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    I didn't say it worked. That is what it was for. Personally I think it was more of a fund transfer device.
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    The rivet thread and cold rivet the differential got me looking for old service manual. The 15/30 manual doesn’t have anything about the differential. But I found a milker handbook I never knew was there. It has the posters you would hang up to be a better cleaner milker. Thought it was neat .
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    Ouch.... But that's a mug only a mother could love! hope ya feel better soon.
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    If people like Al Gore the inventor of about everything if you ask him, would live on as little as he wants us peons to live on I would find it easier to believe him. Which parts of science do I believe. The Shari was once rain forest. The Ohio river was the leading edge of the North American ice sheet. At last that is what the books said back when I was in school. How oh how did this change without the help of man. But if this is true how can we get so worried about current changes from what we wish to call normal. Only those with the permission of such as AOC will be able to travel in jet aircraft? We will knowingly starve a large part of the population to stop using fossil fuel for the growing and transporting food? So many,many questions and not any answers that can explain everything. So the argument goes on. My bet is in a 1000 years or so we will have a answer.
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    Thought this post was going to be about a Farmall cub rescue.
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    "never had a problem before" "don't need a safety rope, this will only take a minute" Not highjacking.... but add PTO's to this list as well. (I've see the result of what happens when someone gets hung up in a PTO shaft). At least in a grain bin you don't have to walk around picking up pieces. Just imagine an on farm IED. Nuff said. Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw years ago..... "It's not that life is short,.....dead is really long"
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    I saw one of those milkers at a show three weeks ago. It was complete with a vacuum pump and it’s own engine, here’s a picture of it.
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    I have not watched a show on CBS, ABC or NBC in many years. The last show I liked was the lawyer one with Denny Crane? I see the commercials and none look worth watching. When those three are finally gone, with their fake news, the world may just be a better place.
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    It's a piston expander. V wheel goes insde skirt. Flat wheel outside. Roll up and down in several places to expand pistons.
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    If you can't bring the rivet to a hard surface, bring the hard surface to the rivet. In other words, use a second hammer to support the rivet while you peen it over. Or a chunk of steel. I'm sure in the factory they had a fixture and an air hammer setup, but obviously you're not going to do that for a one-off.
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    Yes , when the powershift lever is in reverse and the pto is turned on the lube oil gets cut off from the powershift . It will seize up the powershift trans planetaries , lots of $ to repair , if powershift lever is left in reverse with pto turned on . An example of this is when a person backs up to an auger and forgets to put the powershift in 1st gear , can easily happen . I allways thought it was a stupid set up . I worked for an IH dealer at the time of the merger and went to Racine Wi to service school to learn the Case tractors , I asked one of the instructors how about in the winter time with a snowblower and a long driveway ? He said that you would go forward again soon enough to give the tranny a shot of lube . The whine you hear in reverse is the the sun gears of the planetary gear set spinning at about 7 times engine rpm and without lube pressure . This is why there is a warning decal in the cab by the pto lever . Crazy design I think . Hope I explained it clear enough . Bob
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    8 hours 92 feet of fence I hate working in rough country.... It's not quite done but it'll do.
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    I could see it working if the swth sits up well on the stubble and leaves room for the cutterbar to get under the swath. I tried it once with the 1010 header on the 1660. Did not go far before a small rock broke a guard so I gve up that idea I found some vintage paper today that I forgot I had. Nichols and Shepherd , Red River Special advertising from the 1920s.
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    Nobody's going to miss them either.
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    Exactly. Netflix, Hulu and the others are doing in cable companies. The fat lady maybe hasn’t sung, but she is on stage and I think she cleared her throat
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    CX60 = IH heritage tractor with Perkins power, made in CaseIH plant in England JX65 = Fiat heritage, made in Turkey. Personally I'd pick the CX60.
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    Look at the Fleetneck trailers from Diamond C, the entire trailer frame and hitch is cut from one piece of plate and then flanges are welded to the top and bottom to create an engineered I beam. On a 30' trailer the frame is supposed to be several hundred pounds lighter than a conventional I beam frame.
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    Did some checking on progress. Glad I took pictures & put dates in the collage to see stages over the summer. New Pioneer app is interesting - take sample ears and it scans points to give yield estimate.
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    I've taken a couple more too. Just sooooo much to see. BK.
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    Just saying a timing light does not work well on a inlet metering pump which Roosa Master is . Works great on pumps like the Bosch 100 series because they use spill port to end the injection and beginning is controlled by the advancing of the intervance camshaft mechanism. Advance does not change with increase in fuel but a Roosa Master pump does. The more fuel you put between the rollers on a Roosa, the earlier the plungers contact the cam ring and start injecting fuel. That's all.
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    It took me about 15 years to scrounge up the parts to build this. It’s a pressure washer motor, the old compressor from our small shop that was thought to be noisy so it got replaced, and a tank from one of our parlors that got taken out of service when we switched to rotary screw. This is in my small shop at home. At work we have and IR t-30 that had seen 17 years heavy use in the shop. We have bought 2 Gardner Denver air compressors in the last couple years that cost about 1500 each that seem to be very good.
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    Thanks much, that is a very detailed explanation.
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    I have mixed feelings here. First thought is that it wouldnt be right for you to gouge this kid for the last 3 idoits. Its not his fault they tore your fence up no matter how mad you are. 2nd like mentioned he had the ballz to come see you, wrather or not his parents were behind that or not we'll never know. Id like to think they made him. I would and will if that ever happens. I say charge him for the material and what you feel is worth your time. My farm pays me about .02/hr. If i can charge $50 im ecstatic. I think he should pay up for a reasonable restitution to you no argument. Now ill explain why i have mixed feelings. Neighbor farmer my whole life to me has a fence at a bad intersection. Theres a quick hill after a straight stretch and a stop sign at the bottom. If anyone tops the hill over about 55 they are going through his fence. Also winter time is bad. Like you he only would catch about 1 in 4. Now this old man was tighter than dicks hatband and would screw his mother over if he the chance. He would charge those poor people thousands. Hed get 4 rolls of barbed wire and 25 tee posts when they only took out a car width of fence. There were corner posts 30' each way. After working them and or their insurance company over hed stack up his supplies next to his barn and go hang the $20 cattle panel back up with light wire. He would spend about 20 minutes repairing it. I always said i feel sorry for whoever he catches because they walk away bow legged. Now please dont misunderstand me, im not saying your doing this by any means, just that its not fair to make him pay for the last 3 guys. I think what you meant was that since you caught somebody you have to charge them and thats ok. What would i do? Well it would depend on the kid, and how he acted when he came up to talk to me. Good kid? Yes sir no sir? Look like a worker? Maybe give me 8 hrs work and well call it good. Teach him a life lesson. Pita punk kid? Cop an attitude? Charge him accordingly for damages. Sorry for long post
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    We had a "miserable" riveting fixture that I used to " cold" rivet ring gears on truck differentials. IH said a hot rivet would shrink causing a loose rivet.
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    Make sure the block and head are super clean , tap out the block and wipe down multiple times with Brake Clean and a lint free towel. Then don't be fingering the gasket, head or block as your skin has oils on it. The best seal is when the gasket bonds to the block and head. Any oils make it slick and it then wants to squeeze out and it fails. If using paint or something else, make sure it is very dry before installing the head. Then torque in stages up to specs. Then re-torque the head after a few hours use and then re-torque again any time the valve cover is off. The gasket crushes during the first few hours. When the gasket crushes the bolts get loose, loose causes gaskets to fail. I always re-torqued anything the valve cover was off of. It was just a good habit to get into. Until torque to yield bolts came out. PS: 6.2 diesel GMC with ARP studs installed on last head gasket failure. I took the stud nuts off with a 3/8 drive ratchet and none had over 25 pounds of torque on them. If those heads would have been re-torqued, the gaskets probably would not have failed.
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    Do the compression test like the other guys are telling you , ask him what oil he is using , case IH 30 w no 1 diesel oil is the best oil for that motor . Danny
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    Took them a while to realize where it should have been all along?
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    stick a shiny piece of metal out side when its raining, couple days and it will be rust. and you expect the rings to slide up and down in a cyl. like that???
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    That will teach you to not back talk her again Good thing you aren't too allergic to them
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    Let 1586Jeff tig it so you don’t blow yourself up 😱
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    If it is the same as our 464 the filter housing is a Donaldson. I got the last filter from WIX. The filter is expensive even at rock Auto. Used in commercial mowing it can get lots of larger debris that cleans easily with compressed air. It has never been an issue, regular maintenance.
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    For crying out people! CHIIIILLLLL!!!!!! Guy took his family to a baseball game. Go have your pissing match elsewhere.
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    First off, don't concern yourself much with MP. That's not a very good metric for what makes a quality photo or what the capabilities of a camera are. Nikon/Canon doesn't much matter either, except that once you start with one brand your future stuff will need to match it. I use Nikon, but the two are comparable in price, features, abilities. There are certain lenses in each lineup which are maybe superior for very niche applications, but you are nowhere near the point to be concerned with that. Something worth considering if you step to a DSLR, is that you don't necessarily need the latest model. There are some very, very good buys on discontinued models. Could get into more specifics of that if I knew a little more of what your desires to do with it are, but you can definitely get into a midrange body 2-3 generations old for what the newest entry-level body costs. Actually, I have a D5100 that I'd be willing to part with very reasonably. I mostly just carry a D7100 now- and that's a 2013 vintage camera. Does me just fine for the time being. You probably don't want to know about the cost of a couple lenses I own, though.... Oh, and batteries in DSLR cameras are a quantum leap above other stuff. I just did three days in Oshkosh, something close to 2,000 shots before weeding out the junk, and never needed to pull my battery out to charge.
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    You don't know what Doomed is until your bad at cooking and your wife is worse than you are!
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    I was in the 16,930 hour 8950 today while Ricky Bobby was chopping Not a full load going by while I was at the next field waiting for the chopper to show up.
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    At one time I seen dry ice at Wal-Mart. Never ending supply if they still have it. I vote for making the effort. She deserves it after getting thru basic. Thank her for her service!
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    I've worked on this project off and on for months and finally have something to post. I removed an Ertl Precision New Idea picker from the A-C D 17 and mounted it on a Precision 706 that had been converted to narrow front. The major rework was modifying the axle housing brackets and replacing the paddles above the husking rolls with the usually-seen flexi-fingers. I got the finger wheels and open-mesh boarding ladder from Steve Schulz in Wisconsin. I fabricated mounts for a grease gun and fire extinguisher, and added a tool box, hitch pin & rope and a muffler heat shield. I painted the snapping and husking rolls and the chains and fan belt appropriate colors as needed. The super snoot was made from plastic sheet and perforated brass sheet. The holes are larger than on the real thing but it captures the look. The wagon is the Ertl Precision IH flare box. I made both sets of side boards from scale lumber and brass strip stock. The bottom boards are painted and the upper pair are weathered. The only alterations to the wagon are a drilled and tapped 0-90 hole at the four corners.
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