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  2. krich

    getting plow truck ready

    Well it must have skipped over you western guys and is dumping on me 🤷‍♂️. I had this lot clear at 8 last night and I have about 4-6 back on it at 2:30 this morning and it's still snowing. Its going to be a long day.
  3. gonzo 1066

    Fixin some stuff in the shop

    I usually do 3-4 hydraulic TA each winter, The last two years I may have done one.
  4. Cattech

    Last Little Project To Fix In Your House or Shop?

    Got a whole bathroom I haven't used in 10 yrs.
  5. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Yes way too cold to ride here too. I haven't even unloaded the sleds yet lol. Maybe that's a sign I should just hook back up and go west! Lol That sounds like a good ride. Is that what I would call a poker derby? Draw a hand at 4 different spots along the trail. Or is it just a ride? I see Enns Bros is putting on a ride for cancer this year. That would be fun, but they better get some snow around Portage first lol
  6. db1486

    Snow and wind = f-ing UTV'rs or snowmobiles.

    We've been through this many years ago. They're technically supposed to ask for permission first, but of coarse that never happens. And I hope it is big fines there. Here it was a massive fine of....... get ready for it ......... $35! Yep that's all the fine was at that time anyway for trespassing. Doubt it's changed either, so maybe MB will follow with changing it. The thing is here, everybody that has crop out yet, always allows snowmobiling. Just this year is a bit of an exception and would like guys to keep off or stick to the edge. And yes lots is people that haven't got a clue what a swath is, but trust me, there is alot of the guys that do. More often than not it's guys that know exactly but are just being ignorant.
  7. lach13

    86 Series 3pt lever creep

    Hi all, after running the 786 today and travelling some time with the implement in the air it became annoying when i found that with the vibrations of the machine that the 3pt linkage lever would creep down causing the implement to lower. I know I could just set the stop in the raised position but i don't want to have to move that every time i want to transport the implement. So what im wondering is if there is a simple linkage that I could tighten to make the linkage lever a bit harder to move and therefore not be able to vibrate down on its own. Thanks for your replies in advance, Lachlan
  8. RKO

    756 german diesel oil

    Time to get popcorn and Hot chocolate. 😢 Run 15w40w oil in all the older diesel engines.
  9. metamora farmall

    Fixin some stuff in the shop

    Glad to see you back Gonzo. Looking great on the puller. You will be able to do TA's in your sleep. Please keep the pictures coming.
  10. iowaboy1965

    What brand is this 3 point???

    If you have something that you need 3 point arms all the way down for. Hits top of drawbar. Not usually a problem for me unless i need bale forks instead of stabber.
  11. RKO

    California truck emisions/inspection question

    One cars that came from California was due for a smog test. The other was pass due a month.I called California DMV to see what I needed to do. They said as long as they were leaving the state nothing needed to be done in California. Only thing Nebraska cared about was checking to see if title matched car. I have lived in Nebraska all my life. I work all over the country for long periods sometimes and asked years ago about my licence. Nebraska said as long as I claim Nebraska as my primary residence I would be Ok. They gave an example of Many long haul truck drivers don't have a home. They live in their truck. They need a drivers licence to operate. As long as a driver has some way to serve legal papers they can claim that state as their residences. As far as people working long time in Nebraska. as long as they have a residence in another state they can work as long as they want on the other states licence. Its that way in all states. or construction workers would be changing licences all the time. Its another thing if they move to Nebraska permanent. As far as car licenses in other states. South Dakota made me licence my boat there 20 years ago. The Missouri truck has been that way since 2000. and Kansas has been that way 4 years. All three states told me if the car/boats spent most of their time, stored in that state or earn most of their income in that state, They needed to be registered in that state.
  12. pms1961

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    Also has the sought after" LBZ" duramax...360 hp and 650 lbs ft torque.
  13. sandhiller


    I would have been in that back window of a 58 Impala, remember the one in American Graffiti? Only dad's was white with green two tone. Oh, how I wish I had that car today! It was well optioned with auto, dad called it "slush drive". Would it have been a 348ci?
  14. AKwelder

    Gear box repair

    Lol. I bet they were not happy with you. Glad you found your place now nice work. Please keep posting,
  15. AKwelder

    Pipeline tapping

  16. chip man

    TDC5 skidder

    I think Kevin was specifically thinking about the diameter or circumference of the rear tires. If one was larger than the other the machine would turn away from the larger one.
  17. mikem

    Pipeline tapping

    Pipeline tapping, or sometimes known as " Darwin at work". Mike
  18. mikem


  19. oldtech

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    I had a 966 Hydro I bought new with a 720 plow with a slightly narrower draw bar and FH adapters. I never even thought about it because I didnt have any other implements for the rear lift. Mostly I used pull type implements with the standard draw bar. I did have an old FH draw bar that came in very handy when I had to lift things up for one reason or another. Im not aware of any 966 sized implements ever made with FH. Later I got the top link plate and used it a little more but again I never gave it a thought. It was more of an issue with smaller tractors.
  20. mikem


    Everybody that did this as a kid, hold up your hand...............✋ Mike
  21. oldtanker

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Heck from what I saw around here in 71/72/73 none of the guys with FH tractors wanted to use that stuff back then either. I knew farmers here back then with FH tractors and none I knew owned any FH implements. Same with the AC guys back then. Didn't know any of them with SC hitch implements. Rick
  22. MT Matt

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  23. oldtanker

    California truck emisions/inspection question

    No only for people serving active duty military. They can like the OP son be stationed in CA, have a NY drivers license and CA tags on his vehicle. He can also have his DL and Vehicle from his home state of NY as long as he keep the registration current, or because of demands place on him by being active duty have a CA license and tags from his home state. But that is only for folks on active military duty. I was very legal in KS with a MN license in my pocket and KS tags on my truck before I retired. I posted the link from CA. What they do, and I haven't looked at CA law to check, but when you move to a state to work you have a very limited time to switch your DL and tags over. What I was referring to is being from one state, with a vehicle and license from that state while residing for most often several years in another state like active duty military has to do. Call NE DMV and ask how long a person who takes a job in NE can live there without getting a NE license and switching registration. Be it's under 90 days. Something doesn't seem right unless the "farm" is listed as an actual business like an LLC and the vehicle is registered to the business (farm). That's because most states require you to both register your vehicle and have a license from their state. AS far as the other thing? I know a guy who moved here from CA and brought a roll back with him. When he tried to register the truck here he was told by MN DMV that CA said the title wasn't released for transfer until he had a current (key word there CURRENT) emissions test. His old test expired right about the time he moved then he didn't use the truck for almost a year. I know he was very heated about it. These vehicles you mention? When were they last smog tested? That's where this guy ran into a problem. Could be too that other than running a check for leans NE might not care what CA says. I know Larry had all kinds of problems with the state. Also this was several years ago. Things may have changed? Rick
  24. mikem

    Last Little Project To Fix In Your House or Shop?

    Two very nice old dressers, sitting in the dining room, that are going to 'morph' into bathroom vanities, "one of these days"!!!! Mike
  25. oldtech

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    I think the people do use FH implements use the pretty lightly on hobby farms. Parts are much less of an issue if you dont use them heavily enough to break or damage them. At the same time a lot of FH stuff sat around for a lot of years and is in relatively good condition but it does usually sell for a premium. And then there is the collector factor. I have a Farmall 340 and I have the 3 pt adapters. You use what you have and can get. I dont think any serious farmer would use them anymore tho.
  26. 55 f300

    Dual 250 loader

    Any pictures of decals and yes it was but it never was n my lifetime grandpa painted it red in the seventies this whole restoration was to get the tractor perfect and make the loader look nice on it
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