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Should I do my bearing roll-in myself?

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#1 Goose


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Posted 17 January 2012 - 06:48 PM

I have a 5088 with about 7800hrs on it, as far as I know nothing has been done to the engine. I'm a little worried about the oil pressure, it stays below the halfway mark most of the time between the quarter and half way mark on the guage. I run straight 30 weight oil. From what I've read, a new set of bearing would be cheap insurance. I have rebuilt several gas V8 engines and used to do some racing so I feel I know the major concepts of engine building well. I have not done much work on diesels other than splitting a tractor and removing the engine to have a shop do an out of frame rebuild.

I do have experienced help, my father in law was service manager at a Deere dealer and has 40+ years experience, although mostly Deere equipment. We have a great shop and a bearing roll-in seems pretty strait forward, is there anything I'm missing? A service manual or something would be nice, where could I get that? I appreciate any help, thanks.

#2 Tom in Indiana

Tom in Indiana

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 07:18 PM



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#3 Texan4Life


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Posted 13 February 2012 - 01:03 AM

Could also be the gauge. I would double check with a mechanical gauge. Another thing would be try a 15w-40.

#4 Goose


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Posted 05 March 2012 - 05:34 PM

We got started today, went pretty well. We got all the main bearings in except the rear, didn't see an oil hole in the crank? Got the upper bearing to move part way out, then had to leave. Any tricks to removing the rear upper main bearing?

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 07:02 PM

Have been told you need new rod bolts on IH engine .
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#6 gonzo 1066

gonzo 1066

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Posted 05 March 2012 - 07:07 PM

You will have to do some fiddling to get the rear main out. I have used a flexable bit of plastic strip to push on the one end. Make sure that all of the other main caps are loose, this often drops the crank down just a bit. Then the bearing insert should slip right out.

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