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  2. Ih 800

    If there is a red IH on the seed sensor then you can only use seed flow monitor if not you can use any of the IH monitor consels.
  3. Happy birthday bud081, FarmerFixEnUp, TD25-504

    Happy birthday to all, especially the guy north of me that sends down all the cold air and snow.
  4. Valves for T 20

    I have a complete set of NOS valves been trying to sell.
  5. Who wants manuals?

    69 ford if nobody takes them thanks
  6. 986 won't go into park

    On your shifting problem.. Lube the heck out of there moving parts under the range shifting lever. Then push lever upto the park lock gateway. Find yourself a hitch pin that with fit thru the slot and tap on the linkage right in front of the shifter lever. If you shine a light in there you will see the end of a spring tap on that. Hopefully it pops into park.
  7. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I don't have anymore info on that pic. Just found it on a facebook page called "Traces Of Texas". They have 1000's of pics pertaining to Texas history, just like that pic of the IH truck full of vegetables l posted a week or so ago. It's really interesting but slow looking at them all but if l find any more cotton pics l'll post them for you.
  8. IH 5088 horsepower

    Uncles made 12000 hours on the first diff one owner tractor 175 ish hp 8 sets of wheel weights 18.4-42 rubber
  9. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    What part of montana and when...right now the whole state is white and drifted.... Fort Benton mt muesuem 5,000,000 ih is there.
  10. Stu's show IH equipment

    Would love to have that 1 ton truck.
  11. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    I enjoyed Teddy Roosevelt National Park. It is west of Dickinson near Medora, if I recall. It breaks up the day and you will very likely encounter some bison. I had one slowly cross the road in front of me and ambled within 10 feet of my close I could smell him. I was there in July of '02 and there were not many people there. I kept this post card that I sent back home. My experience of the views was pretty much identical except for the rainbow.
  12. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    When are you driving through? If in the warmer months . Medora and teddy Roosevelt’s ranch on the western side of North Dakota is a tourist trap. Going through North Dakota on I 94 or on hwy 2? There is a air little air museum in Fargo at the airport that has a couple WW2 planes also. Enjoy your trip
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  14. Hpe you all have a great day.
  15. Driving over to Montana via Ontario. We already have a tour scheduled in Fargo of the Steiger factory. Is there anything else to see?
  16. Stu's show IH equipment

    They are kind of wimpy looking, aren’t they? I mean, cmon, that front end is going to sink outa sight!!!! Of course with the front tires it does remind me of a “certain” 1066 with a Hydro decal on its hood that went “swimming”. Not that I would want to jerk Troy’s chain about it....
  17. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Hmm. I have a 1964 Chamberlain 9G. It has traverse mounted leaf spring suspension on the front axle. It has a 40KPH to speed and 9 forward gears. It has three point linkage with full down pressure. It has a 60hp Perkins diesel. It has a flat floor and a bench seat for a comfortable operating experience. I also have a 170hp diesel John Deere 6170. It has front suspension. It has three point linkage without full down pressure. It has twice as many forward speeds. It’s got an air conditioned cab with a flat floor for a more comfortable operating experience. It has a 40KPH top speed. In my opinion, there really has been no innovation between these tractors, only refinement.
  18. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Eric Best. He just acquired it late last summer. Has been restored back to original without paint. I can't remember the guys name where it came from. jerry
  19. 986 won't go into park

    Welcome to the forum, first of all WD-40 is just consumer lubricant that I never use! For your park lock problem it is most likely bolt number 14 or pin number 10 in the diagram are seized, you may need to use heat to unseize them and then lube them up with anti-seize or a good lubricant. For the starter problems I would check safety switch on the firewall in front of the cab, it may be corroded or just not working you can take a wire to cross the switch to see if it’s working. I put a couple of diagrams off the case IH website to help you out.
  20. Which manual to get

    I was peering at ebay for a service manual for my International DTA 360 and a few things pop out at me. It seems the manuals stop at 1992 when mine is a 1993. Would this be a problem or close enough? Insofar as I know, they really started changing things in 1996 or so, including discontinuing the DTA 360. Other thing I noticed is that there seems to be a "Service Manual" then there are "Service Manuals" DIONOSTIC. What would be the difference?
  21. IH 5088 horsepower

    As far as I know(about 15-20 years of history) on mine. motor has been rebuilt, nothing else has been done. Where we are, would have started life as the big tillage tractor. last 10 years has been haying and feeding. Everything works as good as I would expect from a 35 year old tractor.
  22. 450 Diesel project

    I'm about to go full steam. Unless this rain doesn't stop and my tractor ends up floating down the river. Before I split I want to dump the trans, fill it with my old diesel, and drag it around in gear to rinse the gears and bearings. No time like the present. By springtime, I'll have both of these turkeys ready to paint. Chris B.
  23. 450 Diesel project

    Correct. Had a nice conversation on the phone and the stand showed up 2 days later. Chris B.
  24. Truck titling - are there any options?

    RKO, I always filed reported miles. All miles, even the ones hauling out of the fields to the farm bins. None of my permits were ever pulled. Just threatened. My reports can look funny to someone that is in a power position. I may go into Neb to the ethanol plant at Jackson for 60 days straight during harvest and then not again for over a year and no other states. Just depends on where my customers market. For 2018 I did not prorate or buy an IFTA sticker. Now I look just like all the farmers in line except they have newer trucks. I have been doing this crap for 50 years and there is absolutely no money to be made in it anymore. I hope to make this my last year in a truck. Ron
  25. Vintage Ads

    A couple of photos of a KL Bulldog tractor on a pull in Victoria, Australia.. Lanz tractors were made in made in Australia for a while by the Kelly & Lewis company and marketed as KL tractors. Must have been a tough tractor to spend any time working them - this one just seemed to "tremble and shake" under load and got louder with more smoke and flames.
  26. Gonna bring this up anyhow...

    Glad you can say a prayer in school Thats the way it should be Our school cant have any thing to do with the church. Or say the pledge of allegiance. School was took to court. We were told we were viololating a student rights and hurting the snowflakes feelings. I almost went to jail for what i said to the court
  27. International DTA 360 questions

    In a Bottle, Oil sample bottle I used were size of a large prescription bottle. I 'd run engine to stir up oil before pulling a sample. Blackstone Lab out of Fort Wayne 46806 , sends you sample kit/s , last were $28 each.
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