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    Winter rpru, warm place...shut up and take my money...hoping south Dakota will be my first tho...
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    I spent most of yesterday cutting some good salvageable heavy angle iron off of the frame of an old 20 ft Towner offset disc for carrying the remnants of the old disc to the scrap yard. (not the big Towner 8 ft that I got back to going a couple of years ago-----its a keep sake) This old disc was manufactured in the late 1940's------------no wheel carriage and mechanical scissor action for placing in and out of angle. My dad used to pull it behind the TD-14 and/or D7 CAT. (Towner was manufactured in California) Point is: I could not help from admiring all of the really good welding on this old disc-----------heavy iron and heavy welding. All done by some old timers with stick machines. Most likely an old guy who learned his trade during WWII--------------then made his living burning rod all day and then catching a couple of "cold-uns" to wash the smoke out of his eyes come quitting time. You can really tell a good weld when scarfing off an old weld with the torch---------I appreciate that type of workmanship. Funny-----------but with these old eyes, the tip of the torch is not always where you think it is nowadays!!!! (seems like cutting and welding by the Braille method doesn't work that well) DD
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    My wife is going to start a gluten free diet because of her thyroid issues. What do I have to be afraid of ??
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    We have broached this subject in the past . However, After chairing the CAFES show this year , Wondering if we could muster the support for a RPRU. We have the facilities , These grounds just celebrated 51 years of World Ag Expo and in Feb of 18 it brought in 107,000 visitors in three days from all over the world and My 2018 CAFES show was the 26 th annual. What we need is Chapter #14 to gather its two hundred members and we can do it . Thoughts please , Good or bad , let it fly, BTW ,Tulare is still very conservative , the NUTS are 4 hours to the North & 4 hours to the South. Governor Brown would not be invited .lol. Tony
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    ......would probably entice a few extra blokes from down under, also..... great idea ! Mike
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    Yes, in the winter before everybody gets in the field would be perfect!
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    After my first hand experience with the CAFES show that Tony put on I know that RPRU in Tulare would be top notch. Go for it. Arlin
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    Sounds like a good catch and I wish you both a very long and happy life. "Live long and Prosper".
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    If you could get RPRU to be in the winter months that would be awesome and you could count myself and my family in!
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    I am all for it Tony , Red Power could be in the winter time when everyone could come out before field work started . There are plenty of hotels , eating places , excellent show grounds , Oh and there is a great tractor pulling track 😎😎 there is not much else we need are all of you to come out to Talare . I have been going out to Tony and his wife's place for a few years now , my wife loves it and as all you know it's been a eye opener for me as well . We just were out there for this show they just did and it was really nice , can't wait for next year . Danny
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    For the past 3--4 years my welding prowess was diminishing , I blamed it on the welders,,, I blamed it on the sticks,, i blamed it on the wind,,, the wire , Dirty mig tips , Finally got a magnifying lens for my helmet , Holy Moly never knew I could weld so pretty !
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    One time we had new 4230Dand friend helped us plow with an 806D. We 5-16 and he 5-18. He could pull tad faster then us. Lots more smoke too.
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    It was hot and humid at Des Moines--20 degrees hotter than it was in Alabama that same week! It was in the 70's in Alabama that week and it was in the 90's in Des Moines. So if we get the same week that we got then we will be great--and can fulfill that promise. It is going to be great no matter what the weather is. I have not been to a Round Up yet that I didn't like--rain, dust, mud, cool, hot--I loved them all. This is shaping up to be one of the most unique Round Up's ever--especially for those that have never experienced cotton and all the southern equipment. The northern people are excited that it is in the south with cotton and the southern folks are excited for it to come to their backdoor for a change. The response has been wonderful and by all indications this will be a big one--you do not want to miss it make plans to attend! www.rpru2018.com
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    This is the tilt column style: At least that's what's on Dad's late-75 1066 black stripe, and both 56 series tractors.
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    I have run into the same thing as mmi with Jensales. Mine were photo copies of photo copied photo copies. I prefer the copies of the original manuals. I don't remember where I bought them.
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    Here in the sunny south many of us run one 600 cca 12v car battery on these old girls.it will start fine down to about freezing. when your beer freezes you need more amps! Thx-Ace
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    The total when they shut off the donation request was... $15.2 million!! What an outpouring of generosity.
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    The max fuel adjustment is right on the outside of pump. The lower lever, same one used for shut off. The stop screw lever contacts when forward in operating position. Usually you just get a lot of extra black smoke though and not much gain.
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    Folks, Forgot the glamour shot!:) Hope things are good in Red land! Regards, Chris
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    Some big 2 wheel drive power from White Farm Equipment in 1980.
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    I have a 1964 706 and it's my planting and spraying tractor. I would like to add a 3 spool open center valve to operate markers and lift . Is it safe to just plumb into my existing outlets and tie the lever back . I would like the power beyond plate plate but I'm rebuilding my planter , the M needs tires and the boys need shoes . Thanks Ryan
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    58k people have pledged $3.9 mil in 1 day. That is astounding.
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    Looking forward to it!! one question; let us know when we can get into the campground early. Got a spot reserved but may want to show up a few days early. jerry
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    yes very sad topic use to be 20 + dairymen in my county 25 yrs ago now there's only 3 left some have turned into beef operations others completely gone
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