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  2. Take a look at jdparts. c o m and input the model number. That should help you find the speed sensor.
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  4. ......you were darn right on the "Kleenex" requirement........heart breaking images.....New Zealand ''remembers" our fallen, April 25th..... \Mike
  5. 214 ft I believe. The tractor is Aus made Baldwin which I believe has been repowered with a Cummins QSK19 turned up to 800hp, the air carts are Aus made Simplicity 18000L and I think the bar is made by Multi farming systems with the tynes at 15” spacing.
  6. Try having a German. Let’s see here should we go with reliance or reliance on my d 310? I don’t have the warm and fuzzy about this. I’m at about 40 hrs on a fresh overhaul with this crap, so far so good. Fingers crossed. I’m hoping someone good will pickup the kits again like federal mogule. My only other choice was arias the pond with bepco. Honestly I’m not sure which is better. To my knowledge my kit did NOT come preloaded. I had my machinist go over things with a fine tooth comb, and he was pleased with the arrangement of wrist pins/pistons etc. so now it comes down to will it last or not. Hey what the **** ive got so much money in that tractor what’s another few grand🤷‍♂️. Head for the mountains and spend some more of my kids college funds. 😎
  7. I wonder how close it is to 540 at pto speed. A neighbor who used to farm around here said he ran a 540 blower off of a 1000 pto shaft on a case when he filled silo. He said it worked really well, the tractor had so much torque it would run all day at 1500 rpm and burn half the fuel compared to if it was run on the 540 shaft
  8. Bassets.... what more can a guy say. They always look like they are just miserable and barely have enough energy to wag the tip of their tail.lol. My mom always has loved that breed and we have had a bunch of them over the years. Pretty good companions. Sleep about 23.5 hrs a day. Sorry for your loss.
  9. What’s boats got to do with pizza? 😝
  10. What width swath is he covering?? Impressive------big rig-------huge fields. Presume they are seeding wheat? DD
  11. Somehow I got roped in to helping a good friend put a roof on his house. A big thank you to anyone on this forum who has given their service to our country
  12. Well.... work 16hrs Friday, then go home off night shift and bale silage hay all day today. Had everything that could go wrong did, with no help and finally hang it up 2 hrs before time to go back to night shift again. Luckily for me I chose the owl shifts so I can burn the candle at both ends. Now I’m sun burnt, tired, dehydrated and still not finished. Lol but who cares about me I hope your all having a great weekend. I plan to have some family over tomorrow afternoon. BBQ some stuff and kick back and relax. Thank you fallen soldiers
  13. No damage at my place. I’m about an hour southeast. I watched a tornado build up around Washington/villa ridge area right out the power plants windows. It hopped the river and went over and battered Augusta bottoms I heard. If you’ve never been in a power plant it’s probably one of the safest places you could be during a tornado with the exception of the hydrogen filled generators🤔. They didn’t spare any expense on structural steel on any one I’ve been in yet.
  14. Put flags on veterans graves today. (Legion project, with Boy Scout assistance.) Mowed my lawn, and put a new rope and flag on my flag pole. Tomorrow: Church, then some coast time, (or maybe gardening), then the Memorial Day program from D.C. (on PBS) Monday: Put more flags in the cemeteries, (weather permitting), then program at Legion Hall, and short program at City park, and two cemeteries, then lunch at the Legion. We should never forget------------- (Kleenex required) Mike
  15. A friends pto is giving him trouble. While baling hay all at once it kicked out. Will run for a short time then stop again. Seems to be different length times but no more than say 30 seconds. A quick search shows a speed sensor back there somewhere. Anyone know where and how to test it? Thanks again i forgot to mention his dash light does flash when it does this so I automatically eliminated the switch in my mind and started thinking sensor or valve issue.
  16. I passed through Burzito and Eldon today on my way to buy a tractor. Lots of damage visible from the main road. Houses, trees, signs, trailers all over. Some streets clogged with vehicles with people stirring about. And the trip took longer as I had to bypass closed roads.
  17. Maxforce is Reliance. That what I've be told by multiple sources.
  18. 2 years ago we replaced a stream pipe that runs under one of our roads at work. We replaced 100 ft of 4 ft concrete pipe 20 ft under the road. The Case 470 excavator that the contractor used had it's hands full lifting the pipe and the endwalls down to the bottom of the trench. A few weeks after we put it in we had a hard rain event. That pipe was running full bore with water shooting out the down stream end and chucking R8 rock 100ft down the creek. Water's power truly is amazing.
  19. Found this on YouTube this morning, I thought the neighbors new 76' Bourgault was big..... t
  20. Not too terrible for rocks here this spring but I did have to go over every field for a few of the big ones. After wrecking a pulley under the 1010 header in last year's wheat harvest by rolling over a rock, I don't want to see a replay of that.
  21. Good to see it didn't wash everything downstream for you. When I was younger, might have thought about eating that turtle. Takes forever to clean them and they aren't that great of table-fare anyway. There are some big ones where I fish in Canada. They come into camp to lay eggs, never seen one that big in Iowa.
  22. Yup. The Good Lord had a reason for everything he put on earth but I’m not sure we have figured out the reason for those little deemons yet.
  23. 301 is a good engine, maybe the best AC built. Ed gave you the straight poop. Being an Allis diesel they are rather cold blooded.
  24. Hmmm, would have to get out my machinery handbook to see what hp its rated at, but that looks like a 60 roller chain...............not sure how that would stand up to the 504 when its breathing heavy?
  25. Ticks are hard to hit.
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