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    I had some bad luck yesterday morning , ( Injection Pump let go ..... flame suit on ) the injection pump let go on a truck I bought an was driving it back from NB. A friend of mine was ahead of me while on the way home with this truck ...... at 6:15 am while following him a Big cloud of white haze suddenly appeared .... ( GuLp Oh oH !!! ........ Nevermind ! ) an we pulled over . After we assessed the situation we realized the ol`e VE pump had gave up the ghost ..... ( it still would run but pouring fuel out of the inside of pump houseing ) we drove the truck off the highway an parked it in a yard right beside the off ramp . At that time i thought about how far I was away from the farm an new it would be 12-14 hours before i could get there an back an home again ... I then thought about a fellow Member that lived not to far away from my location 3.5 hrs , ( IHC Quebec Farmer ) I sent him a text to see if I could give him a call , ( unlike some people here ..... Nevermind ! ) he replied " ya sure im even out of my PJ`s " LOL !!! so I called Dale to see what he was up to an he told me he was done his morning chores an he did`nt have anything to pressing on for the day . I explained my situation to him an asked if he could help me out an I don`t expect him to do this for nothing .... (Tractor an float rental ) very well aware these trucks don`t go up an down the road for nothing ... Dale said " I have some things i have to do before I can head out but could be down there around 12 ish ..... I had been up for over 24 hrs by this time an new i could use some shut eye so I said " see ya soon Dale an thanked him very much for doing this !!! time flew by with me resting my eye lids and it didn`t seem very long before I heard the sweet sound of the jake on that C-15 ..... Anyways long story short .... Thanks Again Dale !!! , its people like you that make this world a better place to live in ! HP
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    This van was spotted on 694 in the twin cities this morning with fake minnesota plates. The driver is said to be canadian and on a maple syrup sugar high. The van is said to contain 5 gallon pails of maple syrup beung smuggled in from canada. When police pulled over and questioned the driver he said "wAt dA" then hit the gas and accelerated away in a cloud of blue smoke. The suspect is not believed to be dangerous just a little hyper!
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    Hello my name is Gary and I’m 14 years old and Last summer I bought and restored an Farmall Super AV. I have been looking for any attachments for this tractor besides the drawbar. If anybody has any there would be many thanks. Gary
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    All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing............not sure why but what came to my mind...
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    I probably should not comment-----but: As far as I am concerned------the back is just as good a target as the chest if he is trespassing. Shoot for the widest part of the body-----front or back. Drag him outside to avoid making a mess in your house. Give him time to bleed out (catch your breath) and then call the police. Save a shot or so or reload--------he may have a buddy lurking outside. We have to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. If the police catch him-----good chance the courts will put him back on the street tomorrow. It's a screwed up world nowadays----and like said above; it probably won't get any better. Glad you are OK-----you are a better man than me to show that kind of restraint. Good luck--- DD
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    Wanting to have sex with women isn't a disease, but unless your careful, it can give you one😉🤔
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    I was at my local show yesterday and seen this Farmall M. Thought I would share.
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    Dad just got his H back. Looking like new again! It was grandpa's first tractor on the farm. Sorry for not having a before pic, but imagine oil and grease leaking from every seam, and more rust and very faded red paint.
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    Yes that is correct , I think they are in South Carolina
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    Randy promised me perfect weather! If I sweat I'm complaining, hehe.
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    Good looking American tractor, good looking American family home and place.......God Bless America!
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    It's great the friends you can make in a group like this.
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    Well I see you know Mark ..... I sapose it depends how long the chain is that day....... lol HP
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    Nice pictures! Those aren't hills.....thats Pennsylvania rolling countryside.
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    Nope. Him and his momma got something going, it is getting close to intervention time.
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    She started in N. Bennington at head start,that was kinda rough. but she moved to Fisher in Arlington 4 years ago they have 3 preK classes and she loves working there.
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    Your thoughts reminded me of a similar occurrence that a friend of mine had. He lived in East Carroll parish back when Dale Rinnicker was sheriff in the 90's (the one in prison with his lawyer Capt. Jack Wiley for embezzlement from the prison for many years) and had a similar problem of someone coming up to and around his house. He had a young stay at home wife with infant and he worked evenings at the Latourneau yard at the port of Vicksburg as a welder and didn't get home til after midnight. Being scared for his wife, he talked to Sheriff Rinnicker about it and the Sheriff assured him that he would have deputies patrol more often since he lived out in the sticks. "But" the Sheriff said, "If that SOB comes up in your yard again while your at work tell your wife to shoot his sorry a#$ thru the window then get her to go throw the tv on him". "Just make sure he's dead before she dials 911, so there's less paper work for the deputy and only one story to tell." Too bad he was a crook but he had a popular no non-sense approach for the 20 sum odd years he was in office.
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    I use a hot water pressure washer with the pressure turned up only as much as needed. The sheet metal is by hand with a chamois and mild auto detergent (or dish soap).
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    Probably weren't very many with the Mack bulldog option.
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    would make a good hearse for the jolly green giant
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    766’s are sweet tractors! I wouldn’t worry about that cab, looks more like a partially enclosed 3 season canopy than a cab= easily removed !
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    I dont care if you think that. Its my money and my truck. Oil is cheap insurance
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    Well I got it to work this time!
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    Depends on your point of view. From the processors viewpoint your final product is his input.
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    HAHA I'd love to read those sometime. I'm completely self taught on these tractors. You know live and learn education. Or as I say learn from F'inn something up first and learn not to do that again. I have never been to a school on them. I was still in grade school in the early eighties. Mike
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    They would look good painted in Steiger green.
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    Tonite will hit about 1/2 way mark on wheat. Nh3 situation is improving. Some pics pretty dry down here but low spots still have some frost. And my little guy and his buddies yesterday.
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    It's part # redneckfixR1. Covers a wide range of problems. Nice pictures. Looks like a fair amount of elevation change there.
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    I thought the twin cities were sanctuary cities for smugglers and the like?
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    Worst part is he didnt even wave.....wonder if the solar panel on the roof is running the ac to keep the syrup cold????
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    Ah haaaa! He has disguised the old "Shaggin` Waggin" with a coat of genuine imitation IH red applied with a 9" roller. I bet when they find him and open the door, empty Coors Light bottles will spill out onto the road. I see he never fixed the oil burning engine either... They`ll find him passed out behind a truckstop somewhere... sigh. It`s a shame though what cheap watered down beer will do to a guy.... sniff.
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    Why does a International have GREEN fenders?
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    this is coming up on May 20th at https://www.yarbro.com/project/details/35070/ serial number plate says F 1256 D # 9436 S nothing covering the exhaust it has a wheatland style draw bar and a 3 point but no arms
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