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    HaHa. Was just thinking today how a gender confused person would enter the plumbing business. Would no longer be able to tell the difference between a male or female fitting.
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    I have 40ish hammers in the shop. Have one in my hand MOST of the time as a lot of Ford customers. They all fit my hand. Damn fussy electricians... My wife has them too VTF
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    I got my warning right on time-----it said: The Liberals are coming-----the liberals are coming!!!!! Helll-----I thought they were already here??? DD
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    Ah I already ignore most things that I get on my phone. Just one more. I suppose you could smash your phone with a hammer and really show Uncle Sam who’s boss
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    I farted on my friends orange today while he was eating it. Whole store smelled like shitrus.
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    From now on my semi truck will be identifying as a car, so DOT, leave me alone...... This is just dumb. Leave it to the sissies in st paul to come up with that.
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    You know, I often wonder about subscriptions, I subscribe to several magazines, I usually do 3 or 5 or whatever years at a time, whatever the best price is. Every year I get notices reminding me to up the subscription or itl stop coming. I always wait until the date on the address label says so. On a different note but related to magazine subscriptions, I had a friend in high school who thought it funny to hide ladies undergarments in my truck, stuffed in the glove box or under the seat , anywhere I wouldn’t notice right off and have to explain... I fixed his wagon. I got him a years subscription to a skin magazine with models all over 300 lbs, had it sent to his grandmother’s address. 😆😆😆
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    Who else has their own rotor belt insurance? I was waiting for it to dry and thought now would be a good time to change three bushings on the variable speed drive. While in there I saw a bad spot in my rotor belt. Figured I'd put a new one on and zip tie the old one in for emergency use.
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    Yikes. Mine has got 215k on it. It's spent it's whole like in western South Dakota except the 6 years I lived in North Dakota. They didn't use much for salt here until a few years back. Now they use that crap liquid and it's starting to rust a bit. Really aggrivates a guy.
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    Yellow journalism as addressed by congress sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s involved newspapers writing pure fiction stories and passing it off as news. The practice was not outlawed but they did make it so that to sell it as news it supposed to be an actual event, not fabricated and thus the tabloids were born like National Enquirer. However they did nothing to make the media report accurately or fairly. Rick
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    Gordon 67, thank you! That was the problem. The lift is working just fine now.
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    Censoring the press is somthing what obama did. Sometimes en CNN does real journalism bud that's rare. And Art, the leftist media will destroy it self, even the history channel has higher ratings than CNN. The should never censor the media, how stupid they are, if wan't censor the leftist media, an leftist goverment will go after the conservative media, who allready victim of censorship by leftist Silicon Valley and EU.
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    Case IH Low Ash SAE 30 engine oil for sure. No 10W-30 oil. And the CIH filter. Good gas engine antifreeze. There are other things that others will recommend but the low ash oil is the one thing that I strongly recommend for these old engines. The C146 is a member of the Farmall A family dating back to 1939 and which were produced up to 1979. Other members were the C113, C123, C135, C146, and the C153.
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    Not sayin it's not a great hammer but it looks like a fat man who has a teeny weeny head.
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    Here is pic of the old girl. Hasn’t been started in 2 years hasn’t been used in about 9. It is going to be put in shed in a week or 2 with bad roof but don’t worry we put John Deere’s under the collapsing part. Dad is 78 , Parkinson’s taking over. Sisters are mad man hating liberals. Machinery and land is in trust. Dad gets real irate about selling anything. When I say irate it is steam coming out ears and hind end. My solution as trustee put it all away until he passes. Then let the fight begin. This is honest 2 owner before dad tight and low hours. Needs brake work and probably sleeve orings from sitting new Firestone’s with under 200 hours on inside
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    I once put "Yes please" in the space for "sex" on an application form and it went through without any problem......
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    Instead of changing my gender I want to move up there and change my age and draw social security since I'm tired of working for a living. Trust me, I feel 65 some days, is that allowed yet?
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    Being tired from his wife yelling at him is probably the reason why he is "doing stupid stuff like that"
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    If that is a International 340 utility the engine would be a D166, about 2/3 of a D282 engine in the 560 but not quite. The 340, 460, and 560 diesels all had the same bore but different stroke. I learned the hard way when mistakenly trying to put 560 pistons in the 340 diesel engine. You are about 1/8 inch short from center of wrist pin to top of piston so when running (slobbering would be a better word!) the engine never would run right. With the correct pistons all is fine now.
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    OT if you're gonna do it, do it right. "picking on CKomrade tilla."
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    We should try to organize an event some evening during a Roundup. I think it would be popular, when you look at the participation at the meet and greet events.
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    But doing this also opens all the amendments up to being changed. Which would not be good for the second amendment. Who ever wants a convention of the states hates this countey more than Democrats and liberals
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    Passing thru Home, some pictures from the road Rather white going north over the pass fuel is getting a bit expensive Hoar Frost going south into Atigun Pass
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    As a side note, this was my Daddy’s tractor. It got sold with the estate after his death and his best friend purchased it and the rest of our farm equipment. I grew up on this one. I asked my Dads friend if he was interested in selling it and he gave it back to me. It sat as a pitiful hulk for a long time and has been in my shop for about 16 years while I slowly gathered parts for a rebuild. Now that the kids are grown and gone I can afford to get her together. I fired off the freshly rebuilt engine on my Dad’s Birthday and she runs like a champ!
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    And his wife and daughters
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    Brett Kavanaugh could...
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    I have 6 sisters and nobody can imagine how vile liberal women can be. It is almost a years entertainment watching their antics. Of course everything wrong in their life must be blamed on two brothers. Because you know men must be shot. The sisters never used to get along. They were always fighting over stealing husbands , boyfriends stealing each other’s marijuana and anything they could but by golly trump unified them in 18 months something parents couldn’t do in 55 years. So of course if any sisters are at farm first thing we do is switch it to Fox News.
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    Moved the tractor shed I made last year, took it up onto the road and over to the new shop site, I did use an IH motor tho my neighbors just keep shaking their heads and my wife won’t make eye contact some days
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    Drove home yesterday, nice road for it actually Getting started, truckers this side of the pass Wierd clouds over the pass Hunter landing Dietrich river valley
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    Made it to the mountains, really was raining the other day ice cut and it cleared off finishing up phase one, should be headed home for a couple days soon
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    Ran south a bit today, a herd of Musk Ox, pretty impressive for an animal that was hunted out here at one time Two shots in the foot hills The mountains coming up on the horizon 1200 miles on the truck this week, we need a grader up here, front end is taking a beating.
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    I lost a hammer in a 3 section feild chasing cows...its gone it's amazing how much better your hammer work than one identical too it...
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