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cub cadet 123

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nate    0

brought home a really nice original 123 with lights, hyd lift, sleeve hitch and spring assist. but it will not move. no roll pins are sheared off. hytran in it. buttons on hydro relief valves pop up. can they still go bad? any ideas?

thanks nate

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The good news is the Sundstrand 15U hydro's IH used in CC's is really durable. Bad news is you have a 123 which is a narrow frame with no removable center cover to service or inspect the hydro unit, drive shaft, etc.

There's still a few gears & bearings inside the cast iron rearend that the motor output shaft turns but I've never heard of anyone having problems with those, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be a bad gear there.

I'd pull the rear cover off the tractor, the one on the transaxle and see how things look. Also the most reliable way to check the roll pins is to make sure the little short stub shaft on the back of the hydro unit is turning as the engine turns. You should be able to see it from the rear above the rearend housing or from the side I think, maybe even under the seat.

I'm assuming the speed/direction control lever & linkage moves easily and everything is hooked up correctly. With the engine OFF, have someone move the lever to the forward & reverse positions while you look at the lever on the left side of the hydro unit from underneath the tractor and make sure the lever on the hydro unit is moving. You might be able to do this alone if you have long arms.

There's a Sundstrand or now Sauer-Danfoss service manual available for those hydro units that shows pressure test ports & specifications but on a 123 & 1X5/1X7 hydro the rearend must be removed to access those ports. It's only six bolts, top two from each axle carrier and another bolt about 10-12 inches farward and a little above the axle carrier bolts to remove the rearend. And the driveshaft, hydro & brake linkage too. With a 1X9, 1X50 or red CC you can get to most of those ports with just removing the center cover by the four little machine screws.

If you just changed the Hy-Tran & filter I have heard of a couple people having problems with the pumps not priming, You might try filling the filter with a little Hy-tran, maybe even park the tractor in a VERY steep "nose down" position to the Hy-tran runs towards the pump and floods it.

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