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  2. It’s going full boar here . Seads are going in the ground as fast as we can .
  3. IH 986


    Sliced, 3/8”, soaked in soy sauce, Worcestershire , an teriyaki sauce. Garlic powder, onion powder an pepper. I like to soak for 24 hrs an pop in oven at lowest setting for 12 hrs. Sometimes a shot of hot sauce mixed with just soy an Worcestershire an pepper. Only ever used venison . Dang hungry now
  4. Worked at a guys house yesterday changing HVAC equipment out. Noticed a jar full of sticks and water in his window sill. Curiosity got best of me and I asked. Yep , stick tea. Apparently it is the new super fancy all natural deal. Now I’m not judging because I’ve never heard of it or had it. But really? Who thought milking tree branches would be good? I’m not going to be trying it anytime soon, so sorry, but I’m not that thirsty yet.
  5. It almost has to be the one from the " someone save it" thread from a few days ago
  6. It is!!! The first one broke almost instantly, so I had very little hope the second time. However it moved then went tight, and I backed up and went ahead a little each time ...each time I was sure it was going to break but thankfully it went well!
  7. I owned a 5488 4 post and kind of liked it. They're an odd duck up here.
  8. bitty


    I hate jerky. It's gone from the tray faster than I can make it.
  9. I make mine from ground meat as well, I usually try to mix beef and summer shot venison. I just use the season and cure packets from the same company that made the dehydrator. I sometimes dribble in some honey or maple syrup, real not the fake kind, for sweetness. Nothing fancy but a batch doesn't last long in my house
  10. Mobile cart makes it easy to move saw closer to work areas and handy welding bench
  11. Here is the 5388 when it was an open station , I just put the new cab on that has been sitting in the shed that came out of engineering at Case IH . Danny
  12. dads706


    Give me your favorite jerky recipe. Sliced? Ground? Smoked? Dried? Let's hear them all. I like mine ground and pressed. Red Vinegar/soy/onion salt/garlic salt/worsteshire (sp) sauce marinade with enough red pepper to bite but not overpower. Sorry, my jerky is like the wife's potato salad... no recipe, just make it and eat it. Good every time.
  13. Yes this one had water in it they said 99% chance they can’t fix once it had water still sending it in thanks
  14. DirtBoyz07


    From what I know about electronic injectors they are good for about 200,000 miles , if you use fuel additive and keep your filter changed you might get over 200,000. Danny
  15. MarkG

    Hey you welders

    I think most are made by Tweco. Available at most any welding store or online.
  16. your hay looks good, we are crossing our fingers here in central wis, ground was bare till January no snow cover, expecting big winterkill? on top of the prices milk is bringing doesn't look to good, I agree with cow slaughter, but still lots of herds selling in this area, guys must just wake up and say that's enough, cant think selling now with these prices would be anybodies first choice, and it doesn't really pay to treat a cow unless you really like her , had one that looked like she might of injured the end of her teat a bit, just doesn't pay to fool around with them, at least bull calves around here have really jumped up in price, wasn't 2 months ago neighbor that works at sale barn was shooting 40 or more at the end of the day, wonder why they have risen in price? do you think it has anything to do with the swine fever in china?
  17. Getting the shop set up. Took some time out and finished off a few small projects like our round bale spear and a portable bench for the chop saw
  18. I started burn down for seeding. Still a spot or more in most fields that the 1600 gallon sprayer on dual 14.9-46 makes a mess . Seeding should have been done with a month ago on average. Been awful weather
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