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    Track torch and it's off in short order. Minimal cleanup before the next one goes on with the melt-er-on-box . Saves weight on something I am already making heavier than normal. I should add this in 9 years has handled approximately 225,000 tons as we make approximately 15k tons of cornsilage per year along with in excess of 10k tons of haylage. We didn't start putting dates on the repairs until a few years ago. I would guess this is the fifth cutting edge welded on it since it's been made
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    Shouldn't that be: "un-bare-able"??? Mike
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    GEEZE------------I can't write that good with a pen and paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicely done!!!👍 Mike
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    We had a few that way and didn't like them . Feed sticks worse that way. We have two buckets with the bolt on edges and don't want any more. The worst one was years ago on our first bolt on edge bucket was used in manaur and it froze in much worse because it bridged around the bolts.
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    They all built good ones and they all built ones that suck(ed). Less and less impressed with any new ones...
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    Where is my popcorn? Some butter..little salt .this is gonna be fun
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    Our two auction finds. 4000 for both 1500 for tractor 100 for 3 pt link, 2400 for mixer. To bad it wasn’t the red model. Sorry photo didn’t work
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    Wow, at local airport...1st pic since May....
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    Oakly the new to us pup Ace wont even look at him!🤣
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    Good point on lowering the line of draft, however it may make the whole plow run level at a shallower working depth. 806 has lower link sensing draft control so that is a non issue for top link
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    My ride for the afternoon... 1979 S1700 with 345 and 4+2
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    Got her whipped and back in the beans!
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    You are going to need the book for that plow, I believe the top link must be used and maybe pull from the upper pins. The book should have instructions on hitching to the tractor. The plow hitch is for top link sensing if i remember the discussion I read before about that style hitch. Good luck.
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    Was helping my uncle bale one of his last pastures yesterday evening when it happened. That 7090 never looked so good than it did with flames rolling off it. I’m not bashing new holland but that one was a problem child with net wrap since new and the dealer wasn’t any help. Said he was mad about loosing a new roll of wrap on the baler and the hay. Had at least 4 maybe 5 different crews show up to put it out.
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    Well you know what Case stood for before the merger with IH. Can't Afford Something Else.
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    Lower the mast relative to the frame. That will lower the line of draft and the tractor won’t be pulling up on the plow as much.
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    Back in use this morning on the 95XT
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    I did not read anywhere that the cause of the fire was thought to be the net system. Have had several balers on fire, never lost one, was always due to a hot bearing. Suppose a spark from a rock or metal on metal hit as well as an electrical issue could cause a fire too. Bearing on a net system is highly unlikely as the net system only operates a few seconds then shuts down till another bale is formed, giving a little cool down time between uses
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    Which brand uses Yellow Wonder Bucket oil, Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge? Maybe I should take Jake’s example an apologize to BJ now!
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    Make sure rolling cutters aren't acting like gauge wheels.....have seen that too....
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    Why are you using the Quick hitch? I see the plow has accommodation for top link. plow may trail better and drop the back more going into the ground I use to have a massey 880 plow and used that set up. maybe on back furrow switch to a deep suck share
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    Prayers sent for the little one Gary.
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    Praying for her and praise God for your good news
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    That great that your getting a good report. Will remember your granddaughter in prayer.
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    Have any wheel weights to bolt the the back frame just for this tough field?
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    OEM eventually break, and spin the nuts if rusted. I honestly don't know what some of you guys expect to buy. Nothing is made like it "used" to be. And if it is, you whine about cost. So, beggars can't be choosy. I just bought some caged nuts from McMaster to do some of the hood bolts for the 4586 I did earlier this year. Weren't real cheap, and worked just fine. Fit the hole tight, haven't fell apart... I'm happy, even for the price.
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    Getting the tractor off was all him. In our mass confusion I didn’t even think of getting the tractor unhooked and not sure if I could of gotten to him anyway. One way in without going through the fence and he was leaving a trail all the way out To the wheat field. He said the pin pulled easy and got Away from it. I stayed and saved what I could till water showed up while he started moving bales. Cattle seem to be slow for me this week so I’m headed back up there now to see the results in daylight and bale up what’s left. Definitely had help from above that nothing else was damaged and nobody hurt.
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    At least you got the tractor off!
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    10-4 but my cheeks are getting sore from clenching the seat!
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    If I knew MTO's birthday is send him a glitter bomb.
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    I plan on using acouple to build a shed like pictured above. I can stuff our old pickups in the containers, get them out of other buildings, and put tractors and equipment in the middle.
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    oh yea..........if i am using coon cuffs i dont plan to transplant/rehome the raccoon
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    We use shipping containers at work, they are called Connex here. I think they have over a hundred of them in the yard and more scattered along the line. They are great for storage, and I was hoping to buy some this spring. they make several heights and three or more lengths. 20 footers are nice, 40 footers seem deep
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    Could be injector O-rings. Mine will use 2 gallons in 5K miles. Fuel filter is black, so I know it's getting oil in the fuel.
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    We don’t have accents- only you southerners have accents 🤩😎
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    Very possible that the hydros were ordered as platforms for custom harvesting equipment (sweet corn snappers, bean harvesters, pumpkin loaders, etc.) Where fenders would interfere with the equipment and the hydro was desirable. Libby's in Morton IL use to use Hydro 100's for all of their pumpkin rollers and loaders. Also, southern tractors often were ordered "cheap" for use on large farms...
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    Takes 2 people to drive a Ford. 1 to push and 1 to steer. Sorry...i couldn't resist.....😁
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    I have been using one for close to 20 years. I have never seen evidence that mice or rats got in. Tractors stored in a old redwood barn 50 feet away have been incapacitated several times by rats chewing electrical wire,so the bad critters are around. I have never seen condensation, but would not say it never happens.
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    Chopping on a hill in Hartford NY yesterday and took this. Colors aren’t as nice as some years. No nice equipment like Chris’s picture either...
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    That 3+ story red home is gorgeous! Like to take a walk through it. But I bet the residents are at the coffee shop complaining about the leaves in their yards/gutters and the water in their basements.
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    Bernie's workin on a cure for that.....said so last nite..... Mike
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    Well that fun ended. The curse of paying over 50 bucks for a dog (125 this one...he wanted 300) continues. Had bump size of marble behind neck (in tractor pic you can see it on lf side) I felt Saturday when we got him from wifes kin. It grew...oh oh....bet he vacc with same needle. Called him...yep same old needle from the med cab in the barn. Thur pm it now is golf ball and he hate touching it. Vet was around area so he quick looked. Antibiotics and see. Fri morning...hey bud its now baseball (5# mutt) sized. Ill be by later. Cut 4 slits..huge abscess of fluid/goop from dirty needle. Tied some surgical strapes though to keep holes draining. He had student vet today so she helped at least. More antibiotics....he is hurting scooter now. Lets hope this is it. Oh and cousin says he will give kids money back(from corn sales). I said hold on.....the $ was for the shots basically anyways. Lesson learned....sometimes deals dont work out smooth!
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    Reminds me of diatoms.
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    The way things went on my place this year that might be a thing of the past !
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