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    Another good oldie
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    Thanks everyone. Sure has been a rollacoaster today. As MTO said we have had our share of stuff to deal with this year. It would be easy to give in, nope not going to. Looking at what might have been this year.... I / we still are blessed. I still have my wife, grandson that had tumor is doing great, oldest grandson turns 2 tomorrow, job search has started and I am positive I will make out ok, and today someone had a guiding hand for my daughter. Yup still blessed.
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    My run today. I believe we have the clutch issues solved.
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    Does that ever sound like a truly AWESOME joke to play on a difficult/slow paying customer!! (Test drive the tractor in front of them, then deliver it to them. Do NOT load it onto their trailer. That could get ugly when they try to unload....)
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    I am all notill here with the exception of nh3 application. P and K are spread on top in the spring. Lime is spread on top in the fall when needed. Do your burndown spray in the spring preplant/preemerge and be sure to include a residual chem. Planting should not be a problem ad long as you have enough down pressure on your openers. When i combine my corn i keep the header up as high as i can and still catch the ears. This way the stalks help hold the husks in place so they dont blow over the the neighbors (you want the residue). The standing stalks will get knocked down when you plant in the spring.
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    I was out with a colleague of mine today and visited a farm I have never been to before. There he pointed out that he owns 1466 #1. It's still in its work clothes and was getting a tranny repair. I don't want to disclose the location but I will say it's in PA.
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    I have no idea what that is. It looks old. Is that a car converted to a truck? Did the Kiwis invent the ranchero and el Camino?
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    They all suck when they are broke. Life would be boring if we all liked the same things.
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    That's fantastic. That might make a great feature story in Red Power. A "where are they now?" piece.
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    I don't care what anyone drives, if it's American. Buy American for your big purchases, folks! Those vehicles are not only assembled here, but all the cost that goes into the company itself (engineering, R&D, all the support services) involve American jobs too. The companies pay taxes here, and more of their employees may taxes here... It's better all around.
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    On 15.5-38 tires! 😉Too much fun....
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    Yesterday, Grinnell celebrated the 24th annual Ag Appreciation Day. The event was designed to celebrate agriculture's contribution to the economy and the lives of the community. The first event was held 25 years ago, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. The event was cancelled 1 year awhile back and then the local Lions Club took over. The event has evolved over the years from a tractor show of nearly 175 machines to a celebration with activities for everyone. This year about 50 tractors of all makes were represented. Thinking back, I have displayed 18 different tractors at the show over the years. IH was well represented. Here is some eye candy for you.
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    My toys loaded up to head home.
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    More tractors. I know I missed a couple, hard to get them all when people are visiting alongside them.
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    400k cumulative miles on the GMs I have had without a major drivetrain failure. Dads 13’ is on torque converter #4 and transmission #2 in 75k all under warranty. My in laws had an exploder with 260k before the transmission failed, it was replaced by the next owner and went on another couple years. While Dad had a ford with a new engine at 30k I know many multi hundred thousand mile trucks of all makes. Really doesn’t matter, pick what you like and go. People in general need to stop taking brand loyalty as seriously as their grandmothers honor. If everyone drove a ford it’s be a boring world. and none of the tow trucks would start 😂
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    LOL no, I'm registered as an independent. But note, both Amash and Paul had to run as republicans to get in office. Problem there is that while about 1/3 are either party 44% lean Democrat and 37% lean Republican. That's 81% of the voters. All the libertarians are doing is splitting the party vote. And guess which party they are taking votes from? Rick
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    Just open the pump up it will make about 300 hp
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    Mine made it to south central Wisconsin today. I used to get it quick when I paid the extra for 1st class postage, but 4th class printed material lets me renew for 2 years instead of one.
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    I really like Wright tools, great quality and has been around for ever.
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    With good pics and video of equipment. You can have a honest conversation about the machine and feel good about buying on the internet. I have sold alot of tractors to fellows sight unseen and they were very happy with their purchase. Bought some good machinery that was represented well on the internet. Your tractor looks good ! congrats
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    End of my wand is pipe thread 1/4” I believe. Screwed off end put on a street 90 deg elbow and reattached the end. Be careful pull the trigger and it’ll whip around and hit you in the nogin. Can’t remember why I know this. LOL. John
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    If money is that tight, I might leave it alone before I broke something that is expensive to fix.
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