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    I have 3 young guys that run my tractor at tractor pulls sometimes. Today was a 8mph pull. This young man is a ag teacher and FFA advisor in a nearby school district. He ran the tractor in the 11k and 12k class. He got 3rd in 11 and he win the 12k class so he was bery hapoy. Then these three young boys came over and asked for his autograph. He was on cloud nine being w celebrity! It was coll to watch!
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    Got one myself. Been in the family since new. Utterly reliable.
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    ....The Southern Iowa Fair. Some friends of mine requested I bring some tractors to the Southern Iowa Fair in Oskaloosa, Iowa. IH is the feature this year. Wasn't sure if was gonna work as I was having some oil leaks fixed on my truck. The parts will be cheap compared to the labor on this one. But enough about that. Back to the the tractors. I got the call Friday evening the truck was done. So Saturday was gonna be a mad dash to get ready. I used reverse psychology. If I had the tractors ready the truck wouldn't be ready. So I got up early and got started. My SMTA was in the way. Popped right off. The 54 SMLP took right off to. The 656 L.P. needed a battery installed. It then started right up to. The surprise I got was the 756 L.P. with a junk battery. Hunted one up, picked it up in route to picking up the truck and all was good. It now starts to. The Navy H lit right up to. By the time I had everything ready to go it was 1:30pm. With the two detours involved it was 3:15pm when we got there. After getting unloaded wife and I met a nice older couple. Found out he was a L.P. tractor guy. Mainly Minneapolis Moline but that's ok. And his wife really wanted the full story on the yellow H. Ended up being there a hour and a half. But they say time flies when you're having fun. And we were definitely having fun. I was also assured they'd be safe on our way out the gate. A gentleman that works at the fairgrounds also lives across the street. And there are cameras and or sensors that let him know if they have any unwanted visitors. I wasn't to worried but it is nice to know. One comical thing happened on the way down. A guy was mowing with his GREEN lawnmower. Stopped for a second to take in the view and gave us a big wave as we went by.
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    I was thinking you were taking your life(or finger) in your own hands holding that der insect up as a target! 😁
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    You sure they aren't your sisters trying to make you look good? Dennis
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    I was gonna ask what he did for the four hours after the physical.🤣 Dennis
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    Yeah but then you have that embarrassing thingy that looks up to see whats goin on😆😂
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    Not a lot of progress lately, been busy with work and some home repair projects but did get a chance to get one of the engines off of one of the combines today and cleaned up ready to start swapping it over to the tractor style oiling system
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    ^^look at the udders on that one🤑^^
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    We need you and Runner`s Angels on the wall... not to kill necessarily, but the illegals won`t know that.
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    My run at river falls 7300 open. Second place 355 feet.
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    Here is a little story about my grandpas 1968 656 diesel hydro tractor. He has owned it since about 1985. The tractor has been used everyday to feed cattle. It also pulled a IH 435 baler every year and probably did 100,000 or more small squares. We also use it to pull silage wagons, used to pull a 2 row corn picker then from about 2000 to 2015 pulled a 3 row new idea super picker to fill our crib. That 3 row was quite a load and wouldn't pull it when it was wet. Occasionally we pulled 2 275 bushel wagons hooked together to the elevator and a knight 350 manure spreader which were both quite a load. On top of that it mowed and raked a lot of hay. As far as repairs go the head was cracked when he bought it from the previous owner using ether. The motor was overhauled at some point in the early or mid 90's and it's had 2 head gaskets since then. The hydro trans was rebuilt once and it's had a couple input shafts and flex plates. I don't think that's too bad considering the amount of hours. My grandpa isnt the best on maintenance either. The tach has never worked so hours are unknown but I guessed at least 2hrs a day for the past 33 years even though some days it got used 10 hrs a day. He has 2 656 diesel hydros and the other one is hooked to a IH 1250 grinder mixer. They both get used everyday. He used to have an 86 diesel hydro and both 656s would work circles around the 86. The trans on the 86 was never as strong as the 656s.
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    IH 50 blade, will get better pics this afternoon
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    Once lubricated, those top latches open to allow you to set the implement off on the ground and drive away. The flat metal "springs" will hold the latch open or closed if they are not broken. I cannot see your top link to see if is all there. Mine has a claw (like a 1206) that latches onto a ball on your top link pin. If everything works properly, you open the latches on lower arms. Back under implement pins and lift slightly. Close latches. Latch top link to ball. Raise implement off the ground and drive away. I have always referred to this hitch as a 2 point/ 3 point.
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    But I can at least outrun them....
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    Just because she weighs twice a normal girl doesnt make it a threesome...
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    I have the same hitch on my Farmall 240. You don't see them very often.
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    It's IH's first attempt at a 3pt hitch without paying the royalties. Everything looks rusty and unused for a long time. Penetrating oil and cycling the latches will get them moving.
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    That'd be my advice as well.
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    How much fun could you have with one of these?????????????????? Tree huggers heads are exploding all over!!!!!!! Mike
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    Wouldn't it have been easier when it all started just to talk to the mail man and ask him what height he wanted the box to make him happy and not specs laid out on a website. When she started calling his superiors I would say she pi$$ed in her pickles. He wasn't happy before and for sure not now and never will be.
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    Was trying to figure out if i could train it to carry explosives lol
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    I do lots of custom work with my 1460. They can laugh all they want, I dont have a payment book. Keep your machine maintained and do a good job you will have work. I charge $35/hour plus fuel and have more than enough work. My profit margin is much greater than those running new machines. I have dealer go through machine every winter, have yield monitor and provide customer yield maps and my grain is consistently cleaner than other custom operators and all the grain goes in bin not out the back like the big guys that need to cover x amount of acres a season to make payments. I can take my time, do a good job, only work for guys that have check waiting when I pull out. Biggest problem with custom work is getting paid. Alot of bigger custom guys have ALOT of outstanding accounts. I also keep my machine looking good and performing good. That makes a big difference when you show up if it does not look like you roll in with a rolling pile of crap. Age of machine is not nearly as important as reliabilty and performance. Shoot me a pm if you want to chat
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    Once again, our 'friends' in both academia and the media have done a sudden about face, after years of bad-mouthing, in this case, dairy products, they suddenly find that perhaps it wasn't as bad as they first said. A classic example of how they will use government grants to 'prove' one set of 'suspicions', and when they have "milked that cash cow dry", they will get a whole new series of TAXPAYER funded grants to disprove, what they had just 'proven'. Odds are, given their past history, that, within a few years, they will reveal that "new studies have shown that whole milk causes, something, or something, or something else that is really scary" NOTE the dates: Feb 20, 2018 Drinking Alcohol Tied to Long Life in New Study - Newsweek www.newsweek.com/drinking-alcohol-tied-long-life-new-study-813013 OR: Apr 13, 2018 - A Huge New Study Just Showed Alcohol Is Worse for You Than You ... https://www.motherjones.com/.../a-huge-new-study-just-showed-alcohol-is-worse-for-... But the same can be said about the 'studies' regarding eggs, red meat, bacon, and a myriad of other things.
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    Genetic viagra with a nurse whispering in your ear? I think you’re leaving something out of this story😎😂
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    We hav had several eventful pig events over the years. Pipes move, hoses burst, slugs and pressure. Easy amount of force. I wish incould hear you about the Detroit, but we had them on the welders
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    He's much smarter than that... Now if it was jdrunner, I'd be inclined to agree with ye.
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    That might be a bad idea. They would get distracted by prarrie dogs
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    I spent 3 hours out this morning checking out a lake I've never fished before. Bunch of little northern pike, 5 14-18" bass and a couple of bluegills. Nice little lake. Rick
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    Work her for 10 hours straight
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    Great pictures. You and the ladies do a great job.
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    Just been through the workshop ! Yea opened the doors either end and driven through.........
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    This wasn’t what I saw before, but it continues the discussion of consuming dairy fats
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    They are hard working little tractors. Mine came off the neighbors dairy farm where it lived under a loader or corn picker. Still going strong yet!
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    I'm going ficching in a couple of weeks , in Maine. You 3 available ? Maybe Rian is tired and would like some alone time so Daelyn and Opal could come.....😎
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    Anyone seen that Facebook article about whole milk being good/ better for you than skim milk? I’ll post it if I can find it again 😳
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    Yea, I’ve got white coat syndrome too. And for some reason I’m heavier on the doctor scales than I am at home. I once told the nurse after she said how much I weighed that she must of been standing on the scales too!
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    That smoke will clear up after you work it. Most tractors this age will pop out of gear sometimes. That engine noise is just combustion noise, normal for this engine. That's not low oil pressure, the pressure gauges are not accurate. That's just a little surface rust. I have seen worse cracks than that in tires, anyway the boot is held in with SS bolts. That PTO probably needs to be shimmed to get it to stop slipping. And on a 464; the brakes will be fine just need a little bleeding. Most smart people would see the value in this machine. Had a sales Moran actually say that to me once.
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    I hear at summer auctions this (insert deere model number here) Need a little either on cold days. Right before the 3 second shot when it's 80 degrees out....
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    The one time I slept in a water bed I couldn’t get out of the stupid thing.
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    Ok who has all the factory top links? Just kinda starting to look for a cab tractor but half of them you see don't have a top link. And there 300$+ what's up with that ?
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    does she need you to help her pack?
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    Only two spooders in the USA have the ability to harm us. Black widows and Brown Recluse. Ive been bit by both. The brown recluse will cause some necrosis on me. Not quite like that. But some. The black widow will just ache for a bit. I stuck my hand is a nest 4 years ago however and got stuck in the er for a bit. You take care of that hand
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    Would mine count as a better built cheapy....you can see my cooler above the tire....that day i was wishing it had beer in it.
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    I love that one, especially when the rubber is Dynatorques!
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