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    Awesome, thank you! I’m dreading going deeper, this tractor doesn’t do much any more, so I don’t want to keep pumping money into it, just to sit around. So far this is the lowest serial number in existence on the 1456 serial number registry! It’s original paint, not as good as some, but I’m not painting it! I just want it to have good shifting again, I really want to get it to some red power shows!!
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    We used to pull an 8-18 White plow with an Oliver 66. Pull it about 2 miles from home to a barn on another farm where it spent the winter....
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    I'm thinking the old WD could pull it on the level with the pan up , well maybe ? 🤔 Danny
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    Hi everyone! I come back after few years to share some pics of harvest in our farm, in North of France The previous topic is here: but I can't reply So, harvest started on 5th of july, with winter barley. On 26th of july we harvested rapeseed (winter canola) and we started winter wheat on 29th of july! In this pic you can see a Deere on the left! It is an european 1177 We have not completed harvest yet. We have to harvest a little bit of wheat and after we have spring barley and spring oat!
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    So far its fine. Ecology Dept says air is bad. 2 hr no mask is same particluate intake as 7 cigarettes. I bet, wearing mask seems to help. Dad wanted to take all families to big waterpark in the great white north. Man it was fun but smooooky. In the hills about 40m NE so closer to fires. 50% chance rain for friday....pray its 100% Teaching....shes 9. Plenty old enough.
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    I’ve always thought that the bigger spin-out bowl air cleaners were on the tractors that were in dry land country or in places with heavy dust conditions
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    As a father I think I'd want to be the only one there.
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    Well i'll be darned. Dont live far from there but hadn't paid attention in years. Dont get over there much either. Hope they can help you out if you need some stuff.
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    I know, I know. I couldn’t believe nobody beat me to the punch! 🤦‍♂️
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    I have an IH 4136, which is a 4130 with the 2 cyl Isuzu diesel. It is the same machine as a Hydra Mac 9C III (9C-3). I have the manuals for both, interesting that the IH manual calls for Hy-Tran, the Hydra Mac book calls for Type F ATF. Here is a link to Hackert, they appear to still be there: https://www.hackertsales.com/
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    I really dont im sorry. Think dad bought it at Hackert? Sales and service in Sully ,,Iowa. But im not even sure if they are around anymore.
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    Hmm maybe ours was 3 cylinder as well. Recall at an idle it sounded like a johny popper to me.....pretty sure 2 cyl but its been a long time.
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    We had a 8 or 9 c? 2 cyl diesel engine. Was a pretty good skid steer as i recall...
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    Now ya gone and done it. I think a few on here have a sixth sense that alerts them when someone talks about non-IH oil.
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    oldie but goodie
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    some IH models were built by Northern Motor Co./Wollard Industries in Eau Claire WI. about 15 miles from where i live
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    The key here is that they'll be the only ones left standing after the collapse, due to their large corporate backing. A Walmart for example can produce and process their own dairy products and incur massive losses year in and year out for decades if necessary, absorb the losses, and keep right on going. They just have to wait until the rest of the industry collapses, then start raking it in as the only game in town. Pretty much exactly how they got to where they are now.
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    Almost all of New Holland's compact tractors are built by LS in Korea, with New Holland decals slapped on. If you have an LS dealer nearby you'd be able to get the same thing for, by all accounts I have read, a lot less money. A couple models (the Easy Drive ones I think) are made in Mexico by CNH. Before LS, New Holland bought their compacts from Shibaura in Japan...I'm not sure I'd want to be the guinea pig for their first attempt to do it themselves.
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    I think someone posted a video on here about Steiger and Hydra-Mac being related somehow. One of the Steiger brothers maybe started Hydra-Mac?
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    Had good luck with kobotas over the years. Never heard too much positive about small cnh or deere
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    A close-up of that P40 landing gear reveals some interesting modifications.
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    Mid to high 50a,for highs last few days was 95 Friday. Also got 1.3 inches of rain.. I hope this isn't a harbinger of another winter from he** but the moisture sure is nice...
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    The 12 C was the same as a 4140 IH I believe. They had a 4 cylinder Ford gas engine. The 8C and 4130 were the same unit. I think parts should be available at CaseIH.
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    New front main and rear main wire harness. They looked like they were good shape but lots of bare spots. Nice when road/hazard and field lights all work like they are supose to.
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    Pertaining to the Nazi I feel he deserves to feel the same terror as those he helped slaughter.
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    And we have some priests here in PA you can throw on that boat too...
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    Just have to turn a few feet sooner.......and slow down....
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    The livestock auction barn in Lake Odessa Mi had a dairy cow sale listed along with the farmers name last Tuesday, 100 animals, 2nd lactation & 3rd lactation cows. 85,000 lb. herd average, cows were pastured in the summer, tie stall barn. The last 3 months this auction company has had Cull cow sales, no one was buying dairy animals, every cow went for slaughter, no mater what the Genetics of the cow or past milking history. (sad) . Most of the dairy community knew there farm location and production history, (A long Dairy family history ) sale was to start a 10:00AM, this man and his wife set next to the auctioneer so he could inform the buyers of the cow 's milking history by 10:30AM 4 people were in the sale barn to participate in the sale, It was announced this was his 70th birthday today on the sale day, he promised his wife he would be out of the dairy business when he turned 70, He kept his promise. At the end of the sale, one Youngman ( 35 years old is my guess) purchased 98% of the cows, Average price, $825.00 per cow. Every one in attendance acted like this was a normal sale, The farmer and his wife that sold the cows, took time at the end of the sale day, to thank every one for coming, I'm sure the auctioneer informed the seller what they might see for prices. I talked to the family that purchased most of the cows, He said this was a great opportunity to increase the size of his herd, milk prices wont always be this low. they had 125 cows at home, he and his wife were smiling ear to ear . I'm 62, Dairy farming takes a lot of energy, It was fun to see the purchaser( & his wife) of these cows to look forward into the future and not be frightened by what might happen to the dairy industry, they know what there production costs are, and will be survivers of this downturn in the dairy industry. Jim Droscha
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    What part of Wyoming? Tony ramos knows some really good shippers that may use brand new deere as bug screens...
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    I drain hot oil in my stuff and let it drip over night if possible before putting drain plug back in.
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    I don't know what it means to gum up an old woman but I never want to find out.
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    Me too. Cut about 2" next to cap. After 20m i gave in and went to Doc for 6 or 8 stitches. Grinder TAKES ...material... away dont cut. Hurrrrrts like nothing I've felt. Did pee wee show for last day of fair. She requested whites for her 5yo self . Like 22 kids under 7. Ring was so full it was hard to move. Cousin and our club leader "judged". All got a ribbon for at least leading a strange animal around and a ice cream token. Late bday got from wife. Foxworthy tickets. He was at the Fair. GREAT time!
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    You are the down hill side, great job
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    Harvest continued yesterday... Oat harvest, more precisely white oat! Straw is not mature... the axial flow doesn't like this... It is because we seeded oat at the end of march, and it never rained until the middle of may. Some grains grew but others wait about rain! Grains are now matures but straw isn't. Thunderstorms this morning so we have to wait again... Some pics of yesterday
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    today we finished the weath harvest! and the straw is sold to a neighbour last trailer of the year with wheat!
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    few more pics of harvest, with a lot of dust!!!
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    The body of missing Iowa college student was found in an Iowa cornfield. She was murdered by a 24 year old Mexican Illegal alien. I wonder if he will be released on a low bail so he can escape back to Mexico, like the Illegal alien drunk driver from Honduras that killed Honor Student Sarah Root in Omaha did? With our broken immigration system, this will continue to happen. Sad. Here is a link to a news story about Mollie Tibbetts with pictures of her Mexican Illegal alien murderer. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/rivera-tells-investigators-of-abduction-killing/ar-BBMdWjx?ocid=spartanntp
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    So sorry for the family of this young lady it is sad that even in rural America this kind of thing happens.
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    No, the hub is worn out just as bad as the shaft so we got a new one as well. Hoping to get some work on getting it together this week.
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    Smoke very bad. Feel kinda blah monday and today. 100yd and you can see it. Hard to tell but in barns even. Its 88* and 1pm in these. 0 clouds....all smoke from BC fires. More..... this morn about 8 can really smell it. Down at dry cow barn (45' lower) it smells like a campground with no wind. Stinky
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