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    I kinda stumbled across you guys by accident, and have read quite a number of threads so far. Great topics and stories. Jeff asked me to share some photos and I love sharing my life through photos. I have done about anything you can for a living. Turned wrenches, sold vacuums, farmed, cowboyed, and now drive a truck hauling about anything that will fit into a grain trailer. So I have led an interesting life, and have tried to take pictures of the good the bad and the ugly. Since this is a red forum, I will start out with some of them. We have some pretty decent horses and enjoy using them too. Also have some dog that are pretty good. I'll stop here for now. I have to move more pics from my phone to keep going. Thanks for looking, Nick
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    I got a good deal on a 560 pedal tractor from a guy who was moving. It’s basically mint, though some of the decals are flawed. But my (almost) four year old seems to love it!! His older brother had a beat up 560 as well, with a bent axle and two broken front wheels. So I picked up some replacements at the toy show back in November, and gave them to him for Christmas as well. After our Christmas steaks (I love global warming!) I helped him fix it up so they both have working pedal tractors. I have two very happy boys, and to me that is winning Christmas!!
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    My father in law passed several years ago so I can't show that to him........but I tell my mother in law every so often that if she don't keep up on the payments to me I'm giving her daughter back! Rick
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    I bought myself a new set of sockets. I was happy with my present. Ho - Ho - Ho
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    I’ve met three more in the past year- well, four if you count passing Sandhiller on Hwy 20 as meeting him 😂. Drove to North Carolina last spring and Eason bought me supper, bought a tractor from Thesd5488 in April, and met Amsashooter a couple weeks ago to trade some weights. Mostly good people here, just take us with a grain of salt (except MTO and Old Tanker, better use the whole shaker with them two!).
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    Good job dad! Now you need to get them a chain to hook drawbar to drawbar to see what 560 has more power!!
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    Worse if she finds it in her garage bay where her car was....
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    You're ok with a vacuum. If ya bought her a broom the outcome mighta been different...🤕
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    I guess in the future I will have to be a little more specific when asking for $ in a card as in saying/stating "money" as in "cash". Wife and I rec`d a beautiful card from the TomH family. As I opened it, about 50 tiny 1/4" square pieces of paper with the $ symbol printed on each one fell all over the floor like confetti. Took me half an hour to pick them all up. Thank you TomH you SOB!!!!!!
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    You did better than I did.................I got nothing, so I have to search auctiontime, tractorhouse, or local sales to find something to give to myself!
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    Going to say i don't need this cup, Anyone who can now laugh at "waddle faster" and poses with a vacuum cleaner on Christmas is a keeper...
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    Well....maybe not the circus....
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    When we got the tractor it had a heat houser on it. We took it off and it wasn't in very good shape but hated to throw it away. But each side was good around the IH. So dad had it cut out and framed. I got one for Christmas and he kept one. I think it turned out really neat!
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    As someone who used to undertake in this stuff, which I now call "Nonsense" take it from me............It takes 5x the amount of money you think it will, plus alot of time and skills/machinery to accomplish. You better off finding a low mileage F350, keeping it stock and just fixing it, keep it nice and garaged and watch the value go up............I got a GM sitting here in the driveway with a similar story I put together in high school, mostly because acouple long gone Uncles told me it couldn't be done.............Well it proved them wrong, but took alot of money, time, and honestly although it does drive(Just hauled hay with it actually) it is ugly, and I honestly probably will never find the time anymore to get it finished. I guess its a good story and everything but my old man instead of walking by in the garage saying nothing should have told me I was a moron and would have been better served taking the time and money and buying stuff that was cheap then is highly collectable now. But that is part of growing up I guess.
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    Was finally able to get in contact with a person that was around when tractor was parked. Come to find out the tractor was parked for the winter and when they went to start it in the summer it wouldn’t turn over, new batteries and starter were installed but wouldn’t break loose. Has a straight pipe with a 90 on the tip of it. Enough Mother Nature had gotten into it and rusted it up over the winter. With head off and some penetrating oil I was able to spin it over, number 3 cylinder was fairly rusty. So tractor was just seized from sitting and wasn’t in use. Ordering overhaul kit and hoping to get it back to running in a few wks. Thanks all for the input!
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    She was a total spaz when I started riding her. Someone had beat on her pretty bad, and she was terribly head shy. You couldn't pick your nose without her b;owing sideways. I don't think she has ever bucked with me, but she has tried everything else. She is pretty much the horse we put anyone on and she is fairly safe, she did unload my granddaughter Thanksgiving. It took me over a year to get her bought, after I started riding her. Didn't pay a lot for her, but I have MONTHS of time on her.
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    Welcome.......... Just don't forget t keep the overshoes handy.......... It gets deep in here now and then........... Mike
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    I admit it I staged it...i did not get her a vacuum cleaner, I have to thank my wife for staging the picture...at least I got a few laughs. I did not get her the vacuum, my mom did, jozie saw moms and wanted to get one for months so there it is. No I got her some non house hold stuff (no vodka and benjamin tho) and steered others toward what she wanted...
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    After getting home from church service tonight I read this story that I stole from spacebook. I attempted to read it to the kids with dry eyes, my wife took over at a certain point and the oldest finished the story. My youngest has been telling me today that I am Santa. I explained that this story is much closer to what Christmas is about than the Santa story is. I don't mean to hijack but I think this is worth sharing ( unlike most of the stuff on spacebook)
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    Absolutely NOT!! She is an angel!! Empty O knows what I'm talkin about😁
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    Nothing anyone can say with a tragedy of that magnitude. God help the families involved.
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    I hear ya! My pockets weren’t deep enough either for that 3488 Hydro that was sold on auctiontime on December 11!
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    Dale, please don`t support Rick and his BS!
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    I believe that was a cemetery plot????🤣 Got ya nowhere.......that cause you keep trying to give her something that's either broken or too small. Don't what to do about the too small problem. But on the broken thing I've seen commercials about some kind of blue pill that you have said you have no need of.................so may i suggest a splint? You know a little tape and a couple of toothpicks? 😲🤣🤣🤣 Rick
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    The settlement check?
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    So yes, good luck with the surgery. I would also add, please be careful with the post-op pain drugs. Some of those things are tricky -get off them as quick as you can stand it.
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    Welcome to the forum. Great pics. Lot of good fellows on here and a lot on knowledge on here.
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    I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed my 560 back in the day. Mine had to have a second set of bearings after I wore the first set out!!!
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    Good luck. Remember not to overdo too soon
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    That’s pretty good!!! Now be honest, has selling her to the circus ever crossed your mind??😬😬
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    I’m going to show this to my father in law!
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    If by shaker you mean salt truck then yes...
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    The mark of historical significance is not measured in square feet. Just sayin.
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    ...Neat pictures, Nick.......but one thing bothers me.......is that "Jeff" bloke the one on here that calls himself "sandhiller " ??....... ......the very same sandhiller , who, on this very forum.......described himself as a "polished and refined gentleman "........quite unashamed apparently, at this absurd statement........ ......yet we see pictures of this bloke , on horseback, working cattle.........something funny going on .......or have I got this wrong ? .......just be on full alert , Nick Mike (more picture would be good !!)
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    Jake, Be sure to let your wife know how truly wonderful that she is. You my friend are truly blessed!!!
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    That is awesome. bet the smile on your face was just as big. That would make 3 happy boys. Congrats😀
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    You'd crap a brick if you saw all of the 966's out there with the fuel tank "manipulated" to make room for a turbo.....and that was done at the dealer, too. Travis
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