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    I would like to have a device that when I get a scam call or telemarketer I can flip a breaker and send 10,000,000 volts back their phone line frying their phone and giving them second degree burns on their ear
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    can I sneak this in here?
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    Hey now. My wife drives a subaru and we are republicans/Trump voters. We are hardworking conservative people who we not given anything in life. I can say we are somewhat disappointed that the drama in Washington never settled down after the president took office. Back to the original post Alexandria Cortez does not share the values of the majority of rural America. She is an educated idiot. Those of us that provide for ourselves (and provide for others) have a hard time accepting the entitlement mentality. Our personal tax liability is great enough. The last thing I want to do is pay more tax to support those who choose not to apply themselves.
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    Putting them up for the winter ! And one new one .All been through tie rod ends bushed and greasable now .They are good for about 40 fast enough loaded !
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    We redone our kitchen 5 or 6 years ago. Ripped out all the cupboards and rearranged. The new island countertop was to long and wide so we sent it back to be shortened up. So I never did screw the 2 cabinets together or top down. This afternoon was good day to do it and glue / nail backboard on. Just have the toe kick to finish when this dry’s and will be done. So far have remodeled about 99% of house myself.
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    Winter Project was put up for sale. Got held up by some mexican bandits. The short lil pepper shot everything but himself! Gettn rough in Texas....
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    Last time I checked you can't get a complete kit from Case IH , one sleeve and piston at a time and all the gaskets separate . I talked to our Hy Cap rep and before they went to Maxforce I was trying to get them to go talk to Federal Mogal and have them start making the dry sleeve kits and the wet sleeved kits for the smaller IH motors. Like I said before , pay a few hundred dollars more and not have to worry about the quality , I hate doing stuff twice especially on my dollar . We used OEM and the Red Power overhaul kits for my entire carrier at IH and Case IH and I can honestly tell all of you never had one problem , ever !! This sucks that the small guys get bought out and there goes the quality goes down the tube . Danny
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    My complaint is with people that have low situational awareness, the people who don't seem to have any idea of what's going on around them. Good examples are: The person who rides the escalator to the top, doesn't know where to turn, so just stops, oblivious to the full set of stairs riding up behind. I yell KEEP GOING! The idiot who pulls into an intersection when there's no room on the other side successfully locking the whole block! The dummy in the airport security line who seems to have no idea that he needs to make sure his bag gets sucked into the machine. I yell PUSH IT IN! The same dummies who don't seem to hear the TSA persons admonition "take all metal out of your pockets" and all the rest of their instructions. The woman who thinks her huge assortment of bracelets will pass through the metal detector! The space shots who walk through a crowded area reading their phones. The same ones who keep walking forward while turning their heads to read a sign. Stop, get out of the way, read your damned phone, and don't block my progress! I'm sure I could go on and I'm sure everyone here has encountered these idiots and more. Thanks, rant over and I feel better!
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    Exactly. OEM means nothing if CIH isn't building the kit.
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    I would like to have a device in my truck that would continually send the message "LOOK UP" to any and all cell phones within a 1/4 mile of me.
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    Finally got out for a little ride today to try out the new to me sled. So far seems good. Got a bit of snow today but was a nasty south wind and blew all the snow around. Oh well were heading to the mountains tomorrow so we should find snow lol
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    Ok so how about we build a border wall out of solar panels, sell all the electricity to Mexico and then tada Mexico pays for the wall.
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    My great uncle praised their DC4 Case quite proudly, I’m told it was a sure footed well balanced rig, it pulled out many a bigger machine. One of our neighbors from back when tells a story about being mired bad and thought it would be the end to Uncle David’s reign, as the neighbor said “I was holding the brakes and he still pulled me out”
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    When you start out you don't have enough equity for a lein to cover you screwing up. So they put a lein to protect the taxpayers money i borrowed. Cost a little over 3000 a acre to grow burley. So my current tobacco crop catches about a $300,000 in inputs. Their half price rates save me a few thousand on operating loan. As i don't have the whole $300,000 in cash to grow and harvest the crop. Save money anywhere i can. Don't file as a partner tryed to make the reasoning simple and not be A-hole.
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    Four words of good advice, concur! best, randy
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    Silage bunk feeder 24ft long, 5ft. wide and 2ft deep. No bottom, they set them on concrete and pick them up and set out of the way to clean up. First of 12.
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    Are the banditos available for hire? There's this guy running around Texas and surrounding states snarfing up all the 1456's.
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    Always buddy. I dont try very hard and i know it irritates the girls sometimes. But i just like to nap and be outside
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    Everyone of these guys that talked about A physical barrier is as wrong as Trump. You dont stop ideas with walls.
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    I should have said that I am a believer that you get what you pay for in tires , cheap is often more cost per hour in the end
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    NOOOOO!!!! Matt!!!!! You Got Her Dirty!! I hope you gave her a good bath! 😳
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    Yea you can get individually piston and sleeve kits at 400.00 some dollars a pop each x 4 Case IH are exstrordinarlly high
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    The media was very quiet here till social media started reporting it and spreading the word. Our own movements started picking up steam and the media finally followed suit and even CBC started to report on it.(liberals main campaign network) there’s not the same uproar here as France but there’s a lot of pissed off people who have had enough. There’s very strong talks about the west separating again. Last time this was this close was when Trudeau’s father was in power and he tried to break the west then too. There’s a go fund me page set up to help get 600 big trucks to Trudeau’s door step. The next 8.5 months are going to be interesting. We can only hope there’s a major change otherwise there’s going to be a pretty big uprising in the west I think. The US might get a couple mores stars on the flag lol.
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    Another thing I would check if you have magnetic dial indicator. Check your flywheel run out and input shaft (outer) run out. There is so much wear that if something was not running true this could cause premature wear.
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    New store less than 10 minutes away & FARMALL M waiting for twin to join marking entrance to new residential development....they just need to expand the parking pad.
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    I expect real news not innuendos from unnamed sources supporting their opinion that turn out to false half the time That is why I have to follow news from both perspectives. But I would except the liberal news to cover France more since they want us to be just like Europe. But wait those stories don't support their positions.
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    The island has always been in place just never quit done. Now it is. As they say quality takes time.
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    From.....what I recall. My Chev 13 Diesel oil life monitor is based on, Heat, gallons, miles, out side temp, engine hrs, and driving style(rpms) etc. Kinda neat all the things that go into the oil life monitor. Mine doing mainly towing goes off 7 to 7500 miles. 15/40 Conoco from our barrel. On my Gas 6.0 chev I had I went 4-4500 with 10/40 CarQuest Syn- changed oil and filter only. At 7000ish did oil and filter (all off oil life thing). Guy has 260k on it now and 0 oil use he says. All with a decent aftermarket tune and a bunch of towing. Nicew looking ol truck Howard, been missing you over here.
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    Tony I really think that because of the ads they ran in the very late 50's and early 60's that it ruined me on the older tractors. Everything was the "new and modern look". Space age. ECT. SO I really don't care for the looks of most tractors built before 59/60. Rick
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    Drive an out back, H3ll no. Out back is where I go to eat a great steak.
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    I usually can’t even comprehend most of his posts...
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    I've picked out several items that I'd like to order!
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    Looks as if ya all done good and had a good time
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    Injectors look pretty dirty. 2, 3 & 4 are very gunky.. No. 1 looked much less oily.... Will take them to be checked out...
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    superih, I'll let the IH service bulletin speak for itself. First, as you can see, the Master Clutch only has 1GPM of oil for lube when the clutch pedal is fully depressed with the new-style lube regulator valve-the original style regulator valve had 2GPM. That eliminated a lot of drag in the MC when the Hy-Tran was cold; it made those tractors shift much better with cold oil. I put in several of those years ago as an IH 50 series tractor was a very common loader tractor in my area in the 1980s-1990s. Another side benefit of the design is that the new-style valve used more lube oil to the MC when engaging it; should have been an improvement there as well in overall reliability. The other thing I would like to point out is that there is no serial# listing for when this was going to take place....the bulletin just says that it will be implemented in production with September 1984 production, which I am guessing is about the same time that Matt's(IH5488) bulletin listing all the 50 series changes was released. Now, while looking up this info. I come across something that I wasn't expecting. There is a second part to this bulletin that refers to another production change made to make the 50 series shift easier, some redesign of the clutch pedal/cable geometry that allowed the Master Clutch to fully release when the clutch pedal was fully depressed. However, what's more noticeable with this part of the bulletin was that someone had handwritten the IH 50 series production numbers from June 1984 through the end of Farmall tractor production on this part of the bulletin. A mere 1200+ 50 series tractors were built in the last 6 months of IH's tractor production at Farmall. IH wasn't going to survive very long with Farmall building a couple thousand tractors a year. Just wasn't going to happen. Hate to say it, but IH was too far gone by then. The Super 70s weren't going to save them, the New Farmall(IH's Magnum) wasn't going to save them. Nothing was going to save IH in the economic climate of 1984-85-86 as even the farmers in good financial condition at the time were not in the market for buying machinery.Those tractors maybe would have saved IH in a different time frame, but not the mid-1980s. Hate to say it, but I can remember many IH dealers at the time that had several new 50 series tractors on their lots that had celebrated their first(in many cases, their second as well) birthday by sitting on a dealer's lot. Nobody was selling anything much in ag at that time in the US, not Deere, not Case, not IH, not Allis-Chalmers or any other brand you can insert in there.
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    The looks of the top of the exhaust that 806 has a habit of liking to smoke also.
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    He is someone who I can leave the kids watching without any worries about what he talks about
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    I think he meant that IH doesn’t manufacture their own parts anymore so OEM doesn’t really mean much. It’s aftermarket parts endorsed by the company (now CNH).
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    Now that would be thinking with your noggin! My neighbors say that the only thing that they have not seen me do with my excavator is tie my shoes!!
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    Actually the news media should be divided into thirds IMO. The libera media should be 1/3 and keep doing what it's so good at, telling the masses what and how to think. Trust me, they need all the help they can get even if it's lies. Then 1/3rd should be Conservative and they should do what they are doing, mostly telling the truth but slanting it. Then the other 1/3rd should just report the facts and let those of us who can think for ourselves have access to the into we want and need. But what happens in a lot of foreign countries that we view as modern and progressive actively control the news media in their countries based on who is in power at the time. Rick
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    My wife's brother use to do alot of motivational speaking with some of the larger sales oriented companies. He was putting on a sales seminar somewhere and the company had pulled Jerry Clower in for some entertainment. Mike gets home and immediately calls me saying "you never told me you knew Jerry Clower????". I replied-----"I don't". (there was a moment of silence on the phone) Turns out that during lunch------Mike was sitting next to Jerry and they were discussing them both being from Mississippi. Mike went on to tell him that his sister was married to a farmer over in the Delta named Anson Sheldon from down south of Greenville (at Avon). Ol' Jerry immediately replied-----"Awwwh------I know Anson. Been knowing him a long time!!!!" Folks-------I have never met Jerry Clower, nor saw one of his live shows. Fact is------Ol' Jerry had just pulled one more leg for a big laugh. I did the laughing-----and the motivational speaker was left with a puzzled look on his face!!!!😂🤣 Always lots of funny stories relating to Jerry Clower-------whether on stage or from real life. Everybody always said he never met a stranger. DD
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    Need more Jerry's and less of the trash we have today. Played some of his videos for wife who grew up not knowing of him. Did he have a real life cousin who was a celeburty, TV preacher or singer ? Could be thinking of some other entertainer.
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    Time for this post to go poof. Ill say as nicely as I can that there is no reasoning across party lines. This is not what RPF is about.
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    Glad everyone is enjoying, it was fun to put together. Wish I had taken more pictures over the year.
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    A co worker of mine was stopped at a light this past weekend. Lady turning left clipped his left front fender/ headlight. People can't even navigate a turn anymore........... 😑
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