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    Is it possible that your bride doesn't like the dog because that's who you turn to for acceptance when her snow tires aren't mounted yet ?
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    We need a dog thread. Please feel free to add as you see fit. New dogs, old dogs, dogs with tractors, whatever. Pictures are encouraged! I'll start. The first is our ~9 year old Australian Cattle dog-Corgi mix. She's her Momma's girl. My wife adopted her when she was single and she knows her job -protect the family. She's fiercely protective of both my wife and daughter. Put a new knee ligament in her last winter. She slipped in the icy tractor tracks in the yard in January last year and ruptured her equivalent of an ACL. It was a long 6-month recovery; she was pretty much crated to keep her off it. She seems good as new now though. She loves those balls the most, she can run and jump again after the surgery, and she'll chase that thing for hours. The second is my English Setter. He is the puppy of another bird dog in the family. He's a sweet dog and hardwired for birds. This dog puts in miles every day. He's dad's boy and he's two separate dogs indoors and outdoors. Indoors he likes to be in the quietest room and only cares about being petted. Outdoors, he couldn't care less about affection. All he wants to do outside is run and chase birds.
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    Daks, aka sharkie. He’s my buddy. As I look through my pictures he’s in 80% of them somewhere. Kinda like where’s Waldo. He never goes to far from me or whatever I’m driving.
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    Thanks getting lots of pictures. And video.
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    You could also look at the 5200 series maxxums they were a very reliable loader tractor
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    Went to start the 1586 this morning (it was 10F) it's been sitting for over a month, not plugged in. I bet the engine didn't turn over 5 revolutions and it was running! No starting fluid either. It's amazing for a 1977 tractor with 6400 original hours can still start that good at those temps without at least a wiff of ether. Those engines are still awesome for being designed almost 50 years ago! Kudos to the IH engineers who designed those engines! The only other engine that starts almost as good is the 817.....
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    My wife is not QUITE as passionate about our pets as I am and that`s fine. She hasn`t touched the horse or the cows in years] Our yorkie, Chubs, thinks the sun rises and sets with me. He sleeps by MY side and only her if I`m not home yet. When I come home, he bails on her. [ he he he] Keaton, my husky/coyote mix, is slowly growing on her as at one time, she wanted him gone/dead/MIA, whatever. Keaton, who is house broken, sleeps each night in a large cage in the kitchen [after a LONG discussion which I obviously won] She forbids him running loose in the house. [hair etc] Each morning I am awakened by their whining to pee. I install Keaton`s shock collar, open the cage and they both hit the open door at a run. [Aaaaaaaah! Squirt squirt] I go to the car/truck with my coffee after stoking the fire and Keaton jumps in the backseat and Chubs up front.[of course] We stop at the barn and they watch intently as I do the barn work. Then we drive to the shop [3 miles] to fire the furnace/feed cats etc and again, they watch from the car windows. Then on the way home, I open the windows and turn heater on HIGH and they hang out their respective windows. Get home, open the doors and away they go! Squirt/squirt/crap/wag/bark/dig/scratch/run and all that. The other morning, I got an early call for a tow. Told customer I`d be an hour and hung up. She asked, from the bed, why it was going to take me an hour to drive 3 miles. Told her I had to do my daily chores with the dogs first. A LONG sigh came from upstairs. Maybe the "routine" is more for my happiness/sanity than for the dogs... Better get home as we do the same routine every evening too A dog`s life or my life?...
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    Usually go to BS (bible study ) on Thursday mornings at a local coffee shop with friends. I have not gone four weeks cause I can’t (Drive) . So my buddy been asking , I said yes ❗️🆗today, He came over at 6:30 🕡 and got me . It was good to talk with them . And to catch up , study Hebrews at this time. Always come away with more ❓questions than answers for me. Anyway good start for the day, 2 cups of coffee 😂 last 22 days real boring , laying around ,needed it got to get a smile 😃 back👈👌👀🤓
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    From SNL, but still funny. Mike
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    My 8 year old great pyrenees wolf pup.
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    Some people wouldn't have enough to grease a skillet
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    I'm not a fan of the sunroof they burn my bald head😡
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    Checked over doesnt mean much from a salesman but i would take it was suppose to be a driveable vehicle with no issues by his statement. Obviously that wasnt true. I would give it my best shot to get them to make it right or at least split it with you.
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    Well I like the look....BUT not on that tractor! I would preferred to see it on the magnums, because the maxxum and puma tractors don’t have one drop of IH blood or DNA in them! The magnums on the other hand still have the transmissions which were originally designed by IH.
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    The IH February message. From nearly 70 years ago.
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    No, no, by all means Danny, please keep beating! We never get tired of your stories! Al
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    Been moving around a little more today. Sat in a chair for awhile. Stopped taking pain medication. Just a waiting game for the swelling in my leg to go down. Thanks for checking up on me!
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    My 3 1/2 year old Grand Daughter seems to absolutely enjoy the farming life . She loves doing cow chores , calfing season , riding in tractors, combines or going to livestock auctions with her Daddy . A couple of days ago her very own cow , which she named Lucy , had her first calf and she was there to witness it . Pretty proud young lady with her newborn calf from her cow Lucy .
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    We had some Kubota side by sides that where hard starting and had a fleet of grasshopper zero terds witb Kubota on them that you had to glow at anything under 70 degrees. Anything with a 282 on it or a letter series with a d in front of it. I remember the hardcore Deere guy across the road had to borrow a smta one winter because all his Deere's he had at the time wouldn't start. Needless to say he won't hardly talk to me anymore from the ribbing I gave him over that😂
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    And it still gets things done!
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    This is our golden retriever named Hydro. My wife always wanted a Golden and I was putting it off because I didn’t think it was fair for him to be by himself till we get home from work but a her sister had a friend that knew of someone that wanted to give away their 8 month old golden because their daughter all of a sudden didn’t have time for him so we went to see him and that was it, he was coming home with us! He is gonna be 3 on July 12th. My wife came up with the name because we have two gold demo tractors and they are both hydros so that’s what she wanted to name him and I said sounds good to me! He is a blessing to have and we love him to pieces! And he loves ice cream!!
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    I have juat seen this photo on stalkerbook with no apparent explanation. Does anyone know the story behind it?
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    Reminds me of when I was about 10 and my dad wouldn't let me start the John Deere with a flywheel start. He said it was too hard for me. I was upset and crying and mad. He finally said "oh fine. Go and try." I was so mad I actually started it. Learned pretty young that emotions can help you accomplish things.
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    Everything I do revolves around the dogs helping, not always the quickest but the most enjoyable. Way back when I was young and single I used to stop in the Chambers Corner Bar and get 4 hamburgers to go. I heard later that the little girl that worked there couldn't believe that a skinny little kid like me could eat 4 hamburgers. She didn't know and I was afraid to tell her 2 was for me and 2 was for my dog Pancho.
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    As someone on here put so well.........kid walks by the D282 with an ice cream cone it isn't going to start!
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    The sign above my desk reads "The more people I meet, the more I like my pets" Customer gave it to me.
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    This, ^ And tight may not mean they cover all charges, they may offer to fix it for the cost of the parts or some mix. Going in with a fair attitude and saying your disappointed but wanted to see what they could do may go a long way good luck
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    They should make it right, they are a GM dealer and it clearly had an issue when it was sold, one you questioned before purchasing. Don’t get snotty with them until you have to but I suspect they will at least help you out with this one. As said it may not be totally free because it’s a not new rig but dealers usually want you happy
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    Thanks for saving me from having to type all that into Google Translate!
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    Is there a better medium duty diesel ? PERIOD.
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    I can agree with you on part of that but one example look back to when you where a kid was there mass shootings like today even without the media do a search there where very few. Alot of these people do these things because they think it's glorified. if you start hanging them to make an example of what will happen when you do these things and stop doing the repeat of the of body count every two seconds and giving them mass media coverage and in the event they don't take there own life or get taken out we will give them 3 squares a roof over there head and a chance at a free college education. You hang em up and that's all they get show them for what they are they will start to have second thoughts. I could go on about this all night but opinions are opinions and we have different ones but I still respect you and your opinion
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    When it's cotton picking time....
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    I always liked the looks of these early IH four wheel drive tractors. This is a 1970 magazine shot of the small 4156. Little brother to the big 4300.
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    JD 4020 or any 404 JD engine.
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    Actually from some industry people that we know and some things that we've seen I don't believe that there is a surplus just the way things are priced they can make it seem like there's a surplus and then they short you on the price....... Al Capone had nothing on the system they got going on here for pricing
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    Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
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    they did, the 4300. I think the V800 was chosen because in the 70's the V8 diesels were kind of the "in" thing, but we all know now it was the wacky tabacky talking lol!
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    Mader, I would suggest you get a few pictures of the kids with your dad, maybe you are already doing that, but I would get as many pictures as I could and I am glad to hear you made it safe, my prayers and thoughts
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    I've also heard them bankruptcy tubes, blue tombstones, monuments to a broke farmer. My favorite is farm sale markers. The saying went back in the day, if you were looking for a farm closeout, Bankruptcy sale. As you were driving if you saw a Harveststore one the horizon drive towards it. Chances were that was where the auction was taking place.
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    Yeah we missed all the worst weather....2 hours after we left home blizzard hit, drove all day on windy but dry roads, iced that night but roads were not slick all the next day. Next morning after we got here roads were pure ice. But we never hit anything.
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    That dealer should make that right, I’m not a Tahoe expert but between my father and I we’ve had a lot of those front diffs , all trouble free, all the ones I know have been as well. I’d say this is an isolated thing. Dealers don’t like bad publicity and they really don’t like heat from your states attorneys office or BBB. I’d be cooperative and polite and work up through the chain of command at the dealership first and see where it goes, then if you are getting stonewalled discuss the aforementioned agencies. Keep your paperwork, communicate via email as much as you can, keep the emails.
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    Your on the right track IHFAN . Dad submitted a bid that would leave him 1 mil after debt pay off and taxes. 20 to 25 is the range that was accepted. Dads bid was in the 60 area
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    Yes, many possible ways such as auger, leg, air system, conveyor, and various combinations
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    I’m not sure... seems if that was true, than the cat would be in the house, and the wife would be 3 miles away!
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    Everything around machinery is dangerous. My floppy hat blew off my head while mowing. It came down on the pto shaft and acted like a round bail around the shaft.
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    Did they sell you 358108R91 or 362725R91? Think the 358108R91 used two different diameter wires and was the replacement for the original springs used in the 30 degree total advance distributor. 362725R91 is used as the replacement for fire crater kits, they are or were the same size. Think I may have a set of the 358108R91 and will look at the size to make sure about my memory later today. Dave Checked and the 358108R91 I have has a plain steel color and a red color spring. Red one smaller. Stocked up on some different numbers 10 or 15 years ago and though 12 dollars was high then.
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