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S-Series DT466 Purchase Advice

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CactusWest    0

I am looking to purchasing a 1980's series S-Series DT466 w/5 speed and two speed axle electric shift/less than 90K original miles/dump box.

Would appreciate feedback on things I should be looking for relative to the transmission and electric shift/and or engine. Truck is less than 26,000 GVWR.

I am looking for an S-series to restore and for light use.


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Delta Dirt    0

Two speed elec shift should be pretty straight forward----have had to replace shift motor; but if not shifting its most likely fuse or dirty switches.

For testing----you should be able to hear it shifting at the rear axle with ignition on and engine not running.

I am a fan of the two speed axles in this size truck.

Big item to look at is condition of tires-----they have skyrocketed lately

HP rating on DT---466 will be on configuration sticker on top of valve cover. Have looked at several-----but ended up with a pretty clean old F700 w/ 429 factory propane. It will probably haul me on home!!!!

Good luck

Delta Dirt

Avon, Ms. 38723

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Lars(wisc.)    0

Back in the day, I owned a 80's S series 2155 that was a single axle tractor and I removed the fifth wheel, lenghtened the frame and installed a 1800 gal Brownie fuel tank for delivering fuel. The trans was a Fuller Roadranger 10-speed, series 'A' 466. At about 400,000 miles the motor spun a bearing and at that time it was quicker to do a complete 'slide-out'. The local IH truck dealer said they had never seen a series 'A' with that many miles, claimed 200,000 miles was tops for those. Motor was replaced with a series 'B' 466, as the 'A' series blocks were no longer available.

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