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    I spent most of yesterday cutting some good salvageable heavy angle iron off of the frame of an old 20 ft Towner offset disc for carrying the remnants of the old disc to the scrap yard. (not the big Towner 8 ft that I got back to going a couple of years ago-----its a keep sake) This old disc was manufactured in the late 1940's------------no wheel carriage and mechanical scissor action for placing in and out of angle. My dad used to pull it behind the TD-14 and/or D7 CAT. (Towner was manufactured in California) Point is: I could not help from admiring all of the really good welding on this old disc-----------heavy iron and heavy welding. All done by some old timers with stick machines. Most likely an old guy who learned his trade during WWII--------------then made his living burning rod all day and then catching a couple of "cold-uns" to wash the smoke out of his eyes come quitting time. You can really tell a good weld when scarfing off an old weld with the torch---------I appreciate that type of workmanship. Funny-----------but with these old eyes, the tip of the torch is not always where you think it is nowadays!!!! (seems like cutting and welding by the Braille method doesn't work that well) DD
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    For the past 3--4 years my welding prowess was diminishing , I blamed it on the welders,,, I blamed it on the sticks,, i blamed it on the wind,,, the wire , Dirty mig tips , Finally got a magnifying lens for my helmet , Holy Moly never knew I could weld so pretty !
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    The total when they shut off the donation request was... $15.2 million!! What an outpouring of generosity.
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    Folks, Forgot the glamour shot!:) Hope things are good in Red land! Regards, Chris
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    Some big 2 wheel drive power from White Farm Equipment in 1980.
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    58k people have pledged $3.9 mil in 1 day. That is astounding.
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