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If you would like to see Tractor Plowing at It's Best in reprint read this

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I sent a email to Binder Books about Tractor Plowing at Its Best. I linked them to the sale bill for the auction in Michigan this weekend and links to the photos of the copy that will sale there. I also offered them my copy if they would like to copy it for reprint. this afternoon I got this response from them.

Dear Sir:

I do think we have a copy of this publication, since it looks familiar. We

currently don't offer it in reprint however. I will see if I can locate it

and perhaps we can offer it in the future.

Thanks for thinking of us and supporting what we do. Customers like you

make it all worthwhile!


Thank You,


Binder Books

27875 SW Grahams Ferry Rd

Sherwood, Or 97140 <> <>

Ph: 503-682-9328

Fax: 503-682-9563

So my thought is if those of you who would like to see this booklet reprinted would send Binder Books an e mail, or give them a call. They might get the idea that it would be worth reprinting and make it available.

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I would very much like a copy and will call them.

I recently bought a manual for my IH #4 plow and the service from them was without question, excellent. The booklet I received likewise is excellent.

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RFP    0

OTB, I was waiting for you to turn the page on your first post about the book. I know I would like to have a copy of Tractor plowing at it's best. I'm going to e-mail them and see if I can get a copy. Thanks for calling them.

Just tryed the e-mail address Pat and it don't work for me. Might be our carrier has anyone else tryed to e-mail them?

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red_reaper    0

IH made several copies of plowing handbooks. I have a different and newer version around the time of the no.16 or so plow.Not the same exact title though. I would reccomend them putting several versions together to catch old and newer number plows to grab more demand for the book. Just a thought.

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