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    Note to self never tell wife I got you something from jareds
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    With it being Valentines Day I have a suspicion that Ol Runner is still out delivering Helium balloons, heart shaped boxes of chocolates and cards i hope he has enough energy to work a full day at his job. Further more i hope all the helium in the back of the orange scout didn't raise the rear wheels off the ground and cause him to have to drive in 4 WD.
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    I made a new grate for behind the parlor on the one return lane. This one has a foot bath right before it and the copper sulfate is very corrosive. The old one is very thin but not rusty looking..it eats it away evidently. 3x3x1/2" angle and 2 1/2x1/2" flatstock cut 27 5/8" long . We cut the stock last week on the torch table. I had set up a stop to cut it fairly uniform. We space the flats 1 3/4" on center or a 1 1/4" gap between them . We have around 81 total running feet of this style grate in the barns Then this evening I towed tubes through the yard with the 400. I had driven to the farm on the 400 today because of the ice on the service truck was very thick and I didn't want to spend the time to chip it all off
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    Thats a LOT of money for an animal that can drop dead at any time...
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    I wood of thought it would have held .............
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    Recognizing a true "GOLD DEMONSTRATOR" can be a challenge, 1970 was how many years ago? I was 14 years old when our International harvester Dealer received his one and only "Gold Demonstrator", An 826 Gear drive, I soon Discovered Each dealer would receive a "Gold Demonstrator", Our Local Dealership in Charlotte Michigan, Had a New "IH" red & white Semi, and a Long Beaver Tail trailer, Our Dealership would Haul Tractors and equipment for other "IH" Dealerships, I worked as "Summer Help" During this 1970 Summer, I got to see a lot of Mid-Michigan "International Harvester" Dealerships, The Block man for "IH" was a large Man and always drove his "Large Black Chrysler" to the different dealerships and instruct the truck driver where to transfer the next piece of equipment to which Dealership, From the Passenger seat of that Semi truck, "I" saw many, New "1456's" and "544's" sitting Unsold in the side lots, The "Block Man" referred to those "Gold Tractors" as "The Half Sisters or Step Child" , All of these tractors Set out side, And "DULL & FADED" gold paint didn't sell, The block Man Helped the smaller "IH" dealerships sell these tractors, and few got painted with new "RED' paint, With the Revitalized interest in gold tractors 20 years ago, More Gold tractors Surfaced from the dark corners of farm yards than mother "IH" ever produced, Hardly any "Documented" records exists today about "Gold" tractors. And 20 years ago, Many people Jumped on to the "I got a Gold tractor for sale" and see it's a Rare "GOLD" Cub Cadet!! , I have seen a gold 1066, It looked nice, but it can't be sold to the next Guy as a true "Gold Demonstrator" Manufactured by "IH" The dealers name was "Gordon Lovell" (Lovell Implement") he went to the same church as our family, A Great Family Man, He loved helping the youth Groups at our church, This "826 Goldie" pulled our church Float in the different "parades" for County Fairs and Sporting Events, I volunteered to Wash and Wax that tractor at his dealership, ( This Dealership was a 10 minute bike ride from our farm). Mr. Lovell appreciated my help and we became good friends, ( his Grand Kids were the same age as me, in the same school, But didn't have the same interests I had) I was the Young "KID" that got to go to the Regional "IHC" Dealership "New" equipment Demonstrations, With Mr. Lovell, I really Enjoyed that time in my life!! My New Friend, Don't feel "Crushed", Consider yourself informed, The people on this site are great bunch people, And we don't consider "Bashing" as one of our every day habits, We really do enjoy your Pictures, and your comments. Jim Droscha
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    Come on guys this thread is about chicken...
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    thats downright nasty
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    Do jehovah witness’s count?
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    Every once in awhile now still have a vacuum salesman show up { Kirby }. Jehovah's Witness show up here at times not as bad as they use to wanted to talk and show me their bible Said ok but you have to read my KJV Bible too you would of had thought I showed them the shotgun . LOL
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    I remember gettin pulled behind a 55 IH pickup... Coral and white as I remember. Mike
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    I thought 118" axles were illegal up North because they sure act like they are. K30s and 1456s, best of the best.
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    That Looks Like a "Fun" place to visit!!! Is he still Farming? We take our older Equipment to the fields, Well, actually that's all we own is old equipment, I'm 63, My wife say's I'm living in a time warp, But then again We are farming with a line of equipment that not many farmers use. Our equipment is call " Paid for"!! . Every time I turn the Key on these old girls, They make us Money!! Jim
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    All 1456s rolled off the line with black mufflers. Straight chrome pipe with chrome rain cap is alright. Over size and curved chrome pipes are beyond retarded. Everything with exception of my 1256 has a black muffler. Butch is looking for a NOS or nice used original DT-407 muffer for his 1456 gold demo.
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    Neighbor, retired state flatfoot, noticed my lights on during an outage. He called to ask if I had a generator. Told him no but being that I was last house on the power line, there was a little juice left in the line. He replied, "Oh, ok, just wondered...
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    Now that’s hitting too close to home😂😂
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