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    We went to oldest granddaughters senior class awards banquet and music concert tonight. 60 kids in her graduating class so the gym was packed. They did the usual athletic awards, scholarships for various things etc. Came time for granddaughter and her awards were given by the music instructor..... he told about her 4.0 GPA, taking college courses, community volunteer, going to be a doctor etc. Grandpa's chest was getting puffed up. Then he said...."She told me today that she could not go to the band contest this weekend. It's probably the biggest contest of the year so I was naturally upset. I was a bit gruff and asked her why..... he paused because he was starting to tear up...and then he said ..she told me she had national guard duty this weekend." With that the entire gymnasium stood and gave her a standing ovation. She started bawling the band instructor was hugging her, her classmates were hugging her, her dad was grinning from ear to ear and wiping tears, grandma was digging for kleenex. And me.... all that clapping must have stirred up a lot of dust... and you know how my eyes water around dust. Wish I could have counted the people who came up to her just to say thank you. I'm not wanting to get political, but when those people stood up and clapped for grandpas little girl.... I was damn PROUD to be an AMERICAN.
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    Took the M to a plow day in Vermont Sunday Was supposed to be Saturday but it was still pouring Saturday morning. The tractor ran nice pulling 3-16’s the soil was pretty wet and sticky for around here. The M would pull it in 4th gear about half throttle when traffic would allow most of the Day was spent in a lower gear. Saturday’s canceled plow day left the tractor chained and sitting on the trailer in the yard. My daughter enjoys driving with me and does a good job keeping it in the furrow.
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    So, did I miss national take your kid to work day???? My boy said he was glad he got to see what I do for a living but next year I can take his little sister 😂🤣
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    Ok dont need a debate on whether or not your a Christian or you like church or not, I thought I would share how a school that did good things and had 3 generations of my family go to it is now closing and it's a sad thing and all people can do is debate religion, this was a great school, good teachers, kids were alot nicer there then when i went to public in 8th grade, so it's a sad thing, whether or not you believe in God or like church
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    In the early '90s I hauled a couch a half mile to my cousin's cabin on the roof of my (che)vette . My cousin insisted that if I was hauling it up top he was riding with it up there. It was strapped down and he spotlighted on the way over to his place
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    Bought these 2 out of MI awhile back. Pick them from a person that hauls tractors in Perryville Mo over the weekend. The 560 gas Hi clear will need some work . I have 560 Diesel and Propane Hi clear in my collection as well. The MV is different from the other ones,the fronts are 24" and the front axle is taller,rears are 44".
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    Your dog biting the bull made me chuckle. We always had pigs years ago. The sows were kept with the boar in a pen never on a strict breeding cycle. We just had piglets all the time. One morning before school we were doing chores on real cold dark morning. The boar was feeling adventurous a sow was having nothing to do with it she turned and bit his penis. That sound of the boar squealing is still in my head after 30 years. And I was always more afraid of getting bit by a sow than getting hurt by a cow
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    I had one of these for quite a few years. 1974 Kawasaki 900 Z-1A They were a fast bike in their day. I sold it in the mid 90's for something a little newer and more comfortable. Not nearly as fast though. 1984 VF 700 Honda Magna. Still have it. I think this is a 900 or KZ 1000. Crazy guys!!
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    Unfortunately, it's that monsters (the two legged variety) are fond of pitbulls, and dogs are what one raises them to be... it sucks. My sister had one and she was a ham.
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    Congratulations looks like you did a great job as a parent to get to be such a good grandparent
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    She doesn’t need a date she’s got lots watching over her glad to see some respect in the young kids
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    All of these containers are at my shop and still have product in them, including the DDT.
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    I need to find a 68 Dart GTS someday to finish out the trio(and win the lotto to restore them)
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    LOL saw something similar at the intersection of US 59 and MN 210 on the east side of Fergus Falls. Must have been 20 or so sheets of 3/4 inch ply. Guy hit the gas to cross 59, ply hit the tail gate that popped open and presto! A stack of ply in the middle of the intersection. Guys wife was a little angry. Could hear her yelling A 1/2 block away! Rick
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    Grandpa bought the MTA new and I got it from Him before He passed. I added the Saginaw three point. Hooked to a 4 basket tedder all Summer and gets in on the snow duty in the Winter.
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    I watched a women the other day go down the road with lawn furniture in the back seat of here Impala both back doors wide open furniture hanging out both sides. A some years ago I saw some guys try to haul a piece of plywood on top of a SUV with no straps. Each guy had a arm out of the window trying to hold the plywood down they got up to fourth five and they both looked like stretch Armstrong.
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    Watched a guy at a stoplight with some plywoodin the bed with some landscaping materials piled on top. Light turned green. Truck went forward. Load didnt. Gravity took over after clearing the tailgate. Just like someone stacked it on the street.😂🤣😂🤣
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    Because a picture of a girl in a mini Skirt would be waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much for these members to handle. Seeing such a heynous thing would require some of these guys to have to go to church five times next Sunday .
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    I know this one is a lot newer than the others and probly the wrong color to some, but it's pretty special to me. It's a 1981 4440 bought new by my grandpa. My parents just inherited it about a month ago after my grandpa passed away. It has 4001 hrs. It is a little faded but it's the nicest 40 series I've ever been around by far.
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    I put 10.00 x 16 on mine to get it to set level with 18.4x38 rears. Im not happy with the looks. To me they look too tall. I wish I would have went with 18.4x34 rears and 9.5Lx15 fronts. Most all new front rims are painted white and you will end up painting them anyways if you want them red. That being said if your old rims are structurally sound I would sand blast and paint your current rims and buy some new 9.5L x 15. Heres a pic of mine for comparison
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    They are putting in "Shooting galleries" here in the northeast. So called safe places the users can shoot up at with needle exchange and Narcam available for those that OD. IMO you get Narcam once and if you haven't learned your lesson then so be it off to meet your maker. All we are doing by repeatedly reviving these junkies is making more money for the dealer by keeping the customer base alive to use more at the tax payers expense. It's a goverment subsidy for the drug trade.
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    Runner`s woman snuck me a pic of his newest tattoo...
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    Sadly don't remember where any were located here, but we used to carry our film to our local Rexall Drug Store plus they had a grill to get good food. WOW!, they had excellent fountain Chocolate Milkshakes. I miss those days.
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    Can’t believe we’ve made 9 pages and no one has mentioned this one.
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    I apologize for the disrespectful and frankly ignorant comments on what is normally a good forum. Sorry for the issue you and your friends and family are dealing with. I cant imagine how many tears were in that room. Will say prayer for your body.
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    That is bloody modern
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    Here’s what I picked up there today. Couple pen lights for work. A new multi-tool for everyday carry. The Barlow reproduction by schrade. And the political knife. (Not looking to start an “oil thread” with that one).😀
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    In time I think I will blast and paint everything but tins but for now making little improvements here and there, sure makes a difference
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    Seen this pile of crap at Walmart sunday...
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    Did he have a gun with him? What was the signal to stop so he could take a shot?😂
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    Looks like it could have easily killed a passenger, hope no one was hurt!
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    Save yourself some headaches and go ahead and replace that compressor with a sanden with a kit from AP Air.
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    I watched a car swerve in front of one of those multi-axle van trailers they use to haul castings. The driver had to lay on the brakes and stop abruptly. The load however didn't want to stop that quick, the castings broke through the front of the trailer and spilled all over the road.
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    Ok, can't figure why no mini skirts have not it this thread yet?Unless none of you liked that stuff.
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    Smoked carp done right is delicious!! We had an old retired guy work part time in the spring at the co-op. He would bring us a slab of smoked carp every once in a while. Half dozen guys would devour it in minutes
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    65 Chevy Cheyenne was what me and my buddy goat ripped in during high school, goats brother built it but never had time to drive it so we would wax it and fuel it and in return he would let us cruise, life was good when we hogged that pickup,
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