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    stopped at my uncles nabor to look through his collection of whatever he had. First thing I see is a 10k lb crankshaft from a 5 cylinder generator from our town 100 years ago, look at my boy sitting on the piston, wish I could have seen it run. I was looking at some of his hit and miss engines and my little boy found a twin maytag engine, he loved it and made a big deal about a kid hit and miss engine, well the wonderfull guy started bartering with my 4 year old, asked him how much he thinks its worth and my boy said 250,000 dollars haha, he said sold. Then he said how about 20, my boy said I will ask dad, I gave him 20 and he went back and made a deal, proud of the little guy.
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    I couldn't find a date on this so apologize if it is old. I still think it is a very good story about a brave woman doing what she was trained to do. Many people owe her their life. According to the FBI, the incredible acts of heroism by the NASCC Military Policewoman guarding entrance to the base, saved many lives yesterday. The active duty U.S. Navy military police woman at the Ocean Drive gate has probably checked thousands of IDs and allowed access to thousands of authorized people at NAS Corpus Christi. But yesterday morning, at barely the first light of day, a terrorist tried to get past her. That terrorist, Adam Salem Alsahli (a Syrian born U.S. citizen), picked the wrong gate guard to try to get past. He must’ve thought that all he would have to do is lift the pistol off of his lap, point it at the gate guard (while she looked him in the face) shoot her point blank in the chest and then be able to drive on to the base and use his assault rifle and shotgun to kill as many people as he could. He sure was wrong! She took the bullet dead center in her chest, but that happens to be the area of the bullet resistant Kevlar vest, which has a steel, ceramic-coated plate over center mass to protect the heart and vital organs. Yes, no doubt the impact knocked her down to the floor, but she got right back up and hit the emergency button that activated a very strong pop up barricade, which stopped and disabled the terrorist’s vehicle. Then, as he was getting his assault rifle out of his car, she shot him to death. He was connected to Jihadists groups in the Middle East and May have acted yesterday, in response to the FBI’s announcement on Monday in regard to the terrorist attack back some months ago at NAS Pensacola, which like NASCC, is a major training base for military pilots. FBI credits the NAS MP, who stopped the Terrorist from mass murder on Naval Air Station CC. For her heroic, life saving actions, that U.S. Navy Military Policewoman should get not only the Purple Heart, but also the highest military accommodation that can be applied to this case of domestic terrorism. Sent from my iPhone
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    I was doing this a few years ago, I found my old one but it’s been archived so I’m starting again. it’s just random pictures of the work I do in my corner of the world. I hope you guys enjoy!
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    This winter I missed all the big snows, not all bad, but we count on that moisture for spring grass. When the spring rains came, they for the most part went around. I was getting nervous that would be the pattern for the summer. Wife was tired of my whining😪 Fencing was hard to get the sand out of the post holes. (When I bought the last bundle of posts, I was asked if I needed any postholes to go with them. Said no, I'll make my own, looking back wish I would have got a few😉) Amazing how things can turn around. I know the summer grass is not made yet but this is exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Seven pot loads of cows coming in this week. According to the "rain puddle" that we use to gauge rains, it looks like about a half inch and is still raining. Couldn't have asked for a better timed rain. And no grass fires with all the lightning that came with it, win win I will sleep well tonight😃 HOpe everyone is getting the weather they need for this time of the year. Something has to get 2020 back on track.
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    that I could do it and not spill a drop. But the "stand here" sticker on the floor 6 ft from the urinal in the Walmart men's room was just too far away for my old bladder. Told them I had not yet bought my groceries as they escorted me out of the store......sigh.
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    AMEN 🙏 I’ve said this before, but something stinks here. It was reported this week that China has a new lockdown, just in time to slow down America opening back up. This HAS never happened before. Shutdown the world to slowdown a pandemic that has a 90+% survival rate. Yes, people will die. But like it or not, the world doesn’t stop turning because sometimes it’s just a fact of life. Yes, it hurts. But death comes for all of us. Some people are saying we need to trust the scientists. Some say we need to trust the doctors and disease experts, yet no one, NOT One person I’ve heard has said Trust God. Trust the government, we know what’s best...trust the scientists who are paid through research grants... or the doctors who have patented the virus. Yet, Trust God?! Such a foreign concept. I WILL die as a free man, before I live as a subject. I owe that to all the servicemen who gave their lives for myself and my children. I owe that to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I owe that to my Mom who sacrificed her entire life for her children.
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    Mark nothing you say will ever surprise me after meeting you. I really hope my church opens back up so I can continue to pray for your wife for putting up with you.
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    Kinda looks like Nancy Pelosi to me........
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    You go girl! This is the first I have heard of this, unfortunately. Apparently RPF is more current and up to date than the national media. Another fine example of why we should be very proud and thankful for our military men and women. Hope she will not suffer any lasting impairment.
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    Excellent post. Positive news about a negative thing. She is a hero and should be regarded as one. My hat goes off to all those mostly unsung heros that are just doing their job even though it has a very potentially dangerous element to it.
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    I finished my cropping on the 22nd and on the 23rd I had to truck hay. With all the nice weather now everybody is dragging out their boat, and driving slow on the roads! LOL picked up hay for the first time from one guy and delivered it to another guy for the first time too. It was picked up in Poltimore Quebec and delivered to Pendleton Ontario, so I got to meet a couple of nice guys and a dog and see a few interesting things. I crossed the ferry 3 times at Masson Quebec and Cumberland Ontario I saw a real nice 666 tractor, A little 485 four-wheel-drive with a loader, a seven year old maxxum 125 thay looked just like new, A Kubota M125X and a couple of small towns that if you blink you drive right through them! LOL
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    Mitch McConnel with better hair.
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    I’ve stayed busy when I wasn't working. First up is a forge stand to hold tools when I’m forging. Almost all of this came from the scrap pile. Cut pieces, weld up, shot with black paint to keep the rust away. Next up has been putting some new sweeps on the 45 Vibrashank I bought off the neighbor. Every one so far has been a fight. Probably should have started with the torch for the bolts vs the impact.... I picked up a bunch of RR ties a few weeks ago that needed to come off the gooseneck. My brother and I loaded them all by hand which was a workout. Going across the scales they average around 245lb each. They came off much easier with a loader....
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    I am a gun toting card carrying independent. I have a severe dislike of extremists left and right. adhere to my own set of core values that do not blend into either side. I pray for peace, I recycle, and I shoot intruders on the doorstep.
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    Took a little short ride today and it was pretty nice!
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    So, have you guys ever had your wife threaten to withhold favors until you get that "honeydo" project done. 😪 Well the darling wife did that this morning, that's right no more fresh baked hot cinnamon rolls for breakfast till I fixed the clothesline. 😳 Now I'm pretty lazy and not real talented so I used what I had on hand and did not want to have ever do it again. Now, where's the cinnamon rolls😁
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    Hanging out with her dad .
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    All well and good for the state's,especially the liberal Democrat run states to say to their President to keep out.But remember that when your whining for more money for your LIBERAL policies from the Fed.which then has to take tax dollars from other well run states to give to you.Also don't be like Cumo,wanting to blame Trump for HIS failings. TRUMP2020
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    I think I see a gear-head for life coming up!!!!!!!! Good job dad! Mike
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    Question? The country has not stopped for the flu before, does the country stop for cancer or diabetes? No it does not. Why did it stop for this? How do you think people taking chemo or others who have compromised immune systems feel about all this? Did we all stop everything for them? If you are at risk because of a health issue, stay home. Those of us who are not compromised and are not afraid of something that may or may not affect us would like to function as normal. The risk of dying in a car accident on your way to work doesn't keep you from going. And the fact of the matter is there is not enough evidence to support that any of what we did helped keep the numbers down because we have never done this before. The other problem with this whole thing is no rule book. One business locks the doors, the next comes to the door to meet you and the next is open and functions like every other day. We can't have it both ways people, it just doesn't work like that. People just don't think and most of what the country is doing is like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon, it simply won't work. There is fear here that has been created pure and simple that will succeed to destroy more families and businesses than the covid 19 itself will ever affect. I would not want to be in President Trumps shoes trying to decide what it right or not. It makes no difference what he decides someone is going to be offended and or mad. I am glad church is open again, and I will go without fear of being too close to someone. God is in control. God Bless America!
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    chupacabra ( look it up)
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    hahaha, we have a local broad, she's a year older than me, had her teeth pulled at 19, she was at the local fire department fundraiser last year putting the gums to me about what we should be doing different, I suggested she go back to talking out her a$$ because the breath was better. ...I imagine that dead critter has better breath too, and way better teeth!
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    Most of ours wound actualy . I wasent fast enough with the camera but this cat was sitting on the back of one of our mules digging its claws into his fur like cats do. Years ago we bought a mule from the Henry Dorly Zoo in Omaha . Her name was Hilly, she was so used to kids petting her that she would let you do anything to her. You could crawl under her belly, slid off her butt, ride backwards, ride side saddle, you name it , didn’t matter. Once a week a day care in town brings kids out to see the horses and mules. When Hilly would see that bus pull up she would come running in from the pasture to see those kids. Sadly she passed away at the age of 41 but she will always go down in our memory’s as a great friend and the most mild mannered mule we ever had.
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    ..".A Syrian born US citizen...."......that's gratitude for you.....hope he died hard......What a girl Mike
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    I don't trust the numbers fed to us, we're all gonna die someday, I miss my church services, Precautions can be taken to lessen the risks, I speed and heighten my risk of death along with what I eat/drink/breathe, Allow those who want to return to worship do so. It's our choice/risk. And fyi JMech, your post/opinion lost it's impact when you chose to begin it by calling another a name. I hope you someday learn the art of discussion without petty name calling. Told you before, you are no dummy, just need to work on your delivery. This isn't the Bash Board.
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    Cool aid drinker. It's not a real thing. Hyped number, fake info. It's the flu. Open the country, go back to work, take off the mask.... and the blinders while you're at it. C19 is FAKE NEWS.
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    Saying that he is “pretty god” with that might cause his head to swell.... 😂 even though he is creating things... just teasing you but seriously, don’t want Tanker to get a “God complex”. LOL
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    Latest 3D project to share. The lower frame and magazines are all 3D prints. The frame is a 3D of an 80P Glock19 and the mags are the G17 17 round with 2 round extensions. I purchased the springs which are OEM Glock springs. And yes, the so called "Ghost Gun" that is legal. I would have to put a serial number on it to sell it. I also printed the magazine (red part) release. Rick
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    Every one ive even known to shake that mans hand says they are softer than a ladies hand and i always reply huh? wonder why?
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    But do they sell a rigid 1/64th inch ID for him?🤣 Rick
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    My youngest gave me a Lincoln many years ago. It worked great and battery lasted longer on a charge than I expected. One day it just up and died halfway through a job. Next time in town I picked up a M18 because like so many others I'm a died in the wool Milwaukee fan. Have many tools and batteries that fit all tools. It did not disappoint. I like the two speed, high volume or high pressure. Also a number of pumps dial. Haven't used that but could see where it might be handy. It is above and beyond the Lincoln in performance and comfort. I have never been disappointed with a Milwaukee tool.
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    Yes, we did that years ago when running 20 in row beans. The front tire tracks were too hard to plant into if conditions were wrong so Dad put front duals on the planter tractor. worked like a charm. Of course this was over thirty years ago before we had Early Riser row units. Today we would just use big fronts like the ones on Cruella.
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    I'm no expert but I think they helped "us" gain independence from Great Britain........
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    What of its almond "milk"
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    Got this from Red power a few years ago
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    Here's the 2+2
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    Don't rightly know but Super Teeth! It's evident that it brushed and flossed daily. Maybe even its parents spent a ton of $$ on orthodontics?
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    I really appreciate the continued persistence of the Lone Star investigators TwoStep!!!! That is a great picture------can anybody tell us something about the trucks. Looks to be 20 bales of cotton per truck (10,000 lbs). ****** For those of you not familiar with cotton; the open spot in the burlap bagging is where the sample had been cut out for forwarding to the cotton classing office. Samples are now pulled automatically prior to pressing and tieing each bale. ******* I remember snapping this picture out of the window of my pickup in 1985. (long time ago------but not quite as far back as TwoStep's picture). DD
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    While you are entitled to your opinion, which is conveyed to you by the "Bill of Rights", the same "Bill of Rights" includes the Establishment Clause, which provides for Separation of Church and State. While you, redneckhippie , tillie and vtfiremen85 are getting drunk on the liberal drink of the day, please remember to thank those who fought and died to protect your freedoms. I will praise God the Almighty and thank all those who have sacrificed to afford me my freedom and at the same time will be respectful of my neighbor and / or fellow parishioner. As stated in an earlier debate with you, I choose individual rights and responsibilities over government mandates and I do hope you and your ilk stay home and conform to the government wishes of the day.
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    Finished planting the garden yesterday. We built a shed for our show steers to be under for the summer. The point is for them to be in the open for the breeze and cool air to come through. We still have to hang fans. But with this we hope to grow their hair better and for higher quality for when they show in August. We used the Case Skidder and JCB Tele handler to lift the roof which was a sliding door of a machine shed to where we wanted it.
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