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    Have had this posted on bulletin boards, no calls, need help. FOR SALE JD 1508 BATWING 1 owner, quite possibly the ugliest one in existence that still functions. Has never cut brush bigger than a 4x4 could run over. Gear boxes don't leak oil as long as you don't put any in them ( has had gun grease in them for 10+ years ) Greased any time something broke. Not a shield on it so don't let wife or kids ride on it, mother in law up to you ! 4 hard tires good, folding cylinders were OK last they worked before hoses were ripped off. Has vibration, possibly more than 1 source, but with good radio & air ride seat you get used to it. Doesn't require inside storage, has some paint left. 1000 RPM but 750 feels better. Includes some spare parts that ain't broke but not many. All season use as snow blower, wood splitter, or to level off a semi load of gravel. Comes with a handful of 6011 welding rods & an old Lincoln "buzz box" I found in the hog barn. Already has some welding on it, but still needs enough to become experienced at welding. Has a really tough CV joint as it has busted several PTO shafts off tractors. Selling cause I think something is getting worse on it & I can't find what it is. Serious lookers only as there is considerable risk in demonstrating. This mower has sentimental value to me since I used it to cut a marriage proposal to my 1st wife in a CRP field back when it had only been rebuilt 1 time. Most REWARDING mowing I ever did ! 1500 firm ( might take less if cash & paid before you see it ) Call Tim after supper before bed.
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    Looks like a good haul. My wife asks me what things are for that I bring home. I just tell her they are for people to buy at my auction when I die some day.
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    Since the International 1466 is the boys and I's favorite tractor, we felt this one needed saved. We have a bit of a love affair with these 1466's. Currently have five of them, and all but one are projects. This ole girl showed up at the bone yard. Checked into it a little as it looked way too whole to junk. Couldn't see anything wrong except for the fact that it appeared to have stood for several years. Was told it ran, but wouldn't move. Asked if we could see if it would run and we were told have at it. Jumper cables to the Powerstroke and tada, she was alive. No clutch release, so we could not get it into gear. Assumed the throw out bearing had gone east. Negotiated a deal and took her home. Split her apart and the throw out bearing had seized all right, and then it was run until the PP fingers were literally worn in half! New clutch, PP, bearing and good to go. Makes us feel good to save another one. Cab is coming off and fenders going on. Then we will do some farming and see if she is any good. After that a full restoration will be in order.
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    Could be worse. Could be some grease monkey mechanic sitting in his garage in Pennsylvania wasting time on the internet instead of being productive....
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    Guess if you put down your money and are waiting for your new 2020 Ford Exploder, you may be waiting just a BIT longer to get your new "state of the art" SUV. I heard thru the grapevine many thousands of them are sitting in a Chicago lot awaiting all the Ford techs (all of whom are working OT) to figure out all the wiring and puter issues. Guess when you twist the dial to put in park, step out, away it goes! Rumor has it Ford is including a pair of wheel chocks with every one.... he he he. JK.
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    Saw signs for a sale Saturday, on my road barely a mile away! Nice collection fairly rare tractors 🚜 and more! At this time i don’t really have extra $$ hanging around as the printing press is broken so i did not stick around to see what things brought. I was way to worried one of the big standards would , maybe go cheap and I would be really peeved at myself....🙄 Most were running and used fairly regularly . Pictures!
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    Have heard some, with a push of a button will park themselves. Didn't know they would go out and find their own parking space too🛸💨😄
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    My wife and I were browsing around in an antique shop and i saw found this. I only found a listing for this dealership from 1958 with nothing else. I thought it was pretty cool/nostalgic so I bought it 🙂 Its pretty old for sure looking at the 3 digit phone number
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    I actually do a good share of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry but.... can’t help but laugh at this.
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    My wife would like the heat on her side and AC on my side setup so she doesn't need to bring a blanket along when i drive....🤣😂
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    Is that what it means when my 10 year old tells me, "You just got burned"?????
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    Ford aint the only manufacturer to have lots full of new stuff waiting for techs to fix them before they leave the plant.......
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    Bought this mower at a sale yesterday for 5 dollars. Thought what the heck, throw some mixed gas in and give it a try... a few primer pumps and 4 pulls it was running! Kids were fighting over who got to mow with it and asked to mow more tomorrow
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    You. Only you would ask for pictures. But I have to congratulate you on not asking for directions!!
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    I have a H, M, 400, and 450 but this is the first hand crank I have. I am thinking that it might never get used but I can restore it with the tractor. The lot included 5 hydraulic cylinders like the cultivators used and the axle brackets for the cultivators along with the really rusty wrench for the drawbar. Best thing is that it wasn't extremely expensive as it was $5 for the pile. I debated bidding on other things I am certain that I would never use but refrained from raising my hand.
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    It’s been something I have talked about for probably the last 20 years and I finally dug the poor thing out of the grainery this past winter and started tearing it apart. It’s been probably close to 30 years since I rode it the last time (I was probably 8 in the picture. I’m 38 now). Works out pretty good considering the next generation is coming in March of next year. They can ride the old man’s pedal tractor, but this time it stays indoors!
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    Did you graduate to wearing a turban and crapping in a bucket, too, “steering wheel holder?” 😂
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    it only takes one and we are doomed..............the rumors and gossip will be like a wind driven prairie fire !!!!
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    Way to go mto! Now ya went and did it! Gonna have an infiltrator to go report to the other wimenz......and why would you wanna explore the dark side? 😮😁
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    Yes, she hasn’t killed me yet so I must not have gathered enough junk to be worth it 😁
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    We got both home today. 1086 made it without a hiccup. I know it hasn’t been started in close to 20 years. The 10 has 7000 hours but pretty much original everything yet but missing a 3pt lift link. We put 10 gals of fuel in and headed out. The 1586 blew back Heater hose we had to shut valve and then about 4 miles later blew oil cooler hose. We cut it off looped it between fittings and kept going. 1586 wasn’t run for 8 years or so but she was full of fuel and runs well. 5900 hours or so. Click in reverse from park and we figured out clutch slips badly but that can be fixed. Owners nephew was there and great nephew the hoods for 15 were in another building they gave them to us and wondered what we did to get them running. I said put a battery in away she went. About 2 hours of running brother is real proud of 1086. This one has short lever and bent lever
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    I think that I'll start using that on my wife!! I guess that I should ask first. Does that work?
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    Keep your thumb tight against index/fore finger & not around the crank to save from #&$@#! ....when cranking.
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    Congratulations. I know how you feel. I buy things at auction that I have no use for. But it’s usually cheap and it makes me happy. I brought some things home once and my father asked if they payed me for hauling off their junk. 😀
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    No toys eh? So all those old Mopars are investments? 😜
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    The computer I'm on now has Windows Vista. Everyone tells me it's a bad and outdated version but it works well for me. I guess I see it like an old tractor. If it still does it's job and works well why trash it. Same with my flip phone.
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    Headed to Sundance WY this evening. Got a copilot too. She’s excited to go to Wyoming because the state capital is the same as her first name (Cheyenne). Might be a long trip for me, though. She never stops talking when she’s in the truck, my ears won’t get a rest until she goes to sleep.
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    The overkill oats hauler. All other tractors had something attached to them!
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    Brought this 766 last summer. It’s only duty now is to plow snow in the winter. If we get big drifts, maybe spin the snowblower. Maybe 1 day it will looks nice Carl’s.
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    So I have been collecting parts and pieces of hitches for a couple of years on and off and finally decided to start putting them together for a 400 and a 560. In all the years I have used and abused them on 230,240 460 400 450, and 560 tractors I have not seen the damage that these have that I have found and it takes more than one to get a good one (not perfect). Usually we broke the lateral limit piece. I think I have parts from four now. So I have started to finally put one on the 400 only because the rear end is out so I can work on it. I have taken the last two apart far enough to handle them without a hernia and have started to clean the holes out on the tractor. It seems my 3/4 tap is dull or worn out as I have not even gotten one hole cleaned out yet. I picked with a screw driver and blew out with air and used penetrating oil. I tried to preclean the lower holes on the clutch side and the amount of grease packed dirt is amazing. Do you guys have a better way? Perhaps some brake cleaner added to the mix. I should replace the bushings/bearing in the upper pivot but have not gotten that far. For now it is a work in progress. I should replace the grease zerks as I go. I am not quite sure how I am going to do the rear hydraulics yet, I know the 400 has a check valve back there already. Both cylinders that I have that are good have the pin and plate depth set up on them so the last hitch is getting retrofitted to an older style.
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    Oh heavens no....the wind messes up her hair...windows up. AC on high.
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    Turner tried that on his Nebraska ranches. Tore out all the interior fences, took down the windmills. His buffalo destroyed the beautiful low wet hay meadows, trampled them into boggy swamps. Ripped out the fragile grass covering the sandhills. He is now back to hooking up the windmills and some limited cross fencing. Past generations of cattlemen turned sand dunes into what is now some of the best cattle country in the world. Turner.............oh **** whats the use. "Golden Rule" and I gotta watch my blood pressure. Goin back to eatin my hamburger and some other colorful stuff wife says is good for me.
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    Gave my thots to an older sister last night about no worldwide open women`s forums. She claimed there were many. I asked where as I`d like to explore them. She had no answer. Mentioned some "chat" rooms but they were limited to being "allowed" in by previous members. That`s a cat of a different color imo. So she asked where I go and told her Red Power. She said she`s gonna join so beware guys And if /when she does, she`ll tell lies about me!
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    Guess I got the BIG variety of corn for this field for 2019? Never see ears so high off the ground!
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    I have a Waukeshaw XA engine that is apparently the same as the 6-speed engine. It's on my Dad's old #8 combine and it still turns over and has spark after sitting since 1960!
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    We all had to have graphing calculators in school, I had a TI 83, as did everyone in my class. There were all the school ones around that were TI82+. Used to pass notes on them, as long as there was a calculator in front of someone it didn’t look suspicious, and they alllooked the same. Not EVERYONE had a cell phone and it didn’t matter because they didn’t work at school or anywhere else for that matter
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    I've got a story about one of the good guys, Hugh Pite. He's got an MG salvage yard of sorts in BC. I wrote him about some some part for my TF. He had it and said to send him a check. I sent it off and two days later the part arrived! He'd already sent it before receiving the check! That's never happened to me before. The scammers who post a picture off the web and sell a non-existent machine or the one who "buy" your item and send a fake check way over the agreed amount should all be lumped in with the Nigerian princes who want your help getting millions out of their country and the "Microsoft engineers" who want to fix your computer, and castrated! The one who prey on the elderly are particularly nasty and deserve harsher treatment.
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    My condolences to the Darst family. Darrel was the originator of the IH Specialty Tent that featured rare/odd IH items at the Red Power Roundup. The first one was in 1993 and it had the OLDEST Farmall Tractor known and the LAST IH tractor made along with Tracto the IH Tractor robot, an experimental IH no-till planter and a very early built IH Scout. Here is a piccy of the first and last tractors along with an IH 660 and a 1-owner 826 gold demo that myself and Neal Stone brought to the show. This was taken in our driveway. We hired Merlin Frederickson ( a JD collector to haul them for us) and He was IMPRESSED at all the IH there at the show. The IH Specialty tent made appearances at other Roundups and has eventually turned into the show feature exhibit.. Darrel is a large collector of everything IH, with a great IH refrigeration collection.
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    or the saying we start out in diapers and end up in diapers, hope I can skip that part,
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    I remember a PE teacher giving me a rough time about my inability to do pull ups. He said that my classmate had no problem. I told him that smaller people only have to lift 85#. I have to lift 235! How much weight can he hold over his head? He agreed that I was in good physical shape when I invited him to come toss and stack small square bales of hay with me some 90 degree afternoon! 😊
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    12_Guy, You reminded me of a deer story of a co-worker back in the early 1970's when I was a painter at Billings Chrysler-Plymouth-Toyota. Don was leaving work one afternoon to go hunting with his dad the next day at Red Lodge, Montana. It was dark early by the time he reached Red Lodge. Before he got there, he hit a very nice buck deer on the highway with his car. The deer was lying on the highway in the headlights of his car, when he decided it'd be a great buck to tag. He'd tag it, so as to not get fined and the deer confiscated. He punched a hole in the deer's ear and tied the tag to the ear. He drug it around back by the nice antlers and opened his trunk. He put the deer in his trunk thinking he and his dad could gut and field dress it when he arrived there. He pulled up in front of his dad's house and went to the door. He asked his dad to come look at what he had in his trunk. With a flashlight, he opened the trunk and out jumped that nice buck, that ran down the street and got away with his hunting license! OBG😀
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    A silvertip brown Grizzly bear. Beautiful to watch the silver flashing in the sun. He had to be moving 25-30 mph. Near Browning, Montana. I'd say it was about the size of this pet Grizzly here in Helena, Montana 1894. Probably a three year old? OBG😀
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    i was doing great until they started putting letters with the numbers in math...........😨
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