tell them I was quitting but felt I needed to explain why I am hanging it up and all was good. I will help them find a new dealer for my area and will not close down till they are up and running. From the first bed I put on in Sept of 1993 To the last It has been a long and rewarding ride. Many good memories from the shows and demos I did with the factory guys to all the fine customers I had. Some were third generation to buy a bed from me. A lot of mixed emotions today, it is the first time I ever quit something. But I think it had to happen. I did not want to be a dead weight dealer to this fine company. They need someone who has the energy and ambition I once had for selling their product. Sorry for the long post, I need to let go what has been such a big part of my life for many years. Now maybe I can spend more time with family which I am really looking forward to. 🤠 😃
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    My young assistant stopped by yesterday and said Doc gave him permission to come back to work in 3 weeks! Yee haw! I miss that boy! Then I`ll have more time to post jokes on........nevermind.
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    The 856 I grew up on was sold on our realignment farm sale back in February of 1999. I put a lot of hours on that tractor, and for some reason, this 856 had snort!! Since the day it left, I’ve missed it! Had a chance 3 years ago to buy it back from another farm sale, but couldn’t get there. Then, this past September I got a phone call to haul grain for a new customer, and the first morning I pulled on his yard, I spotted something, yep, our 856!! I didn’t want to get to nosy until I got to know the guy. Well day number 3 of hauling, he finally asked me why I kept looking at the 856?! I just simply said, it looks familiar. He laughed and said he knew it was our tractor. After a few more days of hauling we were talking while loading, and he asked if I was interested in owning it again? I couldn’t get the word absolutely out fast enough! He told me of the issues he was having with it, but I didn’t care, I wanted the 856 back that I grew up on!!! Low range was starting to cause some problems, the TA was out, and the MCV pump was getting weak. So I told him that when he was done with it, let me know. Well on February 13th of this year, I got a phone call, do you want your 856 back, it’s done he said. Being it was my birthday, that was a great present, even though it needs a lot of work!! Today was the day! I went and picked up my 856!! It left our farm with 8600 hours, and it came home with 10,416 on a working tach!! It’s very dirty, it won’t move anymore, no steering, no brakes, I’m guessing the MCV pump isn’t working to charge the system since it won’t move? But the ole 407 purrs like a kitten!!!!
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    And here is what it looks like now:
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    Last summer I got an email from HyCapacity looking for tractor photos for the 2020 calendar. I sent some of my tractors, 706, 1066, 1206, 5288 and 5488. I got a calendar in the mail Saturday and my 5488 is in there for April!😛 The picture was taken when I got the tractor 3 years ago and I'm sure it hasn't been that clean since.🤔 I just got it back from a body shop that buffed the paint and I had a new decal set I got from Pete 1468 put on it.
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    For moderating us through the most divisive topics ever. Thanks a bunch - you're doing a great job.
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    I'm re-reading an aviation book that I first read almost 40 years ago - 'THE SAGA OF IRON ANNIE' by Martin Caidin, it describes the the history of the Junkers Ju52, a German tri-motor transport developed in the 1930's and widely used in WWII and Caidin's re-building of the only flying example in the United States. This morning I turned to page 174 and at the bottom of the page is a picture of the Ju52 arriving at the Confederate (as it was known prior to political correctness) Air Force airshow in Harlingen Texas on Oct 9, 1975. A crowd of people is surrounding the airplane to congratulate the airplane and crew's arrival. The caption below the photo reads in part - "Facing the camera at far left is Randy Sohn, a master at flying any kind of war-bird".
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    Hello, I wanted to thank all of you for the prayers for Ed. The fever has finally broke. He is still pretty sick. Very weak just taking a little at a time. Not able to be back to work, hopefully everyday will be a little easier for him. Again thank you all for your prayers, Leah
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    My 1975 1066 and 10 shank 6000 conser -till.
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    Just got in from plowing snow, and she was 5 miles from the farm. So I waited until she was there, she sent me a text and is safe on the farm with family. She is tired and is going to bed. Thank you all, the prayers were answered, she is safe and surrounded by family. and now dads stress level can lower
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    Just thought I would share a bunch of random pictures of life on our farm with International Harvester. Enjoy!
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    I have been trying to get this finished up all winter , to darn much snow to deal with and just got back to it the last couple days . My dealer had used AC compressor, lines , bracket , condenser , hooked it all up to the new cab . This cab is new and come out of Engineering near as I can tell it was built 5/87 was the dates on the wiring harness , there is no sn plate and not sure what they did with it other than I think it might of been used for training ? Today when I was working on the flashers I pulled the cab air filter out and got a smile on my face , it had an IH air filter and it's never been used 😊 I have the cab deals coming and have to do some painting and she should be ready for the field . Danny
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    Back in January I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a gentleman who had purchased our 1980 1486 tractor back on our farm sale in 89 when we were scaling back. It had always been a dream of mine to have one of our former tractors back and of course I went and bought it. We bought the tractor brand new in 1980 from Howard and Hannon implement in laporte Indiana. It has been 30 years since I had seen the tractor. I ended up buying the tractor and brought it home and I’m currently working on getting a few minor things fixed on it And eventually it will be restored. Dad and I both kind of had hoped that it would have been our 1967 1256 tractor. Fast forward two months and while down at Bates’s getting parts for the 14 I notice a sale bill on the counter with a 1967 1256 with a year around cab on it. Counter guy told me a little bit about it but didn’t know much but thought it came from over by Laporte. We went over and looked at it and dad thought it sure looks like it so we went ahead and took the serial number down and went back home. I still have the original bill of sale for it and looked at the serial number and by gosh it matched. Couldn’t believe it. The auction was today and the tractor came back home.Ended up paying a little bit more for than I had anticipated but it’s hard to put a price on something that grandpa bought brand new back in 1969. Grandpa and my great uncle bought that tractor brand new from Mitchell and schoppell in Wanatah Indiana. Spent most of its time pulling a seven bottom plow and running the silage chopper and spreading manure. In the late 1970s we put a year around cab on it. Dad said the air-conditioning worked for about a week and then it conked out and never worked again. Going to use the tractor for now, Eventually I’m going to fully restore it. Not sure if I’m gonna leave the cab on or if I’ll take it off and put the fenders and the duals back on. I know a lot of guys spend A lot of time looking for a tractor that grandpa or their dad farmed with and come up short. I feel very blessed that I was able to find two.
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    Relax. And be kind to each other.
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    A question I asked Dad often. You see, my city schoolmates worked at shoe/hardware/grocery stores. They spoke of their paychecks. Sister Connie, 2 yrs older, and I got off the bus to a field littered with bales of hay on a hot spring day. Sigh... Mom,tending to pots on the stove, advised us to get clothes changed as Dad was waiting for us. We drudged to he barn where Dad was backing the WD 45 to the wagon. I lifted the tongue and dropped the pin in. Darkness was falling as Dad backed the last load into the barn. Go get your supper he said. We ate, bathed and Mom sent us to the barn with Dad's plate and tall glass of iced tea. We sat on the wagon he had finished unloading himself and watched him eat like it was his only meal. As the ice cubes fell back into his empty glass he sighed. The cool air, the silence of the evening , the chaff on his sweaty arms and the smell of the fresh hay all stacked away. Mom walked out with a tray of bowls of ice cream from the churn we heard grinding in the basement while we showered. "Aaaah" Dad said when she passed out the bowls with spoons. As we enjoyed the calm silent night and frozen treats, Dad said, "now what's this about a paycheck?" He passed in 90 and Mom in 05. Good times......
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    Bought this 856 3 years ago and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. It had a Westendorff loader on it that I immediately got rid of. came with wide front and 18.4x 34 rears. Tach shows 6xxx hours on a working tach but seller said it had rolled over. So thinking it has over 16000 hours. It has an IH turbo and manifold off a TD 15 dozer we think. It dynos out at 135. Spring of 2018 I plowed 300 acres with a 5/16 510 plow and it pulled like a new tractor and only used 1 quart of oil and used 5.6 gallon of fuel per hour. Had a few oil leaks that we fixed before painting. Local dealer put in the front engine seal for me and he said that engine has been apart more than once. I had the 30.5 combine tires with some stubble damage on rims.Next we found 10 bolt hubs off a 4366 and a heavy duty narrow front. Front tires are 11Lx15 8 ply. Back in October I took it to young guy starting out in the paint business and let him work his magic. I did all the smaall stuff but he did a fine job for his first red tractor. The first question you will ask is am I going to pull with it? NO! It is going to shows and be paraded. I have a restored 7 shank 55 chisel I'm going to work it some with and maybe pull my 770 6/16 pull plow land hitch some. I still have to figure out how to make a bracket to mount 1/2 weights inside rear tires. I don't want to use any fluids.
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    After restoring my Farmall 200, the next challenge was where to keep it and how to transport it. I live in the city so no big barn or shed available and no big flatbed or farm truck to haul it around. I thought the best solution to solve both storage and transportation challenge was a closed trailer. They are not "cheap"! Tried to find a suitable used one with no luck, so convinced myself that the tractor deserved a new one. So, a 16' V-nose seemed to be the right choice: Then it was time to equip the inside for the purpose of showing the tractor. Of course, a tool box, a place to secure two mufflers, one for working the other for show (tractor doesn't fit inside trailer with muffler on). A variety of other stuff like a milk can from the farm that contains some show supplies that I will someday decorate with a nice IH decal. Two hitch bars with different drop heights (I rent a truck to pull this). And if you look close you can see the "manual starter clipped to the wall right side of the tool box. I have a triangle set, safety cones, fire extinguisher and first aid kit too. Some nice signs finish the front off. I have started a little "wall of fame". The level was my fathers, probably 85 years old!: I have two belt pulleys, again one for show and one to use. I do not have one on the tractor because it interferes with the full raising of the plow. You can also see my wheel chocks hanging on the wall here. I put them in front and rear of rear tires before tying down: Next my drawbar and swing bar: And the latest in technology when it comes to fuel gauges: Needed a good strong set of ramps to get in and out. To make these slip resistant I applied a thick coat of paint and then spread sand blast sand in the wet paint. It works real well!: All said and done the tractor seems to have a nice smile on in its new home: The plow fits nicely in the "V-nose": In spite of being comfortable in its new home the tractor does like to get out and absorb some Vitamin D on occasion: Cheers!
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    Yesterday our local Purdue Ag Center Farm celebrated 100 years of operation. Many displays of things done there over the last 100 years were on display. I was in charge of putting on a tractor display, so I rounded up 25 tractors from that timeline of all colors to display. Turned out really nice. The interesting thing to me was the fact that that I was able to secure a 1918 Mogal and a 2020 CIH 340 prototype half track. There are only 6 of them and they are all hand made and were first shown at Louisville last February. Just so happened our local dealer got their hands on one for the next week to play with and they brought it up for me. My buddy that owns the Mogal thought it would be neat to get some photos of the old vs. the new. jerry
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    Even though I am suppose to be retired I still get to play Farmer on my small Almond orchard Many of you may remember the posts of me removing a vineyard in 2015 and planting these sticks January of 2016. in the industry we call these 5th leaf trees Now because even though planted only four years ago they grew one year in Nursery. I am very pleased with the size of window , we will see if it translates into pay weight. Lol we shook them on the 20ieth let them dry flat out till yesterday 29 th swept and will probably pick them up 9/2 or 3. this is the first verity ,now ,called Non Periels , the other row of trees are the pollinator in my case verity is Superiel they should be ready in another 10 to 15 days then we will go through same process. few pictures of the two sweepers used in this operation , Both are Weiss /McNair machines later one is a lower profile unit both equipped with cab and air tony
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    Couple 10’s and the 14 earning their keep!
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    Happy Easter to all of my Redpower friends and their families. I hope that God's Grace shines down on all of you during this trying time. God bless all of you, our country and the world.
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    Definitely getting the itch to get going now, I had this thing in the shop over winter to fix a few odds and ends, add a rotating beacon, and to give it a good clean up. Now to start working on the planter.
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    A few years ago I posted a picture titled small, medium and large. At the time I promised I would try to do better. These tractors have belonged to my family and to me for 40 to 60+ years. I could round up pictures of all of these still working and also a 756 if anyone is interested. A park ranger chewed me out for not having a permit to take the pictures. An old farmer from New Hampshire rescued me and asked the ranger if he didn't have anything better to do. He thought the ranger was jealous because everybody was stopping to see the tractors instead of the mountains.
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    Last weekend I went back home to northeast Iowa for one of my old bosses household auction . I started working there in the fall of 1980 when I was a senior in high school and had been going in there since I was a kid . Joe A Rhomberg retired in 1981 and I was the last employee he hired , he was a class act guy . The guys changed the name to Red Country after Joe retired , There were 5 owners of the dealership and last Saturday was the auction for one of the old owners and lucky for me he saved some history and I will save it for the next generation 😊 Danny
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