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  2. 450 Diesel project

    Picked this up today. Tight spindles, no cracks or welds, good tie rods. I will just want to keep my 3 bolt adjustable hubs off the diesel and lose the 6 bolt hubs. Chris B.
  3. 1586 aftermarket drawbar

    Check with Bates or ASAParts before making a decision.
  4. IH 189 two-way plow

    12-Guy, guess we are on the same page. Have a good one. Dennis
  5. Help Please!

    I need a wiring diagram for a 560 LP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. jerry
  6. IH 189 two-way plow

    Frank, In the research and info I had when fixing mine up, I did not run across anything as far as decals or visible model numbers. If someone else knows different, I would also like to know. Jeff, here are couple pics from the front. The vertical rod comes down from the touch control. Between the cross bar and springs is a bell crank. Purpose is to control plow beam pitch which controls plow depth. The other touch control raises the plow with the chains. The chains should be slack when plowing.
  7. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Taking the high road now Rick? OK I have a Farmall M and a Farmall H. never use them! not once. but I could find something for them to do and don't feel they are useless nor is anyone that disagrees with me " not intelligent" If I was buying a cheap tractor like you did to make small squares a Farmall M would be about #10 on my list. IH gets slammed all too often about where they were in the mid 50s but I will take a Farmall 300,350,400,450 or a Super M t/a on a baler, corn picker , forage harvester etc over anything of that era. If you had purchased a Farmall 300 for not much more money than your M you would have made a much better decision for what you were doing IMHO I have baled a lot with a 300 and they are great with the t/a and independent LPTO. I have used utility tractors with 2 stage clutch (Live pto )and no t/A and the 300 is hands down superior than those tractors ( ie 434, Ford 4000, etc) When I make a poor purchase I deal with it, sell it and move on
  8. IH 189 two-way plow

    The pivot point under the center of the tractor controls the depth of the plow in the furrow. The chain in the back should be slack. The plow's depth is controlled by the height of the front of the beam, on a cub it is controlled by the lever and dog-bone attached to the reversed drawbar. On a walking plow it is adjustable on the front of the beam through the series of holes on the hitch. The C makes use of one of the hydraulic controls to make the adjustments to the pivot point or front of the fast hitch.
  9. 1586 aftermarket drawbar

    540/14 in, small 1000/16 in, big 1000/ 20 or 21 ? in
  10. Happy birrthday,Farmall666,TomH,Rustred

    thanks guys, im only 59 plus 2. lol.
  11. IH 189 two-way plow

    Wondering if one of you would post a picture of the front side of the tractor with that attached....I've been trying to figure out what the front linkage coming down to the pivot and spring assm. does....I get that the chain lifts it, but what does that bar do??
  12. Foam filling tires

    Cost me 500$ to get 4 done for my feed wagon, 15 inch car tires
  13. My rant for today....

    Posting no scammers should work Gun free zones work Some craigslist adds are more than entertaining
  14. 3500A

    Thank you for the information. I appreciated your time and knowledge.
  15. Today
  16. T/a question 756

    Yah I get that but it’s split right now at the clutch. I’m over 1/2 way. That’s why I am asking others opinions if I should just do it now or see if it holds up a while. Splitting a 756 is a whole lot easier than cab tractor but my luck it will shoot craps in 6 months. It seems to not slip at all. You can stand on the brakes and kill the engine in a tall gear. What’s another 1200 right? Lol
  17. T/a question 756

    That is riding the brake some. I have 3 good working t/a’s and understand exactly what your saying. This one has a hesitation, it’s just been a while since I used it to remember which way it was doing it. Thanks
  18. My rant for today....

    Oh those things in the background ...
  19. My rant for today....

    I like looking at the background junk in the items pictures posted. A while back a guy had an add selling a BALZER slurry tanker and in the background was a 56 series tractor in a stage of disrepair/repair. So I replied to the add and asked about the tractor didn't get a reply.
  20. Who did they copy...

    They did make electric mowers back in the 70s. Google John Deere 90 and 96 electric riding lawnmower.
  21. What a crappy spot for an oil filter

    I like how Toyota designed the V6's for their light trucks...the filter is right on the very top of the motor, spun in upside down. When you change it you just need to put a small can under the filter to catch the couple of drops that are left inside it
  22. Happy birrthday,Farmall666,TomH,Rustred

  23. Who did they copy...

    The conditions most of the riding mowers operate under would allow for 5yr oil change interval. Most of the time they sit in a shed or the garage get used on Sunday morning for an hour or so and not under any real load. Growing the Murray push mower that we had probably never got an oil change just checked it and added if it needed the deck fell apart before anything on the engine went bad.
  24. The first picture of Steve on that 1206 looks like he is about 13 or 14 years old, so that would be in the mid to late 70s. When you think that they've won a national championship just a few years ago did ya ever consider that they have to truck that tractor all the up north where all or most of the good pulls are at when they live down in Texas, that's called dedication to the sport and if there was a award for that they would win hands down
  25. My rant for today....

    Matt, I'm not angry. More like Mark, just amused. If I'm selling a pipe wrench, I know enough to call it a pipe wrench. I have bought stuff on CL, and have gotten some great deals. I've also made a couple hour long drives to look at a piece of junk. But hey, I've done the same at farm sales. At least at the farm sales I come away with a cup of coffee. Year or so ago, I had a 30 gallon Craftsman air compressor that had a hole in the tank. I just pushed it in the corner and figured I'd keep an eye on CL. Sure enough a couple months ago, there was an ad '30 gal Craftsman compressor. Good tank burnt motor.' So for couple hours of my time, supper out for the wife and I, a $20 bill, and I'm back in business. I agree with MTO and others. CL is my friend. Sort of like the saying....'Civilization isn't so bad, it's the people I don't like'.
  26. Who did they copy...

    I guess I'm the guy who like to drain till it stops dripping...not just drain out beats a pickup and delivery for the yuppie... But I don't like throw away equipment.... So I have a better chance of getting more than 3 seasons out of it...I don't want to change a 40 dollar filter....I want a 5 at Napa and 15 dollar a gallon oil...
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