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    My toes are gonna curl any day now...... Cucumbers and onions and sweet corn. The wife only eats a couple forks full so that leaves the rest for me. I'm the one who makes them at our house so I can make'm the way I like them. Just enough sugar to take the edge off the vinegar. I experiment with added ingredients. Celery seed, green peppers, what ever sounds good and I have available. As a kid, during the season mom would use what she didn't can for cukes and onions. Dad ate a few, mom ate a few. brother didn't like them....an me...... I just took the bowl and would stab my fork into anyone who wanted seconds. If the number of blossoms are any indication, I'm going to be belching for weeks. Yes, I can them too. Sweet corn. It is not possible to use to much butter, salt, or pepper. If the butter is not running down your arm, you didn't use enough. Norman Rockwell has a painting of a boy and his sister eating sweet corn. My granddad gave me a copy when I was 5. I was a pig already then. Tomatoes aren't ready yet. If they were, I'd be writing this from the hospital ER
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    https://www.cbsnews.com/video/farmers-harvest-crop-for-neighbor-battling-stage-4-cancer/ Great story and some red equipment too! Its near Spokane so maybe Brady Boy is covering it as well.
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    08 Impala rear pads/rotors. The boy has a few brake jobs under his belt. He`s even taken them from start to finish with me guiding thru the tough parts. He pulled car in (still struggles with placement on lift, has to back out/pull in a couple times) and set lift up. Got her up, placed some safety stands and went to work. I was working on a Big Red 3 wheeler and noticed him beating-beating-beating on the first rotor. I told him "Hit that SOB like you have a pair" He grinned. Still beating away. I like him to use air hammer as a last resort so if he`s doing one at home with no air, he`ll know how to do it. After half an hour, I grabbed air hammer and handed it to him. He hammered that thing for 2-3 minutes as I watched and it never budged. I tapped him off the stool and was going to show him how to do it. That`s when I saw the retaining bolt still in the rotor. I stepped away and told him "You forgot something" He sat down and looked and looked shrugging his shoulders. I handed him a torx bit. He just looked at me and said "Stupid, huh?" I said, "No, just impatient" Oh, we had the cellphone talk. Things have improved.
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    Friday night was the pull at our local fair. Theygot the outlaws to come and then we had a local tractor and local pickup class afterwards. My dad, I and my son all 3 pulled. I pulled my 5288, Bronson pulled the magnum and Dad pulled the 1466. I think we had 7 or 8 tractors and one of them pulled twice with different drivers.
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    I wouldn't complain...............Still amazed and jealous you could put 10 ft on number 2 and more on number 3. I could never do that, and I cheat.................I must be running up against better cheaters?
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    He is actually standing on the sidewalk.
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    This coming weekend (August 2-4) Iowa Chapter 5 will hold its annual state show in conjunction with the Mid Iowa Antique Power Association of Marshalltown Iowa. As current Chapter 5 President, and an active member of MIAPA, I wanted this to be a special show. Yesterday, Red Tractor Fever and I hauled 2 truckloads of my tractors up to the grounds. We were both tired yesterday, but had SO MUCH fun! (Thanks again, my Friend!) So, for your enjoyment.........
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    Falling falling for my new dog
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    Well, guess I am wrong AGAIN OT! IIRC, you have told me in the past that you keep your "helping " dollars/time local as opposed to sending support to say Iowa etc. I get that. I support my local Fuzz instead of the telemarketers who call for police support dollars. And just to stir SsssMiller`s pot, I sent a check to PETA.... Maybe you could head up/organize a support team next time someone needs help locally as certainly you have no horse in the "I want his acreage" competition. We ALL can end up on the "need help" list in a blink of an eye. Few of us are bulletproof. But this article about the farmers was certainly heartwarming... to me anyhow.
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    That would have been the first rule change if they allowed the use of the TA
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    It's a "new" industry. Gonna need some time to establish infrastructure. Will probably never get to the mill availability like beans or corn. Mainly it's just government meddling and picking winners. A free economy would do wonders for this crop.
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    My idea of the perfect Charger R/T
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    Went there yesterday and it awesome, met and talk with Jerry great guy and would recommend to go visit if you haven’t!!
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    Great new story but some of the replies are depressing. I thank GOD I live in a area where people still help people and it doesn't take a tragedy for them to drop what they are doing to come help. It's called simply, neighboring and goes back a long ways and is still thriving today. I dunno, too much emphasis on the almighty buck I guess. When you have good friends and neighbors, you are the richest man in the world and to have good neighbors you have to be one yourself. I hope the negative stories are not a true snapshot of rural America, I don't believe it is.
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    I agree with both of you, it would be nice if some of us old guys could get to try this before we are put out to pasture.
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    That was the way Dad and Uncle hauled their 21A Massey's on 48 Chevy trucks. They told of wading into a section of wheat with 3 Massey's. They were not done in one day. How things change?
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    Gas cans don't kill people, people kill people. I have at least ten gas and diesel cans of all sizes and as far as I know have never killed anyone. Dennis
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    Cukes,home grown tomatoes and onion chopped up with balsamic and olive oil.
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    Congratulations Rusty. They knew they were in trouble when you unloaded. That tractor looks like winner just setting. Most local pulls the hierarchy is set. Sure is fun to show up with something that upsets their apple cart.
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    Nope , 🤣😂was going to add to 560 maybe
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    If you need THAT much groceries buy a truck.....or walk and burn some of them groceries off!!😂🤣😂😁
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    If you don't mind me throwing in with ya, here are a few of my favorites.
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    This was getting worked on in Hazen nd
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    It's a quick mount loader. Takes about 4 minutes to take the loader off, 5 to put it on...and that's if you are slow. Why wouldn't you just take it off if using the tractor for other duties?
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    I thought you wanted to take the loader off the tractor. Leave it on and do as I just suggested and all will be well. Have been doing it for 50 years and no failures yet. jerry
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    A lot of good sentrys were thrown out and replaced with test harnesses because people didn't understand how to diagnose the real problems.
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    Weekend trip to Shelby mt to pickup a backhoe attachment for project frankentoyota fencing truck, View from hotel room Shelby veterans memorial, Spent a little time with some old friends including welker family no pictures there due to their YouTube channel, but cool,things there. Out to pickup backhoe, so flat you can watch your dog run away for a week. sweet grass hills in the background. I'll post backhoe picture when I get home.
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    All that horsepower and no place to go until you let the clutch out! 😂 So in turn creates the chatter
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    No. And if i was gonna buy a 700 hp car it's only going to have 2 doors.
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    Combine crews are heading North through Neb now. Poor little Hwy 83 ain't hardly wide enough for them and me to meet. They sure have come a long way
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    The Charger name has been raped badly over the years. It started out as the performance luxury model. Then it got a pukey little 4 banger. Now its a soccer mom 4 door. What a disgrace...
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    Things have come a long way since the 50's!! Pictures of my 1958 Gleaner A combine & 1959 Chevy Viking grain truck which I'm still using on my little farm here in Kansas.
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    For the last 15 years
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    First pull 6500lb the it killed at 90 feet, which sux, I new I coulda got first but my rubber gas line got pinched, then I pulled 7500 and got 1st place then 9000 and completely smoked everyone, 10 foot farther than a case and over 25 feet farther than the John deere 820 80 r and some others, good day
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    Got this yesterday. Starts and runs nice. I knew the brakes didn't work. After some research, I tore into them. Found newer disks and all the shims installed. To get good freeplay, I have 4 shims in the right side and 1 in the left. Some ignition tuneup, clutch adjustment to help with shifting. I do wish it had the 3 point hitch instead of the fixed drawbar, but I still like it. A vast improvement over the 560 in every way.
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    Good job Rusty. Just remember the target is on your back now. There are lots of people that have no idea how to set up a tractor. They just think you need horsepower to win.
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    No problem. Here's my detailed description of the day. Yesterday was a blast. Hauled 7 tractors for a friend. Was supposed to be 8 but the 8th one isn't quite ready. And of all tractors, it was a 826 hydro, the one I was looking forward to hauling the most 😭😭😭😭. But he assured me I could haul it home after the show 😛😛😛😛. I walked out of the house at 6:45am. I needed to fill out and put a fresh inspection sticker on the trailer. It also needed it's new licence plate put on. Plus round up all three aluminum ramps as well as all my chains and binders. By the time I was hooked on and ready it was 8:00. Perfect cause that was my target departure time to be ready to load by 8:30. I then had a thought and acted on it. I went in the house and grabbed a cooler for water as it was gonna be warm soon. So I rolled out a few minutes late. Then a surprise, a hwy that's been closed at least a year and a half is open, so no 8 miles of detour. So as I've stated in several emails the last while, it was HAMMER DOWN SON. I rolled up on Maple Hill Farm, Grinnell, Iowa about 8:40. He was out front waiting for me a huitin and a hollorin. Even had a big American flag hanging out just for me👍. So I knew it was gonna be a fun day. We walked up to look at the 7 that were ready and the 826 that wasnt😭. I chose his 544 hydro for the top deck simply cause it was the shortest and would fit. Sweet little tractor with a 239 four cylinder German diesel engine. Next up was his 756 narrow front. The Germans had to ride together. Then I chose his 656 hydro. It normally wears a Westendorf loader. Rounding out the 56 series load was his 856 GAS. Yes I said gas. We hit the road after chaining down of course🙊. When we got to the show grounds a mutual friend was there, he helped us unchain, I unloaded them and we were off for round two. We put his 656 gear drive up front. In the middle position we put his 806 diesel. Look at the Texas patina on that baby. And if you look closely, it's got a generator on it instead of a alternator. According to my friend that means it's a earlier one. And last his 1206. A couple pretty impressive loads if I do say so myself. On one trip a couple guys passed us and gave us the thumbs up motion. That only poured gas on my friends excitement fire. He was excited when I pulled up, and he was just as excited when I dropped him off. And he was running on 5 hours of sleep. Side story. I'm usually all about being efficient and not wasteful. And that came into question after loading the second load being ready to go. It was out of my way to have to bring him home, we thought about him driving part way, all the way, or riding shotgun from start to finish. Considering he hadn't done that in a long time, I finally made the decision. Told him to get in the truck, I'd just bring him home. He was having such a good time, it was worth a few extra gallons of fuel to make it last a little longer. He bought my lunch on the second trip and I thanked him for that cause I appreciated it very much. After 205 miles I returned home at 5:45pm. And I'd about had enough. It was fun for sure. I was tired when we were done understandably.
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    Boy, tough crowd today. You guys got alfalfa down that got rained on or something😂
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