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    Okay, like the title says, random. After milking tonight I had to head to the field to wrap some round bales that my son had been baling. The sun just happened to be shining just right and all of a sudden everything I passed begged me to take a photo, so I did. Ha! Here they are. Keith-
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    The 3 kids killed in tractor accident comments brought back a haunting memory. Many may remember my topic yrs back about the 2 yr old neighbor boy Joe. Was doing final touch ups on a stone driveway project to access lower property. Was using my 1840 SS to carry stone to a couple low spots. Nothing but mature corn on one side and pasture fence on the other As I grabbed a bucket of stone from pile. I saw neighbor lady go into their house with her 5 yr old daughter, 2 yr old Joe with the dog bringing up the rear. Even saw door close. Stone pile was 200 ft from their house. Travelled opposite direction 600 ft and sprinkled my stone then put it in float to backdrag. I hadn't looked behind me ALL day when backing as nothing near me to hit. As I backed, for whatever reason , I scooted back from under lap bars to raise up to look back. You all know how blind the rear if a SS is. I saw the tippy top of a blond head, Joe. I stopped, shut machine off, jumped out and there he stood 6 ft from my radiator in a diaper pushing his plastic lawn mower. I yelled "Joe"! He said, "tractor" Grabbed him like a sack of taters, dragged his mower and took him home. Put the 1840 in the shed and never touched for nearly 3 months. Put a camera and monitor on it and sold a few months later. Joe and his family moved 2 yrs ago. They stop in occasionally and he is growing big. Joe, the child I nearly killed. Thank you Lord for the blessings I have rec'd.
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    !5 years ago my life took a turn for the better. Today we both made the trip to town in Miss Lizzy. Unfortunately the church closed it's doors a few years back. One of our close friends and a guest back then who is also celebrating her 80th tomorrow was up for a spin around the block. Camera shy so no picture. I could only hope at 97 that I will be able to run as well as Miss Lizzy does. 1923 Ford Model T. Happy 4th everyone. Dennis
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    Happy birthday America
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    My newest addition to the family. Theodore. hes sporting his IH onesie so I figured I'd share.
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    I vividly remember your story about that day. I'm sure glad that it was not meant to be "his" day. Something like that would have been awful hard to live with for you or anyone else. Someone was watching over the both of you that day. It's clear that it still has affected you. That just means you are a good guy in my book. Glad that the two of you are still fine.
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    Tractor pulling with fireworks right after the pull, what a wonderful way to enjoy freedom
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    My daily carry, concealed or open. Ruger SR9c.
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    This is a great holiday weekend for us US citizens. This is when we celebrate our independence day. Trips to the beach/lake, BBQs, a few barley pops. Maybe time with family. Then fireworks. Everything is there for a great time or a tragedy. Booze and gunpowder don't mix well! Tastes terrible........but if you are going to shoot save the booze till after the guns are put away. Don't drink and drive......you may spill your drink! I am a charter member of DAMM. Drunks Against Mad Mothers. But all joking aside use a sober driver! And remember, be safe with the fireworks. There is a meme floating around out there says "kids don't play with fireworks, let the adults who have been drinking all day do that"! But please keep that in mind folks. Everyone back safe, healthy and happy come Monday. That way us retired guys can enjoy your misery of having to go back to work Monday morning! Rick
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    This may never...STOP😂😂😂
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    Doesn't matter what color it is if it was Grandpa's!
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    Happy 4th of July to all of you. From Ben Franklin (paraphrased) You have a Republic if you can keep it. From Jefferson ? (paraphrased) The tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots. Looking more true than any time in my 65+ years.
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    Bachin it this wkd. Not a fireworks lover. Got my flags up, but they're up all year, and found a good used 14.9x28 for the 45. Wheel needs some welding so the welding sparks will be my fireworks. Gonna enjoy a quiet wkd with the dogs. Everyone have a good safe 4th. May God bless America! We need it.
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    Today my son and I got started with milo. I have a 2388 that I bought two years ago. Son is running the combine. I am driving a 1991 7150 with a Caldwell 750BU auger cart. The auger cart was built by E. L. Caldwell and Sons, Corpus Christi, TX about 15 miles from my place. The milo is turning out right at 5200 lbs/acre. We cut 8 semi loads today and only got stuck once. Here is some photos.
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    She’s coming along got some touch up to do on paint , decals and stickers ordered.
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    going to mom n dads to celebrate their 60th anniversary - proud of them -
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    Take that sensor out and screw in a manual gauge. Get a true reading of what your oil pressure really is. If it is in fact low, then you probably have internal issues with the oil pump, or worse, you are in need of an overhaul. If pressure is good, you probably have a ground issue someplace that is not contacting well. Snap a ground from the oil pressure sender to the negative of the battery. If the oil pressure rises, it is in fact a bad ground. Those can be a real treat to find. Hope for the cheapest and easiest.
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    The President came to our state yesterday. What an impressive program put on at Mount Rushmore! Thank You America for our history!
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    Which? The hysteria? Or the cars without braking systems?
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    I am enjoying my visit (via TV) to Mt. Rushmore for any of ya'll out that way. Have never been there in person------but have always been impressed with both the area and the artwork. That's not only a monument, but a monumental tribute to the country!!🇺🇸 DD
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    Rusty I hope the young pedal puller gets his turn too. After all the practice your kids were putting with that practice sled and all. Happy and safe 4th to all.
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    We have our normal stuff going on tomorrow. BBQ at my MIL's lake place (no booze allowed). Then home. Some kids and grand kids will be there. Be a good day for my MIL. She loves the family being around. Then home. May BBQ for me and the wife. One daughter, medical lad tech has to work so tomorrow evening we may have my SIL and grand daughter visiting for a bit. If the morning is nice I may get the wife out to exercise our 2nd amendment rights. Don't think I'm taking the boat out tomorrow. Too many boozed up idiots out on the lake. Rick
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    I bought a 2014 F150 with the 3.5 EcoBoost a couple months ago after the 5.4 in the 2004 ate its pigs. Serviced it for the first time today. What a PITA! Remove skid plates, OK. Drain plug is on the side of the pan where the oil stream can conveniently splash onto a traction bar leaving a nice oily mess on the floor (my catch pan is only so big)! Had to look from the top side to find the filter. Easier to get at than the 5.4 was, but the only way for the oil to drain out of it is onto the front diff and wiring harness. Then I noticed the alternator is mounted underneath the engine. When did serviceability so completely get thrown out the window in vehicle design? I’ll be driving my ‘99 F350 with 7.3 Powerstroke a whole lot longer than I planned on, it looks like. I can’t stand this new crap! Call me a crabby old man, whatever, this sh!t drives me nuts! Rant over
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    Don’t know if you have had the pleasure to see this sight, but I’ve marveled at how they maneuver so close to me on the tractor mowing down hay. I think for me , it takes the boredom out of the task to just watch them go about that . Take time out from talking to myself 🤷‍♂️😂🤣
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    Happy Independence day to all Americans, I know I am a bit early....
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    A few years back I jumped in the pickup to move it or something, I heard a strange noise and hit the clutch and rolled back a bit. My weimeraner came squirting out from under the stock trailer. It was a hot day and he was huntin shade. Skinned up his head and folded an ear. Luckily I always take off slow but after that I always look underneath before I drive off in anything. You can never be too careful or even paranoid if that's what you want to call it. The extra minute it takes to be sure of your surroundings is a small price to pay vs a lifetime of regret if the unthinkable should happen.
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    Here's ours Hank & Bertie
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    That’s hilarious!!! It gets funnier the longer I watch it!!!🤣🤣
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    Natural selection.....
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    She's lucky. If my Grandfather on Dad's side caught any children or grandchildren destroying someone else's property, the state wouldn't have to worry about housing them. Him maybe after killing them himself.
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    More power to you for being "paranoid" when backing up, it stops you from becoming complacent when driving forwards or backwards, I've had a couple of "whoops" when backing out of park stalls and always try to be extra vigilent when driving, especially at my age when grey hair is usually watched with an attitude of " watch out for the old guy" way of thinking.
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    I would think that would attract dirt/sand and increase wear. Dry with proper adjustment way to go IMHO. End of season pull sickles and store in shed.
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    Wife is helping with Legion hamburger feed before demo derby in Valentine. Me and the dogs will run pastures then come back and work on swather. When she gets back we'll jump in C4 and run to town. Fire Dept sets up perimeter for fireworks display. If bugs don't chase us off, sit around and have a few barley pops. Sunday back after it and truck at night. Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. Am looking forward to time off tomorrow night😀
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    Lord was watching for you and Joe MTO. He and you have something to do in this life.
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    Boy great story with a great ending, thanks for the upbeat vibe.
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    Forgot one! Drive by twice a day. This wagon used to sit in a bush behind the house. When I pulled it out it fell apart. Had drug this rock out the field. Made it look like was hauling the rock & broke the wagon.
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    Finally a warm sunny day here again. Got most of the canola sprayed again today. One little 50 acre field left that there is no real urgency to do. Weeds that are coming are very small and it’s on sand so the canola is still filling in. Pretty bare in some spots yet. Won’t be a bumper crop there that’s for sure. Took a few pictures while spraying nothing special though. The yellowish geeen strip in the first picture is where dad combined with the Massey last fall and didn’t have the engine wide open lol.
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    Were heading to my sister in laws place tomorrow evening for a cookout then watching the small town fireworks show about 10pm. Thx-Ace
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    You don't have a 14 with long axles do you.
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    Now do you understand why MTO is always so cranky ..... Idiots who are clueless design a majority of the problems with service
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    I only repair my own crap, that way I always know the tech that did the work. Think of all the $$ I have saved in the past 70 years.
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    When I arrived at Silver Creek this morning, Son Mike was finishing mowing meadow grass down by the barley field. It will be hay for Heather's goats. He was just finishing up and brought the Farmall F-12 up to the top of the hill and parked it. I had to take some pictures of the tractor he had trouble with, keeping it running. It ended up being crud in the inline filter he had installed. It got a brand new fuel pump kit anyway! I tried to show some of the mowed ground and barley crop across Silver Creek. This is a photo of the barley field over the goat pen and sheds. With the 1-1/2" of rain the crop got earlier in the week, Mike is finished irrigating the crop. Speaking of goats, this is Granddaughter, Heather with her two goats today. The black & white is Lucy the girl and the brown and white is Ricky. Ricky will eat alfalfa or oats out of my hand, but he won't let me pet him. But I guess the girls like me? Lucy will let me pet her on her neck and cheeks. Just not the horns! I'm giving her some alfalfa. Back to the F-12, This quarter inch prime cup I mounted on the F-12 is pretty handy for priming, when having gasoline problems with the lines. I don't know if anyone else has done this or not? I found I had a nearly correct grease gun by Lincoln, as shown in the Farmall F-12 & F -14 catalog, so I put it in the under tank tool box this morning. I thought while I was at it, I'd just as well arrange tools in the "mower" toolbox I mounted on the frame with the oilcan. I have an International Harvester embossed oil can, but it stays in the shop! I like having period tools, even if they aren't perfectly authentic IHC tools. That Oilcan! And this tractor is an IH Tractor on a Montana Farm! Gary😉
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    Thought I’d post alittle follow up on the two old friends here now that I’ve had some time to do some work to them. Finally was able to get them both back to the shop for a picture of what I’ve done. The 1256 had the cab painted all red which i couldn’t stand. Took everything off and painted it back to the original white trim. Added the missing cab latches and one qt1 emblem thanks to matt(international 1466). Located the year around decals for it and put the original light setup on it and after a two month search was able to find the light brackets for the side of the cab. Added new turbo decals and found a like new set of duals for it and painted the rims white just as they were originally. Added front weights too. Fixed a few leaks, nothing too major , just a few o rings and gaskets.The 1486 got a new motor valve installed, some seals and gaskets replaced, and a reman steering pump. Should be good to go now. Love seeing both of these back on the farm everyday.
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