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    Happy Birthday guys!! Todd; you sleep with a pretty shirt on...?
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    Not bad although it’s no 8N.....
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    u go south, u start to smell sunscreen and mojitos we go south. we start to smell penguin crap
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    This past weekend the Chapter 5 state show was held in Forest City. They featured pre 1939 machines, so lots of grey. Around 80 IH machines there. My 656 was featured in the showbook handed out at the gate. 🙂 Here are some pictures for you.
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    Woman in front of me at convenience store smelled like a wet goat. What a time to forget my Febreze.... I`d have settled for a can of Brakleener...
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    Ha ha ha. Pretty shirt on sleeep last nite 😉 I fixed it. Lol
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    X2, except around my place we spell it "birthday":-) Hopefully you guys are feeling blessed today
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    My wife wouldn't have a problem with changing her own tire. Was raised with 4 brothers and is more mechanically inclined than they are but is also a lady when she needs to be. First and only woman I dated that had her own tools. Those guys definitely should of helped the ladies but they probably called triple a when it happened to them. As for the guy wearing sandles. Sometimes they look ok but most times a guy in sandles or flip flops in public just looks lazy and sloppy to me. I won't wear them. But I'm also the guy that goes out to start my equipment in my underwear and boots to let in warm up while I shower in the morning.
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    Hello, I was recently gifted a TD6, and need to find some information about it. I was told it was a 1948, however the serial number on the plate is so worn down that I cannot make it out. Is there other spots where the serial number would be? I was told that it does not have the original engine in it so the casting dates on the engine would not be helpful. I also need help identifying the engine, I have attached a photo of some of the numbers on the head. Fuel (diesel): I was told that my crawler does not have the original engine in it, so I need help with how the fuel lines are run. I have a Bosch injector pump. Currently I have it set up so fuel from the tank goes to the primary filter, then to the delivery pump, then to the water seperator, and then delivered to the injector pump- is this correct? The injector pump return is obviously plunmbed back into the tank. Fuel (gas): this is just gravity fed from the tank into the carborator, correct? Spark: I have a battery ignition system on the gas side, but I am having trouble peicing it together. Is it set up like a regular distributor system on an automobile? I understand there is a “manifold switch” that cuts power to the coil when the engine is being run on the diesel side, but I cannot seem to find it. Would it be appropriate to just run a switch to the dashboard and use that to open the circuit when I am running on diesel? Thank you in advance for the help, I am very excited to see this thing run!
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    Hello All! I’m brand new to both international harvester ownership as well as forums. I tried looking for a thread on my particular question but no luck yet so bare with me. I just purchased a 1950 I believe td6 crawler. It has a plate acrossed where the pto shaft would be and I’m wondering if I will be able to find the parts. I would like to put a dozer blade on it and will need hydraulic pressure via a pto hydraulic pump I’m guessing. I run all kinds of new grading and paving equipment so I’m Stavy for the most part. Anyway I’ll begin with this and just want to say it’s nice to cyber meet everyone on here!
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    Woke up this morning on are way to Nashville and out the window was this !!! to steal Ron White dog phrase going to be a good day tater
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    Thought I would add a couple pics loaded up with weights and duals!
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    I picked up this tractor six months or so ago. Had some almost immediate transmission problems which saw the tractor split not once but twice. Finally the second time around the guy knew what he was doing and it now runs fine. While the roof was off I took the opportunity to paint it and some of the loader arm. I know it's not the right red but it looks better than the existing green. Plan is to get rid of all the green with red and depending how much is left in the red tin do the original tractor parts red and white as well. And hopefully stickers after paint so I know what lever does what 😀.
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    What happened to helping someone? IMO the cell phone. Everyone has one and if they need help they use it. So they don't think about other who may need that help. As far as walking past coworkers in a situation like your wife was in? At companies they hammer the "if a woman needs help she will ask for it. Don't off as it may be taken the wrong way". We got a woman like that near us. Don't offer her and help. She will try to claim you are harassing her. About a year ago my wife and I were leaving a store. She was trying to load bags of feed for her horses. She's like 5'2" and 90 pounds. Because of the way she is I started to walk by. She snapped at me about not being a gentleman and helping a lady. So i snapped at her told her I do help ladies........ Rick
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    She has been an ex for nearly but not quite 20 years now 😂😂😂 Should have taken them up on the offer 😉😉😉😉
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    You knew sooner or later someone was going to say it....
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    OK got it figured out! Thanks guys! Rick
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    Here is picture of driveshaft. Hard to see it all. Local ag dealer had solid piece with a yoke for less than half of what machine shop wanting for metal only. Didn’t even have to cut it. Measured in 3 spots to make it doesn’t bottom out.
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    The support prices would work if the payment limits were enforced like they used to be. When I started farming in '73 nobody farmed over 800 acres because if you did you were outside of the safety net. Now look at the millions some producers get. Our payment from the government would be the same as the U.S. paying walmart to run all of the little guys out of business.
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    The suspense!!!! In my condition I don’t know if I can keep up this pace Hydro!!!!! TELL US!!!!!! Please
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    Many years ago. Nigh on 20 years. I stopped at my local petrol station for fuel. When I was done paying for my fuel the owner of the garagecalled me over to where he was talking to 2 girla of my age who had a flat tyre. So I gladly changed the wheel for them and then they asked me out for dinner. I would have accepted if my girlfriend had not been with me. I am now wondering where that would have led to. Probably no where, and may not have asked if my girlfriend was not there. Oh well........... 😊😊😊
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    Sucks on that corn Troy, nothing more discouraging then to put hard work into something that doesn’t amount to much. I also give kids rides when I can, nice to see how happy it makes them! Took a 2 year old in the mower a couple months ago with his dad, he was all smiles and his dad says now he wants to drive everything 😎
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    Also guilty. Gotta love livin out in the sticks.
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    Sometimes they just take the escalator instead...
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    NLA but I assume you would put 7120 parts in it?
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    I don't have issues with either one, but don't think I would look for one of the last H's just to have disk brakes. I think the band brakes work just as well IMO.
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    If you have shaft movement back to the steering motor, I would say its a coupler issue first and foremost. Usually the hole in the shaft is an egg, roll pins replaced with oversized bolts that are shot, etc................Weld a bunch of them back up over the years, redrilled in the mill, and I personally like bolts with a top lock nut over the roll pin, my brother had a roll pin work out disking on a Super M years ago and it poked through the hood on a headland turn, he couldn't steer. Luckly he got it stopped and we took care of it.
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    Rehearsal for a new production of "Up The Down Staircase" gone horribly wrong.
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    It's now very possible that you can live longer if you don't take the stairs instead of the elevator
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    Another reason not to let your wife drive...
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    The salesman said it had the auto park feature....
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    Must have been going down, only an idiot would try to back up those steps........
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    My question is, was it on its way up or down?
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    Thanks for the explanation and your personnel story. I have been a licensed stationary engineer in Ohio for thirty years and have always enjoyed watching the big traction engines work. Ahh , steam the perfect energy. Just can't understand the powers to be for the ihc collectors, no steam and no tractor pulls. Static displays are for fancy show cars.
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    Alright good advice. I told the wife I needed to get Checked out so she made an appointment for me. She works there for the doctor so it wasn’t too much trouble. She might have him put me down! 🙀
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    Best bet to get checked out, could be something serious. An old GF seen a guy kick the bucket at work, late 20's and in good health, or so he thought. Similar complaints, was going to go home early, then just collapsed and they were unable to revive him. Turned out he had some rare heart issue. I'd go with the tick bite as well. My grandfather just went through it this spring. Never knew he had been bitten, woke up one morning and was paralysed. Everyone thought he had a stroke, it was pretty scary for a couple days. But they found a welt on the back of his leg, and it ended up being lymes disease.
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    A woman scanned the guests at a party and spotted an attractive man standing alone.She approached him.- My name is Carmen - she told him.- That's a beautiful name - he replied - Is it family name?- No, I gave it to myself. It reflects the things I like most: cars and men, What is your name?- B.J. Titsengolf
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    Steering play on those tractors is often multiple issues. Small amounts of wear that combine and add up to large amounts of movement. Most likely the bushings in the vertical steering post are worn, giving you the front/back/side-to-side movement of the worm gear. Most likely the worm gear is a little loose on the vertical steering shaft. Most likely there is some wear to the gears. This is expensive to replace and usually only done as a last resort. Any slop in the steering shaft from the wheel to the gearbox adds to the problem.
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    Moved the tractor shed I made last year, took it up onto the road and over to the new shop site, I did use an IH motor tho my neighbors just keep shaking their heads and my wife won’t make eye contact some days
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    People, I like my dog and my tractor more every day
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    It was his dads, buy it or regret it later. Dont matter if if it was an Edsel
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    Anson, I went over and did my best with some of those questions on the 150 hp Case thread. Now, while I was overdosed on steam at Andover, I had a root canal with calcific metamorphisis just last Thursday. And I got the flu or something very close to it when I got home. I was sick as a sick dog for two days. Now, I know this is too darn much information. But to make it so I could sleep for two nights, I was taking some of my Oxycodone from my palate tumor of a couple months ago. That stuff sure is constipating... Nuff said. Now about trolling with steam engines and them being babe magnets, I don't know what to do to help you out, buddy? Maybe finish your whustle and take it to a steam show then blow the heck out of it? Gary😉
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    I could care less about any of those things, how much is it and when can I pick it up , The more stuff wrong the better for me. Then I won’t be bidding against the correct police.
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    Two of my friends is were hit by drivers while flagging, both injured and off work busted up pretty good. One guy 6'2 and near 300lb dressed in flor yellow safety gear head to toe, lady said she didn't see him standing in middle of road holding stop sign. Couple girls flagged on another job with us, mail man which I happened to know would cuss them out regularly. After they told me about it I never saw him again, which was a good thing for him. Cops especially on state jobs have been very good to our flaggers and workers, hassle us and they will get you. Working on highways with traffic zipping by at arm's length is unnerving, inside a machine ain't much better .
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