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  1. Matt, If your dad was longtime in the Missoula unit, Mike had to know him. When Mike was a 1st Lt. he was a platoon leader in the Missoula armored unit and had the best team in Montana at the time. His crew loved him, according to him. He went through three years of Army as a Huey & OH-58 helicopter crew chief, returning to the U of M and ROTC as a Sergeant. Because he'd been enlisted before becoming an officer, he understood both sides. One time when his tank unit was on maneuvers, they threw a track in mud. They maneuvered the tank to dryer ground. He asked for his coveralls and necessary tools. He got under the tank, did his stuff and they got the track back on. He said, they so admired him after that, that they'd do just about anything he asked. He then came to Helena and was full-time at Ft. Harrison for 22 years. I think he has a total of 33 years now? He spent 2008 in Afghanistan, commanding an embedded unit of Montana Army NG, US Marines, Navy corpsmen and an Afghan Kandak (battalion). Mike has blessed me with a great little farm to play on and a fantastic shop to hang junk and photos all over the place. Plus he's taking his old man to Andover for his 75th birthday present. Gary?
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