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    Remove the door one night, see if he really has to go. If it's a severe enough case of discomfort the door thing won't bother him!
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    Just a heads up guys, getting higher tensile strength bolts is not always better. The higher strength bolts can crack from load or shock instead of slightly deforming and return to shape. We have seen more than one failure from this, but in much more extreme use In this case I can not see the grade 5 failing before other items on the tractor. Grade 5 bolts are plenty strong in most cases,
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    I had an accident today on the farm. It's sobering. I grew up on a farm, and I've been driving tractors pretty regular since I was ten. I'm nearly 40. Safety was always the forefront of everything. Even when we had to do things that weren't safe, every precaution was made to insure the most minimal risk. I owned my own repair shop for about 15 years working on everything automotive to heavy equipment. Again, I taught my guys "safety first". Today was different. I was just doing random work that we do everyday, and I made a mistake..... We are getting ready to bale wheat straw and hay. Yeah, it's late, but we all know how much it's been raining in the midwest. The tractor we bale with needed a service, a 105U with a loader and a euro quick attach bucket. The tractor had a blade on, and we were done with it. I washed the tractor up, oiled the blade, then told the guys I was going to go out to the barn lot and take the blade off. We had moved some trucks around to mow, and a pickup and the semi were parked parallel to the lean to. I stopped the tractor to get out and move the pickup. I decided the semi was far enough away that I could get the blade where I wanted to and it not be in the way..... not enough that I wanted to move it anyway. At the last minute before I got back in the cab, I decided "You know what? That loader has to be raised to service the tractor, and the bucket is going to come off anyway. Why not just drop it off out here while I'm here?" So I tripped the latch and got back in the cab. I did a quick glance to see where to set the bucket off that would be out of the way. I didn't readily see one, so I decided to look and set it off after I took off the blade. I pulled up next to the semi and started to swing back into the lean-to to take the blade off. Well, that semi was pretty close and the loader was in the way. Now, that loader will stand straight up, and get out of the way. Now, on the 105, once the loader is a little over half way up, the bucket disappears above the windshield. I gave a quick thought to tip the bucket forward, but didn't go ahead. Up it went. As the loader reached it's stop, a took my hand off the lever and started to let out the clutch as I heard the rumble and the noise. It's amazing how fast things run through your mind. I knew EXACTLY what was happening, but I couldn't see any of it. "What should I do?" My mind raced. Nothing. In 200th's of a second I was trying to figure out if I should drop the loader, while I was waiting for the crash. I'm looking around..... BANG!!! On the top of the cab. RUMBLE to the right, and off the cab hitting the ground and swinging into the semi cab just behind the drivers door, tearing the cab like a can opener. The bucket had indeed fell off. As I sat there my first thoughts were, "Why didn't I know that would happen? What was I thinking? THANK GOD I WAS OUT HERE ALONE!!!! THANK GOD FOR THIS CAB!!!" No one was hurt. The tractor wasn't hurt bad, save a bent mirror, and some 2" holes in the cab top. Semi is going to need some work..... Guys, things happen just like THAT. I wasn't hurrying. I wasn't pre-occupied. I wasn't really even careless.... I just didn't even think about it. I knew darn well I'd tripped the latch.... I just never gave it a thought. Had it been a cabless tractor, I might not be here writing this. Had one of the young boys on the farm been around like they are a lot, it could have been one of them next to the tractor instead of the semi. It sobered us all up. I was mad at myself, the equipment, (I mean, what if the latch just had not latched after install, or was wore and let go?) but most of all it just scared me. How lucky I was to be safe in that cab, and alone in the barn lot. Be careful out there guys, we aren't always lucky. ~Jonathan
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    With it raining and high humidy most every day for the past few weeks I may need to build one of these to get the lawn mowed .
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    As im sitting here on my break reading this typing a reaponse on my phone..... Mto, sounds like you have a few issues with him and his weight you made that clear. You obviously like him or he would be gone. I would give him a talk, and explain to him your expectations. Work is from x to x. Breaks are from x to x. 1.5 hrs on the can is not tollerated. You will doc his pay in the future and leave the phone in his lunch box. Your not asking a lot just for him to be there working when on the clock. Sounds like you may of given him a little too much slack and he got comfy. Jump his a$$ a little and if he doesnt change you wont regret giving him a shot to straighten up. Im 34 and believe thats as fair as it coule be. The boss makes the rules.
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    sadly, this is what our workforce has become. This is exactly why I will never be able to hire anyone. I am terrible when it comes to BS like this. Raising the minimum wage only creates more of this kind of lazy behavior. Sad, it really is! Can't get to work before 10? All the stuff I could have used help with is already done by then, by me!
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    Ask him to leave his phone in a locker or desk drawer while he's working.
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    MTO - here would be my spin not that its worth anything but from a dad who has been through a divorce with 3 kids and 2 step daughters Firm but loving Grace will go a long ways Share your struggles with them - they need to know you are human and make mistakes also Give him boundaries with consequences and follow through but dont be a micro manager, give him the freedom to make mistakes/decisions and grace when he fouls up. If he is struggling with a porn addiction, ask him how you can help, dont shame him, my son has struggled with it since 13 now almost 21 - we talk about it openly and he is better but not free - humility has taught me much in owning my mistakes as a husband/father/friend/employee but it creates even more mileage when you lay it at the feet of those you can beat you with it, what they do with it is on them slow to anger - which you seem to be doing I would say hey billy ( dont knwo the kids name ) while we are on this schedule regimen and talking about the boundaries around it......im concerned about your time in the bathroom, are you sick, can we get you some help, are you struggling with something? are you addicted to something that i could help you with? = i remember when i was your age and i had a tough time with x,y,z................ and about your work stuff.......i want to help you be successful, is there anything you really want to know or like doing in particular? maybe he likes something in particular - thats the kind of thing that might help you focus his energies and likes just some thoughts on how i give my kids choices when i have a lot of chores and they can pick something, they dont always get to choose but when they do its way more fun than hearing all the whining and dealing wtih the frustration challenge him, see if he has any spunk under his belly 😉 say hey i will race you, if i get my job done before lunch and you get yours done too - were going out adn im buying, just stuff like that, celebrate the hard accomplishments from time to time, not daily, just some stuff to push him but not sound pushy anyway, be leader that he would want to follow not someone that he has to listen to - im a work in progress and i fail daily but i ask my kids to let me know when i do so i can be better and it brings some great opportunity for conversations good luck with him, i applaud your desire to lead and grow him - hang in there!!!
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    Just read a report on Fox about a woman who took a projectile in the neck from a riding mower her husband was running. Even if the discharge chute was off that the blade would have 95% shielding. I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near this thing while running!
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    Only thing worse than the word cancer is pancreatic cancer. Alex is and has ALWAYS been a class act on or off the screen. May God keep him comfortable.
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    Prayers for Alex, he’s a pretty brave dude, very sorry to see him go through this.
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    Prayer is always positive and helpful including those who might might not ordinarily cross our minds. Thanks Paul
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    Some of the bigger Oliver's had Detroit Diesels. You could hear them working for miles. Started in the Super 99 and then the 990 and newer. Lets see, more gears in the transmission, a sweet running engine with two more cylinders, easy steering and live PTO. If I wasn't an IH man, I would be Oliver. This is a super collection. Thanks for sharing.
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    Farmer ingenuity just getting things done. How many beers did it take to get this up and running?
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    I'm a worn out, retired HS band director. If y'all want to come over Saturday to play, bring your axes---I'll make a point to be out of town... 😆 😆😆!
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    I apologize for my unwanted snotty response.
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    Nothing wrong with a missing toof or 2!!!
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    Kind of been there.... Arrive at a job on a Monday to find the guy who was there Friday has the key in his pocket.....
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    That's my favorite recipe too for original barn fresh stuff......lol -ive got a lot of original paint IHC goodies coated with that stuff. right now ive got a F20 with a factory wide front with the Bosch inline generator all tore apart an it will never see new paint....just linseed oil
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    Well, he's 40 but still youngest son. He has worked for Mack Truck for 20 years. They recently entered him in the 2019 Nebraska SuperTech competition in Hasting. I don't know alot about the competition except that there are 10 stations where each person has to figure out the problem. Example. a transmission, electrical, fuel, etc. Write up the problem, and the solution. Sort of like FFA competitions if anyone here ever did them. Anyway he won an overall award, plus $300, and a trip to the national contest this fall. We didn't even know he was entered. This is the first time he has ever done this type of thing since when he was in FFA 25 years ago. Just like when he was in FFA he is only allowed to win once. He won the National FFA mechanics competition when he was a sophomore in HS. At Mack he now manages and teaches/mentors. When he was wrenching he worked on all the head scratching stuff. I know that he has been sent to different places in the country to work on stuff that nobody else could figure out. Story.... when he was 7 he dug out an old 2 cycle weed wacker from the junk pile. Wanted to know if he could have it. I said sure, but it doesn't work, it is junk. Next day he had it running. Don't know where he gets his talent, must be from his mother cause as you know, I can change oil and not much more. Don't know if he has picture. Just wanted to share. A parent is proud of their kids no matter how old they are.
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    Age probably has nothing to do with it. My wife has 2 nephews in their early 30's and both are lazy worthless SOB's. The longest they will keep a job is maybe a month, usually less. One had a job at a convenience store from 3am to 8am..... 5 whole hours a day. Worked there less than two weeks. Excuse was "l just couldn't handle the hours and the stress." But he can handle laying in bed all day long playing games on his d^^#+ phone.
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    Hopefully not a lost cause. I have always wondered how some people are just incapable of holding a job and then I met some people similar to what you describe. Something is, I’ll use the word missing. Not sure what, sense of urgency, concept of time, satisfaction from accomplishing something...anything. tell him to watch the “make your bed every morning” speech that the 4 star general gave. Basically he is saying to take small steps in order to show up for life.
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    Never had to use warranty but I do disconnect in the winter and use battery tender on the old stuff. Also make sure charging system works like it should. Have five year old battery on my f-250 I use everyday year round. Just check connections every once in a while for clean. I am a little anal about batteries but I guess if you check every once in a while and keep up with them any battery would give you decent service. Dennis
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    My BN has a 6V that came from Federated Auto parts, was in it when I got it. Its 8 years old and works fine. Sometimes I really don't think it matters what kind you buy, 3 year old Deka's in my F350 truck and one died last Fall. Walmart "Never start" in my Kubota lawn mower is at least 10 years old and it sits all winter .
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    Can we expect a short video when you get the cobwebs blown out of it? I can shut my speakers off.
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    They are nice the 1655 I drove this summer was harder than my 656 to get on and off tho the over under was nice... Could not imagen working a Detroit hard day in and out tho. Your word of the day would be huh...expecislly in the day when hearing protection wasn't common
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    I agree with the charging system problems, a good battery is only as good as the charging system. We have a deka 6 volt in our H that went in before it was restored in 07. Charged every spring and works great. Had great luck with Deka. Local guy sells them and installs and checks charging system.
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    A Sentry from the dealer is a bit more than $1000. Just looked it up and got a price of $2745 at partstore.caseih.com. I'm surprised as I thought they were NLA. Messick's lists a reman module for $1606.90. Still seems like a small price to pay. I don't think you can fix a shelled out transmission for that even if you do the work yourself, plus lost productivity from the tractor being down...
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    Runner is your grandson ??? Just kidding Happy birthday to all
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    Heres dads 6 row. Has been sitting in the shed for 10+ years. Got it out this year and did about 1/2ac with it.
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    Yes, those are two of the many things that can identify an 86 series with PPH hydraulics. They were also available with up to four remote valves with colour-coded levers and pistol grip gearshift lever’s. They were the tri-stripes with the red side panel at the radiator, The cabs were available with burgundy or the western interior. The 986 up to the 1586 had the PPH hydraulics with the extra filter on the left side frame rail, the 186 is did not have that extra filter. The 786 and 886 did not come with PPH hydraulics I may be missing something else because it’s late and I’m tired.
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    its the 5050, the 5000 is full length due to the CD mechanism which wouldnt probably work that great with all the dirt/rough terrain http://radioeng.com/product/st-5050-bluetooth-radio/??fwp_category=9-radios&fwp_paged=2&fwp_per_page=15&fwp_sort=popularity
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    like all parts now they are ^&%^(&*^ , made to fail once cash clears last 3 walmart actually had the best quality/price $ and useless < 30m warranty ,they did only charge 30% and $2mo for replacement
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    Quite the contrary a 12.7 would run a long time. The only real problems you ever heard on Detroit were camshafts and front bull gear wear and leaks on front cover. The Detroit’s are million mile motors.
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    We make the front covers used to be one a minute 24/7 now just a few for replacement parts, I saw a lot of difference between the 1486 motor it has a giant injection pump on one side and some kind of finned thing on other .
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    You should be able to a find an Optima any parts store and probably have to order it
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    That will buff right out!! And make mounting the tires easier!!😬👍🏻
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    🙄 I was telling a story -sharing an experience on an internet-based forum for the satisfaction of anyone who finds it interesting. I don't have a need. You seem bothered by the detail. Sorry? I guess? I'll check with you next time. I did post a question at the end out of curiosity. It's somewhat identifiable by the question mark, commonly used in the English language to designate a question as such. I case you didn't mean to come off as a prick, here's some less unpolite response: I also included most of that information to preempt the responses that I expected -to let those with feedback know what possibilities I had already investigated and ruled out. People would certainly say "check an interchange", "The Bearings you took out aren't IH", "such-and-such bearing has a seal" or whatever. A well written technical document or inquiry contains all the information needed, and technical documents are indeed more dense and more difficult to read than an article in Red Power. I play with these old machines because it's fun and industrial history is fascinating to me. I like to solve the mysteries. In this case the mystery is that the bearings may have been marked incorrectly, or that the machine's rear end was overhauled and I didn't know about it, or that IH used bearings marked with a different number than what their publication showed. I'm curious as to why. The mystery also includes why IH would make seemingly identical bearings with different part numbers at the same point in time. I want to figure it all out for the sport of figuring it out. I'm not fretting, and I'm not just out to "make the C roll". See in my post "I'm going to buy the ST..." I can "make my C roll" fine; I don't need need to get on the phone with anyone to do that. But, that's not the point. This post is just curiosity and sharing, man. In fact, that's the point of this forum in the first place. No need to be an ass. For what it's worth, I think you're a real smart guy, I read a lot of your posts and I like the technical elements. But you are so rude to people, it makes people stop coming to this forum. And no one else wants that. You're almost certainly not really this way in real life and maybe just a moment's pause before you hit submit, to think about how your posts might come off, would be welcomed by all.
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    Nice, You could mow the grass then slice watermelon for the picnic!
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    Got to respect what they did so we can have what we do I’ve never served but hats off to all that have
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    I cut grass this past weekend with the 656 and 80" woods pull type. Compared to my 450 and 560 gassers, it is a much nicer setup. Smoother running (compared to the 4 cylinder), easier getting on/off, better controls. hydraulics, trans, seat, etc. I will say the 656 notices loads more than the 450. The 450 just walks along, not caring about the mower. I put a 660 governor spring on my 560 years ago so that thing winds up to about 2100 rpm, will hit near 20 mph going down the road (when the stupid brakes aren't locking up). I got the original NF with the 656. Been tossing around the idea of reinstalling that. The Schwartz axle has some play in the steering arm splines. Chris B.
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    A little bat winging, little side dressing, a little cultivating and some 300ft at a time farming!
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    Great looking 300. I have one that I bought, but it was sick when I brought it home. I too added an electronic ignition, new seat, hydraulic hoses for the lift cylinder, and then a camshaft. Mine would run fair for a few days, then like crap. I scratched my head time after time on what the problem was. I lashed the valves, checked the compression, set the timing, but finally tore it down and found the cam gear in pieces. I installed a used cam and it solved all the issues I had. My 300 is my go-to tractor around here, strong and always starts in the hot or cold. It still has it's work clothes on. Yours looks great...
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    One more update on this project. It worked like a charm. Turns out tackling this project paid dividends. I cut Tuesday and Wednesday last week shooting for some getting ready for both Thursday and Friday. Well those plans got thrown into disarray Thursday morning with the surprise thunderstorm that dumped a half inch of rain on us. That obviously screwed up hay for that day. Friday came around and the way each cut chunk was they both made it at the same time that afternoon. No way we were getting that all square baled. Dad and I were trying to square bale but were having some adjustment issues on our rebuilt knotter on the 311 square baler. ( first time rebuilding one ourselves). My brother took off to try to round bale the other field. Dad and I got the knotter adjusted right finally and baled 400 square bales that afternoon. Dad remarked to me at one point "haven't heard from your brother. Don't know if that's a good thing or not ". We were just about done with our chunk when he called wondering if he needed to bring the round baler over to the other field to bale that. The 850 never skipped a beat. Not bad for a 45 year old baler that i got for free and put roughly 300 dollars in parts total into it. Looks like we have a backup baler now Took a few pictures of the bales my brother did. I didn't think he did to bad considering he had never ran a round baler before and no one took the time to show him that day. Yeah they aren't as tight as the new balers but again i didn't think they were to bad for a New Holland chain round baler.
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