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  2. 1586 Jeff

    Green contraband

    More than likely the negative was flipped over when it was printed........
  3. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    Not sure if I shared this yet a FAHR Horse Drawn Motormower made from 1936 to 1952 a total of 4 222 were made
  4. U-C

    Vintage Ads

    The interesting thing is that European manufactures started making a similar hitch I think starting in either the late 70s or early 80s our Huerlimann had on its 3 point hitch something like that. Here's a John Deere Brochure 2020 sold in Europe
  5. Here's one listed on epay. Not cheap....
  6. U-C

    Promotional Films

    That's awesome, some farmers in Switzerland have something similar as does farmers in that documentary did, most of them there that did it were dairy farmers so they were able to build a bigger barn and others pool some of the Equipment called a machine ring. I seen one of does CCIL Swathers in a Combine Junkyard in my area sadly they sold everything a view years ago.
  7. oldtanker

    Tom's a hero

    Mark that got hashed out for most states back in the late 60's through the mid 70's. I recall stories of cops refusing to allow bystanders to render aid because of states laws. Now according to what I looked up all 50 states have good Samaritan laws if a person chooses to help. VT has a will assist good sam law. So in VT you have duty to render aid. A person can still be held liable for gross errors but in general most often they are not going to be charged and are protected from law suits. This is from my oldest son who is a MN licensed EMT on a volunteer squad near me. I called an asked. The guy pinned under the Jeep. If he was a alive and breathing and there was little to no danger of a fire? Then it's best to wait for EMTs and people with the proper equipment. If an autopsy states that with proper care the guy would have lived? At least the woman claiming to be a nurse would be liable and possibly every one involved. EMT's and first responders have the tools and equipment. Rick
  8. ray54

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    My condolences to you and your wife. I am impressed you using a sad time and part of your life to make statement about how society is messed up.
  9. oldtanker

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    You'll have to get with the other guys. With being 6'5" and no where near as flexible as I was at 19 I don't think I could get in and out of one now. Besides, I didn't like it that much anyways. Rick
  10. ray54

    Prayers requested

    Praying for the whole bunch of you.Wow 14 is very young to have to endure back problems. Will pray the surgeon is a good one,so she may have a normal life.
  11. They don’t make them anymore so get all ya can and can all ya get!
  12. oldtanker

    Prayers requested

    She will be in our thoughts. I had 3 vertebrae fused in my neck just over a year ago. I hope her surgery goes as well as mine did. Tell her to do exactly what the doctors tell her and that the physical therapy part although painful MUST be endured. Rick
  13. You mean like this?
  14. Today
  15. 74A-472

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    Very sorry for your loss. We lost newborn twins in 1974.
  16. Happy birthday everyone Dale it sounds like you're trying to give IH Runner a run for his money
  17. mader656

    Gps question? Kinda interested in this one seems good but guessing foreign. To my limited knowledge it seems like a complete system for under 300 it uses phone for screen.
  18. new guy

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    10-15-02. I feel the same way about abortions. Kill them til they are born but can't spank them after. We have something wrong with this picture. Have you thought about sandblasting to engrave the stone?
  19. new guy

    Prayers requested

    You sure she is yours? I dont see any resemblance at all...none...nada.... Just kidding. Best of luck to all you guys. We'll be thinking of ya. đź‘Ť
  20. FarmerFixEmUp

    Prayers requested

    Prayers sent for the family. That sounds like a bad issue if let go too long. I had my share of back issues years ago but never needed surgery.
  21. ihrondiesel

    Prayers requested

    My 14 year old daughter Cassidy is having back surgery tomorrow. She injured her back at the beginning of the school year in volleyball practice, diagnosed as a grade 3 spondylolisthesis—basically one of her vertebrae is cracked and the front half is sliding off of the one below it. Asking for prayers to guide the hands of the surgeon and to keep Mama’s nerves calm. Thanks, Ron
  22. There was a reason she wouldn't debate much before she was elected. AOC is good for about 10-15 words then she starts drifting, kinda like trump after 90 seconds.
  23. Wi Ih

    New Rims for my pulling tractor

    Picture of that holder Please
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