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  2. Normally when mine does that mud dabbers have plugged the first 6 inches of the drain and can be cleaned by slapping line against fuel tank and phuf it’s running like crazy. If that and air up the tube doesn’t work then pull back the roof to access the evaporator and heater core. Clean tray and coil at same time. Sorry can’t be more help. John
  3. Open the load screw 1/2 a turn.
  4. Sounds like your trailer needs a torque tube.
  5. Weapon


    Not any help but was told if it’s a mxm run away fast. Apparently the electronic controls are a nightmare and the manual control was preferred. Sorry cant be any real help, John
  6. Just a reminder Jingles. I paid 400$ for my scout 80 and drove it up on the trailer.
  7. You know, sometimes things are more special because you have them "at" grandma's house!
  8. MX200 is a mechanical pump tractor, same basic fuel system as the 7220. Edit: Bitty beat me to it.
  9. I should have added I didn't look at the serial number of the MX if it's lower than 105,000 it would definitely be out of the question anyway for me
  10. Looks like what we have here. Basically sod that has formed on top of a lake. Water pressure is pushing up trying to get out and if the "crust" is thin enough you can cut through. Here they are called "fens". On some it feels like you are on a water bed. This is where I am haying now and was lucky enough not to drop the swather through. The rake has skinnier wheels and I have cut through in a couple places already. It is nasty bad wet up here. Most the good hay is in standing water and since the water table usually rises in mid to late August, the hay may not get put up.
  11. Only the mx240 and mx270 and then the mx255 and mx285 have the electronic caps system that was known for problems the smaller ones of those tractors have the similar type mechanical pump it was on the previous equivalent tractors
  12. dads706

    Dry ice....

    Nope, cooking isn't really an option either. Grandma says.... "she'll survive without it" ...
  13. I have a 5230 Maxxum that has started to rain inside 😁. I've tried blowing air up the A/C drain lines hanging down beside the steps but it doesn't help. Does anyone remember if you can get to the end of the lines where they plug into A/C plenum by taking off the trim inside the cab or do you need to pull the top of the roof off? I've attached some pictures from the parts manual of the plenum (1) and the lines. It looks like they plug in the bottom using fitting (9). I'm not complaining too much... I'd rather be wet then hot 😂
  14. I agree I thought the original poster was going to buy either of them for us . LOL A little view of what ours is doing today
  15. Picture of an 800 sprayer from a 1976 IH Buyers guide... Also if you are interested, some earlier model IH sprayers from 1970 buyers guide.
  16. Sometimes its the simple things we miss. Lol. Not sure if he can or not but i had to laugh. Now we have moved on to cooking advice. 😂
  17. Today
  18. Can you get the ingredients and build it once you get where you're going?
  19. Thanks Todd for posting the awesome pics! Man did I miss out!
  20. I'm surprised at ALL the airplane engines in tractors there. The guy who pulled the Allison powered G1000 traveled to pulls with two brothers, one ran a twin 409 powered W-9 and other one ran twin Chevy 427 powered Massey Harris 55. Some nights the Minny won, some nights the Massey, and even the W-9 some nights.
  21. they ask $3 - 8 K here ,naturally BTO thinks $10K for pile of rust but same BTO only pays $500 for it over $3k would have to fully operational and could still take $40K to make it a $30K silk purse https://portland.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=ih+scout&sort=date&searchNearby=2&nearbyArea=368&nearbyArea=95&nearbyArea=324&nearbyArea=655&nearbyArea=322&nearbyArea=325&nearbyArea=246&nearbyArea=233&nearbyArea=461&nearbyArea=2&nearbyArea=217&nearbyArea=675&nearbyArea=232&nearbyArea=350&nearbyArea=94&nearbyArea=466&nearbyArea=216&nearbyArea=459&nearbyArea=321 have more listed than above not 1 over $16K
  22. Flip it I hope four flute end mill will back it out or leave skin material to pick out , of thread 🧵👀🤷‍♂️
  23. mmi

    Dry ice....

    "boss" said this is schedule/route call the dry ice supplier...omaha swan and others use it for meat deliveries tried to save it, but have not seen it last 48h + out of plant
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