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    We went to oldest granddaughters senior class awards banquet and music concert tonight. 60 kids in her graduating class so the gym was packed. They did the usual athletic awards, scholarships for various things etc. Came time for granddaughter and her awards were given by the music instructor..... he told about her 4.0 GPA, taking college courses, community volunteer, going to be a doctor etc. Grandpa's chest was getting puffed up. Then he said...."She told me today that she could not go to the band contest this weekend. It's probably the biggest contest of the year so I was naturally upset. I was a bit gruff and asked her why..... he paused because he was starting to tear up...and then he said ..she told me she had national guard duty this weekend." With that the entire gymnasium stood and gave her a standing ovation. She started bawling the band instructor was hugging her, her classmates were hugging her, her dad was grinning from ear to ear and wiping tears, grandma was digging for kleenex. And me.... all that clapping must have stirred up a lot of dust... and you know how my eyes water around dust. Wish I could have counted the people who came up to her just to say thank you. I'm not wanting to get political, but when those people stood up and clapped for grandpas little girl.... I was damn PROUD to be an AMERICAN.
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    Took the M to a plow day in Vermont Sunday Was supposed to be Saturday but it was still pouring Saturday morning. The tractor ran nice pulling 3-16’s the soil was pretty wet and sticky for around here. The M would pull it in 4th gear about half throttle when traffic would allow most of the Day was spent in a lower gear. Saturday’s canceled plow day left the tractor chained and sitting on the trailer in the yard. My daughter enjoys driving with me and does a good job keeping it in the furrow.
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    Bought these 2 out of MI awhile back. Pick them from a person that hauls tractors in Perryville Mo over the weekend. The 560 gas Hi clear will need some work . I have 560 Diesel and Propane Hi clear in my collection as well. The MV is different from the other ones,the fronts are 24" and the front axle is taller,rears are 44".
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    I know this one is a lot newer than the others and probly the wrong color to some, but it's pretty special to me. It's a 1981 4440 bought new by my grandpa. My parents just inherited it about a month ago after my grandpa passed away. It has 4001 hrs. It is a little faded but it's the nicest 40 series I've ever been around by far.
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    They are so fed up with it here, they have certain people they don't rush to get too when the call comes in....................I personally think that is the reason for the epidemic, if they eliminate themselves the epidemic can't continue or grow.
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    Runner`s woman snuck me a pic of his newest tattoo...
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    Tell her an old retired First Sergeant got 'dust' in his eyes too!!!! THANK YOU and HER!! Mike
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    Sadly don't remember where any were located here, but we used to carry our film to our local Rexall Drug Store plus they had a grill to get good food. WOW!, they had excellent fountain Chocolate Milkshakes. I miss those days.
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    Here’s what I picked up there today. Couple pen lights for work. A new multi-tool for everyday carry. The Barlow reproduction by schrade. And the political knife. (Not looking to start an “oil thread” with that one).😀
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    50 years ago I saw a guy lose an entire load of 3/4" plywood. They weren't strapped down and when he got up to speed they probably acted like a deck of cards. The first one lifted and then each one followed sucking up the next. He must not have been watching his mirror as they were strung out for a half mile.
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    Little bit of progress this weekend. One piece at a time...
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    I have been on several canoe trips down that river . Most of it is barley ankle deep as I remember . I bet it’s changed a lot since the flooding.
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    Here the EMT's and cops carry it. Not to use on OD's. It's supposed to be used only for the responders if the are exposed. Stuff like fentanyl can be in powder form and you can inhale enough to kill you trying to save someone. Don't have to get stuck but can be. Rick
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    The guys and gals on the life squad here are saying that they only want one dose, for themselves, in case they get stuck accidentally by some crack head.
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    Lorenzo, I haven't heard the name Joe Tess in 40 years. I wonder if it is still open. Googled it. Still open but the menu looks like it has changed drastically. South Omaha used to be Stockyards/Packing plant/ working class. The menu looks a bit more high end than I remember it. I'm not a catfish eater, but a guy I knew would go once a week. I think I remember him saying that one night a week they had a catfish special.
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    Here's my oldie but goodie
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    I remember in 5th grade they tried to make us learn some Spanish dance I refused to so they made me do a book report on it. I never forget the look on that teachers face when she told me I'd have to do the book report I told here I was fine with that we were at school and we were supposed to be doing book work not no so silly dancing you could have lit a cigarette off here face.
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    Daddy always said a shotgun with 7-1/2 shot was better than a collage education for a bull.
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    I have seen clutch boosters run oil right on through and still seemed to work .
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    Yep! Shows you have joined the March of Dimes. Had to take it off my shirt collar before I got home from school. My father did not approve. Jr and Sr years of High School my Band played at the first and second March of Dimes Rhythm Festival at the Sioux City Auditorium. A fun fund raiser. Ron
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    Most part stores carry it. All my local ones do anyway, but I don't know what you have available in your area.
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    Agreed, but I've always been a person who enjoys learning new things. It's a 40 year old tractor and if I burnt it to the ground, I have others I can use. So at the end of the day if somehow I completely screwed up the AC system, and had to buy all new components while it would be expensive it wouldn't be the end of the world. I've paid for lots of education over the years and these old tractors, I'm learning from and hasn't been no where near as expensive! In my mind there's a difference between ignorant stupid, and just dumb. Ignorant is without education on a certain subject. I'm learning about the AC system in these old tractors and have a service manual and you all to help me so I don't plan to be ignorant forever on this stuff. Dumb too me means just can't comprehend the information or subject matter. Old tractor AC systems aren't that complicated, but if you were to try and teach me quantum physics and the math required well I would probably be pretty dumb. And Stupid is just that stupid. Sometimes it's knowing better and trudging ahead. Sometimes it's making a wrong decision you knew was wrong, and sometimes it's acting without thinking. I've done some stupid things but try not to make a habit of it. I may be ignorant but I am learning, I don't think I'm dumb as I can learn this stuff, and I sure try not to be stupid. So with all that said, I appreciate the advice, and sharing your knowledge of these tractors. It is appreciated and I am soaking it up like a sponge. I've always been grateful for these forums, and those that offer assistance to people they have never met, and may never meet just because they want to help and share what they have learned! Thanks to everyone who replied, and I'll try and keep you posted!
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    I still use mine. Ron
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    Somehow Dae managed to tangle up the folds pole in a weed around sunset so we finally called it quits.
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    Did some micro ficchin last night with the folds of honor poles. Only 50° here but them wee tings was biting. Dae cast into the same spot 30 times. Got 30 ficch. Im not gonna post all the stupid. Trout we're still catching.
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    Same here except the food part. I still use 35MM film and it is a problem getting it developed. I do not believe you can record history forever digitally. Ron
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    Only at a Walmart...... headed straight to a scrap yard Monday morning to get cash for there meth
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    Because the refrigerant is miscible.
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    D'ja hear about the time Matt and Festus were heading back to Dodge after delivering a prisoner? Festus happened to spy a bull riding a cow and said "hey Matthew - look at that bull ....... that cow". Matt replied "Festus, you've got to watch your language. That bull is serving that cow". Pretty soon, Festus saw a stallion and a mare getting together. :"Hey Matthew, look at them horses .......". "Festus, you've got to clean up the way you talk. That stallion is serving that mare". Next day, they ride in to Dodge. Miss Kitty has a big feast set up for their return. As they sit down to eat, she says "Matt, would you serve the turkey?" So of course, Festus replies "well if he gets to serve the turkey, at least I ought to get to pee in the gravy". Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Had her a late surprise today
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    Stone Transport or Howe and Howe? I saw one of those coke trailers at EJIW in East Jordan with the swing doors open in their yard, casting stacked as high as the sides. Its a regular run from East Jordan to Sunfield. I was behind one on M-66 one day. it took him forever to get to 55 mph and he started braking for stop signs or lights wayyyy before the intersection.
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    2 family tractor. I purchased it from my neighbor who purchased it new in the spring of 1952. I could not help but post it. Has been in Sheridan township, Poweshiek County its entire life.
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    Replace the compressor, drier and xp valve. Flush the lines, clean it out (externally). Replace any o-rings if it has that style fittings. (Two different style a/c fittings used depending on when the tractor was made.) Use good adapter fitting that have sn o-ring seal and require removal of the original valve core. Add at least 2 Oz of oil to the system. (I dump it in the dryer.) And make sure the new compressor is full. Yes, vac the system at least half an hour. Hour is better, then recharge. Best if you have a 4 manifold gauge set do that you csn hook up the vac pump and gill bottle at the same time so there is no risk of air contamination while switching from the vac to the bottle. In my opinion, people should not do their own A/C work. I've fixed hundreds of systems guys tried to fix themselves and either ruined, or damaged in some way. Better off in the long run to pay a shop.... YouTube doesn't qualify as training. Anyone can make a video.... and they do.
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    It's tough but we elected to home school our children. Our local school isn't bad, but the just don't seem to want to take the time to actually make sure they understand the subject. We have twins and one went to public school initially. He really wanted to go to public school and so he did. Within three months he went from loving school to hating school. We made him finish the year but switched to home schooling. It's a lot of work and I don't recommend it, but it's an option. The public school format that exists now has proven itself to be ineffective and the larger they make the schools the worse the problem gets. There are so many options now for schools where they could operate more like magnet schools, but no one seems to want to do that. My friend's daughter wanted to take certain courses in high school but they won't let her because they don't feel like she's ready for them... an art class and a foreign language class. A child has an interest in a subject but the administrators "feel" she isn't ready. That's the problem with public education as it is now. Same problem back when I was in school too. The one thing we like about home schooling is when they express an interest we can say "ok let's check it out." Sorry to hear about the school closing though. We also got tired of having to drive nearly 20 miles every time there was an event. School consolidation... a pain in the rear.
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    Your buddy in the kayak better watch out. If he catches something sized for that fishing rig it might trim that thing out and bring him up on plane. 😀
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    Say, where you getting this underwear?
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    Are there any other owners on here?
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    Chapter 11 plow day. First time the H has been in the field working since 1965.
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    Rebuilt engines should get new injectors and pumps. People always neglect the fuel system on an overhaul, then wonder why they still have issues. Replace the pump and injectors.
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    I took some cell phone pics of my uncles trucks from a calendar
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    I'm posting this for jingles 1928
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    Dennis - I've never looked so hard for a running board before. I know a couple guys who have connections out west which I'll alert them to the cause.... So how's this D-35 coming along? What about a picture or two? Here is my D-30 a couple years back... unfortunately she's still in the same state for the moment. Hoping to get her on the road this summer. Had an issue where I now need a different radiator. Know of any good radiator guys in the Ohio - PA area?
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    I hope to get my Papa's 41 K6? going again as well, the last time it was driven I stood in the seat beside my Dad.
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    yikes I figured there would be a few around.
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    I just want to caution people that the use of a cage is not a guarantee of anything. The danger is not past just because the air hose was taken off. Sometimes the serviceman is just plain stupid.I had a tire shop in Cleveland install a new tire on the front of my '78 Loadstar, which had 3-piece rims. After the tire was bolted to the truck, I pointed out that the bead ring was about 1/4" away from the snap ring, for about half the circumference of the rim. He said, "Don't worry about it, it just takes a little time to get seated. It'll be seated by time you get back to the shop". I showed this to the manager, he blew his top, and told the guy to let the air out before he put the impact on it.
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    Good morning to me it was rather windy yesterday I thought a chunk of 2x6 14 ga would hold it down... Boy was I wrong...
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