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Chisel plow, field cultivator, row cultivator?

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oleman    0

I plead guilty to knowing little about farming terminology.

I really would like a good primer on the differences between these 3 types of ground breakers.

I have a 7 coil spring load shank 6' wide 3 point cultivator. It was sold to me as a chisel plow because it had always had chisel points mounted on all 7 shanks.

I removed the chisels and replaced them with 8"' - 12" sweeps that have 100% plow-up for the full 6'; now old farmer buddy says I have a field cultivator;

If I realign the shanks to support cultivating 2 rows; is it a row cultivator?

My equipment selling buddy has some large wheeled drag behind chisel plows that have fixed c-shaped chisels that are the chisels and the shanks; he says they are also chisel plows used to freshen up large pastures.

The 6' wide 7 shank pulls nicely behind the 464, buried deep in the North Texas black-tar soil and it plows up the soil with sweeps mounted but what is it called, based on what?

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ryan wegman    0

chisel plow has long curved shanks and disks..... what you describe is not a chisel plow... field cultivator has small "sweeps" and breaker teeth or rolling baskets on the back commonly used after chisel plowing to smooth the seed bed prior to planting. a row cultivator is usualy mounted on the rear/ middle or front of the tractor to cultivate between the crops, like cultivating beans, corn or what ever the case may be. im not sure what you call the implement you desribe... a field cultivator is similar to what it sounds like you have...

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A chisel plow has a very long C shank roughly 24" to 30" from point to mounting. They can be mounted ridged or spring mounted. They are used for deep tillage probably 8"-12" with 15" max. Any deeper and you go with a sub soiler. This is a primary tillage tool. Most of the time the point has a twist so it will leave a slight furrow behind it. A chisel plow can be 3 point or pull type.

Here's and example of a chisel plow

IH Chisel Plow

A field cultivator is a secondary tillage of finish tool. It will be equipped with a c shank of roughly 18" from point to mount and is normally spring mounted. Or it may be equipped with S shanks. Normally working in the top 2" to 6" of soil. A field cultivator can be 3 point or pull type. Here's an example of a Field Cultivator.

International 4500 Field Cultivator

A Row cultivator it a tool that is set up to straddle the plant rows and work the middles tearing out weeds and breaking up top crust. Early row cultivators were straight shanked with a spring break back for the shovel for when you hit a large rock or C shank ridged mounted. Later ones were spring mounted C shank and S shank, This tool was normally used in the top 2"-3". A Row cultivator will either be front mounted with track eliminators on the back or 3 point mounted. Here's an example of a 3 point row cultivator.

IH 153 Row Cultivator

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