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  2. 30 years running your own shop.....boy you were a busy little guy considering your only in your 40's. As for red tek the only people who use it are do it your selfers. Out of all the LICENCED TECHS I know none will touch or even let there machines near it. First question is always "whats in it or has been in it" and if its red tek they just let it go.
  3. I blame it on all the sanitizers used everywhere. Peoples immune systems are weaker. Bugs get stronger.
  4. Moments like that are priceless. I was able to give my son a chance to steer a few times when I ran some equipment at the farm. That's one of the things I will miss about that job is being able to take him with me and let him experience some of that stuff.
  5. Pretty true. I watch it for the entertainment.
  6. That warning tag is about the same as the road out here. We live on a small paved Road (it does have a centerline). They're going to retar it so every half mile or maybe it's even quarter mile they put up signs to say fresh tar. Rumble strips will be there yet, both visually and to feel them. It is a state road but the township guy told me each sign cost over $700 to buy. We're pretty sure till they installed them we're probably in the hole 2 grand for every sign they put up
  7. Lost a great IH collector of toys and memorabilia last week. He was a trucker by trade and one of the best joke tellers. He was a good friend. You will be missed Butch!! Calvin “Butch” Bjorklund Print This Page September 22, 1946 – July 11, 2019 Calvin “Butch” Edgar Bjorklund, age 72, of Buffalo died of cancer on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 at his residence. He was born on September 22nd, 1946 in Watertown, MN, the son of Marvin & Florence (Roehlke) Bjorklund. He was baptized on April 27, 1947 at Buffalo Covenant Church. He was confirmed at Zion Lutheran Church, Buffalo, MN on May 2, 1982. Butch was raised on a farm south of Buffalo and attended Carlson grade school, a one room schoolhouse nearby, and later graduated from Buffalo High School in 1966. On December 9, 1967, Calvin “Butch” Bjorklund and Beverly Ann Klarstrom were joined in holy marriage at All Saints Lutheran Church in Darwin, MN with Pastor Roy officiating. God blessed their 51-and-a-half-year honeymoon with five children. Butch will be remembered as a loving, kind, compassionate, fun-loving, joke-telling man that loved to spend time with his family and friends. He enjoyed making them laugh! He also loved nature, bird watching, hunting, fishing, trips to Duluth, watching westerns, and listening to country and gospel music. He enjoyed attending toy shows and threshing shows. He collected Farmall and International Harvester toy tractors and memorabilia, as well as Cub Cadet lawn tractors. He was a member of the Minnesota Chapter 15 International Harvester Collectors Club and made some lifelong friends. Toy Farmer magazine and Farm Collector magazine both featured articles about his collection. Because of physical limitations, he also enjoyed coloring later in life. He drove semi-truck nationwide and in Canada for Bjorklund Trucking and Lohse Transfer. He was a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo. He will be dearly missed by his loving wife: Beverly; five children: Ann Bjorklund (Theresa Jones), Betty (Dennis) Havel, Curtiss (Micky) Bjorklund, Darren (Natalie) Bjorklund, and Ellen (Tim) Lohse; sixteen grandchildren including Carissa, Lindsey, Krista, Jacob, Coty, Jessie, Jessica, Isaiah, Gabrielle, Riley, Dani, Kali (Drew), Holly (Ryan), Bryce, Chloe, Madelynn; six great grandchildren: Leonard, Sydney, Atley, Mayah, Leonorah, Christian; many relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his parents, infant brother Edward, sister Jane Hurley, brother-in-law John Hurley, nephew Richard Tesch, and granddaughter Isabella Bjorklund. Services and visitation will take place at Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo, MN. Visitation will be held on Thursday, July 25th from 4-8 P.M. A Prayer service will be held at 7:00 P.M. followed by a time for sharing memories. The Memorial Service for Calvin “Butch” Bjorklund will be held on Friday, July 26th, 2019 at 11:00 A.M with visitation an hour before. Friends and family are encouraged to wear red or Farmall/International Harvester/Cub Cadet clothing the day of Butch’s services in memory of his great joy in collecting Farmall and International Harvester toys and memorabilia. Urn Bearers will be Curtiss Bjorklund and Darren Bjorklund. Burial will take place at a later date. Special thanks to Dr. Cynthia Larson for her years of care, compassion, and friendship. In lieu of flowers, memorials are preferred. The Peterson Chapel in Buffalo is serving the family. Online condolences may be made to www.thepetersonchapel.com
  8. He is a good front man and has done well promoting his “brand”. I think he could be a little more tastefull on some of his builds but, then again, I’m not buying them either. If he worried more about quality and less about time, Miller Lite, and bedazzled blue jeans, he would be remembered someday as a car builder and not a car clown.
  9. In South Side? They should have been over on Dix street in Williamsport by that time? When I worked for them a lot of IH stuff was still over on shelves in Dix street.
  10. Thanks guys! I'll call the dealer tomorrow and check on getting the parts. I didn't notice it was that bad until I greased it,
  11. Fell asleep last night watching gas monkey. They were taking a somewhat blah scout going to make it 2wd plus put a Chrysler hemp in it. He was expecting 150,000 when done but I fell asleep
  12. Today
  13. Keep posting I love to read yours. Is this at Nebraska university test facility. Like I said before only thing better would be some of the lady friends in the picture
  14. I had George (11) with me today in the chopper. He is mechanically blessed and a lot of things like this come naturally to him. I let him steer for a dozen loads or so. He was having fun . I showed him the spout controls but let him just concentrate on the steering today. I keep almost falling asleep once he was steering alongside the carts while running the hydro control
  15. MY glaring disrespect? It was YOU who wished there was a professional on this board that would chime in. Guess what, bud, I have 20-30 years of experience in my own field with my own shop. I have no idea who you claim that I "slapped". Every damn time one of us full time licenced tradesmen give a straight forward answer to a question on here there is a whole gang that jumps aboard saying "that's not how my neighbor's barber's brother does it"
  16. I can’t believe they have to have that much instruction. 1st your not going to put it on a kid inside out. 2nt. If you turn it inside out with kid in it they fall out. Any good parent should know this. It’s just instinct
  17. Hello Thanks for advices Binderoid--Your advice is very useful...(thanks very much..) How exactly do You use the Never SEEZ product for head screws? I was purchase a workshop manual for d358 engines. They write to tighten in 3 stages. first stages in LbF-Ft 29, second stages 58, final 101-109Lbf -FT. But nothing about waiting between stages ... Regards V
  18. Burch tractors as mentioned before. Price is high but they know their stuff and have a good website to pick through
  19. Back in the early days of diesel....you could always tell which teens had filled their cars up at the local farmer's tank --they were the ones running rough with lots of black smoke! I like the fuel can idea...but the bottom 3/4 needs to be collected from under a cow tail...with a little gas on top for flavor!
  20. Which direction is North? What kind of wildlife can I expect to see?
  21. Try Gordon Jackson in Alba PA, on Willamsport Craigslist, farm and garden, used Farmall parts . He is on here also
  22. I moved up there in 1985 and they were already closed and the plumber was in the building. They did business under the name, C.H.Dillman and sons. My buddy up there had a late model Scout II Terra pickup that he bought from the dealership, so they were still in business until the late 70's. Next time I talk to him, I will have ask him some of the history. Lamm and Webster outside of Corning, New York was the closest dealer I dealt while I lived up there. They used to do a big pancake and sausage dinner for their inventory reduction auction every fall. Or I would stop by Ken Bergan in South Williamsport on my way down state.
  23. Dive boats always do a briefing to familiarize everyone of what they can expect once the divers get in the water. They always notify compass direction, depth, current if any, type of marine life to expect, hazards etc. They asked me to do the briefing the other day since I had been there so many times so here is what they got.
  24. I am looking for a '50 or '60's drop deck trailer to put with my '59 model B Mack for show and show hauling. Need decent frame and tires. Floor can be replaced. Hopefully in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, or Michigan 260-414-2541
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