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    Not sure, but I believe it's a few steps down from a faceplant.
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    I should probably stay out of this but I am a slow learner. The gear drive tractor oil level is checked with the engine shut off. You cannot get an accurate reading with the engine running because the range transmission constant mesh gears are spinning when speed transmission is in gear , clutch is engaged and engine is running. On a hydrostatic drive tractor , be it large or small frame, the range transmission gears are stationery until the speed ratio lever is either in forward or reverse. When either drive tractor is shut down, the oil in all housings seek one level. The hydrostatic drive tractors will show way over full if filled to proper level when engine is shut off. When the engine is started, the hydrostatic drive housing fills nearly completely to the top and this lowers the oil level in the range transmission housing considerably and when shut down, that oil slowly drains back into range transmission and rear seeking own level again. Overfilling most of these tractors will not harm anything. It does tend to cover the center split o-ring along with the rear main suction tube. It seems to help reduce cavitation in those areas, but I think it is way over rated. If you ever look into a rear while engine is running, that oil in the area of the rear hydraulic pump, which is where the suction tube is located, it is really getting aeriated due to the pump drive gear on pto shaft. It will be pretty frothy at high speeds. It is not a cure for leaking O-rings and seals, just another tool in the bucket to pin point a problem. Over filling also allows the ring gear and thus the pinion to get more lubrication due to splash which cannot hurt. And, like one poster said, probably gets more oil out to the land wheel with moldboard plowing. The best part of overfilling is it helps the oil companies and dealers sell more oil.
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    She's Ben Going to therapy seems to help..
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    I saved it from here a while back because I found it useful and thought I could use it in the future. Case in point. Job well done to the author.
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    Sorry, I can't help myself.....
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    e-Crack for millennials
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    I follow but never saw the poll but it's a popularity contest, the greenbots are so populous practically any red would loose to. Nearly any green.
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    Facebook poll = popularity contest. I personally couldn’t give two good $hits about being popular. I don’t know what was so revolutionary about the 4010?? Mother Deere finally gave up on the two bangers or started their tradition of playing catch-up by copying others and calling it a new innovation. They are almost always 20 years behind the curve.
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    He could try these guys. I haven't dealt with them myself, but I have heard they are pretty good to deal with and have just about anything. http://www.japanesecompacttractor.com/about.htm
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    LOL, I believe I know the author of that!
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    Put a small camper behind the C and add another 15 days for nap times!
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    My daughter's boyfriend is no crazy fad organic type. He eats everything and lots of it, just can't literally stomach gluten. He suffered a lot as a young child until diagnosed and now lives and eats in comfort. Believe me he'd rather be eating a real pizza instead of a gluten free type but those are the cards he was dealt. I work with a guy who has fallen for the organic, non-GMO BS. He complained that he bought sweet corn that was too perfect and tasted too good. He believes that it must be bad for him. When you try to point out that no one has ever died from GMO food but plenty have died from starvation you might as well be talking to a flat earther.
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    I agree with that time period. Never going to make everyone happy so just have to do whatever you can make work and hope for the best. Sounds like the amenities are plentiful so should not be a problem. I would talk with some organizers of past RPR and see what their challenges were. I know it is a big undertaking to get enough volunteers to help out. Maybe a couple west coast IHCC chapters could get together and help out?
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    So i am fairly new here. However i prefer to use our older tractors . We dont have a huge farm either . When raking i still like my old 450 .
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    6-7 and 12-13 harsh sounding shift is normal. Trans is changing ranges between those shifts. For the other, I had the same issue. Took both accumulators to my dealer and they charged them to 140psi and leak tested them. Shifts great now.
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    I had an FFL a few years back but gave it up when the price went up and there seemed to be a crack down on the little guy. Get a rule book and read it well to see if you want to subject yourself to those rules and regulations. I would advise against having your business in your home as I believe the BATF can search your home anytime without a search warrant. Having a separate building would be better but security would be a big issue. Most common guns in the lower price range can be bought cheaper at Wally World than what a dealer has to pay. There was profit on higher end guns, but then you may have to deal with the picky guy who does not like the wood on the $1500.00 you just special ordered for him. In the end it was just a lot less hassle and not much more money to get rid of the FFL. Today I have a guy who will do the paper work for me for $10 on a purchase, too little I tell him for the liability, and I usually at least double it and still feel like its a deal.
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    25 years ago I lived in the delta and went to church with a retired ih mechanic. He told me to cut the dipstick off right below the full mark. He said people will run it so long as they can see oil on the stick. He said when we run the hydraulic fluid low alot of bearings are not lubricated properly which causes premature failures. Over full is ok. under full is bad. Thx-Ace
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    No. By the way, when I'm not certain of something I like to put "I believe" or "I think" in front of it. I would advise you do the same because I've noticed you've spread some false information on this board recently and it can really confuse people who are trying to learn.
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    Wasn't there like four of these things built, which would make you the world's 4th foremost authority on them, worst case scenario? Sorry I can't help but I thought I'd reply to let you know people are actually reading the thread.
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    And this........with 25 mph south wind. Less than two weeks ago my kids missed a day of school because of a blizzard!! (4/18/18)
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