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    You’re still young yet! Wait to you get to be my age (52) you’ll need to take a nap on a daily basis.
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    **** I need to take a nap after I get up. LOL John
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    I was looking for a tractor to do small jobs mostly involving raising tobacco. Something to spray pre-plant, pull the planter, move wagons in the field, etc. I was leaning towards a 666 to get the 312 as i didn't want a gasser and didnt want a 282. Then I found a 756 that was getting antifreeze in the oil, and had the idea to put a 312 in it. This was the tractor before I started, it was in pretty good shape but it wasn't the way I wanted it to be. I don't think the German is a bad engine, it's just not my first choice. So I started tearing it apart and got the engine out and the 312 in. I got a 400 series rear plate and had a welding shop cut it down to match the narrower bell housing. Got a 966 clutch and flywheel and bolted that up and hung the motor on the tractor. Once I did that I learned that I had a larger project than I anticipated. Then I tore it down a put a set of sleeves and pistons in it. Along the way it got a new radiator as mine didn't look too healthy, new water pump, sleeves and pistons, sent the head off to be gone through and cleaned out, new injectors, new fenders, new clutch assembly, and a new wiring harness. I should note that a 756 wiring harness is what I used even though I changed engines, and it worked and I only had to change one or two wires I think. I used 666 upper and lower radiator hoses and they were just right. I changed over to the new style alternator while I was at it and the harness was set up for that. I got the harness from Brillman and I was happy with it. I used the crossover throttle linkage that a big frame 66 series has that crosses over behind the starter. That took a little practice to get in the right position to get the amount of travel that I wanted. This linkage interfered with the German's either assist, so I used the 312's setup and extended the wires on the wiring harness to reach to the air cleaner where the 312's is mounted. The 312 front mount holes do not line up with any of the holes in the frame rails, so I cut new holes then put a plate on and welded that to the frame rail to hold everything in position. I put the tractor all together and ran it some and then went to put the sheet metal back on it. Then came the next problem. The hoods wouldn't line up. Then I measured the rear plates and found the German plate is 5/8" thicker, to take care of that issue, Ed Leaman had a set of spacers that were machined just for a case like this. Once I put them in the hoods fit perfectly. The hood off a 312 powered small frame tractor is just right to fit on the 756 and you need it because of the air cleaner door bubble. This one just has the pre-cleaner on it because I didn't get to take it off yet. I had to take a little more material out of the rear support of the wide front so it had enough clearance around the oil pan. So far I really like the tractor. We had it on the dyno and it showed 80 hp. Here it is next to our 706 with the 310 with an M&W turbo on it. It is a nice running motor but I'm still happy to have a 312 in my 756. Maybe I'll find a turbo setup to put on mine but it's not high on the list.
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    I was using the 560 Propane on a chisel plow yesterday. The regulator needs to be rebuilt, as it stuck open when I finished up working the tractor. Also using the case 400 LP on the disc.
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    this was their spring field trip. these children are all home schooled very well behaved and asked very intelligent questions . they learned all about Cyrus McCormick and International Harvester. I was blown away , most knew that a piece of Alaska pipeline that AKWelder gave me in shape of Alaska , was Alaska when I held it up. They wanted to touch the brick from the Farmall plant that Danny gave me we also talked of the history of JD , Case, moline, Ford had one Mother transplant from Iowa and another from Missouri , with many interesting comments this is what I hope to do with my collection as I get older , bring young students through and do my part to explain , " The Golden Age of Agriculture". tony
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    I worked with a guy named Butch who was the youngest of 10. He told me a story about his youth that I have never forgotten. when ever any one in the family complained of a tummy ache mom would give them a hot water bottle enama. He said it never fixed the tummy ache it just stopped anyone from complaining.
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    Those kids are the future of this country, nice way to teach them a bit of our country's agricultural history!
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    Thats really awesome Tony! You have provided lasting memories for all of those kids.
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    Maybe I should get some 726 badges made! That would make it stand out LOL! Here is the link to the thread I just put up on the projects board with some more pictures and details. https://www.redpowermagazine.com/forums/topic/114097-756-d310-to-d312-swap/
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    Absolutely x2 on the Millermatic 200. I contracted to build 50 3pt bale unrollers for a company and decided I needed a wire welder. I started off with a new 210 and was always hitting the duty cycle. Traded it back in for a used 200 white face. Now the duty cycle is me! I don't know how many miles of wire I have put through it and the only problem I have had is the on/off switch is getting finicky. I have the smaller Miller gun which I like because I do have some tight quarters work where the smaller gun fits easier. I also have an Ironman 230 with the big Tweco gun which seems to be a good welder, just don't use it much because the 200 just keeps melting wire.
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    I use some from fondy electric case reman stuff is junk I won’t use any of it. It’s so bad that some local dealers stock aftermarket parts instead
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    Burn out is a very real thing . You have to pace yourself and get balance in your life and I am not talking about getting tired and needing a break, that's just plain normal. In My 30's & 40's I pushed myself so hard farming trying to maximize yields buying land with every extra dime I had, Farming 24/7 was all I thought of, that in my fifties for several years I just wanted out , Just plain tired of pushing and no time for myself, Having to maximize yields to make land payments etc. I finally decided to learn to delegate, Trust my employees, give them responsibility, expect it done . First you have to find the right employee , which may harder than it sounds but can be done. You then take some of pressure off you to be at all places at all times and gives you a break from what you love to do before you start hating your chosen love. Remember, If you love a Filet Mignon , You can't eat it every day, You'll tire of it or it will eventually kill you. BTDT, Best to you , Tony
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    Everybody needs a break now an then. Hope you recharged today and have a good tomorrow as well.
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    I'm not certain that I would have shared that little tid-bit of knowledge.
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    TImbo’s got the best idea by far, shim the bearing away from the radius. Machining either part is risky. Reduce the radius on the axle and the possibility of cracking increases. Machining the bearing will be nearly impossible if the race is hardened like I think it would be. Could grind it but would still be risky in the end. Hardened materials are finicky.
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    MTO, I see HP has finally taught you the art of taking "selfies". Gonna make it to RPRU this year?
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    To treat any itchy skin, especially mosquito bites, I use use broadleaf plantain leaves. Crush/ rip it up and rub it on the mosquito bites for almost instant relief. I find these plants are quite easy to find in about any mowed yard here in Michigan.
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    Well done Tony! I grew up in the "country" and we never got to take a field trip like that. It was always to a city to see something "cultural". What people don't realize is that the culture right in front of them is much more important than the history book version of things. For those kids to see something tangible in front of them and actually touch it in many cases probably taught them a lot more than you will ever know. Again, WELL DONE!
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    Some thoughts here. A simple shim behind the 29680 bearing that the id is slightly bigger than the radius diameter will allow the bearing the have a solid edge the seat against. The diagram shows shims that set the endplay of the shaft, simply reduce the thickness of the shim by the same amount put behind the bearing. That should make you functional without any machining of the shaft or the bearing.
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    That is great Tony. That is what it is all about. Dennis
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    I was pulling it in 1st gear and if I dropped it all the way down I could stop the tractor dead in its tracks. It wouldn't power out, just sit and spin. When I got done I took my little boy on his first tractor ride.
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    Power company might be on the hook for that one. Hate to see that bill. I thought maybe someone left a green combine inside the building.
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