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    I would have to put this one on the top of my list 👍😎 Danny
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    Here is the 3 favorites at the Dirt Boyz Proving Grounds , the 5388, 1086 and the 1066 Danny
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    Here are two of Tony’s jewels , they don’t any better than this 😊😊 Danny
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    Here are the two 1206 prototypes , sn 505 and 508 Danny
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    I’m partial to the 88 series myself.....
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    asking me what ih is the best lookiing is like going to a wet tshirt contest at a collage bar they're all winners to me but i really like the narrow front big frame tractors 06/56/66/86 and any of the 88's. i seen a 3088 with a narrow front on facebook awhile back and i fail in love with it.
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    For some reason I like the looks of the open station, non ROPS 86 and 88 machines. Also like the lines of a W450 and the red crawlers with twin stacks and/or headlights on top of the grille.
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    Here is old number one 😎 Danny
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    My favorite series. There is others in the top portion of the list though
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    I agree on the wet T-shirt contest!!👍🏻 So something like this?
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    To understand WW II you need start with WW I and understand that one first. That is what consistently gets ignored.
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    We’re setting up some building lots for a fellow for power, had to get the 7 out to clear some rose bushes and brambles. Bringing her to the shop for a greasing and oil change before heading out with her. Skeeters were nasty I tell ya, got 6 in one swat more than once. this dozer is a real favorite of mine, funny how you can get attached to iron. More pics to come
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    I'm partial to the 9110 myself... I do miss the 450 we had though.
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    I see so many of these morons...
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    Will you be allowed to wear your mask? (If you take it off for the picture, you run the risk of defying the governor's order, and the advice of Dr. Quack, er fauci)
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    I have its twin. 8 bolt fronts. Wedglock rears. Working cigarette lighter (minus the handle) hydraulic seat, tilt steering. And now a hair dryer under the hood.
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    Not fair Danny 🤣
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    Any model ih red is the best looking! 🙂
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    First field of corn looks good.
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    Nice tribute post for Memorial Day Gary. **** I stumbled upon these pictures today of my 1943 model TD-14 with my homemade 3 pt hitch pulling a 6 row hipper in 1973. The old crawler was a life saver due to soft ground from seep water from the Mississippi River. That is my son Reb riding shotgun-----must have been coming up on 3 yrs old at the time. He would ride with until his mama would come drag him home. Those dozer cylinders and trunions were just hanging out there needing to be used--------so I made up a U-bar and lifted it with cables off of the dozer cylinders. A product of Red Neck Engineering and Fabrication------Avon, Ms 38723. (necessity is the mother of invention) DD
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    I thought it would be interesting to find out what the general thought is on what the best looking tractor is. In my opinion as far as 2WDs goes the 1568 is the best looking. With FWAs I have to go with either the 1568 or the '88 series. I have to quit for now but I will be back for the 2+2s 4WDs etc.
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    Tough question to answer. It varies from day to day, depending on my mood. Love the 1206. Also like the 56 series with a diamond cab and the 706/ early 656 styling.
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    Our '70. No Turbo, no problem lol. Friend of mine did a lil walk around while back
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    Looks like I'm going to have to get some set up down here. Must be more going on than I realize. Still like the coyote/badger video though. That is just funny.
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    Ok,I'll play.. series III Whites.
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    Thanks. I put an ad on there and already got one phone call.
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    Tonys 1206 is the kate upton of of tractors, pretty, narrow and big in all the right places😍
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    806 diesel for me. Maybe just because this one's been on our farm since I was 11 years old. (1971). I have 56, 66 and 88 series here too, but I have more seat time in this one.
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    What the heck difference does it make! Point is people die every year. And it doesn't look like this year is any different than any other. All this is nuts.
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    Pushed a few stumps out yesterday, by the time I got to driveway work it was too bloody hot to take pics
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    Lots to choose from, for me 1206 and both the 3x88 and 5x88’s....... if you’ve seen pics, an open station 3x88 with FWA looks awesome.
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    The MEDIA will milk this HOAX, a HOAX of their own creation, for as long as they can get away with it. Unlike the impeachment/Russian collusion 'stories' that the MEDIA, and their puppet masters within the CPUSSA thought would turn the American people against trump, the 'fear factor' was negligible, and since it really did NOT affect the vast majority of the American public (Their minds had already been made up), the MEDIA had to create a 'crisis' that would SCARE all segments of the population, and what better way to do something like that, than to sensationalize, embellish, and when that is not enough, out and out fabrication of the 'facts'. 'Facts' which came from UN (Anti-American) sources, the Chinese government (which the MEDIA loves), or previously unheard of 'experts', 'experts', which if NOT members of the MEDIA, came from third world countries and their own government organizations. Ah, the Chinese flu, the 'gift' that the MEDIA will make sure to see that it keeps on giving. To make it clear, while there is a strong argument to be made that trump was right NOT to interfere in a matter which is, by definition of the 10th Amendment, i.e. a matter of states' rights, there IS NO excuse for either him, or his justice department for NOT IMMEDIATELY putting a swift and sure halt to the UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts committed by law enforcement as they defecated all over OUR Constitutional Rights, and wiped their bums with the tattered remains of that document, that very document that once guaranteed OUR FREEDOMS.
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    Early seeded corn starting to come up
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    Please, Kaepernick is biracial and was adopted as an infant by a white family. Kaepernick never experienced and knew not what the experiences of racial inequality of the black youth for which he claimed the protest were for. Kaepernick was simply a misguided, arrogant, rich arsehole.
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    If you can’t find a left hand one it’s not the end of the world. I’ve shot right hand guns left handed all my life. Didn’t know left hand guns existed as a kid. Whatever he learns with will seem natural.
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    Thanks for that appreciation - my family business had started the first of September 1914, my grand-father who had spent 6 years in the California state came abck in France to get married -Our first brands were Deering and J.I Case de France, He had been severely injured in 1915 and died just after the war in 1929.My father, born in 1917, had spent five years in amilitary uniform :first legal time 2 years 1936-1938 - then Munich meeting, then the 10 th of May 1940 - his regiment was sent in Holland, replied in Belgium first, then Dunkirk, he has been enough lucky to be among English expeditionnary forces, and reached England in Portsmouth, then Cherbourg, he was given new weapons, and fought against Germans until the Armistice.coming back to his house, he had participed as a FFI ( Free French forces) in our local area, and was called to continue after the South of France liberation to be a part of the French intendance, and then my sister was born on 9th of August (Nagasaki) he was on the way to come back definitevely at home - We sold Deering before WWII as a dealership, then MC Cormick Deering after WWII Then international, then Case IH, then JD, then Kubota - the independant dealership is 106 years old, and, granted to the great American brands, we like America, despite the fact we are an Kubota Dealer....Join a pic about our America mania (my office), our freedom id full of sense ...we have a huge debt....Thanks to everyone for your gentle words -God bless America...
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    Thought you Pennsylvania guys would get this one.
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    More from Red Neck Engineering and Fabrication------1980+/- : Homemade 60 ft land plane-----pulled by 1805 M-F. Enough weight and rigidity to cut off small knots that other land planes rode over. Weighed approximately 14,000 lbs-------had approximately 350 + lbs of welding rod in it. (where was Finney when I needed him?) Angle of blades and cutting edge were set based on a parabolic design so to make the dirt roll. Took much less power to roll the dirt rather than drag it along as other conventional land planes. I consulted with Dr. Gordon Tupper at the Delta Branch Experiment Station who had recently revolutionized sub-soiling with his parabolic design------thanks Dr. Tupper. Seems like my cutting edge was set on 23° ???. Land planeing should not be confused with land forming (major field renovation). Land forming is the process of cutting a field to grade. Land planeing just cuts off small high spots and fills in small holes (minor field maintenance). The natural topography of this ol' Delta Dirt is flat and near level-------but we are always "rubbing and scrubbing" on it to improve drainage and enhance irrigation capabilities. DD
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