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  1. My chunky beagle in her normal position
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  2. yeah Runner they dumped a lot of weeds in there the other day. Nice to see it that full. It helps the alfalfa sub irrigate
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  4. Took some family pictures while dad mom and brother were out. Turned out good...precious memories. Yes I married way up. (Way up) Biult the kids and wife a temporary fence for the pups to be outside some. Cost of zero. For material (used t posts and extra mesh with 10,000 in tools involved.
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  5. Bussiness expo this weekend along with mom, dad and brother being out. Dad is constantly tired. But managed to find a photographer to take some family pictures it has been a good but hard weekend. Really wish dad would stop worrying about getting rid of his stuff and enjoy his remaining good days. I guess I've never been in his shoes. Prayed for them in my church group today. Going to be really hard to see them leave.
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  6. Havent in the past... Do they still have phonebooks?
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  7. Those little puddles are way to consistently spaced Yup. I guess it was time.
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