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    I probably won’t be awake, or near my phone at the start of 2020. So I figured I would wish all you great folks here at RPM forums a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!!! Even you MTO!! 😬🤣👍🏻
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    Hmmmm......worst IH product I’ve owned??? Me!!!!!!!!😂 Doesnt want to start in the morning, Costs a fortune to feed/run, Slight bend in the chassis and won’t track straight, Too many hours on the clock, Original parts unavailable, Makes growling noises when under load, Always defaults to “limp home mode” around lunch time Runs too hot in summer, too cold in winter, No warranty, Never goes where it’s directed, Women think it’s ugly, Only takes a unique type of hyd fluid, Never wants to come out of the shed, Cant be left running unattended, Requires way too many tools, Spare tire is utterly useless, Exhaust valve intermittently sticks open, Backfires through the intake Requires loads of coolant, Most ball joints are shot (lube for life non greasable type), At high speed it whines like a teenage girl that just had her iPhone amputated, Needs excessive “idle down” time at the end of the day, Apart from that it’s Awesome👍😂😂😂. Wish you guys would stop complaining about your stuff🙄 Nevermind.......
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    Thanks to Red Power Magazine for choosing the picture of our Gold 544 for its cover. They edited our IH sign out to fit the cover. I’ll include the original for comparison. They did a nice job! Thanks!
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    Takes quite a man to need a 42" rubber....
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    Got an air hose reel for Christmas, plumbed it with PEX, put a dryer on. Happy times!
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    I miss how it was 20 years ago when the biggest worry we had was if the clocks on the computers would reset to 1900 or go to 2000. Y2k
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    Goodby 2019!!!! Happy New Year Red Power friends. 2020 has got to be better. Rollie
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    It's 11:30, shez asleep, barn work done with no incidents, both coal fires banked,cats fed, dogs asleep , roads are dicey, got my jammies on and poured a couple fingers [ok 3] of Jack Black. Happy New Year gentlemen . You too Farm all 1066.
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    Planned on going after a load of fuel but middle son called and said he would like to bring his family out to spend with the "old folks". Playing pitch with them sounds way better than being in a rattly old truck at midnite so put off the load till tomorrow😀 I wish my RPF family a very happy new year and a prosperous and peaceful 2020 Tami at the feed store actually told me this, this morning and it is probably the face I made😂
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    Unloading at FT Rob The gray horse only had 17 rides when Lisa took him out there. That is the perfect branding for a young green horse. Not a lot of people, and the ones that are there will help you with a young horse, other then the real dudes, from Denver. I think she drug 5 or 6 calves with him, then went to riding my old Wonder horse. No he wasn't wonder, like wonder woman. I owned him for 3 years before I ever saw him, and wondered what he looked like. The name stuck. They have to use 2 branding stoves, since they serial number all the calves. Remember this is a Nebraska state park. I have a couple more pages of pictures from out there. We will see how this turns out first.
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    This is my resolution! Rick
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    Carried a S&W 9mm Shield, with safety, all over the country. Shoots very well and is dependable. The clips have a very tough spring but loadable. Picking a gun is like picking a spouse. It has to fit you.
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    Happy New Year everyone! ❄️🌲🍾 I like the dealership picture with the International 600 and the Farmall 400 sitting to the side. Must have been 1956 or ‘57. The mower tractor looks like a converted Hebard Shop Mule since the steering shaft goes down behind the fuel tank. But there are couple problems with calling it a shop mule also: narrow front like a B, fuel tank like a A or B and how does the steering work since a B front has the steering shaft on the visible side. So who knows, I’ll bet it was a handy mower tractor though!
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    First thing to do to the magneto is clean and set the points then listen to see if the impulse is working. You should hear a definite snap when the impulse is working. A lot of the time that is all it takes to get them to work.
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    Well when you’re plowing deep... never mind!!! Lol
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    I better go ahead and wish all of us "old codgers" happy New Year right now. Next year and the next decade sound like they are a long ways away. I smoked a 17+ lb brisket today------and installed Wrangler's winter windows today. Two projects in one day didn't leave much energy left here for the next year. But somebody's got plenty-------there are lots of fireworks popping around the neighborhood. Let's make it a good one-------Happy New Year!!!👍 DD
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    Happy new year everyone
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    Happy New Year RPF friends!!
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    I'm just cleaning out some of my files I've downloaded from Facebook. First I'm going to post pictures of IH Dealerships in North Dakota. This first one is in Medina. This next one is in Bowman, North Dakota. This one is still shown as McCormick-Deering in Bismarck, North Dakota. I don't know where this IH store might have been? They must have had a good IH Scout trade? An IH Scout lot at the factory? Here are a couple of IH Pickups with stepside boxes. Apparently, they are more desirable? Now.... What are we looking at here? Did Rube Goldberg own an IH tractor? Here's a nice looking Farmall F-14. This is a later Farmall F-12 in gray with the IHC engine. The one on the right has the Waukesha engine of the early type. Here's an IHC Farmall F-20 digging beets and the beets are going into an IHC C-model truck. Here are two 1935 W-30 McCormick Deering tractors. One is a Standard and the one on the right is an Orchard. Now, last but not least is this "Season" photo of my old International 1256 Standard or Wheatland as some here call them. Merry Christmas is gone by for an other year. But Happy New Year and Happy New Decade, Gary😀
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    Without the airhose on the floor what do you trip over now??😅
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    just got home from a plumbing repair for the neighbor. Happy New Year to my Red Power friends. Mike
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    Happy New Year to all. I’ll be ringing in the new year towards the end of a 14hr shift....
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    I like blacksmith stuff so parts of them looked a little familiar. Never branded anything living other than myself on accident a couple times with hot corners of something. Made an iron for a buddy’s wedding gift so he could mark some things....
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    Left to Right Nitro, Lady, Clara, Stealth, Jake
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    I don't remember the year, 2011 I think, anyway we had a terrible run of foot rot in the cows. Most of these were taken in 1 day, and I think we doctored 13 cows, 1500 pound cows. The following year we fought pink eye and ended up with the entire herd treated at least once. I did have excellent corrals, but they were through the trees and across the river, which isn't something you want to do just any day. Just for the record, sharing these is making me HATE the truck. It is SO MUCH fun knowing how to handle a 1500 pound cow, by yourself, or with someone else. Before I started doing it, I always thought the guys were abusing the critter, to rope them and doctor them in the pasture. Believe me,most of these Limmy cows would have been on the fight BIG TIME had we tried to drive them the 2 miles to the corral. The way we did it, Ryan would talk to the cows and I would head them, with out the cow ever moving. I would hold them and Ryan would heel them, then we would get off, doctor the cow, tell how hard it was, pull the head loop, and ride off. SOOOOOOO much fun for the amount of work we did. I had 1 last cow to doctor and had 2 teenage boys that thought they were MACHO! I told them they had to hold the cow, and if Lisa got hurt giving the cow a shot, I was gonna pound their behinds. Their eyes got wide, and they took big old gulps of air, but agreed. I roped the cow and laid her down, the boys never got close, and Lisa got her treated. The boys still tell how scared they were to "wrestle" a full grown cow. Oh, no story is complete without ear shots!!
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    If you are set on spending your time and money, then go ahead with the conversion. Since it is not yours, I would spend a few minutes to file and set the points. Clean up the cap and rotor while you are at it. I would be surprised if it doesn't make a spark. I would never replace the points until they are completely trashed. The new China stuff is questionable at best. It seems like we are applying modern "throw away" service techniques to old equipment that was made to be maintained. It is not too difficult to file a set of points. You can always upgrade later. The best thing about a mag is that you don't need a battery.
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    Happy New Year to all on the Form. Hope Health is good for us this year,
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    There's plenty of opinions out there about carry guns. I once carried a S&W 915 in a fanny pack holster when it was common for folks to use such a thing. It's too big to carry otherwise although light due to aluminum frame. The thing about carrying is it's a PITA so you have to pick a pistol that you are comfortable with AND that you'll actually carry. For me it was the Colt Mustang Pocke-Lite. It's a .380 which some folks say isn't enough but I believe it is with a Black Talon or similar. I don't carry now but with the news may go back. if I do that's the gun that'll come out of the safe. Full mag and it weighs about a pound. The gun went out of production but I read where they brought it back due to popular demand. I think the grip is lengthened on the new one with 7 or 8 rounds instead of 6.
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    Happy New year to you all
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    Happy New Year everyone! May 2020 be a blessed and prosperous year for us all!!
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    Happy New Year Red Power Family!!!🎉🎊🍾🎆
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    Get ten bolt hubs and duals
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    The Scout dealership is Pollard Motors on Lake St. in Melrose Park, IL. They handled a lot of the managerial lease Scouts for employees in the area plus selling a lot to the public. But they also sold a lot of bigger trucks too. Yes, the other Scouts are the Fort Wayne plant lot. Stepside pickups are desirable today for nostalgic reasons. They were out of style in the 70s and not as many built making them relatively rare today.
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    Just going to tell my friends here, Happy New Year; Happy New Decade! I know we celebrated a new decade in 2010 too. I'm betting I won't be here to tell you "Happy New Decade" again! (Anson may be around though. Maybe he'll wish you all a Happy New Decade in 2030?) So enjoy this one from me!
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    This was posted here by another member at one point I think it was from an old M&W catalog for ordering dual adapters if I remember correctly.
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    Happy New year to all RPF members and friends. May each and everyone of have a safe and good year. God bless ya all.
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    Was he connected to the mob probably used to diggin lots of holes and river work too
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    thought it looked too good for kansas
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    I called her pony kids called her rose, she could drive single/double or ride - she had little mans syndrome like most ponies and ruled the pasture!!! Below is a lil red dun Chili, she was spicy - sold her to a gal for running barrels My fox trotter Mare Lady, was perfect for me, she had been broken hard and beaten, i rescued her and made her into a great horse. She only trusted me tho. She would drive single/double or trails, rode her in many fun shows with my daughter and friend. Do anything you ask and ran well for a trotter. I found her a good home with a gentle owner. Me and Sam, he was a draft cross, he was/is at the stables at Big Cedar Lodge south of Branson, MO. He got picked on and beat up and if you look closely can see some of his injuries. I always go love on him when i go down there. Hes a gentle giant!!! This was Nitro and my daughter he was a successful college rodeo horse, he would goat tie and barrels were his events.
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    we have sold all our horses - we have had grade/registered/gaited/western/riders n drivers loved them all to varying degrees and hated them at certain moments 😉 good ole jake/bay great cow horse, quarter/thorough cross, would run down anything you put in front of him - clara in the background Above Let to Right, Kate, Willow, Stealth This is Yankee Below, he loved attention and was a good boy - best pole horse ive ever been around or owned if you could ride him that fast he would make u a winner!!! This was Liberty below, she was the most amazing horse i have ever been around, would run up to the fence like a jolly dog every time she heard the door open or a voice, frolicking around like a kid, she always wanted to be ridden and would give you all she had, we were just getting ready to turn her loose to compete on barrels and she was struck by lightening and killed behind our barn - so sad
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    We had a young man from New Jersey who came out for 10 days. Best post hole digger I have had in years. He wasn't much good horseback, but he told me that before he came out. I tried to pay him, but he said it was his vacation. Worked his hind end off, and never complained. I now drive a truck so it isn't near as appealing to most people. Ranching was and is in my blood, but there was no chance of buying any land around there, and I can make as much in a week as I did in a month os ranching. BUT, OH THE FUN I HAD.
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    When I first started cutting hay I was using a farmall 656 gas with a 2000 loader and a big cab with a 461 New Holland haybine. Then I upgraded to a 966 and a 489 new Holland, after that I went to 7120 with the 5209 new idea disc mower The raking tractor was a Farmall 350 with an international 15 rake then we upgraded to a 35 rake. The baling tractor was a 574 gas row crop with of a international 47 baler. It was a decent baler, it never had tying problems the only thing was we wanted a wider pick up and a bale thrower so we upgraded to a new Holland 316 which has been a decent baler but it doesn’t always make nice bales of hay compared to the new Holland 311 baler In 2001 we bought a case IH 8312 disc-mower, we’re still cutting hay with it and the 7120. The 8312 was built by Heston and has to be one of the best mowers on the market! The only major repair I’ve done to it was to replace the rollers about five or six years ago after the bottom one broke, I replace the rubber ones with two steel rollers, other than that it’s just been a few bearings and a few bolts and it cuts a pile of hay every year! I can cut with it up to 13 mph depending on how rough the field is and how heavy the crop is. One farm I rent has 30 acres of hay in eight small fields it takes about six hours or so to cut, whereas if I have a 30 acre field that is half a mile long I can cut that down in less than two hours I have a Kuhn 7802 six rotor Tedder and two double rotary rakes, one is a claas 650 twin that was bought new in 2003 and the other one is a Kuhn 7932 that’s been here since 2013. The 650 twin I can rake with it at about 5 to 6 mph and 7932 I can do 6 to 7 mph, if I get both rakes going in a nice big field I can rake about 55 acres in less than two hours When I bake small square bales I still have the 316 and I rent my cousins 316 and I can bale about 800 bales in three hours or so. Most of my Hay is baled in big squares with an MX 220 magnum and Taarup 6570 baler, that thing can eat hay! I normally make 3‘ x 3‘ x 8‘ bales but some customers want 5’ or 6’ bales, it can easily bail over 100-8’ bales per hour! If I have enough help I can easily cover 30 to 50 acres of hay per day, if it’s just me it usually takes me a couple of days to cut, Ted, rake bale and pick up 30 acres which is about 150 to 250 big square bales. When it comes to picking up the big bales I have a truck and trailer, Hydro 186 with a 2350 loader, new Holland L180 skid steer and a case IH MX 100 maxxum with an L 300 loader that normally piles the hay in the domes and I also have two wagons for the fields that I can’t get in and out of with the truck and trailer I am very happy with all of my haying equipment, if I was to upgrade my discmower I would probably go to a Kuhn, One of my buddies has one and he just loves it! Someday I plan on trading the Claas rake in for another Kuhn. Someday I would like to have another trailer to haul hay with too. Everything else I have is perfect for my needs. Here is a few pictures of my hay equipment
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    If its warm outside no sleeves, if it's cold sleeves
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