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    We went to put a cutting edge of the 8' feed bucket we custom made for the skidloaders. It had an edge in January of '18. I had forgotten how long ago we made it and the date welded on the bucket is February 2010..... It might be better to make a second over winter time. We had replaced the one front triangle in the floor in '15 as it was always slightly closer to the ground and wore faster there . We put a 16"wide new leading edge in the floor today . Originally it was all 1/4" AR400 plate, 3/8" side stiffners on the sides. 2x3x1/4" tube across the top. 3/4x8? cutting edge . Homemade quicktach all AR so it lasted longer without wearing loose so soon . We plan to make the next one similar to this one. It's 8' wide and the floor is around 3' deep.
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    I have some experience showing crack and throwing shingles. Not for hire just for anyone in the family or a neighbor that needs a roof we'll get together and get it done. One of the last ones we did my cousin got a bright red sunburn triangle right at the top of the crack in his ——— from showing to much. Our wives loved that and still laugh about it.
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    Why worry about the jack? Pull the pin and let it drop! Rick
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    I've owned 'em all. Good ones and bad ones. Don't discriminate when it comes to making fun.😄
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    Not ANYMORE! Our new church roof project. Pics don`t depict the pitch. It`s steep! Butt crack alert on pic #1 Saved the best pic for last. And the wind was cold and BLOWING today when guy was hanging on crane. And Pete was whining he was puckered up on a slope today.....
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    Yeah, just having a little fun at your expense. I have a fairly good command of the english language with comprehension. Just write to entertain myself as much as anyone else. (unless your sense of humor is as skewed as mine)😄 I know you are very involved with your church so you get to take some of the credit. 😀
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    He's on every night here on a cable channel called Antenna TV...a channel dedicated to TV shows from the 1970s-90s. Think its out of the Twin Cities. He was a class act...even if his personal life left a lot to be desired. Leno was good, too. Sure wish the 3 stooges of today's late night "comedy" shows(use that term loosely) would have learned more from him. All they are is listening to a political message...not much comedy. We sure could use good versions of both Johnny Carson and Paul Harvey in today's world. Life sure isn't the same without them.
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    This just fascinates the heck out of me. This is a still from a video the wife showed me. They are patterns in water. The relationship is definitely above my pay grade and smarter people than me can probably explain it away with a shrug. With all the chaos in the world, there is order in "nature" that has to be part of a greater design. I do recall seeing video of alzheimer's patients respond to music when nothing else got through.
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    I am going to be the odd man here, and suggest that maybe everything is working correctly. In other words the watch dog is doing its job an alerting you of a low pressure condition. I would be throwing some gauges on it pronto. Wrap your oil cooler in a trash bag, put a flow restrictor in rear remotes and take er for a ride around the block while monitoring pressure. Does it stay in spec?
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    A Massey Harris ad from 1949 featuring a very old Massey Harris tractor.
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    Use a hole saw make a nice clean circle, weld it up, replace cut out circle, grind,buff smooth get the beans out!
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    Track torch and it's off in short order. Minimal cleanup before the next one goes on with the melt-er-on-box . Saves weight on something I am already making heavier than normal. I should add this in 9 years has handled approximately 225,000 tons as we make approximately 15k tons of cornsilage per year along with in excess of 10k tons of haylage. We didn't start putting dates on the repairs until a few years ago. I would guess this is the fifth cutting edge welded on it since it's been made
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    Shouldn't that be: "un-bare-able"??? Mike
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    GEEZE------------I can't write that good with a pen and paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicely done!!!👍 Mike
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    We had a few that way and didn't like them . Feed sticks worse that way. We have two buckets with the bolt on edges and don't want any more. The worst one was years ago on our first bolt on edge bucket was used in manaur and it froze in much worse because it bridged around the bolts.
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    There is built.... then there is bitty built! Nice work.
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    Sure am glad there are people who can and will do that kind of work. Don't believe I could. I go on a roof once in a while, but nothing like that.
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    I can't wait to show that first one to my wife when she gets back from Europe, I show off some nifty plumbers crack sometimes, but that right there has me beat, just the draft in this wind today would be unbareable!
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    they brought in two Rolls Royce Avon jets to the shop for some maintenance. Original pump power Was jets just like this. 25,000 horse each At a cost of 25 to 30 thousand gallons of diesel in a 24 hours of run time, each
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    youd be surprised at what you can do wen the adrenaline kicks in Mike
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    At least the the bumper can hold a cow 😂
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    This is field corn they are going at not sweet corn. Believe it or not we learned a way to keep raccoons out of our sweet corn patch. Just before tasseling. We put up a temporary electric fence around the perimeter powered by a solar electric fence charger. Put the hot wires just about head level. They get bit and leave it alone. You would think they would try to jump it but we've done it like this for almost 13 years and never had a issue yet.
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    They all built good ones and they all built ones that suck(ed). Less and less impressed with any new ones...
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    Here are some from the southern tier of NY
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    Where is my popcorn? Some butter..little salt .this is gonna be fun
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    Buy two and make a shed.
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    Good point on lowering the line of draft, however it may make the whole plow run level at a shallower working depth. 806 has lower link sensing draft control so that is a non issue for top link
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    Was helping my uncle bale one of his last pastures yesterday evening when it happened. That 7090 never looked so good than it did with flames rolling off it. I’m not bashing new holland but that one was a problem child with net wrap since new and the dealer wasn’t any help. Said he was mad about loosing a new roll of wrap on the baler and the hay. Had at least 4 maybe 5 different crews show up to put it out.
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    See toolbox mounted on bottom of battery tray. I assume it could go on either side??
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    Some look like snowflakes, some like Jellyfish
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    Why are you using the Quick hitch? I see the plow has accommodation for top link. plow may trail better and drop the back more going into the ground I use to have a massey 880 plow and used that set up. maybe on back furrow switch to a deep suck share
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    Have any wheel weights to bolt the the back frame just for this tough field?
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    OEM eventually break, and spin the nuts if rusted. I honestly don't know what some of you guys expect to buy. Nothing is made like it "used" to be. And if it is, you whine about cost. So, beggars can't be choosy. I just bought some caged nuts from McMaster to do some of the hood bolts for the 4586 I did earlier this year. Weren't real cheap, and worked just fine. Fit the hole tight, haven't fell apart... I'm happy, even for the price.
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    Sure looks good there Bitty. Some good looking welds also.
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    MTO could loan you his air ride seat you could put on one side..............................Whoopie Cushion with exit folded over with a paper clip on it
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    I plan on using acouple to build a shed like pictured above. I can stuff our old pickups in the containers, get them out of other buildings, and put tractors and equipment in the middle.
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    We don’t have accents- only you southerners have accents 🤩😎
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    Takes 2 people to drive a Ford. 1 to push and 1 to steer. Sorry...i couldn't resist.....😁
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    These first two my sister took. Wilmington Vt( I think)The second two are mine. Coming North on Interstate 89 in NH. The leaves are coming off in upper elevations. After the nor’easter they’re talking about tonight and tomorrow I suspect most of those will be off. We’re probably heading into peak foliage in the Champlain Valley now
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